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What is it to be happy? I hear people say in regards to other people because at one time I too had this in my vocabulary. That a person makes me happy or a person does not make me happy. Most time than not when we speak in these terms we are referring to our companions our spouses. And then there are circumstances that we base our happiness on, what may or may not be happening at that moment. The emotion of happy can be fickle when we don’t understand the meaning of what it is to be happy. For instance to be happy by general standards is just to know your own fortune and success. Being able to enjoy you and be in agreement with you. To know that you are prosperous which supplies you with pleasure and enjoyment. You are ready and able bodied. It has nothing to do with what others may or may not be able to do for you. We make our own happiness and if we are not happy within ourselves we will not be happy with others. I’m single and when a single guy tells me that he is looking for a woman to make him happy, I simply tell him that he is asking much too much of me and let him know that I am not a good match for him then walk away. We must be happy within ourselves.

The children of the Most High GOD must recognize this that we are to be happy because the word happy by definition is blessed and favored. We are fortunate, prosperous and favored because we are the people of the living GOD. We don’t base being happy on conditions and people. We are the people that the Heavenly FATHER specifically chose to be HIS very own. We are a nation a heritage who have an inheritance.

Dear siblings of mine, I need you to begin if you are not to pay attention to the Word of the living GOD. In HIS Word we find good and we are blessed to be admired by others when we confidently trust in the LORD our GOD. This is our skill to succeed in all matters. This is how it is to be happy.    

Psalms 144:15, 33:12, Proverbs 16:20




In the beginning when GOD created HE created with all the intents for mankind to live in splendor, not a hardship. But the fall of mankind happened because of his disobedience to the Heavenly FATHER. His listening to the wrong information that was being provided which caused him to go against what he was instructed to do. The Heavenly FATHER named it sin and we have been in sin from birth ever since because of our ancestor father Adam and the father of sin satan. Because of sin mankind was evicted out of paradise and into a life of hardship. Most people believe that part of the curse was that the Heavenly FATHER put Adam to work but this is incorrect. Adam was working from the day he was created long before Eve was formed from the bone of his rib. Work at that time was effortless it was more like taking a stroll through the beach or park. The curse of work was that it became hard, we would feel tired, we would sweat and depending on the type of work we perform our bodies would ache.

Now it’s not recorded in the Bible that Adam and Eve ever sinned again though sin was now within them what is recorded in the Bible is that their son sinned. His exhibition of sin was anger, jealousy, and murder. His outward action was a direct disobedience towards the instructions from the Heavenly FATHER. Not only was his parents teaching him how to obey the Heavenly FATHER but he had his own communication with the Heavenly FATHER and he still chose to disobey.

Throughout all the generations and centuries life has only gotten harder for people due to sin and its curse. The world, which cannot endure this much sin is groaning because the world finds it hard to be engulfed in this much wickedness. This is why the world suffers from so many weather disasters, it’s like a kettle spout being released of its pressure when hot.

I enjoy television a great deal, however, I believe one of the greatest tragedies on television that are available for viewing is porn, infomercials about being sick and twenty-four-hour news channels. It reminds us how hard things are. Porn inflames the passion of lust, being shown and told of all the various sickness and disease we take hold unaware and begin to have those symptoms and we are bombarded with bad news versus the Good News of GOD.

We are continually surrounded by darkness and life is hard at times. But how we deal with hard times is a true test of our character and integrity of our spiritual maturity in CHRIST JESUS. When we stay in the Word of GOD and apply HIS Word in and to our life those hard times that come our way will not phase us at all. Our emotions will not be shaken or stirred. If we are given a negative medical report it’s a hard time. When things do not or are not as we desire them to be in our home, these are hard times. We experience automobile trouble, carpool or public transportation hard times. Things at work, the boss, our co-workers, the clients/customers, the assignments can be a hard time for us.

So what are we going to do about it? Are we going to nurse it, curse it and rehearse it over and over again? That’s insanity, this has proven to not relieve us of our hardship. But what is a proven fact the track record is impeccable over and over again the outcome has been for the people who place their full trust and reliance on the heavenly FATHER that through CHRIST JESUS nothing is too hard for GOD. No-Thing is too hard for GOD. So if our bodies have symptoms of pain and our flesh is being attacked and we have been given a negative medical diagnosis. No-thing is too hard for GOD. If our home and family are not what we desire and we give our home and family over to the heavenly FATHER know that no-thing is too hard for GOD. Stop grumbling and complaining about going to work and thank GOD that you are employed give the negative situations that you have been enduring over to the Heavenly FATHER and trust because no-thing is too hard for GOD.

