When or if we think about being an heir it’s most often after someone in our family has died. If they are considered wealthy or have a little something, something it’s passed down to whom they have designated, hopefully, you. But an heir is everyone be they healthy-infirmed, indigent-wealthy, or righteous-sinner. Every one of us fit in here or did at some point in our lifetime.

We are not just children of GOD but we are children of faith and we must be so as Abraham was because we are descended from him, Gal. 3:29. Also, when we are baptized in the Holy Spirit, He agrees with our spirit and we don’t feel irritated in any way regarding the true manner of JESUS. And because JESUS is in us and we are in HIM we are entitled to possess according to scripture.

No one is left out of the promise of GOD if you desire to be a partaker of the same body in CHRIST. The key word here partake. We all have to take part in and share in the commonality of what CHRIST JESUS requires of us. We can’t cherry pick what suits us best this is not how living by faith works. We read, study and place our faith/trust in a particular area in which we are giving to the FATHER through CHRIST JESUS to mold and train us in HIS perfect way. Our problem is that we are trying to do it all in one fell swoop or on our own, it can’t and won’t be done this way. And it will not be done through condemnation and judgment. The Word of GOD will convict and if we really desire to be in right standing with the FATHER we will not try to hide and cover ourselves with self-righteousness as Adam and Eve did but we will allow the Word of GOD to cover us with HIS grace, love, and mercy.

There are six important factors we must have when the Holy Spirit lives on the inside of us, Eph. 3:16-18.

  1. Be strengthened with might through His Spirit in the inner man.
  2. Be rooted and grounded in love.
  3. Be able to comprehend with all the saints.
  4. The width, length, depth, height
  5. Know the love of CHRIST.
  6. Be filled with all the fullness of GOD.

Romans 8:16-17, Ephesians 3:6



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We all need help and not some time but often. And often time it’s pride that keeps us from asking for help. Now pride is a subtle spirit which invades the human soul. Because if we see a toddler showing signs of not wanting help we will leave that child to his or her own devices believing that the kid is stubborn and does not desire help so we grow distraught and just leave the kid to learn the hard way. That’s not pride that’s just a kid wanting to try to get the newness of his learning technique and with our careful eyes, we should allow them to try and watch their achievement and then help them after they become frustrated or ask us for help. While teaching them without chastisement but encouragement. Then there is the next step when we do ask for help and none or rarely is there help provided when we ask. Which gives us that independent spirit better known as pride. Asking for, wanting and needing help is not a bad thing and often times it causes people to become closer and more loving towards one another. It forms a bond.

The Holy Spirit helps us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year and that extra day and hours when the leap year is involved. He never sleeps and He never takes a rest break with or on us. He is in the constant motion of teaching us about JESUS and He is the One who prays for us in the language that we have not been formally/educationally taught that wells up from our belly that living water that resides on the inside of us. The Holy Spirit hopefully is residing within the heart of every believer, I know that He is not but He should be because we need His help. We need His power and dare I write it again, we need His help.

One of the greatest ways to test ourselves to prove to our own selves in the manner of our needing His help is in our communication with others. I’m certain that the majority of us are familiar with the saying that the quickest way to find out how intelligent a person is, is to have that person begin to speak. It will take two-three minutes. And in action fifteen-thirty minutes, depending on who it is in action we must try to fool.

I’ve heard so many people preach and say this and there is nowhere in the Bible we will find this answer to prayer. GOD will say no. My bibles, because I have so many various translations and they all read the same regarding this answer. Now, this is the confidence that we have in HIM, that if we ask (ask, seek, knock) anything according to HIS will, HE hears us. Most of us never saw asking, seeking and knocking this is why I included that. And my question to you is how many of you ever used your hand/knuckles to knock once and then just walk away? If you did this it’s because you really did not want to see the person to communicate with whose door you knocked on. Our victory is in CHRIST JESUS and I don’t see victory in an unanswered prayer but I do however see victory in an answered prayer that does not give us the answer that we desire. I wrote that if we listened to our communication we would hear that we most often are not saying anything worthwhile listening too. I taped several communications I was having with people and they were just junk conversations because after I listened to them I myself grew tired of listening and yet while I was communicating, I was having a wonderful time. We actually were saying nothing. None of us encouraged one another or spoke about the goodness of JESUS and we all glazed over our jobs and family.

Our communication must be filled with life toward one another. Now when I am in communication with my friends we do encourage one another, we truly listen and hear one another’s heart and pray for those areas that may be a challenge for that person. We remind each other of GOD’s goodness and HIS merciful grace towards us in HIS love for us and when we are ready to depart we are refreshed. We all got there with the help of the Holy Ghost. He spoke to us and through us to get us there. We are all still maturing in Him and this will never end.

