Die / Died


Deprived of respiration and the circulation of blood, along with other bodily functions. For some people, they are rendered incapable of resuscitation. Death comes from the natural decay of the organs to function in the manner in which they were meant, by disease, or by violence. People are also known to cease to live by sheer will. Death is referred to as expire; decease; perish, and with respect to man to depart from this world. Most of us do not have the desire to die, however, it is appointed that we all will and hopefully we will die only the once.

The Good News is that JESUS died for the ungodly HE died for our sins, this was done for each and every single human on planet earth. I’m getting ahead of myself, let us take a look at how believers who trust in JESUS view death.

Unfortunately, the CHRISTians flesh are prone to suffer from diseases and in some cases they die from those things. I know countless brothers and sisters in the body of CHRIST who suffered from cancer, Lou Gehrig disease, MS, and such. Through the suffering of the body those that I was able to be with during those tough times never lost sight of the fact that though their bodies have failed them and that they had looked death straight in the eye and said okay, this is the way I will depart this life. None of them ever lost their faith and I often heard them say that they will not die and how they witnessed to anyone that they were aware of not being possessed by CHRIST JESUS. And for those that did know that they were in the body of CHRIST, they recounted HIS goodness. GOD is the beginning and GOD is the end. HE is a promise keeper and because it has been made clear to the Prophets that being in JESUS keeps us alive and from dying we need to make it clear that sin-cursed mankind to die an earthly death. But JESUS keeps us alive when we have faith and trust in HIM through the washing in HIS blood inwardly to eradicate sin from our nature. In this also we escape the judgment before going to the lake of fire in hell. So believers in CHRIST JESUS do not die twice but the possibility of only dying the once. I write possibility of dying once only because there will be some believers who will not see an earthly death but will be taken up in the air when CHRIST JESUS return as promised.

So how is it that we must die? Adam the father of us all gave away his dominion which is his life and the ability to control everything here on the earth to satan through the disobedience of GOD’s command. So when GOD said that man will die and Adam did not die for centuries later in his flesh. Adam’s spirit died immediately and so is it with every human that has breath in their mortal body. We are all born into sin and our spirit is dead, the connection to the FATHER is gone and JESUS returned us to the FATHER by dying in our place and forgiving us for treason. One man brought death to the human race while another Man brought life through HIS death.

I praise my GOD for HIS SON JESUS because HE established an order that we all must adhere to. JESUS died in our place and was raised again to life. Those of us who will die the earthly death who in actuality are asleep will be resurrected with incorruptible and immortal bodies no matter what was done with the remains. We can be buried or cremated in CHRIST JESUS we will return with new bodies.

How thankful I am to live in CHRIST JESUS, HE has given to me, my brothers and my sisters of the faith our source of joy and the reason to live. Our death to sin has been a gain because our faith in JESUS has ushered us into eternity with HIM and the FATHER.

Beloved if you are my siblings through CHRIST JESUS please do not be afraid of the earthly death. Because as written before it is appointed that we take that journey to die. But know that we have escaped the judgment but those who have not received JESUS through faith and the will to trust in HIM. You have a right to fear death because if you die without JESUS in your life and your life in JESUS you will be judged.

Without JESUS in our life, we are an offense to the FATHER. The death of JESUS is not a fable, fairy-tale or a lie. And HIS resurrection is the proof we need to know that we have been justified through HIM. Our life in sin is no longer on our record as being a criminal. The FATHER and CHRIST JESUS no longer see the sin that was once in our life. Our present life in HIM will not allow us to practice sin because of our new nature in HIM. Is it possible to commit sin and still be in the body of CHRIST? Sure it is but the more we read our Word and communicate with HIM drawing nearer to HIM we will not desire to play with dead things any longer. We will no longer find the cemetery of the life we once had to be an attractive place to be in. The sin that the blood of JESUS washed us in has acquitted and absolved us from past, present and future sins. We are righteous in JESUS alone. We are justified in CHRIST JESUS because JESUS died in our place HE was our substitute no human can become clean from the indwelling of sin. Those that know they need JESUS but don’t know why will always say that they need to stop doing this or that before coming. JESUS wants us just as we are rolling around in the muck and mire just plain dirty and funky. Because HE is the only way we will get clean, deodorized and disinfected. This is how the FATHER demonstrated HIS love for us, HE gave HIS only begotten SON to die in our place while we were and are guilty of being sinners. And finally beloved, the FATHER did not give up HIS son to die just so we would have a great Bible read or story to tell. No, the FATHER did not spare HIS beloved SON from death and because of that, we through CHRIST JESUS will receive everything promised to us. All we need do is believe, ask, reach up and pull it down. I hope that when reading about death in the Bible from JESUS standpoint and how HIS death benefited us we will become thankful that we will not be judged to die twice.

