c053e0e970a1e33ecab64135437fdceb--spiritual-quotes-christianityWhen we use the word divine do we use it in its proper context? I don’t believe we do because first and foremost the true and living GOD is divine with HIS nature and perfection. We are called to be godlike in our character and integrity with heavenly morals, mindset, and speech. We are to be excellent in the highest degree according to the Word of GOD. The children of the living GOD are extraordinary because we have CHRIST JESUS living within us and we live in CHRIST JESUS which is to cause us to be above what is human because we are being led by the Spirit of GOD. We have the divine invention, genius, and mind of GOD. As JESUS is so are we in this world, we celebrate HIS praise and HIS divine service through divine songs and worship. Also, those who have been appointed and called with the anointing of GOD are called into the ministry of the gospel which is the Good News of HIS grace.

The children of the living GOD has absolutely everything we lack nothing which is necessary for a dynamic spiritual life. There is no alternative belief, better way or secret knowledge which GOD has revealed to some unique group of people or through the clergy. HIS truth is available to everyone who desires it. However, for those that desire to know HIS truth, it is imperative that you desire to have a true and personal knowledge of CHRIST JESUS because HE is the One who calls us by HIS own glory and with HIS excellence. Through JESUS we have a reason to apply our own diligence to the divine promises given to us and for us to make every effort to exercise our faith supply to develop our moral excellence in HIM. In CHRIST JESUS through moral excellence, we will obtain insight and understanding and through this knowledge that we obtain we will develop self-control. In our ability to walk in self-control we will be firmly fixed and established which will reveal our godliness. In our godliness we will find ourselves having brother love for one another and because we are able to love our brothers in the faith it will not be difficult to walk in love for everyone in that we will no longer be selfish and will look for the best in those who are in the darkness of sin and be a help for them through our witness of JESUS in our life and speech or just how we live.

As children of the living GOD we are not to throw or beat others up with the Bible at all. What we are to do is to cause excitement in others which will give them strength and encouragement. What I find that many who are religious will do is be like the Pharisees and the Sadducees in pointing out the wrongs and hurling Bible scriptures without any compassion, direction, guidance, love or mercy. Grace is nonexistent and this is why so many people call those who profess to be Christian hypocrites because sinners are aware of their wrong just as they are aware that Christians are to exhibit forgiveness and love towards them. Instead of condemning we must guide by living our own lives with honor, moral courage, and integrity. This will show the world that we are separated and worthy of the living GOD who saved us from being wretched to being righteous in HIS only begotten SON JESUS. We did not call ourselves into righteousness but we answered the call of the Holy Spirit who called us into GOD’s kingdom for HIS glory.

2 Peter 1:3, 5-7, 1 Thessalonians 2:12




Doers / Do



It is completely impossible for anything created by GOD not to be a doer. We all are designed to do something each and every day. Example, we all know people who are lazy but watch what it is that they are doing. They are either laying down, sitting, speaking, a doer of something illegal and so on. Animals are doers as well as all plant life, get the point creation is continually doing something. Now mankind should always be a doer of something positive for the LORD, self, and others. Let’s get a glimpse of what we should, could and can do each and every day.

When CHRIST JESUS resides within mankind our faith is tested not tempted but tested. Most times we fail the test because we are too consumed by what the desires of the flesh wants. Then after we fail the test we realize that we lost an opportunity to show CHRIST living within us to someone. But never fear because we will be tested again until we pass. We must actively and continually obey GOD’s rules for our lives in JESUS. We miss the mark often times because we hear the Word and will agree to what we hear but when we don’t observe to do the Word than it reveals to us and others that we did not listen so that what we heard will be planted deep within our hearts so that we can be a doer and not just a hearer only. Not being a doer of the Word of GOD but yet we can quote the Word or agree with the Word causes us to be fooled thinking that we know the Word when in reality it’s untrue. And the truth reveals to others that we are liars because people learn by what they see more often than what they hear. Everything at we are doers or do is because we know that thing that we do. In others words, our actions are often times the only way a person will see JESUS.

Our morality rule is clear “treat others as you want to be treated” that is the Golden Rule, it’s essence for mankind. However, mankind is rude, think that they are privileged and disrespectful towards others. We must adhere to how we were brought up by our parents, grandparents or guardians that is if we were taught how to respect one another and not to think too highly of ourselves. If we want to be treated with respect then respect others if we want to be acknowledged with grace because of our senior years than be graceful while we are young and respect your elders. The list can go on and on, however, I believe you get the point.