And then there is the example given to us by this loving mother who asked JESUS that both of her beloved sons be with HIM in HIS kingdom. Now I will not get into all the reasons as to why she may have done that but I’m certain it’s no different than the reason we pray for our children. We all want our babies to be in heaven with JESUS and us. JESUS never said no. JESUS simply explained that she was not clear of her understanding as to what her sons had to go through before joining HIM in HIS kingdom and if they will be committed. We all may begin committed but then we begin to wane. And none of us can live a committed life in CHRIST JESUS without the Holy Spirit’s help.  I have to speak what I am, an American, because as an American I am aware that I have brothers and sisters in various countries that are being tortured for their belief and faith and trust in CHRIST JESUS. You see as an American I go through the suffering of my flesh, denying the cravings and appetites that I love. Are we willing to suffer? Then I have to drink false persecutions from family and those that I thought were my friends. Are you willing to drink the bitter wine? And when I proclaimed that I’ve died with JESUS and I rose again was it the new creation in JESUS or the resurrected old me still operating in all of my hate, bitterness, anger, immorality, carnality and all that is not like JESUS? Let’s keep it real.

These are just some of the reasons why we need help from the Holy Spirit and I’ve not even chipped away at the tip of the iceberg. So we need to stop fooling ourselves believing that we good and that we have it all under control. Because we’ve got nothing under control, we’ve lost control in sin and we need to find control in the righteousness which is who we are in GOD through CHRIST JESUS.   

Romans 8:26, Mt. 20:22




What is it that we choose to hide? We hide those things that we either consider very precious to us or those things that we are ashamed of. We hide our valuables like jewelry or money. Some of us hide the fact that we made purchases that we either cannot afford at the present time or will hide relationships that we have no business in. Just what is it that we are choosing to hide in our life? Is it godly, does it bring harm or do we become better because of what we chose to hide for that moment? Because everything that we hide will surface eventually.

As children we all have read about treasure, maybe it was the treasure that a pirate was seeking after. How he and his crew would have to sail the seas for months just to get where the X was on the spot so they could dig for that hidden treasure. Today, if you are a nature channel observer or an avid reader of various literature, maybe you’ve come across a book that shared about treasures of gems and where they are located and how they are excavated. Because precious gems are always hidden and never ever exposed so anyone may easily view them. Then there is the little girl who grows up and should be taught the value of her worth and how her most precious and valuable treasure is hidden for only her husband.

But beyond all of this is the greatest treasure of all which is the Word of GOD which is to be hidden in every heart. The Word of GOD if truly hidden in the human heart will prevent a true lover of the Word of GOD from sinning against GOD. A true lover of the Word of GOD who has the Word of GOD hidden in the heart will listen to the voice of GOD as HE speaks to the spirit of man consistently of JESUS. And as the Word of GOD speaks within the heart of mankind, mankind will ponder, mull over, repeat, consider and examine the importance of what is being spoken and taught within the spirit. But those who do not have the Word of GOD hidden in their heart but it’s on top of their heart meaning they may be able to recall to remembrance when they have sinned against GOD may not turn from that thing they do because they love what they do. That’s their treasure not the Word of GOD. Those are the people who find it irksome to want to be in communication about the things of the LORD JESUS. Those are the ones who are more eager to know about the things of this world rather than speak the Word for themselves and the lives of others. And those are the ones who will avoid you because they may deem you too holy because the Word of GOD is hidden within your heart and GOD’s morals are evident within your lifestyle.

Many of us may have been told some wonderful things that will occur within our lives and they may not have appeared as yet. And because they did not happen when you expected or wanted you may have thought that the person was blowing the sunshine in an area where that cannot happen. But you missed an important part and that is to hide what information that was given to you and seek GOD for clarity. Mary and Joseph were told some things while JESUS was incubating, being expected. But after the birth of JESUS, Mary and Joseph was given this message by some wise men. JESUS Is the “Savior, who is CHRIST the LORD (the MESSIAH)”. That message was told to the wise men by the Angel of GOD/ Angel of the LORD who was the pre-incarnate of JESUS (Is. 9:6 & Jdg 13:9-22). This is awesome because as a student of the Word of GOD you would know that JESUS appeared throughout the entire Bible and spoke to people face to face, HE sat down and ate even. But we have to find HIM and how we find HIM is to be in a relationship with HIM and HE will lead us toward where HE was and who HE was with and what HE spoke as well as what HE did. So it is my strong belief that just before his precious mother thrust HIM from her body. JESUS spoke to the wise men to give them the direction of coming to the manger in Bethlehem with a message for HIS beloved parents. Glory be to GOD in the highest! And in the wise men travels the pre-incarnate JESUS became the incarnate JESUS. Hallelujah!

