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Ah, to have the constant satisfaction of the mind, to possess the joy that only the LORD can give. But alas, most people only delight themselves in the great pleasure that brings about satisfaction temporarily. The true delight is a more permanent pleasure than joy and not dependent on emotion or sudden excitement. True delight is what we experience from the FATHER through CHRIST JESUS, we are told to rejoice and again rejoice in the LORD GOD Almighty through HIS SON, JESUS. When we are able to continually be in this heart and mindset we will find ourselves to be pleased highly in HIM.

To be confident, leaning on and relying on CHRIST JESUS causes us to do well in HIM. Others will notice that we are settled unlike those that place their trust within themselves and others. And it’s because we are settled that we are able to feed on HIS faithfulness, not ours. Delighting ourselves in CHRIST JESUS causes us to receive the desires of our heart that we speak out to the FATHER through prayer. The moment that we make our request known to the FATHER, heaven delivers. Do we see the manifestation immediately? In some cases, no. But, there are times when the manifestation of our request is seen immediately. Our part is to believe that we have what we have prayed for and remain thankful without doubting in our heart because we have not seen anything. It’s in these times that because we don’t see anything that we begin to doubt and believe that our prayers were not heard. This is called walking by sight and not by faith. This is what the enemy desires for us to believe but we must trust in the Word of GOD because HE is the same yesterday, today and forever. We are to walk by faith and not by sight. HE is not a man that HE will lie to us and HIS Word will never return void. A lot of us need to think about that. Beloved children who have been washed free from sin through the blood of CHRIST JESUS. It’s because of honor, reverence, and worship of the LORD our GOD in heaven that HE fulfills our desire that keeps us in perpetual delight in HIM. Those who are not the children but the creation of the LORD GOD if you will only believe in JESUS then ask and cry out in your heart and mouth through confession that you need HIM and that you desire HIS forgiveness. You will be saved from sin, GOD’s anger and judgment, which will be exercised upon your death and the punishment is hell and the lake of fire. Don’t settle for temporary happiness and contentment. What are the first three letters of contentment? Con. And that’s exactly what we all have been conned. The next four letters are tent which is our home and most people are not satisfied at home for various reasons. The tent is also another name for our bodies, we have no delight in our bodies because if we did we would not destroy it with all the markings we place on it, we would not defile it the way we do through addictions and illicit sex. Even the very word of illicit shows us that to be illicit is an ill thing. We would not look in the mirror and not see that we are fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of GOD. JESUS is not a con HE is a pro, in every area of our life in HIM we will find delightment because CHRIST JESUS is a delight. Come to JESUS and experience permanent delight in HIM forever.

Psalm 37:4; 21:2; 145:19



deliver Wow, look at some of the things JESUS has given to those who believe in HIM.

  • Freedom
  • Release from sin
  • Removal of the chains
  • Set at liberty
  • Rescued us from the bondage of sin
  • Saved us from hell and the lake of fire; from the wrath/anger of GOD and judgment.
  • JESUS CHRIST saved us
  • JESUS CHRIST transferred HIS righteousness to us and took our sin on the cross.
  • CHRIST JESUS put into our hands the power that HE supplies us with.
  • CHRIST JESUS pronounced, HE still speaks and sends forth in words through HIS living Word/the Holy Bible and through HIS disciples of the past and the present.

All we need do through faith in CHRIST JESUS is to give up the life that we now know with surrender to resign the life of sin and to yield to the life of HIS righteousness.

Just as David as a shepherd boy was delivered from the lion and the bear we too must trust that CHRIST JESUS will deliver us from every snare that has been laid down to trap us or the distractions that are meant to destroy us. We are no different from David, he was delivered and we too are and can be delivered if we only place our trust in CHRIST JESUS. When our desire rests completely in CHRIST JESUS, HE keeps us in perfect peace, it’s preserved all because we trust in HIM. Join me and commit yourself to CHRIST JESUS, keep the mind on HIM and follow HIS will to the point that it’s our will as well. Not in the sense of being a robot because we are purposely designed to have free will, however, what can be freer than living in CHRIST JESUS? Our hope is confidently placed in HIM. We must believe that when things get hot to us that we will be delivered. After all, we have never experienced the type of heat that Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego went through. I know that it may seem like it but because JESUS delivered those three precious and faithful Hebrews/Jews from that fiery furnace we must know that HE will do the very same for us. JESUS is not a respecter of certain people HE loves and cares for HIS very own.

