Perpetual, without end, forever, eternity this is what everlasting is and this is what we will all be someday. JESUS came to earth because HE wanted to bring us back to our original state and place of being with HIM and the FATHER of everlasting. The thing is mankind has to believe in HIM to obtain eternity with HIM and if we reject HIM in our life we will spend eternity without HIM.

There will come the time when we all must die the earthly death. There is absolutely nothing about death that is natural because death is a curse but we accept it as natural when someone that we love has lived a long life and was relatively healthy. But we should never accept that death is natural it’s a sin curse. The second the deceased has died their spirit is no longer with the flesh. Most people believe that immediately we all go to heaven and this is far from the truth. If everyone that dies the earthly death goes to heaven and some of those reject JESUS in their living, why did the FATHER send JESUS to earth to redeem mankind if HE was going to allow active sin to enter into a perfect heaven? It does not make sense when there is no darkness within GOD and there is total darkness in mankind.

Every believer and nonbeliever are both asleep in the ground until the day of JESUS return. However, when that great glorious day comes and JESUS comes again to collect HIS bride, HIS church those who are asleep in the ground that believe in HIM will awaken and burst through the soil to meet HIM in the air and those who are living above the ground will join them. The graves were opened and many bodies of the saints who had fallen asleep were raised and coming out of the graves after HIS resurrection. It happened before the saints of old were resurrected after JESUS was resurrected. Well JESUS will never be resurrected again but we will because unfortunately, the last curse that JESUS will deal with is death.  

You know nothing new is under the sun and GOD has provided us with all the information if we will just adhere to what HE has given to us. Know that those who rejected JESUS will descend into the bowels of hell and the lake of fire for everlasting torment which was not meant for mankind but this was the choice that was made by not believing when the Good News of JESUS was spoken in their hearing. The logic of JESUS does not make sense but the faith in JESUS does and this is what trips people up. Those who overthink JESUS miss JESUS.

JESUS was put to death in the flesh but brought to life by the Spirit and in this form HE went and made a proclamation to the imprisoned spirits, to those who were disobedient long ago, in the days of Noah, when GOD waited patiently during the building of the ark, in which a few people — to be specific, eight — were delivered by means of water. You heard of the bosom of Abraham of the great Gulf that divides heaven and hell. Those saints of old from Adam and Eve up to the last believer at the time of JESUS crucifixion was in Abraham’s bosom and they were the ones who were resurrected the first time. Those that were left behind from Adam and Eve’s disobedient known child and there may have been more but it’s not recorded up to the time of JESUS crucifixion those are and still are the imprisoned spirits and those who are rejecting JESUS will see them. Today while you are rejecting JESUS you are a prisoner to sin but when you die in sin you will become an imprisoned spirit in hell and the lake of fire with satan and his demons.

Some of you may know what if feels like to be disgraced the thing about this is that you don’t feel disgraced forever. Imagine being disgraced throughout eternity and filled with contempt? Not only will you feel this way towards yourself but you will feel this way towards others and others will feel this way towards you because love is completely absent from that place. Everyone who is dead will be resurrected but the destination will differ some will ascend into the clouds to meet JESUS and some will descend into the bowels of hell to meet satan for everlasting condemnation.

Come to JESUS who is the Way, the Truth and most assuredly HE is the Life but most of all HE is everlasting life. GOD is not mad at you and HE is not sitting up in heaven thinking up ways to destroy you. GOD is not even the one causing all these weather disasters that we see happening or causing our loved ones to fall sick but HE is the one being blamed. The devil is the cause of everything negative he stirs up all types of confusion and he is the god of this world. But GOD is GOD over all! GOD is a FATHER and HE is a good FATHER one who provides and provided us with HIS only begotten SON. Whoever willingly believe in JESUS from their heart will not be destroyed but will have everlasting life in HIM. Because in JESUS we are not condemned but those who refuse to believe in JESUS are already condemned because they don’t even believe in HIS name which is all powerful and HE is the only begotten SON of GOD.         


Daniel 12:2, Jhn. 5:28-29, John 6:47, 3:16, 18




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EVILnoun evil is natural or moral. Natural evil is anything which produces pain, distress, loss or calamity, or which in any way disturbs the peace, impairs the happiness, or destroys the perfection of natural beings.