Sometimes, it’s better that when we are given the treasure to hide them within our heart and just ponder over them, seeking out clarity and being prepared by GOD through JESUS. Then there are times when we in the natural have a treasure that must be hidden we need to learn to keep our mouths shut and go before GOD and seek HIS face before making an important decision. After GOD through JESUS give the go and everything is set then reveal the treasure. We lose our treasure most times because of diarrhea of the mouth, the Bible calls it casting our pearls before swine. Pigs love slop they don’t appreciate anything, they will trample everything you place in its way and this is what happens when most of us place our treasure that should be hidden until GOD say it’s okay to reveal to the public. Stop allowing people to assassinate your dreams, goals, hopes and visions. Get JESUS into your heart, for an intimate relationship with HIM seek first the kingdom of GOD and allow all hidden treasure to be added to you.  

Psalms 119:11, Lk. 2:19




Post-election 2017 we have many who are unhappy such as me and dissatisfied with who is in leadership. And some who are ecstatic with the results. But one thing is for sure that keeps me at peace and that is this, Romans 13:1-7. I am aware that I am subject to the authorities of this government to an extent. Because GOD HIMself is not surprised by this turn of events. Before Orange Aid #45 ever thought of becoming the leader of this nation, it was already placed within him to be so by GOD. Do I like it, no? Do I understand this, no? But it’s not for me to like or understand. I don’t lean on my own understanding but I trust in the LORD with all my heart. I know that all rulers are not bad and all rulers are not good. This one is not a good one. And I have a right to my opinion as you do yours, this is just one of the reasons that make America great.

King/Kings are hereditary sovereigns when they hold the powers of government by right of birth or inheritance, and elective, when raised to the throne by choice.

Dom/jurisdiction, or property and jurisdiction. Hence it is used to denote state, condition or quality, as in wisdom, freedom.

Gen. 1:26, 28, 1 Sam. 8:7

Daniel 4:17 the Most High rules the human kingdom, that HE gives it to whomever HE wishes and can raise up over it the lowliest of mortals. (CJV)

Written above are the words [king] and [dom], to separate the word breaks it down to its root. I have written to explain how far we’ve fallen from grace and yet some of us can be found calling ourselves kings yet we have no concept of how to rule the kingdom. We don’t even realize that we have dominion.

 2 Corinthians 10:5 if anyone has ever been fishing, what is done with the rod is that it’s cast/thrown into the water in an effort to catch some fish. Or maybe you cast/throw a net into the water to catch fish, crabs or shrimp. The concept is the same we have to throw away from us arguments, throw them down those thoughts that we know take up space and control where JESUS should and must be. Because when JESUS is not our first thought JESUS is not first in our life. The knowledge of knowing GOD in our lives is critical we already know how to sin very well. Well, actually we don’t because if we did addictions would not happen, adultery would not happen, fornication would not happen, abuse would not happen, murder would not happen, lies would not happen, deceit would not happen and so much more. We can bring our thoughts into captivity because we are to renew our minds and in renewing our minds obedience comes of and in CHRIST. 1 cor. 1:19 “I will destroy the wisdom of the wise and frustrate the intelligence of the intelligent.” (CJV)

Had JESUS not come down from HIS throne as GOD the creator it would have been difficult for mankind to believe that GOD is able to understand what it is that we HIS creation as mankind go through. It was essential that JESUS become like HIS brothers which are mankind in every way with the exception of sin. HE wanted and this is the part we glaze over that JESUS wanted to experience the day to day experience of human nature so that HE will become a merciful and faithful High Priest for us. This High Priest is sinless and HIS sacrifice is holy and untainted, perfect in every way never needing to be performed again. HIS payment was paid in full for my sin and it washed away my sin, past, present and future forever. GOD is satisfied with this payment for this divine justice because it provided a way back for me between the FATHER and myself.

 Hebrews 2:17



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The righteous are free from sin and its sinful affections. Most of us don’t believe that for a moment because we still sing those stinking thinking songs that are supposed to be spiritual about how sinful we are. We don’t grab or gravitate towards that fact so we don’t trust that what JESUS did for us on that cross was enough to cleanse us completely and totally from the effects of sin and therefore we are holy as HE is holy. Because as JESUS is so are we in this world. We don’t read who we are but we read what we were in the bible. If we read the Bible at all. Most of us still live under the law and this is why we suffer because we can’t experience holiness by works, demands, rituals or conditions. JESUS stripped all that away from us when HE tore that veil into and when HE nailed each and every one of our dirty, disgusting and filthy sins on that cross when HE took them onto HIMself. And yet, we still don’t get it. We still don’t believe what we are doing is just saying by repeating what has been said in our hearing but we are not living a holy life in HIS freedom.