Have faith and know that everything about JESUS is true so be assured that JESUS does not need to seek the way to deliver us because HE already knows how to deliver us out of any temptation and trial that we go through.

1 Sam. 17:37, Is. 26:3-4, Daniel 3:17, 2 Peter 2:9



When we are born we come with a clean slate so that we may learn all the glorious news about our FATHER and how to become knowledgeable of the things of this world in the order to know what is right and wrong. Unfortunately for most, our character is formed into the image of the world rather than the image of JESUS. For some, if a child is brought up in the home to learn about GOD it’s not taught about the grace of GOD but the legalism of GOD. Our spirit is already dead to everything of GOD because we are shaped, formed and birth into sin. So, when we learn all the don’ts and none of the do’s we grow cold towards hearing about JESUS because we know that it is impossible to fulfill the request of GOD based on the law. Most often we contradict the Word of GOD as we grow older in life and we refuse to hear what others have to share about JESUS. Many times it’s because we are trying to cram down the throats of the non-believer the scripture of JESUS rather than our own personal testimony. We are instructed to give our personal testimonies because we have overcome by the blood of the Lamb. None of us are very different from the other. Those things that CHRIST JESUS brought us through must be shared so that when the hearer, hears that we have overcome a negative situation in our life he/she can as well. We most often neglect to acknowledge the work that JESUS is doing in our lives. Which causes the hearer not to want to confess that they are in need of the Savior who is CHRIST JESUS. It takes years to lead people back to the FATHER before the heart realizes in faith that JESUS is and has done and will do. For years we have disowned JESUS in our heart though many do not realize this. We think that because we know that JESUS died on the cross and that HE is good this is acknowledgment enough. Daily, the non-believer actively rejects JESUS by not having faith in HIM to live within his/her heart and to cause our spirit man to live so that our soul is no longer in control of our being. We deny JESUS by not receiving or embracing HIM.


JESUS said that those who deny HIM that HE will deny before HIS FATHER. How is JESUS denied?

  • By not having faith in HIM
  • By not obeying HIS Word
  • By using HIS name through profanity, swearing, and cursing
  • Believing that HE is dead
  • Not believing in HIS resurrection
  • Believing that HE is not GOD

Those bullet points are the only thing I am able at this moment to call quickly to mind. Being a disciple of CHRIST JESUS did not end with the twelve that ate, lived, learned, prayed, and walked with HIM. We who learn through HIS Word, who speak with HIM, who share HIM with others, who live out the grace message within our lives in HIM are HIS disciples. We have chosen to deny ourselves of the gratification of our earthen appetites and desires, to refrain from and abstain anything that is not pleasing to the FATHER. As we mature in CHRIST JESUS we disregard and lose sight of passions we once had and decide to stick closely to JESUS so that we may follow HIM. Our life will become a reflection of CHRIST who lives in us and we in HIM so much so that we die daily to the cares of the world. Are you a closet Christian? Are you ashamed to allow others to know that you are a follower of CHRIST JESUS? Do you worship CHRIST JESUS in secret or refer to HIM as your higher power? Any and all these are forms of denying JESUS. Our obedience to JESUS is a kiss that HE welcomes. The FATHER and JESUS are not looking down from heaven with anger towards anyone. Actually, they are calling those who have not listened to that small quiet voice within ushering them to JESUS. And for those of us who are in the family of CHRIST JESUS, we are happy, fortunate and envied by those in the world because they can recognize a genuine Christian when they see one. They see the blessings and the light that we have all because we have chosen to make JESUS our refuge by placing our trust in HIM.

JESUS is faithful in HIS Word even when our belief in HIM becomes faithless. We do this through anxieties, denying the grace of the Word, knowing what is right in HIM yet choosing to disobey, those things we try to control but lose control, stress, and worry. Though we will deny JESUS as Peter did, JESUS cannot deny HIMself. And so I leave you with this last statement, you are a liar if and when you deny that any and all that JESUS is the CHRIST the Anointed One in HIS anointing. You are an anti-Christ and in doing so you deny GOD the FATHER and the SON.