Psalms 118:17, Hab. 1:12, John 11:50-51, 1 Corinthians 15:22, Philippians 1:21, Hebrews 9:27, Romans 4:25, 5:6, 8, 8:32




 552Steady in application to anything undertaken, constant in the effort, exertion to accomplish what is undertaken, attentive, industrious-not to be idle or negligent, constant in the effort, regular application/attendance and or occupation.

I’m often awestruck at how the generations born from 1980-present are more often to have the attitude of entitlement rather than willing to be diligent in working to obtain their dreams, goals, and vision. And it’s not that they are not diligent because they are for example they are diligent to play games on the computer, television via some type of box or their cell phone. They are diligent at coming up with excuses as to why they are not doing anything industrious rather than being idle with their wonderful minds and hands which are able to create wealth. It’s true that the possibility to become a millionaire or billionaire may not occur, however, it’s also true that the possibility to become those things are more apt to happen when we are diligent at making it happen. Those who are diligent in getting the proper education and legally working to obtain those things that they desire rule their desires while those that are lazy in their minds and with their hands will be forced to do illegal activities to obtain money only. Take a look at your community or step outside of your community and look at the young people who are diligent in illegal activities. The supply and demand to sell what it is they have to offer are there which means that all of them have the ability to be entrepreneurs, CEO’s, vice-presidents of a corporation or any top executive position. They understand the market yet they have listened to the nay-sayers who told them that they will never be more than what they are doing. They look around with blinders on and believe that they are prisoners of their surroundings. They don’t realize that they can attend school to learn business management to either run their own business or work for another in upper management. This is what the idle and the diligent have in common, an appetite of the soul to gain wealth. The difference however between the two is that one is idle, lazy, the desire to sleep and full of excuses while the other is diligent, energetic with purpose, will wake up and move to achieve his/her goals and will voice the motivation why they work. And with each pay-check the diligent will hopefully deposit a fee in their future, their children’s future or at the very least have the funds to pay their utilities, mortgage/rent, insurance (any and all types), and purchase groceries. Those were just to name a few.

Though I covered the expectations of what we are to be diligent about in the natural most people especially immature CHRISTians put forth diligence to please the FATHER through CHRIST JESUS as though we must work to be approved. We are already approved the moment we receive the gift of salvation and are washed clean from past, present and future sins. We are given grace on top of grace to just be children of the Living GOD. There is nothing we can’t do or be in and through CHRIST JESUS who gives us the strength and wisdom to obtain the desires of our heart. As children of the Most High GOD, we are told to enter the rest not work for the rest. Maybe the reason we miss this mark is that it’s not understood what it’s meant. Enter is to be in, flow in, advance into, engage into, to sit down, and lodge. Rest is to cease from activity, quiet, reconciliation with the FATHER, at peace, and in hope. Before JESUS hung HIS head and gave up the ghost/HIS Spirit, HE said finished. When HE ascended back into heaven to be seated at the right hand of the FATHER, this is a clear demonstration that HIS work is complete and that HE is at rest. We don’t get the full comprehension of entering into HIS rest with HIM. This is why so many of us are judgmental and working so hard which demonstrates our religion and not our relationship with HIM. Religion and self-effort will cause us to fall and remain in disobedience to the will of the FATHER. When we rest the FATHER works on our behalf but when we work the FATHER rest. We will never be able to experience all the promises of the FATHER when we are busy doing rather than living in the full faith of CHRIST JESUS and the promises given to us. Do we want to be like those who were disobedient in the wilderness? I’m certain the answer is a resounding no. But we are when we are not diligent to enter the rest of CHRIST JESUS.

Proverbs 10:4, 12:24, 13:4, Hebrews 4:11





To see and understand the difference; to make a distinction; as, to discern between good and evil, truth and falsehood. Prov. 1:2, 2:11, 1 Ki. 3:9, Ecc. 1:17.

