The SON pt 8

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Many of you may not realize that those who have answered the true calling of CHRIST JESUS did not just step into a family tradition. We were not voted in or educated ourselves into a position. No, for the majority of us, this calling was furthest from our minds. Yet, when we answered, we lost some family members, so-called friendships, big money grip employment, some of us relocated into areas of states, cities or countries we never thought we would be found in.  And we don’t miss any of those things because JESUS is worth more than this world can ever offer.

JESUS gave specific gifts to specific anointed titled people. You can’t purchase the anointing, you can’t educate your way into the anointing, and you can’t be liked by someone to get the anointing. These gifts belong to JESUS and they are HIS to give to whom HE so ever desires. JESUS has established a governmental office which holds five consecrated anointed titles.

  1. Special Messengers / Apostles
  2. Messengers / Prophets
  3. Good News of Salvation speakers / Evangelist
  4. Under-Shepherds / Pastors
  5. Guides, Instructors / Teachers

Collectively, working together we will be able to equip to the fullness of each and every saint that has a desire to learn how to live in the perfectness of GOD’s will. However, it’s up to every individual to desire all that JESUS has, because what HE has belongs to you.

Each and every one of us must be built up in our most holy faith daily. Not once a week, two or three times a week, but daily. Whom you love is who you crave to spend as much time as possible around. JESUS desires that we all become one (1) in the faith. But at this moment we are here, there and everywhere in the faith. Not only is it up to the fivefold ministry to help one another to mature, most importantly it’s up to the individual his / herself to read the Word of GOD. Come armed with questions to ask while in bible study and if the answers don’t come across clearly study with a Strong’s concordance. The bible is not a book to rush through, take your time to learn just who the SON of GOD really is. You will find yourself beginning to become mature in the Word the longer you study, and the more focused you become in wanting to become more intimate in your personal relationship with JESUS.

Stretch out on faith, stretch out on the Word, and reach towards the measure which is the fullness of CHRIST JESUS. You will begin to see that JESUS does not pick certain people to do anything, JESUS operates through people who operates in faith. You will see HIM using you to exercise HIS spiritual gifts within you also.

Also, another point that is crucial is that JESUS desires that we all have a heart that desires to encourage ourselves and others. Nothing about us is to be selfish. Our daily encouragement is to know that we have an assurance of salvation. This understanding that we have makes us rich beyond measure with joy. For we are armed with the true mystery of our faith which is the knowledge of GOD who is JESUS CHRIST.

Ephesians 4:13, Col. 2:2





Sorrow is a painful place to be. With it our emotions cause us to feel a sense of loss, regretful, disappointed, and sad and grief stricken. Most often than not we get this feeling when we have done or said something that we wish we could do or say differently.

The children of the Most High GOD must remember when we obey the commands of the LORD we are rich because we are blessed. We must not limit our thinking to what the world has defined as rich though the LORD is the One who can increase our finances.

When we totally depend and rely on the LORD GOD, HE will not cause us to have sorrow. Whatever we stand in need of the LORD will bless us in all things. We may believe, say or think that we are self-made but know this, the LORD your GOD is the one who gives to you.

When we come to a point in our lives when we have grown desperate or sick and tired of being desperate or sick and tired. We will be drawn to a godly repentance in which we will turn our backs on the love and luster of sin. It is here where we accept and believe then speak salvation from our Savior, JESUS.

There is also a worldly sorrow and with this sorrow is death. You experience anxiety within your heart, depression, a broken spirit, and evil days and with this our afflicted spirit causes our bones to become dry.

However the blessings of our LORD gives to us richly a merry heart which causes healing. We will feast from our merry heart day in day out, year in and year out. In other words the joy of the LORD is our strength. Our outward appearance glows because of GOD’s goodness. Because we know that the Word of GOD is good and makes us glad.

Proverbs 10:22, Gen. 24:1, 35, 26:12, 2 Corinthians 7:10; Prov. 12:25, 15:13, 15, 17:22.