Moral evil is any deviation of a moral agent from the rules of conduct prescribed to him by GOD, or by legitimate human authority, or it is any violation of the plain principles of justice and rectitude.

There are also evils called civil, which affect injuriously the peace or prosperity of a city or state; and political evils, which injure a nation, in its public capacity.

All wickedness, all crimes, all violations of law and right are moral evils. Diseases are natural evils, but they often proceed from moral evils.

I wanted to include the actual dictionary definition of the word evil because I am amazed how many people have various perceptions for themselves what that word actually means to them. It would have been nice had I heard anything that had come close.

It is my hope each time I write a blog that I not only write from my own life experience but to never come off as judgmental or as one who possesses every answer. I am a daughter of the KING just as you are HIS children or if you are not through reading these blogs you see the realness and come to JESUS who have real love, forgiveness, mercy, and grace for you through salvation in HIS blood washing. We still have to deal with some tuff times in our life but we no longer deal with them alone as we once did. When we are honest with JESUS about our emotions by telling HIM that our mind is not right because of this or that. HE will protect us with HIS rod and HE will provide guidance to us with HIS staff because this is the type of Good Shepherd that we have. HE doesn’t leave us in a further state of stress and confusion HE provides comfort and consoles us where we are and gently lead us out. Think about how life can sometimes be overwhelming, we turn to people looking for them to console us, looking for them to help our emotions with healing it may not be known this is what is desire but this is what the search is. Evil is present but when we don’t understand the true definition we don’t recognize its presence around us, the water is rising, we have nowhere to go but through it but we are the children of GOD and I’m confirming that we will not drown, we will not be overtaken by mere water. Fire is nothing to be afraid of laugh at its heat, no who you are and stand strong in your faith don’t you shake in fear by what you see because what you see is temporary. JESUS made you and HE know what we are made of and we are made of good stock because we are made in HIS image. Once before our brothers were thrown into the fire and that fire was set seven times hotter than the norm and who showed up? JESUS, HE did it before and HE will do it again, we must remember that JESUS is the same yesterday, today and forever. And this often times is our problem we are forgetting when we are facing trials when evil is around us.

In my studies, I have received a clearer revelation. Most of us know that our FATHER is not the one who tempts us but rather will test us. Those tests are beneficial to reveal to us our maturity or shortcomings in our obedience to the faith of the Word of grace, mercy, and love in CHRIST JESUS. Who led JESUS into the wilderness to be tested? Once we get this understanding we will understand that we too are also tested in evil circumstances to see if we are able to withstand the pressure. Are we certain that in these evil days that we will remain safe or will we fall prey to what is going on all around us? Temptation is earthly and sensual and worldly so how can a sinless GOD have the capacity to lead or tempt us with sin it does not make sense. The god of this world, however, who is earthly and sensual and worldly and full of sin does tempt and lead us to all kinds of temptations that we are familiar with. For example, I am not tempted to use drugs because I have never used drugs, never been delivered from the use of drugs. But I am tempted by anything chocolate,  especially dark chocolate. Oh, let me get very real, I’m no longer married, I desire to remarry but I’m not sexually active but I am tempted sexually. Why is this because I am not a virgin and I know the pleasure of sex within the marriage. I told you that when I write I keep things real, it burns my biscuits when I read comments or anything else from others as if they have it all together quoting scriptures, child take your mask off and help people and maybe yourself.

Every day we have to make the choice as we go out into this evil world and face evil situations to not allow evil to conquer us. Make the choice each day to do good and don’t be offended if it’s not received the word is not used to it but the world desires it. We cannot allow evil to overcome us because it is birthed out of superficial values and customs. If we put the Word of GOD in your heart just before we go to bed and fall asleep this will be what we will meditate on. And if we put the Word of GOD in your heart just before we prepare to ready ourselves for work in the morning this will set the course of the day for us. This is how the mind of the heart is renewed and transformed not on Sundays and holidays. It’s a full working of study the Word in your alone time, attend worship service regularly, a good question and answer Bible study group. Just as we transform in the natural we transform spiritually it is a progression maturity does not happen all at once. What I understood as a seventeen-year-old infant CHRISTian was different when I was a twenty-seven-year-old CHRISTian and so on. Just as how I looked at life in general when I was a seventeen-year-old teenager just trying to figure out a life for myself. When I turned forty I had a better grasp on things in my life mentally and now I nearly feel invincible because I’m so certain about who I am as a person. Middle-aged what I like to call myself a junior senior citizen who in less than ten years will be a full-fledged senior citizen. Focusing on godly values and ethical attitudes so it will be proved what GOD’s will is. In this evil world, we need to show others the acceptable and perfect plan and purpose of GOD.