Ever wonder why when the Bible is read by non-believers the comprehension of understanding is void? It’s because they are void of the Spirit of GOD. Those that find the Bible difficult to read and follow will always claim that the Bible is difficult to read. This is only true for those who have not the Holy Spirit to teach them and to guide them into all truth with discernment. Those that are baptized into the Holy Spirit possess the ability to discern between good and evil as well as to see and hear what is not like GOD. We have the ability to know when a desire that we may have is truly not the project that we are to take on. We have the ability to speak wisely in difficult matters. And the list can go on. Non-believers do not have the ability to understand the grace of GOD and this is why it seems foolish to them. The age old question is still being asked by non-believers to this day, “Why does an all-knowing and loving GOD allow bad things to happen?” And because they are void of the answer when asking believers in CHRIST JESUS, they either do not like the answer or the one who professes to be a believer and actually is not a possessor of CHRIS JESUS is incapable of providing the correct answer through discernment. This is only one reason why the world will shy away from religious folk because religious folk is not in a relationship with the FATHER, SON, and Holy Ghost. And when speaking to those in the world who are looking for answers, the answers given are most likely absurd and illogical. Those who are in a relationship have the ability to share through discernment given by the Holy Spirit because of our spiritual connection. We solely rely on the Holy Spirit because He teaches and reveals all hidden things that we need to know. Religious people and non-believers have this in common, they set their minds on the things of men rather than the things of GOD. Because of this, many are a stumbling block meaning they keep those who are hungry for answers at bay or because they are free to live a certain way but another does not comprehend their freedom in CHRIST JESUS fully, what they witness by those can cause them to fall away for a brief time. Also, those that bruise a spiritual sibling will turn away all because of what was said and it was offensive. One of the main determinations that we must have is to not allow what we see or hear bother us to the point that they cause us to fall and lay there or turn and walk away from the faith. We must realize that everything negative and opposite of the Word of GOD comes from satan. What he either orchestrate people to do or say or he speaks to us directly, we must know what the full truth is from GOD. We must be able to discern which spirit is motivating an action or conversation from others. Stay in the worship of the LORD GOD so that we will serve HIM only. When JESUS died on the cross, HE provided deliverance from the bondage of sin and the enemy. Our ancestors that delivered and witnessed JESUS crucifixion said it plainly, “HIS blood be on us and our children.” We are all guilty of not believing in JESUS and we are all guilty of HIS death because of the sin of not believing. Yet, JESUS forgave the world and all we need do is receive HIS free gift of salvation so that we will be delivered from guilt. Our flesh and mind have sinful pursuits we call right wrong and wrong right. We love the darkness and secrets that is until we are washed clean in the blood of CHRIST then we love the light and as we grow we become more transparent. The sinful mind/heart has active hostility towards JESUS and the sinner will not submit to the guidelines of the Word. The righteous mind/heart has active love towards CHRIST JESUS and we will submit to the guidelines of the Word as we learn and grow from revelation knowledge through the discernment of the Holy Spirit.

1 Corinthians 2:14, Matt. 16:23, 4:10, Rom. 8:7




Bless the LORD my GOD through CHRIST JESUS for another year.

Today I will like to write briefly on the subject of being a disciple, who is and how do we know that we are. Understand this that everyone is a disciple of someone or something in the beginning we learn and follow the teachings of our parents and or guardians. Then as we grow and branch out further we begin to follow others some to the point of crossing over completely that who or what we follow has become our god. What do I mean by this? We believe in what others tell us or show us in their actions and take on what we believe to be true. We take on the written words of books that are attractive to us and begin to live by those words of the author. Then there are the addictions that we believe that we cannot live without because we forgot that there was a time that we survived without the use of those crutches that we daily rely on. So what exactly is a disciple?  A learner, a scholar, one who receives or professes to receive instruction from another or thing.  A follower who is adherent to the doctrines of another. Simply put, one who is converted by what he/she has learned.

As a disciple, it is proof positive that we will never become higher than the person who we have decided to follow and imitate. A teacher is not a student of his teaching nor can he/she be the master of self-knowledge. A disciple will always be a student and follower of the person or thing that is doing the teaching. Not only that we will become the servant to the knowledge that we are obtaining from the teacher or a servant to the crutch that is teaching that it is impossible to be without it. The good news of being a disciple is to be a disciple of CHRIST JESUS who is the greatest teacher to mankind period. When we sit at HIS feet and learn from HIM we gain life. We have no problem with HIM being our Master because as we mature in HIM we acknowledge that we are HIS slaves. And being a slave who is free in CHRIST is far better than being a slave to sin which keeps us bound in chains. As a servant to whom or what we have adopted for our beliefs, we will speak and live according to what we know. We will obey whom or what has complete control of us. There is a television commercial that is aired about smoking, notice how when the smoker prefers to do something else the habit of nicotine smoking causes him/her to walk away from their desire to obey the call of smoking. Whoever or whatever we have given control of our life to expects us to obey and if we try to ignore the call it will drag and pull us to do what we have given our life to. It’s not much different being a disciple of CHRIST as servants of the Most High GOD we are not greater than our Master. But here is the difference the Holy Spirit will not drag and pull us He will call and speak to us as He did before we listened and came to JESUS with a bowed heart.