Whatever is in our life that is hard for us when we remember that when he resurrected the womb of a ninety-year-old woman to give birth to a son for a one hundred-year-old man she got to see him grow up. And what can be more difficult than to resurrect dead people, did not GOD do that a few times pre-crucifixion and post-crucifixion? Ah-yes HE did and the most amazing one of all is that HE got up from the grave HIMself. If we remember that HE did all those things that are impossible for mere mankind to do without GOD then we should know that nothing is too hard for GOD.   

Genesis 18:14




In the early years of my ministry, I was saturated by my mentors whose total focus was on healing. All I heard morning, noon and night were healing my faith had become so normal in knowing that regardless of what someone comes to the ministry with they were leaving healed that I never gave it any thought. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of GOD, whatever the focus of faith is it will grow and grow abundantly without bounds. Then I left my mentors, I returned home and little by little my faith began to dwindle, not that I don’t believe that people can’t be healed it’s that I’ve not seen not even one person healed of a seasonal cold. People from the pulpit to the congregation are all over the place in their faith and we need to be focused on an area I believe in growing our faith. Just recently I asked on social media if there were any ministries that focus on the Healing Ministry and unsurprisingly I did not get a response. Maybe it’s because healing is not understood in the body of CHRIST, I don’t know. What I do know is that I’ve seen limbs grow out and I’ve seen people delivered from full blown Aids and I’ve seen the blind receive their sights and the deaf hear, I’ve seen the lame walk and I myself have been told by doctors that there was no more that they could do for me and was sent home to put my affairs in order and to be made comfortable at home as best I can awaiting death. However, because of my faith in my Heavenly FATHER and because of the power of the Word of GOD and my faith in the Word, I am alive and have beat the statistic of what my doctors had proclaimed over my life. I get a diagnosis take it home and get in the Word of GOD and stand there.

Every scripture that pertains to healing is not for the body of CHRIST. If you are blood purchased, blood washed then you have no business standing on pre-crucifixion promises. When King David asked the LORD for mercy because he was weak this is okay but to an extent. JESUS already knows that we as humans are weak and GOD is a merciful GOD and GOD in HIS mercy has given to us JESUS HIS only begotten SON. So why are we asking for HIS mercy? However, it’s great to acknowledge that we are weak in certain areas of our life. Asking to be healed is redundant because we have healing living on the inside of us but we don’t acknowledge this. We nurse and rehearse the symptoms of what we feel or what we have heard we may have.

I am making a request to all of my siblings in the body of CHRIST. You are familiar with the term backslider and you may have rededicated yourself over and over. I think that one of the reasons that people become backsliders is because they don’t hear the Word of GOD to build their faith because Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of GOD. It’s a constants hearing just like we play the radio, televisions, have conversations what we put in our hearing over and over is what we believe. And what we believe is what we live and who we become. So as a backslider you are actually apostatizing from faith, falling insensibly into sin or idolatry. If you have truly been converted from darkness into light then you cannot be having fun but if you are having fun with no conscience to what you are doing then you are openly practicing apostasy abandonment of what one has professed; a total desertion, or departure from one’s faith. Nevertheless, if you in your heart will believe and truly come to JESUS turning from the darkness you will be healed from apostasy and all that is attached to that.

Now, as a CHRISTian we must believe and share with others that JESUS is a healer. JESUS is the One, not doctors or medicine but JESUS heal the sick, cleanse the diseased, raises the dead and cast out demons. Am I writing that we should stop going to doctors, of course not, we must see our physicians but when we get a diagnosis if it’s a bad report do not accept the report? Follow what the doctor prescribes but get into the Word of GOD which is the best medicine and by faith stand there, play the Word of GOD preferably audio healing scriptures all day long. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of GOD.

JESUS was beaten with forty stripes on HIS back with the use of a whip made of leather straps. On those straps were metal balls, hooks and teeth according to the historical fact of what was used during the time when they would scourge the worse of the worse of criminals. JESUS did not fit this type of torture yet HE endured this for us. Each time HE was struck HIS flesh would fling from HIS back which would leave a gaping hole that exposed HIS skeleton and organs. That means that HIS back was one large hole. So by HIS forty stripes which left one huge strip we all were made healed. And yet we disgrace JESUS saying that we are sick or that we have some type of ailment or disease. What we are saying is that what HE went through for us was not enough and that HIS shame was useless.

