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The reason why we can trust GOD is that HE is firm, constant, observant, true, and exact in being faithful. And humans are the opposite of this. It’s not that we can’t be faithful it’s that we are not 100% faithful in all things at all times. Somewhere in something with someone, we miss the mark and we even do so with GOD. Yet, HE remains ever so very faithful towards us.

It has always bothered me and I don’t know when it will cease to bother me when I hear people say that they found GOD. GOD has never been lost, we are the ones who are lost and HE comes looking for us because this is what a good Shepherd does. HE goes calling out for us and when we respond we begin to build a relationship with JESUS. Our hope begins with our confession of belief in JESUS and we do so by not wavering because the belief does not come from emotion or in our thought but from the heart. JESUS presented to us a promise and HE is reliable and trustworthy HIS Word is faithful. GOD is so faithful to us, don’t you realize that it was HE who called us and not us calling to HIM? We are in fellowship {association, companionship, company, communion, partnership} with CHRIST JESUS.

Just think about this, when we confessed our sins to GOD when we realized that we were sinners. GOD from the beginning of time was faithful to forgive us. HE sent JESUS to earth to teach us about the FATHER’s forgiveness and JESUS died to demonstrate just how far HE was willing to go for us in HIS faithfulness towards us to show us that we are forgiven. In the blood of JESUS, we are redeemed and forgiven because HIS grace is rich and we are clean from all unrighteousness. And it burns my biscuits when people allow others as well as themselves to talk themselves into believing that they are still sinners and need to be forgiven. I also know that most will scarf at this blog but it only goes to reveal their relationship and understanding, read Ehp. 1:7 and try to explain that away. My question would be, why to purify what is already pure? It relates to the sick has no need for a physician. Now I’m not saying that the righteous do not error, please don’t misunderstand me. Because we error all the time, we are still growing in grace and if we were to close our eyes and imagined life without CHRIST JESUS. We would not like where our lives could possibly be and what we would possibly be doing. But for the grace of GOD are we separated and set apart. As the righteous of CHRIST JESUS, unfortunately, we do fall but thank CHRIST JESUS we do quickly get right back up again. You know how when we realize we did something by mistake or crazy and we may speak to ourselves about it, why not do the same thing when we do something sinful if you don’t trust to tell someone. Only this time speak to the FATHER. Believe you me, I get it. People especially our siblings in the body of CHRIST are just a wee too judgmental instead of being a listening ear and praying us through as well as someone that will hold us accountable. We don’t always need to be beaten upside the head with the Bible and slapped across the face with a scripture. Learn to have compassion and empathy, be a brother keeper. Learn to be faithful in times of trouble so another will not feel so all alone. We have saints in the body of CHRIST now who conceal sin and are losing power and do not know why. It’s because when sin is hidden we don’t prosper but when sin is confessed we will find compassion and mercy from the FATHER why not our CHRISTian siblings?

We come from wonderful stock, we have the very best DNA and because of this there just is no reason why we cannot exhibit the loving kindness, tenderness, mercy, and compassion which is shown to us daily. They don’t end, they are not consumed instead each and every single morning without fail they are brand new come rain or shine, winter, spring, summer, and fall. All because the GOD that is the true and living GOD is a faithful GOD to HIS Word and to HIS children.

Hebrew 10:23, 1 Cor.1:9, 1 John 1:9, Prov.28:13, Rom.3:24-26, Lamentations 3:22-23