Like most of you who will take the time to read this blog, you thought or were taught that sowing dealt with money. This is not completely true. I will like to expand how we can sow into the kingdom of GOD and how we can freely allow the FATHER to use us to sow into the lives of others.

First we must understand that JESUS is spread wide. JESUS has given HIMSELF to the poor, this has nothing to do with our financial situation. This has to do with our spiritual situation. It is the righteousness of JESUS that endures eternally, we don’t have any righteousness apart from CHRIST JESUS. And it’s the strength of JESUS that is and will continually be honored forever.

Next understand that we are the ones that are required to scatter ourselves just as JESUS did. We are to touch the lives of those we come in contact with. We can do this by our finances, our words or our actions toward them. We need to win souls by showing people love and it is impossible to show love when we ourselves don’t understand the concept of love because we don’t have true love living within us and that is JESUS. Every soul won increases the kingdom of GOD.

In the New Testament the Apostle Paul spoke about offerings or gifts. This was to help the ministry and apart of ministry is to assist those who are less fortunate materially than we are. How generous from your heart are you? Or how stingy from your heart are you? I personally would prefer an offering over a tithe because I have done an extensive study on the tithe. And though it is a blessing and though I am a priest, I like the Apostle Paul do not want to burden anyone with all the requirements of giving tithes. Tithes are legalistic and if you are going to continue this tradition we must adhere to every step of every requirement listed in the Old Testament. And though it is true that our father of faith Abraham gave Melchizedek a tenth of his possession this was pre-law. Things went awry after it went into law, greed took place. But when people give gifts they usually give them cheerfully, no one ever feels obligated. You give what you purpose to give another in your heart.

JESUS is of course the originator of sowing good seed. HE left us with examples to follow so we are without excuse. Not only that but the expounding of HIS ministry is through the Apostles and it continues with us as well.

You know I may have written some difficult words here that many will not want to understand and that’s okay. I trust you will go before the Holy Spirit and be taught as you should, we all must be willing to die to ourselves daily. We can’t be led by who we are, by our own understanding, by our own knowledge. We must die and bury ourselves so that we can sprout into what the FATHER desires us to become. That which is pleasing to HIM. We all will be rewarded according to what we have done in this life. I did not understand the concept of what is sown is not made alive until it dies. Mostly because I don’t like to get dirty so I know nothing about seeds and planting. However, apparently seeds are alive until they are planted deep within fertile soil. It can be dirt or flesh, if we want an apple tree we can’t lay the apple seeds on top of soil and wait for a tree to grow, it will never happen. If we want a human, we can’t lay human seeds aside without it being planted and expect a human to form. Seeds must be planted, the only seeds that I know of that we can toss atop of soil and when the rain comes will bury themselves are seeds for a plant called (four o’clocks).

So if we desire a plentiful harvest we must sow plentifully, be it with our finances, our lives and our words. But if we give nothing or little then we will get nothing or little. We never know how the FATHER will show us HIS blessings toward us, we never know who HE will use. So consider everyone in love especially those in the faith of JESUS.

And don’t allow anyone or anything to fool you because our FATHER is not fooled by what we do. HE knows what we are doing from our heart, so check yourself. Don’t compare yourself to another, do the very best you can with what you have. Remember your offering or gift should be done cheerfully, purposefully and willfully. Whatever, you do for others will be multiplied back to you.

Ps. 119:9, Pr. 11:24, 19:17, 22:19, Matthew 13:37, Jo. 12:24, Ro. 2:6, 1 Co. 15:36, 2 Corinthians 9:6-7, Galatians 6:7

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We’ve all been there, having the Word of GOD at our disposal, yet, not utilizing the Word of for our lives.

It is because of this that many in the faith are still being defeated, not knowing how and what to do with our lives.

Let me make this abundantly clear, accepting and believing in CHRIST JESUS will never remove us from the stressors of life. However, coming to CHRIST JESUS as we have will equip us to stand up and not give into our trials which are all around us.