*You are holy because I the LORD your GOD am holy. *Be holy for I AM holy. *You people must be holy because I AM the LORD your GOD.  *You people are to be holy for ME; because I, the LORD, am holy; and I have set you apart from the other people, so that you can belong to ME.

Just reading the above scriptures from the Jewish Bible reveals to us clearly that we are holy because GOD said so. We often say if GOD said it that settles it so why don’t we believe it? To be holy is a lifestyle my siblings in CHRIST JESUS it’s not a holiday or just attending Saturday or Sunday service but a lifestyle of freedom in JESUS.

You know we may think that in heaven the sound that is erupting is all worship and don’t get me wrong praise, worship and singing fill the atmosphere. But what rings true we think that when we read how the cry of holy, holy is the LORD and HIS glory fills the earth is worship. But it’s not, it’s actually an acknowledgment and reminder to each one speaking to one another there as we ought to do to ourselves here that CHRIST JESUS is the LORD of host and HE is more holy than the holiest of holiness and that the entire earth is filled with HIS glory. It does not matter what it looks like this fact remains to be true. And you better know that holy is the LORD, GOD of heaven’s armies, the One who was, who IS and HE is coming!

So my beloved siblings in CHRIST JESUS never again say that you are not perfect or holy because according to the Word we are. It does not mean that we will not make mistakes that are sinful, they are just that mistakes when we do them unconsciously or unknowingly. But if we do them habitually knowing what we are doing because we like or love what we are doing, then we are living in either open or secret sin and it should be bothering us. But if not, then I think we need to check our relationship with CHRIST JESUS. I will leave you with this final verse and that is *you are to be holy because I AM holy.

Leviticus 19:2, 11:44, 20:7, 26, Isaiah 6:3, Rev. 4:8, 1 Peter 1:16

*Note – italics added by AMFBeM.

** Scripture reference from Complete Jewish Bible




With esteem, dignity, distinction, and reverence are how we are to honor our mother and father. Nowhere are we instructed to like how they treat us as to how we are to treat them. No, it is regardless as to how they are to act towards. In other words though how they mistreat us is harmful and hurtful and cause us to be angry. We are to act towards them though we are angry with respect towards them as hard as it will seem.

This is not for their sakes this is for our lives. Every mother and every father is a child to every mother and every father somewhere. And there is a rippling effect in action here. What generational curse possibly could be in operation besides what most people see as being just a health problem? Maybe we need to investigate how we are towards our parents.

There are four Old Testament verses that instruct us about how to be towards our parents which should bring us to our attention. But for some reason, it does not. I want to work backward for a moment before bringing us to where we are today in the one New Testament.

JESUS said that we are to honor our father and mother not pick one over the other but to honor them both. I don’t know your parental situation, you know who poured into your life provisionally, emotionally and physically. You know who supported you in your endeavors and who sat up with you during your tough times like illnesses and such the things parents do. But even if your biological parents did not do any of these things for you and you know them and can be in a relationship with them they are to be honored because of them you have a life. For now, I just want us to just stop there at honoring our parents.

 We are to honor this comes with respect, obey, and to care for our father and our mother. And this should be for the duration of their lives, not put them off in some home and forget about them. Now I understand if they may need to be placed in a home for round the clock care because you may not have the room in your home for a live-in nurse or there is no one to help because so many members of the family are employed. But you as the child should be visiting your parent on a daily basis. It breaks my heart to see so many people in nursing homes wasting away being forgotten by their children who are just waiting for them to die.

I thank my GOD that we serve a compassionate, grace-filled, loving and merciful GOD and FATHER. Why? Because in HIS Word GOD said that we should be put to death for dishonoring our parents. Put means action and death are past tense of the dead so imagine if that was still applicable today? This world would not have many inhabitants living because so many people dishonor their father and mother.

Now of the two Old Testament instructions that come from the Ten Commandments which are Mosaic Law that we are no longer under but if we were this is one I would make sure I would obey for my own health.  So that your days on the earth may be prolonged and so that it may go well with you honor your father and mother. Duh, you don’t need an anvil to drop on your head to get you to understand that honoring your parents work out in your favor.