I am so glad I have finally come to the time that I am getting to write a little something about fear. Fear is an old nemesis of mine it had me in its grip for decades during my childhood and young adult life. I grew up a very nervous person for various reasons. And then I received the Word of truth and was delivered from the grips of fear and dread. I have a love hate relationship for fear because I understand that there are two types of fear, dread and reverential. No CHRISTian should experience any longer fear or dread but every CHRISTian must experience reverential fear. So how does one know if he or she is experiencing a life of dread or fear? What are there differences? Dread and fear are so subtle it’s difficult to differentiate the difference. Fear expresses less apprehension than dread, and dread less than terror and fright. Fear is a painful emotion or passion excited by an expectation of evil or the apprehension of impending danger. Fear is always accompanied with a desire to avoid or ward off expected evil, it’s uneasiness of mind, the thought of future evil likely to befall us. The unknown. Anxiety and over solicitude. Then there is the reverential fear which is simply the awe and worship of the LORD GOD. We are to respect the LORD GOD above all things and all people. When we respect the LORD GOD we will find ourselves turning away from doing wrong and wanting to do what is right according to HIS will and Word. We will find that knowing the love HE has for us will bring us to feel guilty for willingly sinning against HIM.

When we worship the FATHER GOD it is a reminder to ourselves that because of JESUS suffering in our place. HIS scourging, HIS being pierced, HIS being, nailed on that cross, HIS being hung on the cross to die a criminals death for a sinful crime HE never committed because HE couldn’t. But HE did it willingly in my place, HIS blood cleanses us not just then on Calvery, not just when we believed, but daily.

Some of us live in rough communities and some of us live in bad communities. Others of us live in quiet communities and yet all the same fear grips people from every community. During my season of life right now I have lived in rough communities, yes I hated the year I lived there but I certainly did not have one speck of fear about being there. As a matter of fact, I was rather respected there. They knew that I did not belong in that community because my inner light was too bright. Shootings and stabbings were the normal activity in that neighborhood because it was a drug haven. Yet, I moved about with no fear. My legs don’t move quickly and if you bump me slightly I’m likely to fall over. I don’t like to get caught out by myself in the night air, not from fear but because I’m slow and because I’m wise. But when I did in that rough neighborhood and those guys who were up to no good saw me coming, they would just part a way, speak kindly to me and saw that I got into my building. I was not one bit afraid of having to walk in the middle of them. It’s just like what’s going on with all this commotion from the White House if he does anything to cause us to get into a nuclear war. I’m safe from harm because my earthly death means that I get to see my heavenly FATHER and JESUS face to face finally. I’m not going to hell, that life sentence I once had was dealt with. What about you, are you still on death row?

Allow me to share with you the first things I noticed that I received when that spirit of fear left my life. Calm-I was actually calm for the first time.  I have been trying to share with others what I have been experiencing for the past fourteen years the still, quiet, being at rest, and peace that I have within. I am undisturbed, not agitated, not easily excited, or angered. As time has gone on I have found my self and continue to find myself becoming more and more balanced in life able to not so much rely on my control but to rely on the control of the Holy Ghost. Don’t get me wrong, I’m far from being a coward to any degree, I’m a city girl with city ways but I have allowed the Holy Ghost to take control of me. His spirit has provided me with such power of love for humankind to a degree that I did not know was possible, and I have sound judgment and discipline regarding my actions. I refuse to allow anyone I don’t care if they are my parents, children, spouse, or anything to chain me up again to be a prisoner to fear. The years in bondage to sin was long enough and my growing in the grace of GOD was difficult but I made it through. My heavenly FATHER adopted me when I was seventeen years of age at a concert. I gladly call HIM my ABBA FATHER, my DADDY DADDY because HE not only is my FATHER, HE is my provider.

I have the greatest assurance knowing of the love my FATHER has for me and though daily my trust and love for my FATHER grows all the more. I will never understand HIS love for me nor will I try to, I will just trust and enjoy the knowledge of it. I don’t wonder about it or have fear about doing right or wrong, about pleasing HIM, HIS love for me has thrown out all fear, it’s just not there and I dare not go look for it. Who in their right mind want to be tormented, you have to be coo-coo for coco puffs to desire that. Those that look for torment and desire torment don’t know the true and perfect love which can only come from the FATHER.