Psalms 23:4, Is. 43:2, Matthew 6:13, Jms. 1:13, Romans 12:21, 2



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At this moment in time, we are facing some prophecies that we have been warned about in GOD’s Holy Word. More than ever we are seeing before us the love that mankind has for themselves, the disrespect they hold for one another, the increase of greed, hatred giving the appearance that it’s in control, and weather conditions destroying lives and the lives as people once knew it. Sin will never be pushed back due to the human effort because sin is a spiritual demon. Sin will only decrease when humans cease from exalting themselves and turn to exalt CHRIST JESUS from their spirit and not their soul and or flesh. From the time of Adam’s, fall sin has been increasing. GOD destroyed all that was in the world because of HIS anger and judgment not only because of the sin in the world but also because there were hybrid men walking about on the earth. And though JESUS came to earth and taught us how to live in HIM, died and rose again from the grave all for us in forgiving us of all sin so that we would no longer need to be under condemnation and judgment. Not only did time cease but it began again, so in the here and now two thousand and seventeen years after the crucifixion and ascension of our LORD and Savior CHRIST JESUS, sin has increased and caused this world to become colder and darker. This should be no surprise because everything that tries to be magnified above the knowledge of JESUS in time has proven to never fail in the reputation of being strictly scrutinized. CHRIST JESUS is the only One that is to be raised to an elevated height. JESUS is to be honored above all. JESUS is seated at the right hand of the FATHER and has been given the office and rank of authority over everything except HIS own FATHER. JESUS is magnified above the angels, authorities, and powers.

So, whether it’s believed by mankind or not JESUS is because the FATHER exalted JESUS to HIS right-hand side to be the Deliverer, Savior, and Prince to grant repentance and forgiveness of all sins. After believing by faith in CHRIST JESUS we then receive the promise who is the Holy Spirit, He will be poured out within us and He will be seen and heard.  Praise ABBA, HE has made HIS SON both the LORD and the CHRIST.

There is no name that is above the name of CHRIST JESUS. Regardless of your religion and the name, you desire to use if it’s not JESUS CHRIST or CHRIST JESUS it’s not above or equal to HIS. Sickness nor disease name known or not with a name is above the name of JESUS. HIS very name is authoritative and has complete power so much so the devils run when we use HIS name in faith. From generation to generation there will never be a name that will ever be a match for the name of JESUS.

Everyone who is truly blood washed must live and speak as JESUS left HIS example for us to follow. It is through us that nations are exalted because of our righteousness in CHRIST JESUS. Not in political demonstrations which may bring about anger. Too many who claim to be Christians are living by Old Testament rules and regulations the Laws and no nothing about grace and mercy which are found in the New Testament. These became relevant after the death of JESUS our testator who completed the laws for us. Those laws through works were designed to point out all our faults and to kill us whereas JESUS love, grace, and mercy are to give us life and that more abundantly. The body of CHRIST is such a blessed and highly favored people, we are exalted in HIM because we consistently exalt the CHRIST. Our minds are not on earthly things but on the things of GOD. We all need to make a change first in our home, then in our neighborhood, then our community. If we do this as JESUS instruct and the writing of his disciples/apostles we will find that the church, the body of CHRIST will get along more lovingly and the world will take notice. Will the world stop heading for destruction? No. However, in the process, we can be modern-day Noah’s, look and sound crazy for JESUS but never lose sight of the mission and that is to exalt JESUS.