We are still going to have to pay our monthly debts known as mortgage and rent, utilities, food, home and personal hygiene supplies and food. We will still have to interact with people, some that we like and some not so much. We will still have to tolerate sin in this world. But that does not mean that we have to go along with sin by any stretch of the imagination. We are to love those who sin but we are to hate the sin itself.

Some of us have read the scriptures about putting on the whole armor of GOD. The problem I’ve found with this because I was once guilty of doing this myself. Is that we take the armor off just as we do our clothing. Who told us to take the armor off? When we are not dressed for battle or are improperly dressed the enemy can see our weakness or weak spots. When this happens the attack is on and we are knocked down and wounded.

The children of faith, the church, us folk are to always be watching for coming attacks. In doing so we are to stand firm in our faith in CHRIST JESUS, never once doubting that HE alone will and can handle every situation that comes our way. We are to be brave in and through JESUS, we are not cowards. And all of our strength comes from JESUS.

So today, at this very moment, stop what you are doing and put on your entire armor of the Living GOD and never take it off again. In this, now we are dressed for battle to stand against each and every trick that the devil brings to us. Know that the devil never takes a day off from accusing the church which is you of all our wrong thoughts and deeds. Know that the devil is our enemy and that he will attack everyone we love, come after our employment, homes, transportation and health. Nothing is off limits to get us back to doing what he desires us to do at all cost.

Now let’s get dressed. Put on,

  • The belt of truth
  • The breastplate of righteousness
  • Shoes of peace
  • The shield of faith
  • The helmet of salvation
  • The sword of the spirit.

Now that you are dressed know what purpose our attire has.

Belt of truth, a belt encircles us on our waist. This should remind us that JESUS is surrounding us. Breastplate of righteousness, look on it as the bullet proof vest. These vest when properly sized to fit the wearer covers all the vital organs within the core of our body. Shoes of peace, we are to always be people of peace, never argumentative or one who causes confusion. We are to be examples of forgiveness, grace, love and mercy. Shield of faith, regardless what we see or hear that is not of the Living GOD, we are to speak the Word in complete faith that JESUS was and most of all is and that the Word of the Living GOD is not empty but full of life and promise. Helmet of faith, protects our mind from outside influence. The enemy loves to attack our mind and we can’t fight the enemy with our thoughts. The words people speak at us that have no bearing on the Word of GOD for whom HE said we are, can cause great havoc as well. So when we hear everything negative that comes at us we are to speak what JESUS said in regards to the situation or about ourselves. Speak not think. Sword of the spirit is the very Word of the Living GOD which we have in our bibles. Today’s technology has made it very possible to always have the Word of GOD at our disposal. We can listen to audio bibles anywhere and everywhere. And when possible we should use our idle time to read our Word. Search out matters that affect your right now situation.

Look, to everyone JESUS is standing at our door knocking wanting to come in and eat with us. To the believer, never think that we have it all together. There are still parts of our heart that JESUS has not taken up residency and HE wants in, but only we can open that door. JESUS will never break in, HE wants to be invited. To the non-believer, some of you have heard the voice of JESUS and for pride sake you are still rejecting JESUS. You are more concerned with what others will think. You don’t understand and you believe that you must do something other than accepting and believing in JESUS. Well, the continuation of rejecting JESUS will reserve you a first class seat to hell in the lake of fire which was reserved for satan and his demons.

1 Corinthians 6:13, Ephesians 6:13 & Revelation 3:20

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Who you with?


The former comedian Mr. Bernard “Bernie Mac” McCullough would always ask that question in his performance? Funny as the deliverance of the line was; as with most comics; what they are saying though funny should provide room for thought. How they overcame their tumultuous life; how we can relate to our own lives through the eyes of others with laughter knowing that we are not alone.