Matthew 10:33, 16:24, 26:34, Ps. 2:12, 2 Timothy 2:13, 1 Jhn. 2:22




The depth of GOD’s love for us is unfathomable HIS love for humankind is so deep that the limit or extent is hard for humans to conceive in their minds. This is because most of HIS children are looking at themselves rather than looking at CHRIST JESUS. We are more sin conscience than grace conscience. For non-believers, the forgiveness, grace, love, and mercy that HIS children are engulfed in is not easily explored. GOD’s love for us is infinite and no matter how much we love HIM the depth of HIS loving care and blessings can never be searchable. The breadth and depth of the love of CHRIST are its vast extent. We read the Word of GOD how HE gave HIMself as the redeeming sacrifice to cleanse humans from sin if they will only believe. But, even when we do believe the measure and extent of the depth our understanding will never manifest because of our finite minds. For example, I dislike when I tell someone that I love them and they return with “I love you more”. What this informs me of is that your love is measurable and conditional. How does another person know that the person who genuinely loves is less than the one who is a receiver of the love? I know that there is only One who provides forgiveness, grace, love, and mercy that is unmeasurable because of HIS vast depth towards us and HIS name is JESUS.

Because of JESUS death and resurrection, all those who actively believe in HIM are recipients of being a super conqueror in all things. We must be actively convinced that death, life, angels, anything that now exist or anything that will someday exist, that no power above or below, and any created thing has the power to separate us from GOD’s love which comes to us through CHRIST JESUS who is our LORD.

Romans 11:33



desiring-GodWe all have experienced an emotion or excitement of the mind for that which is heavy in our heart. It’s a natural desire to obtain that which is good. Desires range from the need to eat through the wanting of obtaining those things that we dream of, have goals for, and visions. We desire to see people as in 1 Thess. 2:17, the children of the Almighty GOD will develop within their hearts to see nations come to GOD as in Hag. 2:7. Some women are blessed to live in true love with their husbands as in the manner of SoS 7:10. We all must recognize that all desires are not good to ponder over because if we do we will find ourselves where we were before as in Eph. 2:3 but this time because we are GOD’s children we will not have GOD’s anger against us but we will experience guilt and come running back to HIM. This is a great reason to know if the desires of our heart are godly or fleshly. Daily we should desire to follow pure love and gifts that can only come from our heavenly FATHER as in 1 Cor. 14:1.

Desires will cause us before we step out in faith to inquire what it is that we must do or have to obtain them, what do we require within ourselves what it will take to fulfill that need or want. All good desires that are known as GOD ideas rather than good ideas come from GOD. Those GOD ideas will always come to fruition where the good ideas may come to fruition. When we have a GOD idea in our heart that causes that very strong feeling that we fill in our spirit man we must ask the FATHER to give it to us, the moment that we ask HIM we will see that HE will not withhold what HE desires for us to have. Do you know that when we have pleasure in JESUS our heart/mind is filled with unspeakable joy? Our pleasure must not come from earthly possessions but from the One who gives us everything which cannot and will not be destroyed. Know that because we are children of the most high GOD that we are HIS pleasure because we belong to HIM through CHRIST JESUS. So beloved, stop overtaxing yourself with legalistic performance and rest in JESUS knowing that HE is our delight and that we are HIS. Once we begin to delight ourselves in GOD’s desire we will see the manifestation of HIS open hand to fulfill the desires of our heart as well. It’s not difficult to fulfill the desires of our heavenly FATHER’s heart, begin with communication with HIM and not to HIM. Watch how our life develops in HIM by seeking out HIS desires first. Think on this just for a moment, do we honestly have inspired reverence for our heavenly FATHER and do we exercise obedience in HIM? Most of us will say no because we are looking at self rather than looking to JESUS. When we spend quality time in the Word of GOD and communicate with HIM we will learn those things that we should do within our lives which will become who we are rather than making them ritualistic performance. Is it important to memorize scripture and disobey HIS desire for us or is it more important to live out HIS Word in our lives through obedience? The desire of our heart is not fulfilled by the FATHER through conditions as it was in the Old Testament when we had to perform a task that pleased the FATHER before we received our desires. Today in the New Testament we have already been given our desires it’s just that some have not come to fruition and this require that we ask the FATHER in JESUS name to provide those things to us. We must make our request known to the FATHER so that our desire will be given to us in a manner that no one and nothing can possibly take it away. We need to petition by pressing in being serious with our request to the FATHER and not wishy-washy or scared to speak to the FATHER about our desires. Remember, HE already knows what we have need of or want so when we seriously communicate with HIM believe that we already have them. Speak about them as if you can already see and touch the answer to the request. I don’t recommend that we share our desire with others if they do not share in your level of faith. And know by reading the Word looking for the answer to the request in the Bible whether or not the desire of the heart is a good idea which may come to fruition or a GOD idea which will come to fruition.