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JESUS when HE walked this very same earth that we now are living on healed our ancestors of ever kind of disease. None of them were saved because JESUS had not yet been crucified and salvation was not available until the crucifixion of HIS death. Most of them that were healed did not believe that they could be healed yet they were healed. Nothing is too hard for JESUS, we do not even need to believe that HE can heal us to be healed though it would be wonderful. I say this because I’m sure that some of the sick that were brought before JESUS had to be asleep from their sickness so how could they believe? They did not know that they were there. But I tell you this in writing, once you’ve been touched by JESUS in being healed you will come to JESUS by faith.

Now today we don’t have JESUS standing before us but we have men and women of faith who should preach the Word of faith, speaking about JESUS but we are getting away from JESUS and towards our own agenda. But when we speak the Word, speak life, speak encouragement, building up the faith in the people. Then we should be able to see that someone have the faith to be healed.

There are many scriptures that are misunderstood but I think that this is a very misunderstood verse. If I have a bad feeling or have done something wrong towards my sibling in the body of CHRIST and they may not have a knowledge of that. Or maybe siblings are not doing well emotionally in the body of CHRIST because of something said or done. They are to speak to one another, not to other people (gossip) and tell that person all so that they can be healed and pray for one another.

We seem to forget that we are forgiven and we forget that we are healed. JESUS did this once and for all and being in HIS Word is a continual healing and a reminder that we are forgiven.

You need to speak to yourself or to someone you know with authority saying “JESUS the CHRIST heals you arise”. Then do it.  

Psalms 6:2, Jeremiah 3:22, Matthew 10:8, Isaiah 53:5, Matthew 4:24, Acts 14:9, James 5:16, Psalms 103:3, Acts 9:34




If the organ in our ears are operational than we are hearers. This is not a problem what is a problem is the not listening. It’s evident as to what we are listening to and what we hear. I pay attention to my grandchild and how my grandchild will listen to the electronic devices that are being played with. But the moment something is being said that is not interesting, it’s heard but it’s not listened to. My grandchild can give the appearance that all attention is being given and when asked what was said. Nothing or duh. Yet ask about the electronic device or a song or anything meaningless that does not merit positively and it’s like oral diarrhea. I use my grandchild as an example because I know that so many of you will be able to relate either with kids or someone. After all, this is also you when you are not living the scriptures but hearing the scriptures.

I’ve been saved and a regular Bible reader since nineteen seventy-nine and about twenty years ago I gave up being condemned about not being able to orally quote the scriptures as so many people are able to do. Why have I been set free? Because I found out through the Holy Spirit that I have spent and continue to spend time hearing those that bring forth the Word of GOD and not only that I hear the voice of GOD. I don’t quote the scriptures I live the scriptures. And when someone tries to throw a scripture at me because they are so deep within me I know when a person is misquoting the scripture.

Why are we attending worship service and or Bible study if all we are going to do is hear the voice but not apply what we hear? If we want a change, if we want to see results in our life then we must apply GOD’s Word to our lives. And we don’t have to begin with everything all at once. For me, I began with something very small in my life and once I saw how JESUS moved, I moved to something a wee bit larger. This was helping me in my faith walk, I was learning to trust GOD through JESUS in areas of my life. Now, I just surrender, if I notice that I am facing something that is out of my control or ability to handle I search out a scripture and stand on it. Better yet, become a doer of what I’m supposed to do, it’s not about GOD will do this if I do that. That way of life was pre-crucifixion all the same in post-crucifixion New Testament we are given encouraging words, we are being inspired and we are being instructed. We hear, we don’t listen and for all that, we don’t do the Word.

In order for our faith to increase it is crucial for us to hear the Word of GOD over and over and over and over again and not just on Sunday. If you are employed and are able to listen to a radio or any type of listening device the Word of GOD is what needs to be playing. In the car, the Word of GOD, when you are exercising the Word of GOD. How are we to do the Word if we don’t hear the Word down in our spirit? We do what we know, we do the familiar not the unfamiliar. And the Word of GOD is unfamiliar territory being a doer of the Word will separate the religious from those who are in a relationship. You want results in your life to become a doer of the Word and not just one who sits and hear without listening.    