JESUS is a healthy and lustrous vine and those that follow HIS Word are the branches. It is vital that we stick to HIS vine so that we can produce lush and ripe fruit in HIM. But when we fall off the vine and begin to do our own thing we begin to rot. Now the grace of GOD, if we are HIS children does not see the sin that we commit by accident or when we do not realize that we are actively in sin because all HE see is HIS blood flowing within us. However, it is when we remain consistently away from HIM that we are cut off from the vital union we must be in HIM. Though we can still be doing something it will be impossible to do what JESUS said we are capable to do in HIM.

Unfortunately because of Adams sin which caused all mankind to be born in sin. Though we are born-again in CHRIST JESUS and HE has washed us completely clean from sin and we are now righteous in HIM. We are in a fight between the knowledge of good and evil until we either go to sleep in CHRIST or when HE returns to gather HIS own. The battle is in our flesh which has desires and our spirit the real us that also has desires. The flesh wants us to go here and our spirit wants us to go there. We all give into the flesh sometimes it’s the conflict we all have who are in the body of CHRIST JESUS. Allow me to give you hope, the disobedient thoughts and things that we have and do is not us but the disobedient things which we all should despise in maturity in CHRIST. We unfortunately still have a sin nature though we are the righteousness of CHRIST JESUS. If you don’t believe me listen to the thoughts that we have, are they still negative in any way at all? Do we still do things which are against GOD’s Word that JESUS gave to us? If we are honest the answer is yes, this why it is so important that we keep close to the vine of JESUS by speaking to HIM, reading HIS Word and if possible listen to sermons that are being taught and lastly do the Word by living the Word and speaking the Word.

We are no longer under the rituals of the law but under grace. Yet, there are still members of the body of CHRIST that are trying to live by the law as well as grace and it can’t be done. It’s like mixing oil and water together they don’t remain together but will separate themselves. There are some of GOD’s children saying that certain foods are not meant for us to eat or that it’s unclean. This is far from the truth, however, if you desire to abstain from certain foods that wonderful for you because it’s your choice. But we should never tell or teach others that certain foods GOD did not intend for us to eat or that certain foods are not digestible or unhealthy. Now if certain foods are causing your health some problems than I do agree that you either need to abstain or cut back. When we go out to dine we should never question what is being served unless our flesh, unfortunately, has certain allergies and by looking at something we may not be able to see that the thing which causes us major health problems has been used to garnish or season a dish. We should always pray to the FATHER before we partake of any food and adapt to what is being served if it is possible. But never share your views on what is being served or your eating habits if we know or see others partaking of something we ourselves prefer not to indulge in. We don’t understand that we lose great opportunities to witness to others all because we want others to be partakers of our benefit rather than considering others. Every day we should be looking for an opportunity to share JESUS with others in what we do or say. No matter what it is that we say and or do we must do them to glorify JESUS because our dependence is in HIM. And always give thanks to our heavenly FATHER through JESUS.

And finally, realize that we can do all things that we have been called to do through CHRIST who provides us with the strength to do. We are to fulfill the purpose of JESUS. Also, understand that no one is self-sufficient but self-sufficient in CHRIST sufficiency only and with knowing this we are ready for anything that we need to do. JESUS infuses us with HIS strength and confident peace.

James 1:22, Matthew 7:12, John 15:5, Romans 7:19, 1 Corinthians 10:31, Col. 3:17, Philippians 4:13



Biblical Quotes On Faith 527 Best Psalms Images On Pinterest | Bible Verses, Psalms And

Wow, look how far we’ve fallen. GOD said that we are to have supreme authority with the power to govern and control everything on this earth with the exception of other humans. We once had the power to direct and control all that our hands and feet touched, creation once listened and understood what we spoke. We used at our disposal and pleasure all that GOD placed in our charge. We had possession of the earth and all that is created without being accountable to anyone other than our Creator. Then with one judgment decision not to speak up when the serpent had a conversation with Eve. Adam adhered to the voice of his wife to disobey the commandment of the living GOD. Adam fell and every human creation after him have been falling ever since. Adam lost his dominion over the earth and everything in the earth. Now mankind has a warped sense of dominion because we are hard-wired to have dominance but it’s displaced. Instead of us having dominion over the earth the earth has dominion over us. From the ground grows money and toxins that causes mankind to become greedy for more and inebriated. Vegetation does not grow without our putting in toil and though we may do all the right things to gain a wonderful crop for harvesting, disaster can occur. The plant life that was planted for our nutritional consumption maybe attacked by some sort of plagues, such as insect infestation, or the weather conditions may be harsh from heat, not enough rain or freezing conditions. All animals, be they for food, wild or tamed they are afraid of us as we are afraid of them. Some people run from creeping animals and despise like myself rodents and flying insects.