Psalms 19:9, Matthew 10:28, 2 Timothy 1:7, Rom. 8:15, 1 John 4:18








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We live in a world with conditions, we speak with conditions our very motives towards people are based on conditions. To take or leave out is based on the condition that suits us personally. So what does this have to do with feet? Everything. Because in the very scripture we see that the FATHER has informed us that HE has given all things to HIS SON, JESUS and that all things are subjected to HIM. With one exception, the FATHER is not subjected to the SON.

Ok, it has been made clear to me and I’m going to try and make it clear to you. That because the FATHER put all things under the feet of JESUS and they are subjected to HIM. All things that trouble us in life JESUS has them already. JESUS has the entire situation under HIS feet. Every one of the demons including satan is under HIS feet. The whole influences that those demons come at us with are actually under the feet of JESUS. When sickness and diseases come to attack our bodies they are to be placed under the feet of JESUS where they belong. All is the completeness of everything so my question is why are we dealing with anything when the Word of GOD informs us that the FATHER has given all things to JESUS and placed them under HIS feet and that they are subjected to HIM? Seems a bit insane to me, what about you?

This is powerful and we have got to get this in our spirits to live this out so that we can stop being a church of people who are anorexic and anemic. JESUS has already destroyed the kingdom of satan and we are the conquerors and victors. JESUS has subdued and vanquished brought his dominion down but we act as if HE has not. How do I know these things? Though I know and recognize that satan is a very real god, in our church buildings and in our conversations we give satan far too much credit and speak of him far too often. Why is he on our lips so? I know that if we glorified all that the FATHER is and all that the FATHER has done through CHRIST JESUS our faith will begin to soar. The enemy has no power or control over us any longer, yet, we continue to live our lives in fear and proclaim that we are Christians like frightened mice.

Now in this verse of scripture, the FATHER has made it perfectly clear to us if we only take the time to see and hear that HE has given all things to HIS SON JESUS and that they are all under HIS precious feet. And that all things are subjected to JESUS. But just as our parent’s hand over everything to us and everything is subjection to us that does not mean that our parents are subjected to us. And so it is with the FATHER and JESUS.

The exception in this scripture is that the FATHER GOD is not included to the subjection of CHRIST JESUS. Why would HE be? Even now JESUS may be found not only sitting at the right hand of the FATHER but also in the bosom of HIS FATHER as well. And when we are subjected to JESUS we should be found sitting in the bosom of JESUS.

Here is one more thing I will like to add, problems are nothing more than mountains to us and we should always move the mountain but until that mountain is moved stand on top of it. Because problems belong under our feet, not above our heads or surrounding us.

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1 Corinthians 15:27




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When we hear the word fellowship we often times relate it to something religious when in fact it has nothing to do with religion at all. Fellowship began in the Garden of Eden between Adam and Eve they were one another’s companion. Fellowship is all about the companionship of people it can be associated with mutual groups or societies of various classes and degrees which are equal and friendly terms. We are acquainted with the term “Bird of a feather flock together”. Well, when we fellowship we are entering an agreement to associate ourselves with a minimum of one person to a maximum of an innumerable amount of people that we like and or love. Then there is the professional fellowship when we partner in the company of our colleges to establish a greater need that we may have. In both cases of fellowship, we are to stretch and grow from one another not tear each other down. The fellowship is for the betterment it is to bring about strength.