James 1:22 and Rom. 10:17



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The heart, it’s a wonderful mechanism who can know it better than GOD? As humans, the majority of us view the heart as only the organ in which the blood is pumped to keep us alive. Although that is only a small bit of its function. The heart is the throne of our imaginative thought, our intent and motives be they good or evil. Sin resides here not only its actions but the sin of disbelief in JESUS and HIS Word. And because the heart is deceitful and wicked so are we though we are able to be kind and nice at times to whom we choose to be. The heart is revengeful and has the ability to build up walls around it to make one very hard-hearted and cold against others. Empathy and Sympathy are no longer existent or in limited supply. Nevertheless, there is a way to have a heart transplant without invasive surgery. First, let’s take a small look at some examples of the heart without CHRIST JESUS and with CHRIST JESUS.

As humans, we all get caught up on the appearance on how a person look outwardly. This happens regardless of our being unsaved or saved. When unsaved we never consider their character, we noticed this in the Bible especially when it came time to find another king. The brothers of David must have been some very handsome maybe GQ type looking guys they were strutted in front of the Prophet but because David spent all his time out in the field with the animals rolling around on the ground and stinking by choice of his father. He was not considered, bless GOD that the Prophet had a relationship with the LORD and listened to HIS voice and requested that his missing son be brought before him. Reluctantly he was sent for and the LORD anointed David as the king. David may not have had the stature and looks of his older brothers but what he did have that his brothers did not have, was a relationship with the LORD. Wicked hearts will never look for the deep, inner person but the meaningless, superficial, topical junk. Wicked hearts are not disciplined and trained to think as the LORD does. To raise their thoughts up higher towards heaven. When we think lowly we are lowly but when we think thoughts that are generated by the LORD we are HIS. What are your thoughts consumed by? That is who you are. Going to church every time the doors are open does not make you a Christian just like going to McDonald’s does not make you a Big Mac. An unsaved heart is deceitful and when led by its desires we believe that we are right in them. Not realizing that they are leading us to death. Unsaved hearts harbor evil because of the sinfulness that is engulfed by it. We are mad and insane by sin believing that we are having fun and because of this life we believe this life we live is normal when in actuality it’s anything but normal.


Second, knowing what a changed saved hearted person is. Our now living spirit hunger and thirst for the living places of GOD. And just as picturesque as the deer is running or panting beside the brook. So it is for us in how we long for our FATHER GOD. Our true self, our inner man, our spirit thirsts for the Living GOD.

Once we by faith in CHRIST JESUS have believed wholeheartedly in HIM and confessed HIM out of our mouth without reservation. This is what happens to us immediately, our heart will be unified with other blood purchased and washed believers of CHRIST JESUS. Our spirit will be replaced with a living spirit and the dead spirit evicted from within us. The heart that had the wall surrounding it will be taken from us and replaced with a brand new heart of flesh like it was when we were being knitted within our mother’s womb but only better. This heart will have JESUS reigning within it, JESUS will be sitting on the throne of our heart now and sin is no longer there. We can no longer call ourselves sinners but we are now the righteousness of GOD through CHRIST JESUS. We are no longer the people of the world and especially the people of satan. Now we are the people of the Living GOD and the Living GOD is ours, yea! So with the same heart, we only have one way to reverence the Living GOD forever. Our FATHER has made an everlasting covenant with us that HE will do us good and not turn away from us and HE has put in our heart a reverential awe of HIMSELF so that we will not turn away from HIM.  The FATHER will rejoice over us to do us good, and HE will faithfully plant us in this land with all HIS heart and with all HIS soul.