We are made in the very image of our Creator we have the same likeness as HE is, not in physical likeness but spirit. We once had HIS personality and moral likeness now we are born with a spirit that is dormant so we are dominated by our soul instead of our spirit. As early as a two-year-old toddler our actions of sin begin to manifest. And as we grow older and more disobedient from our heart we become more vile and wicked. Some in thought only and some in thought and action. We were created to put everything except people under our power because we have domination.

Though we are a fallen creation, our Creator has never lost sight or love for us. We are on his mind each day and though we were created just a little lower than the angels it’s because we are formed from the earth and we are limited to think a thought and be here or there just from thinking it. However, instead of worshipping the angels as some do we are the ones who put the angels to work when we speak the Word of GOD and make a request from heaven the angels that have charge over our life begin to work. Bringing the request to fruition. Though we are mortals our Creator watch over us with great care. We are actually crowned with GOD’s glory. Thank YOU, FATHER, for sending JESUS to mankind. Because JESUS has all supremacy HE showed us how to dominate through HIM. JESUS left nothing out of our control but we don’t realize this and there are somethings that we as yet don’t see that we have domination over. As JESUS is so are we, JESUS has dominion over everything and we must realize that we too in CHRIST JESUS have dominion through HIM.

Genesis 1:26, 28, Psalms 8:6, Heb. 2:8




Everyone knows what a door is and what a door is used for. But does everyone know that we all have a door to our heart? Well, we do and when it comes to our heart we are the only ones who can open and shut the door to allow or reject entrance. The door is the opening passage that allows the act of sin and negative thoughts to come in. The door is also the opening passage that we allow JESUS to enter in so that HE can clean out what we used to love in sin and HE will furnish the rooms of our heart with HIS actions from the fruit of the Holy Spirit. The Word of GOD informs us that as a man thinks so is he, whatever our spoken language and action of a character which is our integrity it’s because we have allowed this into the entrance of our heart. Everything approaches the heart but giving it access this is on us.

In the Old Testament before JESUS walked HIS created earth among HIS created people. Salvation was based on self-effort and for a while, the people did not have the Ten Commandments and the law that revealed to them that they were sinful. Adam and Eve were the only people who could share the forgiveness, grace, love, and mercy that our Creator GOD has for us. They passed this information down to their descendants and there were those who received by faith and those who rejected the truth. They did not have the written Word, radio or television as we do. However, all the same for each of us we are all born in sin because of Adam and his actions. And because we are already born in sin, sinful actions lies in wait at the door of our hearts and when we act on these sinful impulses it’s because we have opened the door to give it access into our heart. There is only one way to rule over sin and that is to reject sin through the power of JESUS. The more time we spend in the written Word and the application of HIS Word the less likely we will entertain the thoughts of evil or temptation to do what is against CHRIST JESUS. We must guard our eyes, ears, heart, and mind at all times. In CHRIST JESUS we are able to hold our heads high but in sin, we hold our heads down in shame because we have no hope and there are some sins that we participate in that we don’t want anyone to have knowledge of with the exception of those who are the same activity. We need to believe and do what is acceptable to the FATHER in CHRIST JESUS because our faith and actions please HIM. When we ignore what we know is right in JESUS sin will enter in and overpower us. Everything about sin is that it wants us and its desire is to rule over us but JESUS desire for us is that we rule over sin.