As disciples, we are often tested and we are often tested by the love we have for friends and relatives then we are tested by things. When it comes to people, places and things we must become indifferent to them have a disregard when it comes to our attitude for JESUS. If we care more about what people think of us if we care more about being somewhere and if we care more about the things we can obtain or have over CHRIST JESUS, this will be the proof that we are not HIS disciple. We must not put anyone or anything in the place of JESUS, HE must be first and foremost in our life. This is the correct order when we are disciples: JESUS, spouse (if we have one), child or children (if we have), school/employment, and things. We are overcomers and we are this way because of CHRIST which means that we can overcome what others think or say about us and we don’t love our life to death but we love our life in CHRIST JESUS so that it is possible for us to renounce anyone or anything that tries to come before HIM.

Know that the truth will make us free in CHRIST. Let us continually obey the Word of GOD by living in JESUS through HIS teachings and living in accordance with HIS Word of grace. Then we will truly be HIS disciples. Let us bring glory and honor to our heavenly FATHER by bringing delicious fruit forward with proof that we are HIS disciples. We are in the world but we are not of this world and we must as true disciples show forth to the world the light that is within us let the world see our goodness continually this is done by doing and not by just speaking. People pay attention to what it is that we do and not by what we speak. As the saying goes “talk is cheap”. Show the world the moral excellence that we possess always with recognition and honor toward the FATHER for this will bring HIM glory in heaven from those who have not received by taking the gift of forgiveness although JESUS forgave the world, and who have not received the gift of HIS salvation by not taking.

So, take a good look at your life and be true to yourself as to who or what you are a disciple of, is it your Pastor, what you own, where you work, who you are dating or married to, your children, where you go, or the habits you have. And if none of these are above JESUS you are not HIS disciple.

Matthew 10:24, Jhn. 15:20, Luke 14:26, Rev. 12:11, John 8:31, 15:8, Matt. 5:16




This is what all people do who are neglecting or refuse to obey to do what is right. It begins with being unmanageable as children by being disobedient to our parents from there it only escalates. Omitting to do what is commanded by the laws of this world by being obstinate in opposition not observant of duty or rules prescribed by authority; as well as citizens we are disobedient to the laws of the land. Doing what is prohibited; perverse in opposition such as illicit sexual misconduct, the abuse of all medications, alcohol, and tobacco used unnecessarily which contribute to the shortening of life, by sooner rendering peculiar parts of the system disobedient to the natural stimuli of the brain.

Why are all people prone to disobey? The answer is the sin nature that we are born with due to Adams action of disobedience. We are born guilty, a sinner from the moment our mothers conceive us, Ps. 51:5. It is true that we can’t help ourselves with this problem of being disobedient however, it does not give us a continual pass to remain this way. It is true that the church is guilty of constantly telling sinners that they are disobedient as if sinners are not aware that they mess up consistently. Sinners do not need to be reminded and made to feel hopeless and guilty of these facts. The church raises the bar so high that many feel as though they will never be good enough to obtain a relationship with GOD. The church will preach watered down versions of the Bible or beat people up with the law of Moses which is no longer applicable to its rituals and observances. What the church must do is tell people inside the building and outside the building who JESUS is and what HE wants for people, what HE did for people and who we can be and are in CHRIST JESUS.

As the body of CHRIST JESUS, it is our duty to reveal JESUS to all people the disobedient and the obedient. Truth be told none of us are completely obedient to the Word of GOD. Our heavenly FATHER and Creator of all stretch out HIS hand all day to disobedient and contrary people. All we need do is reach up and touch HIM with our faith and receive JESUS as our Savior so that HE will teach us through HIS Holy Spirit in order for us to mature to the point that HE is LORD in our lives.

Romans 10:21


Divided / Dividing

Jesus  removes sin

The world is disunited because of its darkness due to sin. Which means that those who have not accepted and taken the free gift of salvation which can only come from CHRIST JESUS are also parted in their decision making, and actions to do with consistency what is good. They are separated from CHRIST JESUS which makes them separated from the heavenly FATHER who is GOD. However, when we accept and take the free gift which is offered through CHRIST JESUS, HE provides us with the indications that we have been separated from the world that is dark and cold and brings us closer to the FATHER and HIMself because they now reside within us and us within THEM. Unfortunately due to immaturity in CHRIST JESUS due to the lack of knowledge and not trusting HIM in everything we resemble the world with our old character rather than resembling CHRIST JESUS in our new character in HIM. I’m sad to reveal to some and remind others that we still have a problem trusting JESUS and loving our brothers and sisters in the faith of JESUS. Because if we adhered to obeying what JESUS has instructed us to think, say and do then it would be possible for us to love those who are disobedient and still live and walk in sin because they have not taken the free gift of salvation from CHRIST JESUS.