Acts 5:31, 2:33, 36, Philippians 2:9, Eph. 1:21, Proverbs 14:34, 11:11



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I find myself often saddened by what I see in the body of CHRIST when I look out at how some of us have brought the ways of the world into the church. Some of the things we have allowed to come in are the crab and jealousy activities and mentality. We pull our brothers and sisters down instead of lifting them up or we speak negatively or will not assist them because we don’t want to see them achieve all their goals. We think people are being favored over others and we spew this poison in the ears of others to turn their hearts to think as we do. This is not what we are called to do at all. What we are called to do is to encourage, cheer, and advise our heavenly siblings. The primary sense seems to be to excite or to give strength, spirit or courage to one another.

Today is the opportunity for many things to occur. Today by what we say to others is the choice to harden another to settle further into rebellion or to encourage another further into righteousness. Allow me to explain something for a brief moment, daily every blood washed child of GOD makes a choice to keep his or her back turned away from sin. Because everyday we are being saved by grace. Sin is ever lurking with its glamour and let’s face it, it’s what we know, it’s what we liked and it’s what we crave. Most times than not, we are not enticed to return to what we know because we miss what we left behind so very much. We return because of church hurt, because of the words we overheard, because of the actions of our heavenly siblings. What we are missing is that everyday is a today and when discouragement is being spoken instead of encouragement today was wasted. Sin is sophisticated, it sits back and waits for an opportune time and when it sees a weakness begins to speak. He or she don’t understand or will continue to replay like a loop all the negative words that you overheard yourself or that someone else told you. Over time before we know it we become harden and we no longer are attending church service and we are avoiding our church friends.

If not being encouraged by one another is a factor as to why there is such weakness in the body of CHRIST, then I completely understand. I’ve been involved in church hurt, I have walked away from attending church service but one thing I found out that my love for JESUS remained constant. Eventually, I realized that it was not HIM that hurt me but humans and their mouths, emotions, and immaturity that hurt me. Years later once I returned back to worship service I began to encounter this again as I was being noticed by the Bishops. In my maturity and growth in the spirit of JESUS, I kept my focus on HIM and not on them.

 The Apostle Paul wrote that the church, the body of CHRIST who are people are to encourage one another daily. Now correct me if I’m wrong but is not daily defined as everyday or day by day? And not only that the Apostle Paul topped the statement off with adding the word “Today” to make it perfectly clear so that no person could misunderstand his meaning. Today is defined as present day. End of story. Our encouraging one another yesterday has nothing to do with us today. Yesterday is dead and gone that encouragement was alive and awesome then, today we need a fresh aroma in our lives. We all need to be cheered on toward our goals.

We must give hopeful advice that will lift not tear down. Being encouraged daily is better than anything we can ever imagine. We are so used to being discouraged and its feelings just think about what being cheered on daily will do for our souls. It will turn our world around, we will smile more, have a song in our heart, be more willing to help others, have a desire to encourage others.

Just as that poison that spread throughout for negativity to be a crab and jealous became infectious. So can the antidote of exhortation, exhort one another today beginning with yourself followed by the very first person you see and or communicate with.   

Hebrews 3:13



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When we hear or think of face we imagine what a person looks like or think of the person that someone is speaking of. Face for us is all about the sight of an individual and without thinking of it without a face we never consider a person to be a person. For us, the face is a person. Ever go window shopping and take a look at the mannequins and notice not only the garments that are being advertised but we take notice of the face as well. We pay less attention to the mannequins without the face than we do with those that have one. The more relatable the face the longer we tend to look at them.

As GOD’s children, we want nothing less than to have our FATHER’s face pointing towards us. We have a very strong desire which grows as our relationship grows upward for HIM to see HIS countenance, we long to be in HIS presence. The good news is that we are in HIS presence and that HIS countenance is with us because HIS favor is on us all of which means that HIS face is ever looking directly at us. When we pray we have the assurance that HE hears our prayers. Our sanctuary which is our human vessel, that place where we have invited the High Priest who is CHRIST JESUS to enter into. Is not an empty and dry place.

As children of the FATHER, we do not have to beg in prayer only come and ask what it is we will like to have or just make known to HIM in plain ordinary language. If our sanctuary is empty and dry it’s because we have no relationship with the FATHER and the HIGH PRIEST who is CHRIST JESUS does not reside there. Also, it’s a great indication that the face of the FATHER is not pointed in our direction.  