If you are anything like me when I was unseasoned in the Word I could not relate sheep to people. However, as I began to mature in the Word I finally saw the relation. Sheep are silly and is known for wandering off and causing injuring to itself. Mankind is also silly and known for wandering off and causing injury to himself. We have a propensity to do things that are despising and mean. Our vile and worthless actions of sin are our outward disdain for godliness and rejection of HIS Word and JESUS. This continuation of rejection will shift us from being sheep to goats. Because goats are delighted to eat course food and frequent rocky terrain. Mankind when they are separated by JESUS when HE comes to judge this world will separate the sheep from the goats, meaning HE will separate those who feed on HIS Word and live by faith from those who feed on course communication, speak lies which are against the Word of GOD, those who do not live by faith and reject CHRIST JESUS in their heart because they never opened the door for HIM to enter in to live. JESUS keeps all HIS sheep together because HE is a good Shepard and HE keeps all those who try to enter in by false pretense out. We are not apart of the sheepfold based on our good deeds and efforts, we are not in the sheepfold based on our religion either or because we were baptized or christen. We can’t even be apart of the sheepfold based on someone in the family, no we are apart of the sheepfold based on our personal relationship with CHRIST JESUS. We must open the door so that the Shepard will enter to care for HIS sheep. We are the doorkeepers of our heart and only we ourselves can open the door of our heart to JESUS because we heard HIM knocking and because we heard the Holy Spirit calling out to us. JESUS the good Shepard will lead us out of the darkness and into HIS marvelous light. Also, JESUS will become our doorkeeper and we will enter into HIM as well. It is here that like JESUS was often heard proclaiming that HIS FATHER was in HIM and HE is in the FATHER that we can now say with boldness that the FATHER and JESUS are in us and that we are in the FATHER and JESUS. We can make this bold statement because CHRIST JESUS has led us to live in and with HIM and continues to lead us through HIM.

The heart has many doors and rooms and just as we opened the master door to our heart we must also open all the doors to give JESUS access to those rooms as well. We will know when JESUS has been given access to what we desire to keep close to our heart that does not line up with GOD’s Word. JESUS is an awesome heart cleaner because HE remains in the one room dusting, sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, and deodorizing with HIS disinfecting Word. Once HE has cleaned all the mold and infection out of that room and the Holy Spirit is comfortable to live in that room JESUS moves to another room and will knock on that door as well to gain access in. We are always quoting that JESUS will enter into our hearts and dine with us but we leave out that we too will dine with HIM. This is not a onetime dining experience we dine with JESUS each time we study the Word of GOD for ourselves, each time we communicate with HIM, not to HIM, each time we place our reliance on HIM and each time we walk by faith in HIM doing what is pleasing in HIS sight through HIS power within us.

We all need to examine our lives to find out where are we living unfaithfully not trusting GOD in a particular area of our life. Is there unforgiveness, hatred, pride, selfishness, the thought that we are hurting no one because that statement proves that it’s a lie because we are hurting ourselves? These are only a few that I can name off the top of my head but we know where we need to allow JESUS in the door of our heart.

Genesis 4:7, John 10:1-3, 7, Revelation 3:20




We all doubt something or someone, I like to think of it as a pause before making a serious decision. But when it comes to the truth of CHRIST JESUS having doubt of faith towards HIM is not a good thing. When we doubt this is the time to seek wisdom from the Holy Spirit asking Him to help us understand fully what we see and hear that will aid in our decision making. When we apply doubt to our walk with JESUS we actually have a belief that what HE said that is for us is not true. We don’t believe that HIS works can be done in our lives pertaining to those things that seem impossible. Our minds are like waves of the ocean or sea because of thoughts which continue to fluctuate our opinion which in and of itself cannot stand up against the truth. We are hesitant to move out on and in faith either because we don’t know the truth from the Word of GOD or we don’t trust the truth. There is just too much uncertainty in the lives of Christians. Doubt causes us to fear and be apprehensive we are always suspecting the worse believing that if we ask something of the FATHER or do something and we don’t see what we expect to see that either GOD did not hear us or does not want the best for HIS children. This is far from the truth, GOD loves us and HE hears every single word that comes from our heart, mind, and mouth. Not getting the results that we expected in the time frame that we believe we should have received causes us to question, distrust and withhold the confidence that we must have in GOD’s Word. This is proof that there is a defect in the knowledge that we have in CHRIST JESUS all because we don’t see the evidence that we want, and this keeps our thoughts in uncertainty to all the wonders that we have been promised. Being a Christian and going against GOD’s Word is dangerous because we live in the world and the world is filled with dread and horror. For instance, knowing that a loved one is in critical condition or is sick. Instead of speaking life, we join in with a negative conversation such as certain ailments run in the family, knowing someone who succumbed to what your loved one has been attacked with and so on. We must speak the Word and live the Word in faith never doubting. Horror is not within us any longer because we walk by faith and not by sight.