In this world regardless or not of our being under the rulership of a monarchy or a USA president who is the head of the government. This world is a kingdom and satan is the ruler of this world. This world is divided against itself and we see this each time we watch the news. Do we not notice the waste that is all around us? People are often asking the question “what is the world coming to?” or because of the situations going on in the world people will say “it has got to getter better things can’t get any worse”. But I’m here to inform you that this world will not get any better and this world is coming to an end. Hence the dividing that we see day to day this world will not stand.

Each and every one who is a child of the living LORD GOD must study the Word to become familiar with who we are in CHRIST JESUS and just exactly who CHRIST JESUS is to us. We must study and show that because of our studying the Word of GOD we mature into the character of JESUS which will cause us to think, say and live as HE desires us to be. As a workman in the Word, we will be tested by many trials and when we are tested we will not become ashamed when people watch us going through the trials and looking as though we are defeated. We will remain faithful and calm as we go through our trials because we know that JESUS has not forgotten us and HE have not left us alone in our trials. And those that watch and make fun of us will see the victory that we have in CHRIST JESUS because of HIS promises to us. We must be diligent in either speaking the Word of truth as a witness or live the Word of truth which is our witness. Because we are called our election into the heavenly kingdom is sure and true and because of this, we will not stumble. Beloved, know that we are of the truth in CHRIST JESUS and because of this our hearts are assured in HIM.

 Matthew 12:25, 2 Timothy 2:15, 2 Pet. 1:10, 1 Jhn. 3:19



c053e0e970a1e33ecab64135437fdceb--spiritual-quotes-christianityWhen we use the word divine do we use it in its proper context? I don’t believe we do because first and foremost the true and living GOD is divine with HIS nature and perfection. We are called to be godlike in our character and integrity with heavenly morals, mindset, and speech. We are to be excellent in the highest degree according to the Word of GOD. The children of the living GOD are extraordinary because we have CHRIST JESUS living within us and we live in CHRIST JESUS which is to cause us to be above what is human because we are being led by the Spirit of GOD. We have the divine invention, genius, and mind of GOD. As JESUS is so are we in this world, we celebrate HIS praise and HIS divine service through divine songs and worship. Also, those who have been appointed and called with the anointing of GOD are called into the ministry of the gospel which is the Good News of HIS grace.

The children of the living GOD has absolutely everything we lack nothing which is necessary for a dynamic spiritual life. There is no alternative belief, better way or secret knowledge which GOD has revealed to some unique group of people or through the clergy. HIS truth is available to everyone who desires it. However, for those that desire to know HIS truth, it is imperative that you desire to have a true and personal knowledge of CHRIST JESUS because HE is the One who calls us by HIS own glory and with HIS excellence. Through JESUS we have a reason to apply our own diligence to the divine promises given to us and for us to make every effort to exercise our faith supply to develop our moral excellence in HIM. In CHRIST JESUS through moral excellence, we will obtain insight and understanding and through this knowledge that we obtain we will develop self-control. In our ability to walk in self-control we will be firmly fixed and established which will reveal our godliness. In our godliness we will find ourselves having brother love for one another and because we are able to love our brothers in the faith it will not be difficult to walk in love for everyone in that we will no longer be selfish and will look for the best in those who are in the darkness of sin and be a help for them through our witness of JESUS in our life and speech or just how we live.

As children of the living GOD we are not to throw or beat others up with the Bible at all. What we are to do is to cause excitement in others which will give them strength and encouragement. What I find that many who are religious will do is be like the Pharisees and the Sadducees in pointing out the wrongs and hurling Bible scriptures without any compassion, direction, guidance, love or mercy. Grace is nonexistent and this is why so many people call those who profess to be Christian hypocrites because sinners are aware of their wrong just as they are aware that Christians are to exhibit forgiveness and love towards them. Instead of condemning we must guide by living our own lives with honor, moral courage, and integrity. This will show the world that we are separated and worthy of the living GOD who saved us from being wretched to being righteous in HIS only begotten SON JESUS. We did not call ourselves into righteousness but we answered the call of the Holy Spirit who called us into GOD’s kingdom for HIS glory.

2 Peter 1:3, 5-7, 1 Thessalonians 2:12