A true CHRISTian’s heart is pure it’s not tainted by sin no evidence of being spotted or blemished in others words no sin. And if you the reader are having a difficult time with this then you may not be a possessor but a professor and that is as different as the grass is from the sky. Believing in CHRIST JESUS will cause a believer to want to speak of JESUS all the time with others. Sure we will be a well-rounded individual and can and should be able and must hold various conversations. However, when people see us they should know that JESUS will be placed into the conversation to encourage, inform or inspire in some form or fashion. I don’t allow anyone I don’t care who they are unless I know them intimately (know their heart) that is to just say God in a conversation with me and leave it there. I need to know what the name of their God is so I ask because there is only one name that is above every name and that is the name that every knee will bow down to and that every tongue will confess. This is the name that has all authority within it so if I come across offensive, I don’t mean to be so I’m just trying to see your heart. I don’t want to walk away, troubled by the conversation I had with someone thinking that we were of one heart when in essence we were of divided hearts. My entire ministry is to introduce and encourage people about JESUS so that HE will be believed in. Another characteristic that is known within the true CHRISTian is that we are in constant peace and we are not afraid. JESUS lives within us and because JESUS lives within us it’s impossible for darkness and light to share the exact same space one will dominate the other. I chose light many years ago so depression, stress, and worry had to finally leave once I grabbed ahold of the truth. And once I took hold of the truth fear went running away. My heart rejoice in JESUS because I know that in time I will finally get to see HIM face to face, yippee! Oh, by the way when darkness leaves we are not left empty the Holy Spirit will replace those voids with His gifts, where I was happy based on circumstances I’m now filled with the joy of the LORD continually regardless of my circumstance. Finally, GOD is not some distant far off the invisible religious person of the Bible that we envision in our minds before we came to JESUS as one who is sitting up in heaven who is constantly angry and waiting to pound us on the head with a bat when we step too far out of line. Neither is HE causing havoc with judging the world. No, actually GOD is a loving compassionate person who loves non-believers and believers. HE loves non-believers so much HE is still giving them the time to come to JESUS before it’s too late. And for all the havoc that is going on in the world, HE has nothing to do with it but HE gets blamed for them. As children of the Living GOD, we are to call HIM FATHER just as JESUS did when HE was here on earth with us. JESUS gave us such great examples to follow and one of them were the prayers that HE prayed when HE prayed HE prayed to the FATHER. Why is it that we don’t? I have heard so many people pray to JESUS when we are to pray to the FATHER in the name of JESUS. There was a time when prayers were done and nothing was asked in the name of JESUS but that was pre-crucifixion. Post-crucifixion changed everything and we must pray to the FATHER in the name of JESUS, we must ask. JESUS promise that our joy will remain full.

1 Samuel 16:7, Is.55:8-9; Psalms 84:2, 42:1-2; Proverbs 23:7, Jeremiah 17:9, Eccl. 9:3; Ezekiel 11:19, Jer. 32:39; Matthew 5:8, John 7:38, 14:1, 27, 16:22, 24




Heaven, is it a place or concept of religion? Is heaven far, far away? A place we all thwill like to go but most don’t want to adhere to the requirements to enter in. A place where everyone proclaims their loved one has gone and become an angle. Heaven is an expansion which surrounds all of the creation and no matter how educated man becomes with our flight into the atmosphere. We will never accomplish getting towards the nearness of heaven. Or can we? If we settled for the description alone of heaven which is found in the book of Revelations than heaven is the home of GOD, the place where HE resides and is seated on HIS throne. Then there is a middle heaven where the orbits, the sun, moon stars, and galaxies reside. And lastly, the final heaven would be our earth where life is. However, for me and this is just me and no one has to agree with me here but heaven is also in my heart. Why? Because the FATHER, SON-CHRIST JESUS, and the Holy Ghost reside and are seated on the throne of my heart. 

The kingdom of GOD for the believer, I like to think the kingdom came and took residence within the heart of every blood washed and purchased possessor of CHRIST JESUS. People like this have only one desire and that is to do the will of the FATHER. There are no wishy-washy thoughts about their residency in heaven because they have heaven in their heart at all times. Our FATHER’s kingdom is near and is not some distant and far off place out of our reach.

I believe and this is just my opinion that most of my Christian siblings don’t know or understand how near heaven is for them. Is it because they have misplaced or don’t understand hope? Most of my siblings speak about hope as though it’s a wish or a coin thrown into a fountain or a wish that is hoped to come true if a candle is blown out. I know Christians who still believe in luck and luck cancels out blessings because luck is to live under corrupt knowledge. When blessings are the favor of GOD HIMself. Most Christians no longer have hope because they have placed their expectations on individuals and received the opposite of what they hoped for. So now when it comes to the Word of GOD and especially prayer when things don’t work out in the time frame in which we want them to we again have lost our hope believing that we have been let down. Sure we may put on a mask and say all the right words to cover up our disappointment as to what happened and our lack of understanding. But we never look inwardly to see if we may have misunderstood what our FATHER through CHRIST JESUS is telling us. We rarely take the time to study and break down to research the Word as we are supposed to and communication with the FATHER is mostly a begging moment. Give me, give me. Heaven is our home, a place for us to chill, unwind, relax, conversate with our FATHER, visit with JESUS become more knowledgeable of our surroundings there. We are born again because of GOD who is our FATHER through our LORD JESUS CHRIST. We have abundant and boundless mercy, we are reborn, renewed, set apart and spiritually transformed just for HIS purpose. This is our assurance, confidence and everlasting hope through HIS resurrection for us. Not only that but because of CHRIST JESUS we have an inheritance which is beyond the reach of changing into corruption reserved in heaven for us, and GOD’s power is protecting and shielding our faith.