Numbers 6:25, Dan. 9:17




For this particular subject, I needed to rely on the dictionary. I knew that this word had various definitions but never gave it any thought as to how many. I’m happy that I did so because the definition that I needed the most that relate to the topic fail is to point out how we have allowed decay, decline, diminish or sinking faith to creep in.

I want to encourage each and every one of my CHRISTian siblings at this very moment. Some of us may believe that because we have an error in our life of faith that we no longer have faith in JESUS. This is not true, however, what is true that the longer we don’t acknowledge that we are weak in a particular area of our life or that we made a mistake out of emotion or that we did something just because we wanted to do it. That is the moment when the enemy will begin to make our life miserable, he begins to speak to us and we begin to listen and from listening we believe. And before we know it our faith begins to fail, we begin to sink and the longer we listen to the enemy the further away we get from JESUS. It’s done so subtly that we don’t realize that we are walking away. The faith we once had is now a memory and we begin to wonder what happened or how did we get here, we never saw that our faith was heading for decline. But now that we are wondering what happened, now that we realize that our faith is all but diminished and that we have sunk. This is the place where we can return, we have not been forgotten, we never really forgot about JESUS. It’s just that we have allowed condemnation and shame to be our garments instead of the garment of praise and thanksgiving. We are to never point and blame and cause one another to feel any worse than they already do. We are to win our siblings back in love, comfort each other through the encouragement of compassion in mercy and grace.

Here is something that I must admit that even I myself just saw through renewed eyes. We are wasting too much time praying for anyone who is not blood washed. For those who are nonbelievers, our prayers should be that they are saved and delivered and baptized in the Holy Ghost in CHRIST JESUS. We are to pray for all the saints throughout the planet earth. We have failed in our assignment and since we don’t know every person in the world we do know our family, friends, and community. This is the best place ever to pray for those who are in our circumference. We are no longer of the world but we do live in this world. This is why we cannot fail to pray for one another all over the world. We are being attacked on every side dear hearts. But the prayer of faith is powerful and they travel at the speed of light. Though we don’t know each other now we all will see one another face to face, and just as the FATHER and JESUS while JESUS was on earth, were one, so too are we all to be. We are to be in the FATHER, JESUS and we all are to be in them, which will cause us to be one. Prayer is so vital because the enemy desires to sift us as wheat, and it’s not that though we may be a person of prayer who has a wonderful prayer life but do you know that someone in a foreign land can be the one who offers up the perfect prayer of protection for you? Or what about while we are praying, the Holy Spirit shows us something in a vision, we may be allowed to share that with the person and then again we may not. But what if we don’t know that person? We are all each others keeper. So let us no longer allow our faith to fail in any area of our life in JESUS. Take a stand to no longer allow the enemy to cause our faith to decay, decline, diminish or sink from this day forward in JESUS name.

Luke 22:32, Jhn. 17:9, 11, 15



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As an evangelist, there are just some things that will just excite us and for me one of the topics is faith. Faith for some reason seems to be something that is elusive to most people when in essence every human on the planet operates by faith be it negative or positive it’s still faith. Whatever it is that you believe that is what you have faith in, on, or for. And it is by speaking what we believe that cause what we say to be so.

The righteous, that’s the children of the living GOD will get life from trusting in the FATHER and CHRIST JESUS.

In every area of our lives, we must trust the FATHER to work things out for us, especially when our backs are up against the wall and we just don’t see a way of escape. We pray and we feel our first mistake because our feelings can sometimes be misleading. That we have been forgotten, that our prayers are not being answered. We forget that GOD wrote a message to us in HIS Word that HE will not leave or forsake us. Maybe you don’t understand the meaning behind forsake but again it’s, leave or quit, HE will not abandon or desert us. HE heard us but we must know that the trying of our patience is only a test. And it’s right here that most people begin to waver and turn away to try and handle situations on their own. We begin with just a tiny bit of faith which is not mixed with doubt. This faith will be enough to move a mountain or a huge bush tree. Watch and see the FATHER come through. And of course, when HE does we get all excited because we know that it was GOD and no one else that could have done what needed to be done. It will cause our faith to grow a bit more and we will try our faith on something else.