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No man or woman is an island unto themselves and unless you have been gifted by GOD to be alone we have a need to be with other people. The FATHER knew this and said that “It’s not good that man is alone”. Now the FATHER could have just created another man or made a man from Adam’s rib but no HE presented a woman to Adam. This provided the fellowship needed and they were to make other humans to fill the earth and those humans required the company of other humans. We need each other. However, we are to be wise about how we fellowship with one another. I’m a watcher and listener of people I’ve been this way all my life. I’m still learning and I see and hear how the saints of GOD legalize the Word of GOD. This is why there are so many miserable saints out here they don’t get the true freedom we have in CHRIST JESUS. One of the closest relatives I have refuse to fellowship with nonbelievers and rarely fellowship with believers. This person is not gifted to be alone but the person is. When we have the opportunity to be among people where we work, at our schools, in our neighborhoods, where we work out, the recreation centers or wherever we spend our time. We should be showing people the light which is within us. People will be drawn to the light and they will begin to ask why we are this way. This is the door of opportunity to share our faith with them. Nowhere in GOD’s Word does it say not to socialize with our neighbors or join groups or do activities or have fun because nonbelievers are in there. Now if we are invited and we will be and we have been to things that go against our godly conscience we are to gracefully decline. We don’t need to preach a sermon or convict them of their deeds. I’ve been told that my character has made some of the people that I’m around feel guilty and I have never said one single word in their ear or anywhere around them or to anyone about them. I simply love on them as I believe JESUS would love on them with the maturity that I now have in HIM. All I have is my personal integrity, courage to be bold for everything JESUS and my character which I hope all exemplify CHRIST.

Now, if and when anyone decides to join a group, society, to network with people and wed. We need to investigate and know for sure that they are blood washed, living for JESUS, attend church faithfully, have a prayer life, and read their Bible. Why are these requirements so very important? Because when we decide to enter into a life decision that affects our emotions, heart, mind, and wallet. JESUS and the Holy Ghost must be in charge and running this totally. Have you ever been in a room filled with darkness and someone strikes a match? What happens? The light and its rays break the darkness the darkness does not cover the light, the two are not in agreement. The larger the light the rays expand wider and the smaller the darkness. Freedom in grace and mercy cannot fellowship with legality. Either you follow and obey all six hundred and thirteen laws, regulations and ceremonies which are written out and given by Moses which if one is broken we are guilty of breaking each and every one of them or we live in the freedom of GOD’s grace and mercy given to us through JESUS. So relax, fellowship but discern and enjoy yourself.   

Ephesians 5:11, 2 Corinthians 6:14



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We have a tendency to show a great warmth for so many things we care about in our life and the range of those things are pretty vast. However, when it comes to prayer I’ve noticed that most people seem to freeze, they seem to feel as though they are inadequate and unqualified for a simple conversation with the FATHER. People look to others to get a prayer through for them, now there is nothing wrong with collective prayer. But each person must have their own personal prayer time their own personal relationship. In other words, do husbands rely on other men to speak with their wives and vice versa? Marriage and family unity work because of the intensity of spirit that we share with one another. When we just pass each other or only speak when we are in need of something but acknowledge that we are kin but have no fellowship, what type of relationship have we developed? The feeling is not everything but it’s something if feeling were not something GOD would not have given it to us. What do we feel for GOD, what do we feel for JESUS? If what we answer is positive then we must be enthusiastic for HIS will. And just as passionate as we are for doing whatever it is that we enjoy doing for ourselves fervor must be elevated to living for CHRIST JESUS.

I am a watcher of people, always have been. And what I’ve noticed is that one of the reasons why it appears that the church is defeated is because we have so many chronologically old saints who are spiritually immature. This is due to several reasons but one of the reasons I will disclose is the fact that we pull into our Christian walk which stunts our growth wanting to grow up faster than designated. In the natural, there is an appointed time for us to mature as it is in the spirit, now how we mature in the spirit is by reading and studying the Word of GOD and speaking to the FATHER and listening to what HE speaks back to us. As well as being baptized in the Holy Ghost to obtain His wisdom and to get understanding. But this is not what is done in most cases, we feel that if we are not on the same level as brother broad shoulders or sister gorgeous that we are not getting it done. ECC. 9:11, I again saw under the sun that the race is not to the swift and the battle is not to the strong, and neither is bread to the wise nor riches to those of intelligence and understanding nor favor to men of ability but time and chance overtake them all. If what we have which should be our personal testimony and the application of scripture we should be sharing this with others. Every single born again believer has the first initial testimony and that is their encounter with JESUS. After that, we must begin to build our relationship with HIM. I’m certain we recall how passionate we felt when we first received the gift of salvation and knew that we were forgiven of all our sins, past, present and future. So, where did our fervidness go? Who or what caused us to lag behind in our aglow for all things JESUS? Have we actually realize that we lost our ability to be fervent for HIM? Or is it because we sometimes attend church on Sunday we believe our fire for JESUS is ever-growing? It’s a pity that some of us believe that going to worship service on Sunday or the occasional bible study or ticking a like on the social media is being enthusiastic about serving JESUS.