And because we are no longer under any type of law with the exception of the one to love which is the completion and fulfillment of all. And we can’t do this without CHRIST JESUS within us we are reminded to honor our father and mother again with the blessed promise.

  1. Esteem, value as precious your father and mother.
  2. Be respectful to them and obey them.
  3. It will be well for you.
  4. You will have a long life on earth.

Matthew 15:4, Ex. *20:12, 21:17, *Deut. 5:16, Eph. 6:2




A desire of some good, accompanied with at least a slight expectation of obtaining it, or a belief that it is obtainable. Hope differs from a wish and desire in this, that it implies some expectation of obtaining the good that is desired or the possibility of possessing it. Hope therefore always gives pleasure whereas a wish and desire may produce or be accompanied with pain and anxiety. This is why most people lack in hope because it seems out of reach and unattainable. We confuse our hopes with our wishes and when our desires don’t come to pass we are yet again disappointed and often it’s laid at the feet of people that we blame. I know because I’ve been there. Spent many years placing my hope in others and my expectations in them only to be disappointed and hurt in silence.

But finally, it dawned on me to trust JESUS and place my hope in HIM.

And when I did finally disappointment began to leave me. My love for GOD began to grow more and more because my trust in HIM deepened. Most of all the Holy Spirit finally had my ears and my full heart and I noticed just how much GOD’s love is poured out on me which causes me to be in a state of gratitude. If we would only step back and truly take a look at our character without JESUS we will wonder why GOD loves us so very much and why would HE send HIS SON to die for us. We will never know if we are honest with ourselves but whatever we expect and hope in the LORD we will no longer be ashamed. Some of us were bold in our sins now take that same boldness and be that for CHRIST JESUS others may not have that bold nature but in JESUS you can be in HIM. We all are called to magnify JESUS in our bodies by our daily living which is exemplified even in our death.

Inside of every single blood washed born again CHRISTian lives faith, hope, and love. You have them and you can operate in them because JESUS lives within us. But if JESUS does not live within us then, of course, these three cannot be found within you and you will find it difficult for you to live this way.

Each human is being called to JESUS and those that have JESUS living within has already answered the call. Those that have not answered the call it is up to us to live a holy life before them in open and in secret, meaning that even when no one is watching your life is holy. Holiness is not just about our boasting and not our living, we are the hope to the lost but how can we be when we ourselves appear hopeless.

We have a hope which is laid up in heaven the problem with many is that so many believe that heaven is in some far distant place. Heaven is in our heart if JESUS is there. GOD our FATHER already provided us with HIS glory and made us rich in CHRIST JESUS who is our hope of glory. So, my question to you is, is JESUS in you and are you in JESUS? If the answer is yes, then know that our body is already dead because our spirit has been made alive and it is no longer our flesh who rule but our spirit who rule. In other words, before we allowed JESUS into our heart the operation went in this manner for us. Flesh and emotion which is our mind and will. Now that we have allowed JESUS into our heart the operation goes in this manner. Spirit, emotion, and flesh. Our spirit is alive because of righteousness in CHRIST JESUS without righteousness we were dead because righteousness was not found anywhere in us I don’t care how much we want to throw around the word (good). We were not good, we were nice. Only GOD is good. Not only that, because JESUS lives in us because the Spirit that raised JESUS up from dead in that tomb. You better know that the very same will happen to us as well.

So who is and where is our hope? The LORD GOD/CHRIST JESUS our Savior.

Precious understand this, there are 2 things GOD is not capable of doing. Lying and that we have a strong consolation [Comfort, alleviation of misery and distress of mind, refreshment of mind or spirit, a comparative degree of happiness in distress or misfortune springing from any circumstance that abates evil, or supports and strengthens the mind, as hope, joy, courage]. Even in tough time, we can still have our hope.

Darling siblings, we have a living hope, not a dead one! Our hope is wrapped up in abundant, not a little dab will do ya, but abundant more than we can ask or think mercy. Because JESUS the CHRIST has been resurrected from the dead!! And unless you too are born again you cannot and you will not see the kingdom of GOD. You must be washed by the water and you must have the Spirit of GOD to be known and to gain access into the kingdom of GOD. It’s not by your works and it’s not about how many times you have said lord, lord and faked the people and even yourself out. You better have your house (soul) saved.

The name of hope is JESUS.


Psalms 71:5, Romans 5:5, Phil. 1:20, 1 Corinthians 13:13, Ephesians 4:4, Colossians 1:5, 27, Rom. 8:10-11, 1 Timothy 1:1, Hebrews 6:18, 1 Peter 1:3, Jhn. 3:3, 5