Psalm 21:2, 37:4, 145:19




When the word despised is used in our vocabulary are we truthfully acknowledging that we have a disdain or the lowest opinion of another to the point of abhorring a person or people. Well, if you think, say or do anything that is hateful it comes from the heart. No human has the right to be mean and despicable towards another. We are all created in the image of GOD so when we scorn another human we are actually being scornful to GOD and HIS creation. Some humans by confession have said that they love animals and prefer to be with animals more than being with another human. As humans, we should never scorn one another because of the way they look and when the behavior of another human is disagreeable with ours we should pray for them because it’s done in ignorance. Humans most often don’t realize that by neglecting to have a relationship with JESUS that we are going against HIS Good News for themselves and for others. No human is unworthy to be regarded without love. Any human that is actively rejecting JESUS has a disdain for HIM without realizing it. JESUS had a contemn for something earthly, but how many of us exercise the disdain for what HE despised?

We the children of GOD have the same enemy JESUS has. And though JESUS death on the cross defeated every enemy we are still waiting for the final enemy to subjugate itself to JESUS. And just as JESUS is doing we should rest as HE is. JESUS is not wondering when or why HIS enemy is not bowing down to HIM because HE already knows that HE has overcome sin and in like manner we should follow HIS example. GOD said that HE wanted JESUS to sit at HIS right hand until HE made HIS enemies HIS footstool. Picture this, picture satan and death bowed down with our feet resting on them. When we can see this as a reality maybe we will have a disdain for what is proper to hate and what is not. We are not alone in our testimonies about CHRIST JESUS we are in such good company. Did you know that though Adam sinned and has caused each and every one of his descendants to be born in sin even that cute and cuddly little baby that has been born in your family or by your friends? That he and Eve are among the witnesses along with each and every believer before the birth of JESUS in Bethlehem and with each and every believer during and after the human life of JESUS and HIS death on the cross. We all are by faith have testified to the truth of GOD’s absolute faithfulness. We have tunnel vision meaning that we are keeping our eyes on CHRIST JESUS who alone is the Author and Perfector of our faith. CHRIST JESUS is the first incentive for our belief and the One who brings our faith to maturity. JESUS through all that HE had to go through still had joy because HE knew that HE was about to see HIS goal accomplished. During the time of being kissed on the cheek by Judas Iscariot, being questioned during an illegal trial that lasted through the night, being beaten to the point that his bones were all that could be seen because HE no longer had flesh on HIS back. Being ridiculed, spat on and stripped of HIS clothes to walk through the crowds totally naked. HIS joy was full and HE laid HIMself down on the cross willingly and the soldiers banged those nails into his hands and feet oh, I nearly forgot JESUS endured a plated crown of thorns to be pushed down upon HIS head as the blood streamed down HIS precious face. And when they erected JESUS up HE was continually ridiculed but HE still forgave as HE was put to shame. The shame that HE had to go through for each and every human. We should be able to relate to shame, none of us like to be put to shame, yet, we never reveal the disdain that we have for shame or anything negative. We are not quick to be loving and forgiving providing mercy to others but we desire that others be loving, forgiving and merciful to us. I listened today at how an Olympic trainer who abused Olympic hopefuls wrote the judge because he could no longer endure the family and friends to come forward and share what he had done to their loved ones as he also ridiculed the judge before being sentenced for his crimes. The judge informed him that he would sit and listen because he did not consider the emotional destruction that he had placed on each of his victims and their family members. This is somewhat how we are, we want justification but we are slow to provide the justice that we want for ourselves to others. I don’t like it when I hear others say “everyone says or everyone does” I often ask who is everyone because I don’t say certain things and I don’t do certain things. The look of surprise that I get because not only am I catching the person who is saying this off guard but I also ask that he/she introduce me to this everyone because this everyone person is a doozy. Beloved we must allow CHRIST JESUS to live through us so that we can be like HIM. Be humble as JESUS CHRIST was humble. Be obedient to the FATHER as JESUS CHRIST was. And every day we must die to self as JESUS CHRIST did on that cross for us. So, my beloved if we are going to have disdain for any reason let it be for sin and all that sin stands for.

Ps. 110:1, Hebrews 12:2, Phil. 2:8