Continue to test your faith, every day when we study the Word we are to apply the Word to our life. Regardless of our full understanding because JESUS is the same yesterday, today and forever and HIS Word is true. Ask for godly wisdom in faith without doubting knowing in your heart that GOD is willing to help us. The moment we allow doubt to enter our thoughts we are like dust, leaves, and trash that are easily blown by the wind. Trust don’t doubt. Have faith and do not doubt things that are a burden to us because they are only unfruitful trees that should be bearing eatable food or mountains that by our personal confidence, faith and trust in JESUS will be moved and tossed into the sea far removed from us. Why is it that we are so afraid to keep asking, looking for and knocking on heaven’s door until we get what we desire? By doing so we are not in a rebellion of believing by faith. Don’t we get on people’s nerves by continually asking for something that we want until we get it? When we go to visit someone and they don’t answer our knock or the ringing of the bell, don’t we keep knocking louder, begin calling their names, toss pebbles at the window and call them from our cell phones? Also, when we are expecting something or someone, what is it that we keep doing? We continually look. We need to apply this to JESUS as well, it’s not that HE does not hear us or is refusing us. We may be in a test to see how much we desire to receive from HIM. We have to believe and not doubt that GOD will open up whatever door we have need of HIM for. So, how much faith must we operate in? The Word of GOD informs us that all we need is as much as the size of a mustard seed. And we all have that regardless if we know JESUS or not. However, if you took the time to study the mustard seed we will learn that from that itty-bitty seed comes a huge tree which is what will happen to our faith. We begin small but as we see the FATHER loving and providing for us our faith begins to grow. And we begin to trust HIM for something else on a larger scale. But not trusting and doubting which is brought on by unbelief reveals that we are operating in the lack of confidence, power, and trust in GOD. And shows that we self- trust our own ability and not the ability of JESUS to do the impossible. So dear ones trust in this, GOD has unlimited power. Understand that if we believe in what we say regardless if it’s a lie from satan or the truth from GOD we will get them. There is life and there is death in our spoken words. From this day forward be careful of the words that we speak because the promise is that we will receive them. And once we have them we will learn who gave them to us either JESUS who we need to receive everything from or from the devil who we need to reject everything from.

James 1:6, Mt. 21:21, 7:7, 17:20, Mrk. 11:23-24




Though we may not use the word draw as often as it was once was used which pertained to our bodies being moved such as advance in motion. It’s a good word to use when it applies to our coming daily to GOD. Christians and non-Christians alike have moments of feeling down emotionally. Christians stay stuck in a blue funk only because most don’t recall that they should come to the LORD in order to be raised up from the depth of negativity in which they are in. JESUS did not save us so that we are still battling emotional issues. We are to move closer to GOD and be attentive to the direction in which we are going which is up. We are to aim at all things from GOD and expect to receive with patience as we wait for HIS glorious outcome. JESUS is a promise keeper and HE answers every prayer. Remember when we hurt JESUS hurts. For non-Christians there is a lot of doubt about you moving gradually to CHRIST but none the less move toward HIM, HE hears our conversation toward HIM and HE is responding. Linger in conversation and wait to hear HIM speak back to you in your spirit. The Holy Spirit entices and leads us by persuasion to CHRIST JESUS. When we are washed clean from sin our moral influence will also change.