When we know JESUS intimately we have no problem speaking with HIM about all things. Bringing to HIM everything that is in our heart and I do mean everything which includes those natural desires that we still struggle in the flesh with. We are the righteousness of GOD through CHRIST JESUS and as HE is so are we [Rom. 3:22, 1 John 4:17]. Do you not know that a heartfelt prayer of a believer in the truth and justification of CHRIST will accomplish many things? When our FATHER GOD put our request into action it will have tremendous power behind it. Here is an example, when Moses prayed after listening to the many complaints of the Israelites GOD grew angry with them and began burning things up which caused some to lose their life. Moses began to pray and this calmed GOD down and the fire ceased. It was not that the Israelites were not getting on Moses nerves as well because I’m sure they were, but his passion for them outweighed his detest for their ignorance and complaining.

Today, we live in a technological time that we most likely will not miss most things that we will like to be a part of. But we need to consider who and what is more important than attending sports events, going shopping or partying each and every weekend instead of going to worship GOD with our entire heart passionately. Is satisfying our own desires more important than being with our family at least three or four weekends of the month and we take the one weekend for ourselves, depending on the number of weekends there are in a month. And when we see our brothers and sisters in CHRIST step out from the obedience of GOD’s will is it for us to gossip about it or is for us to pray them back into step? We need to stop being so unkind and selfish towards one another and fervently love one another and in doing so we will be able to easily love JESUS who we don’t see in the flesh. Yet.

Acts 18:25, Ro. 12:11, James 5:16, Nu. 11:2, 1 Peter 4:8



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If you are from the city as I am a harvest may have no relevance to you. However, if you are from the country you may know something about farming. And whether you live in the city, country or suburbia you may know something about gardening, you know exactly what a harvest is. For many years though I knew the definition of the word harvest it was continually lost to me. All because I have no love for gardening or care about the why something grows. Knowing the concept is enough for me, I know that something is planted and something grows, you either pull it up out of the ground or pluck it off from a tree. As long as it’s grocery store fresh and a reasonable price I can really care less.

And this is the attitude most Christians unknowingly have regarding the harvest of the world. The harvest is actually the people and they are looking to be picked or plucked because they are ripe but we don’t recognize them. And the sad thing is, they don’t recognize us as farmers or gardeners. We believe that the harvest acts the way they do because this is what they want to do. And this is an error for the majority of them, most of them are looking for authenticity within the church body. The harvest can recognize a phony farmer and gardener quicker than we can because they are better watchers and listeners. They are doing what we have been commissioned to do.

When an authentic farmer and or gardener go out into the harvest to gather it’s never many of them but a few amount. We say we love JESUS, we say we love the Word but do we go and reap in the harvest where we work, shop, dine, play, entertain and such?

Well, let’s forget about reaping a harvest and concentrate on working for JESUS. Hopefully, you are gainfully employed and you understand the concept of what it is to work. So I should not have to explain what it is to labor. We all understand that depending on our education the result of our labor will be a reflection. People who labor with their intellect and those that labor using their muscles. All in all, they both cause exertion knowing that we’ve accomplished a job that is well done.

Every laborer will wear the apparel that speaks. Those that use their intellect will dress very business professional and those that use their muscle will dress in a uniform of some type. As clergy we dress as chameleons, we maybe in our cleric attire or dress in our everyday casual street wear or dressed in the business professional you can never tell with us.