However, for the child of the Most High GOD; every single day we should make a choice to follow CHRIST JESUS. Ask HIM before we begin our day as we prepare for the day where will HE be leading us today? And decide at all cost you are willing to follow. Practice being quiet within yourself and when at all possible situate yourself for a time in a quiet place. We need this because the world is a noisy place especially if you live in the city as I do. And the older I’m getting that country heart of mine is screaming louder though I’m city native. I need the quiet; I long for the solitude to hear nature and the voice of my FATHER speaking to me at a moments notice.

We all must be careful of the company we keep be they family, professional or social. Any long period of time with anyone can transform us if we don’t continue in the relationship with our first true Love JESUS who will daily transform us. Remember that our flesh and our spirit will always be at war with one another. Our flesh will always remember what we once did and tempt us; however, greater is JESUS that lives in us than the (enemy of our flesh and the) enemy who is in the world; 1 Jo. 4:4.

We belong to JESUS; HE will always bring HIS own out; HE looks after HIS own. HE will not send us out to fend for ourselves; we don’t have to keep believing that lie of GOD will only help those who will help themselves. No, JESUS needs and wants us to totally rely on HIM just as HE totally relied on HIS FATHER. Go back and read all the gospels on JESUS; see how HE did nothing that GOD the FATHER was not in. We all must; I included must look, sound, speak, see, hear and move like JESUS. I and I hope you want what JESUS wanted then and wants now.

So many times we say we are following JESUS but if we are; then why are we being affected by those things that have nothing to do with JESUS? JESUS has brought us out; HE’s come and found us again somewhere we had no business being and he brought us out again over and over again. HE is walking ahead of us not to leave us but to lead us and HE’s close by enough for us to touch or speak with; we can even walk beside HIM. Here is a question we must ask of ourselves; how can we tell if we are following the voice of JESUS, self or the enemy? The answer is simple; are we doing the will of the FATHER through CHRIST JESUS with the help of the Holy Spirit by the study and application of the Word? The race is not won by the swift but by the faithful and obedient. John 10:4

Will you temporarily give it up for ME?

Luke 5:33-39

All too often when we think about fasting; immediately we think about not eating a meal. When in reality we should not be focusing on what we will be missing when we don’t eat but rather what we will gain when we focus on JESUS.

When JESUS was questioned about why HIS followers did not fast and pray HIS answer was that there was no need for that because HE is the bride groom and that HE is with them. However, there will come a time when HE will no longer be with them and fasting and prayer will be required.

So what does it mean to fast? Simple to abstain or deny yourself of;

  • Something or someone that you consider to be of great importance.
  • Something or someone you think that you can’t do without for twenty-four or more hours; a week or a month.Benefit of biblical fasting; a closeness to the FATHER; JESUS and the Holy Spirit. A deeper understanding of the Word of the LORD GOD. To increase your ability to hear the voice of the LORD. Encourages your willingness to obey as our faith is being stretched. Often times those things that we desire from the LORD or need to hear an answer is difficult because we have not sacrificed those things we consider of great importance HIM. For instance instead of eating a meal surrender eating and or drinking to just reading and praying. Every moment that you are hungry or craving to eat; eat and drink the Word of our LORD GOD and pray to the FATHER in JESUS name. Same with if you decide to give up something else or someone; read and pray the scriptures each and every time you would be doing that thing or with that person. You will dedicated that time to reading the Word of the LORD GOD and praying in JESUS name.What will be your benefit?
  • So you see, fasting is more than just going hungry as the world sees it. Fasting is a time of being renewed and refreshed; to grow and to be stretched in CHRIST JESUS.

JESUS will pour into you a newness unlike you have ever known before. You will forever be changed in HIM. You will find that you may have lost a desire you once had that you no longer desire because the LORD JESUS has given you a newness that is better than what you once had. Your faith will also have been stretched.

John 3:16, Acts 4:11-12, Romans 10:8-13, Eph. 1:13, 1 Thess. 5:9, 2 Thess. 2:13, Tit. 2:11, Rev. 7:10.


Elder Shawn Briscoe