Don’t be afraid of our Creator GOD because HE loves HIS creation mankind dearly. We all need to draw closer to HIM daily. Being saved does not mean that we continue as we once did. However, when we don’t draw near to GOD we will find ourselves still in the muck and mire as pigs in their pins. We can’t in and of ourselves cleanse ourselves from sin but CHRIST JESUS can and HE did on the cross. It is our responsibility to believe in HIM. Our hearts are unfaithful don’t believe me. Have you lied, stolen (cheated), speak negatively about anything including yourself, use profanity, enjoy course activities such as dirty jokes or pornographic information, done anything for yourself that you thought was a good idea only to find out that something negative resulted in your decision which was actually a bad idea? This is proof that our heats are unfaithful without JESUS residing in there. This is why it is so vitally important that we draw ourselves toward GOD who is faithful, just, loving, forgiving, grace, mercy, truth, promise keeper and so much more that we are in need of often from HIM. At one time we were expected to do everything ourselves with the condition that GOD will draw near to us. We had to adhere to every commandment and laws written by Moses and we failed because it is impossible to live according to that which is written to expose our sins and is meant to kill us. GOD did not have Moses to give us the Ten Commandments and those laws and rituals to kill us, they were to show us that we could not keep them ourselves. But we can keep them when we have drawn ourselves to the living GOD and totally rely on HIM and not ourselves. Wash yourselves, make yourselves, get your evil deeds out and stop doing evil is impossible for mankind to do but is not impossible for JESUS to do with us. Being clean does not happen from the outside in but from the inside out. We cannot be saved by washing ourselves because sin is lodged within our hearts. Without CHRIST JESUS in our hearts, we are immoral and wicked and we need JESUS to wash us clean. Once JESUS wash us in HIS Word and love which is filled with grace, mercy, and truth we will find ourselves being more loving. Not from an outward show which often times is filled with hate and hypocrisy. The love that JESUS is sharing with us we, in turn, will begin to share with others insincerity which is actively the real thing. As we mature in CHRIST JESUS we will find that those things which are wicked that we either loved, craved or participated in we now hate. Even if we did not participate in certain wickedness we tolerated them, shrugged them off as a let live type of testimony. As we draw closer to GOD in studying HIS Word which strengthens us, speaking to GOD and listening for HIS voice and most importantly believing and trusting in the Word as we speak and live them out in our lives. We will find that our faith in GOD becomes richer in our lives.   

 James 4:8, Is. 1:16, Jer. 4:14, Rom. 12:9




In the Bible we find the words abide and dwell and take for granted that both words actually are the same in vocabulary. To a degree we are not inaccurate, however, there is a slight difference and we must make up our minds as to where we desire to be in the living GOD and HIS Word. There are Christians who abide in the Word of GOD like they are staying with family, friends or in a hotel or motel. We may be there in our continuance to stay there but we know that this is only indefinite. As soon as trials that we in our own self can’t overcome our faith begins to weaken. When during trials this is not the time to try to do anything within our own efforts but to rely completely and totally on the strength of GOD and the power of HIS might. There are also Christians who take the word of abide and have a more permanent state of being in completely and totally resting in GOD and HIS Word. It’s not an indefinite life for them regardless of how things look around them they remain firm and immovable they endure because they trust that JESUS will deliver them from their trials. We need to make up our minds to become a resident in JESUS and not just use HIM for a temporary lodging. Our residency in CHRIST JESUS must be permanent in mind, soul and spirit. We must speak the Word as well as live the Word through exhibition. What we demonstrate outwardly and through every day communication demonstrate to believers and non-believers who and where we are in CHRIST JESUS. Do we need to consistently quote scriptures which is proof of nothing to anyone who hears that? Absolutely not. People know who we are by our demonstration in action more than by what we say. Our demonstration of character and integrity informs the world whether or not we dwell permanently or abide temporarily in JESUS. Make up our minds to have a fixed attention on the things of JESUS.

When we dwell in the security which is the shadow of CHRIST JESUS we have a shelter of protection in HIM giving us continual blessings and favor. JESUS is our inseparable companion. The power of JESUS cannot be withstood by the enemy. Living under the protective shadow of the wings of CHRIST JESUS provides us daily security of the attacks that we witness in our life. Being in the body of CHRIST does not quarantine us from trials we have them the difference is we know where we can go when the trials are attacking us. JESUS hides us and places us up on high on a rock. JESUS is our ensign who gives notice on the attack that comes after us. We have on us a banner which is the flag of whose authority we are under. When we have taken permanent residency in the shelter of JEUS protection the enemy who is mankind comes looking for us to conspire and plot against us but because we are so well hidden those attacks cannot find us. We are safe in HIS shelter of protection from strife and the negative tongues that pursue us.

In CHRIST JESUS is the fullness of the living GOD in flesh and HE expresses the complete divine essence of GOD. JESUS is the Word and HE came down to mankind to dwell in mankind but to abide in the world. CHRIST JESUS is full and never-ending of grace and truth. JESUS is the glory of the FATHER and JESUS is glorified, HE is unique and there is no other like HIM nor will there ever be. JESUS is free of deception there is no darkness in HIM. JESUS is pure light. This is why we need to dwell in HIM as HE desires to dwell in us and stop abiding in HIM as a temporary lodging only when things seem to be great for us in appearance.


Psalms 91:1, 17:8, 27:5, 31:20, Colossians 2:9, Jhn. 1:14