As a laborer for JESUS, work does not cause exertion or sore muscles or emotional weariness as secular employment does. As a disciple who labors to reap the harvest, do get tired but we are so high from speaking and hopefully making a connection with people in the hopes of creating a relationship that they will see our good works in CHRIST that they will want JESUS for themselves. We rest very well with a sweet peace. As a disciple who labors to reap a harvest if our muscles are sore, it’s because we don’t see a need and just say to the one in need “I’ll be praying for you” we get in there and help to make a situation better. This too moves a harvest to ripen so that when ripe we will be able to reap it in due season. And as a disciple when a laborer is weary it’s not due to anxiety caused by stress or worry it’s due to the heartache that someone they have invested so much time in turned and walked away or maybe they thought they reaped that harvest when ripped when actually it was not.

A laborer must be a discerner of the Holy Spirit because the Holy Spirit is the One who calls in the harvest, not us. We are the reapers, when we reap a harvest before time what we get is either hard or hard and green. We are to always be in a posture of prayer that the Holy Spirit will increase the laborers because people who are the harvest truly do not want to remain in the state they are in. They know they are in need of GOD but they just don’t know how to reach HIM, we have HIM, we know that the only way to the FATHER is through CHRIST JESUS because HE is the only way, truth, and life.

JESUS said it when HE was here on the earth then and it remains true now, laborers are fewer than the many people in need of being harvested. (My paraphrase)

So if you are blood washed and you profess and possess CHRIST JESUS, ask yourself these questions

  1. Am I a disciple?
  2. Am I a laborer?
  3. Have I reaped a harvest?
  4. Do I care?  

Matthew 9:37, Lk. 10:2, Matthew 20:16, 19:30, 22:14



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Live long enough and I promise you that you will feel the heat of life experience. For some, it comes through survival, growing pains which is natural in all of us or the pressure we get when we have to deal with issues we don’t want to deal with.

Trials will occur in the lives of every single human they may be good or bad. We will never escape them. But what on earth is a fiery trial? And how do we know if we’ve ever experience or when we are experiencing a fiery trial?

Well, a fiery trial is an intense trial inflamed by heat. It often ignites our passion to become irritable and we become unrestrained. Not only this but for some depending on the hue of the skin-tone we may see the fiery appearance.

When this takes place most often than not we begin to suffer in our strength and our patience, we become afflicted and the temptation for sin is able to overtake us greatly more so than at any other time.

Being a born again CHRISTian does not make us exempt at all, so, if someone told you that we will be tipping through a garden of roses. They sold you a lie. Once we confessed JESUS as our Savior and as we grow to have HIM become our LORD the fight is on. That serpent satan has issued a contract out on us to get us back at every cost and nothing is off limits. Our parents, spouses, children whomever and whatever we hold near and dear will be used against us. This trying of our faith will be put to the test. We will feel the fiery trials of our faith and we will need to trust in JESUS and know the Word of GOD for ourselves as well as be filled with the Holy Ghost to have the power to exercise and prove the grace and virtue given to us by GOD through JESUS.

I dare not try to name what type of trial we all go through but this I can assure you no trial is unique. And we suffer because we don’t disclose to those we can trust what it is that we are going through, those who will hold us accountable, and those who will pray with us not prey on us, those who will encourage us and those who will fight with us. We must learn to shine the light on fiery trials but not just those but all things that try to raise itself up against the knowledge of GOD.

How do we quench a fiery trial? By dousing it out with an open light, smoldering the oxygen it requires to increase and of course the most important remedies for them all. Worshipping the FATHER and laughing at those fiery trials.

When we worship the FATHER through our fiery trials though we are wet with perspiration think of ourselves as the three Hebrew boys in the fiery furnace. If that was not a fiery trial I don’t know what is. They were in there worshipping and who showed up JESUS. And when they were released they did not have a hint of smoke coming from their garments. This can be us. Laugh at that fool the devil because nothing he does is brand new. Our GOD is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Never forget this.

So, the next time you feel the heat of a trial remember to at least laugh heartily and while you are laughing remember to worship the FATHER. HE is a deliverer.

1 Peter 4:12