Sometimes I believe that when life gets to be a bit too much for us that we should just stop and do as the multitude of angels did one night. Proclaiming aloud in the heavenly/the air, “Glory to GOD in the highest [heaven], and on earth peace among men with whom HE is well-pleased.” We need to “Glorify GOD in the heaven” and we need to remember that GOD desires that we be at peace and that HE is well pleased with us. Though the original Herald was about JESUS we do this as a reminder to ourselves that GOD is our FATHER in heaven and that HE was and is well pleased with HIS SON JESUS. And because of JESUS and our faith in HIM, the FATHER is well pleased with us. We must remain in this hope of knowing that our GOD who is our FATHER has a love for us that is so rich in mercy it’s far too great and wonderful for our finite minds to ever comprehend. Our hope is in CHRIST JESUS, we are raised up in CHRIST JESUS, and we are seated with CHRIST JESUS in the heavenly places. This is our knowledge of hope which is unmeasurable and unsurpassed by the riches of HIS grace and kindness towards us in CHRIST JESUS.

Everything that GOD spoke is still being exhibited today. GOD sits on the arch of the earth and all of HIS creations are like grasshoppers. GOD stretched heaven out like a veil and the inhabitants are in their appropriate tents.

Matthew 6:10, 24:35; Colossians 1:5; 1 Pt. 1:3-4, Luke 2:13-14, Eph. 2:4, 7; Psalms 19:1, Is. 40:22, Gen. 1:6-7.





It is often said and I am more often inclined to agree since my very first hearing of this statement. That we only utilize ten percent of our one hundred percent brain. Most people will get locked into the one dimension of the vocabulary for a word and never embark on the other meanings if there are any. We gravitate towards dumbing ourselves down instead of elevating ourselves up as if being intelligent is a curse or uncool. Let’s take this word height, it’s a guarantee that most people only recognize the word to mean upward distance or tall. But it’s because of our limited potential to exercise our vocabulary that we miss out on the enrichment of Bible study. During my twenty-three years of ministry, my three best friends have been my Bible, Concordance, and Dictionary. With the help that I receive from the Holy Spirit, I am led into some great communications with Him and sometimes am so awestruck that I just simply can’t take anymore. And just have to walk away praising and being thankful for the understanding.

What does it take for the FATHER to convince or satisfy some of us that HE is who HE is, that JESUS, HIS only begotten SON is who HE is, did what HE’s done and will do what HE said HE will do before complete and total trust is given? What does it take to persuade some of us that we are who we are told who we are in CHRIST JESUS and who we are without HIM?

Why is it so very difficult for some of us to believe that if we are truly blood washed and blood purchased that death, life, angels, demons, things that do or don’t exist, powers above or below or anything created are able to separate us from CHRIST JESUS love? Life happens to us all, we are going to go through some things. The key word is going through but some of us just pitch a tent and reside or camp out others just drop and take a seat. In life we are to go through because we can, life will not separate us from JESUS and JESUS will not leave us because we are going through life. What some of our problems are is that we sing stupid songs as “Lord do not pass me by” when the Scripture clearly informed us that HE will never leave or forsake (depart, abandon) us.

My prayer for you and I hope that you too will pray this for yourself is that you request to better know with understanding the love that the FATHER has towards you. I dare not share with you the reader what that love is because to give you a concrete answer would be to expose myself as a fool. However, to be rooted in the love of the FATHER is key through CHRIST JESUS. Our FATHER, after all, is our very strength and we must grab this knowledge and live in that. When we fully experience that amazing endless love the FATHER has for us through HIS SON, JESUS we will be able to continually speak in victory and live in victory and be as GOD created us to be and that is dominate conquerors over everything.   

Romans 8:39 and Ephesians 3:18