So, how do we get our faith to grow? Reading the Word of GOD, speaking with and to the FATHER and JESUS, going to church and hearing the preached and taught Word of CHRIST JESUS. And of course speaking amongst yourselves about CHRIST JESUS as well but JESUS must be spoken of HIS Word must be spoken of. We must hear constantly the Word. This is why we believe all the foolish things we came to believe or have come to believe because we have heard them over and over again. I said to a group of people a few years ago that I enjoy watching television but I don’t like commercials, especially the commercials of today. They are not like the commercials back when I was growing up and a young adult which were the little jingles, or about dish/soap detergents, etc. Nowadays we are bombarded with being diseased and sick or fast food. And what are the two epidemics we have here in America? Failing health and obesity. I shared with them that if I’m not watching my DVR, how I mute the sound so I don’t hear the commercials about being sick or fast food, or I turn the channel until I think my show has returned. When watching my DVR, I fast forward through the commercials. Since doing this, I don’t crave fast foods as I used too and I’ve not had a cold, flu or pneumonia in years. Also, if I think I may fall asleep with my televisIon on, I make sure that it’s on a CHRISTion station.

Children of the living GOD don’t place their belief in what they do see because when you can see something that’s not faith that’s fact. But when you operate in faith it’s placing trust in hope of what is not seen yet. For example, each and everyday people pull out a chair to sit in, the chair may look sturdy enough to accommodate you. But how many of us have sat only to have fallen? We sat by faith. Remaining in that chair without it collapsing is faith. Having the chair to collapse without us knowing it was weak, is fact.

Being in CHRIST JESUS means that we have activated our faith in HIM. Now we must express this faith in HIM by the workings of our faith in HIM through our love for HIM.

Though those of us who are blood clean have been delivered by the grace of our FATHER through our LORD and Savior CHRIST JESUS through faith in HIM. This is still a gift because nothing we did had anything to do with it. And another thing I will like to add, we were given a complete garment along with a shield and told to put them on. But never, have I ever read in all the many years that I have read the Bible from cover to cover, had Bible study, attended church or spoken to any individual where we are to take off our garment. I also sleep with my garment on along with my shield, I like to think that I look like agent 86 and the Chief when they are having a confidential discussion in that bubble in the television show “Get Smart”. But to the children of the living GOD, we are the victorious ones because of our faith in the FATHER and JESUS. JESUS overcame the world and because of this, we are overcomers of the world as well. By our continual and persistent faith in JESUS, we will remain victorious.

There comes a time when we mature into the understanding of knowing that faith is substance. And what is substance exactly but something that already exists? So in essence when we are operating in faith be in negative or positive faith we have taken hold of the title deed and confirming a thing. I will even ask you this one thing, what is hope? Hope is a belief in obtaining, faith in getting. Hope is nothing at all like a desire or wish which produces anxiety and pain. Hope only is accompanied with joy and pleasure. This is why in our salvation there is hope.

So my dear ones, know this with clarity if we are to come to the FATHER we are to come to HIM through faith but coming to HIM through faith means having faith in HIS SON JESUS the CHRIST fully. It is impossible to be well pleasing to the FATHER without faith in HIS SON CHRIST JESUS. To approach the FATHER we must approach the SON. Have faith that JESUS is who HE is and not what we want HIM to be, have faith that the FATHER will reward us through JESUS because of our faith when we look for HIM.

This is what I find so incredible about my ABBA DADDY and that is when you are a nonbeliever and you are so sick that it causes you to pray to the FATHER in faith. JESUS will heal. And because of that little bit of faith, because of that suffering, the patient wanted to get out of to the point it made him or her turn to GOD when at no other time they would not have. When the doctors have done all they know to do with their limited scientific education and we allow GOD to step in. The Creator of our being, the only One who can provide a new organ where the original was, the only One who can grow a limb where the other limb is no longer, who can give or restore sight to the blind, raise the dead, set the mind right, cause the deaf to hear. Don’t you understand that when HE steps in to heal the nonbeliever of their illness, HE will also wash them clean of sin as well? I am a Zionite are you a Zionite or are you from Sinai?

Habakkuk 2:4, Matthew 17:20, Lk. 17:6, Romans 10:17, 2 Corinthians 5:7, Galatians 5:6, Ephesians 2:8, 6:16, 1 Jhn. 5:4, Hebrews 11:1, Rom. 8:24, Hebrews 11:6, James 5:15, Is. 33:24