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Daily we hear noise. How much of what we hear is joyful? No need to evaluate that because of all the pollution in the atmosphere meaning the airwaves, none of it is meaningful if it does not bring glory to GOD. Between the demons speaking continually, all types of electronic devices being played for entertainment or information purposes, the various chatter between people, machinery and even doors opening and closing much of it is useless noise. How awesome would it be if on our electronic devices we only got to listen to the praises of our LORD and Savior or if people were sharing with one another the Goodness of the LORD?

It would be splendid if we would suddenly with a loud outcry, in joy, because we know that we are triumphant this is why we show our exultation for the LORD all over the earth. We willingly serve the LORD because we are pleased and full of cheer with our mind being in complete satisfaction because we have a permanent pleasure which is not dependent on a sudden excitement. And HE welcomes us to come before HIS presence with singing in joy. We fully recognize that there is no other that it is JESUS our LORD who is GOD alone. JESUS is the One who made us and we are nothing without HIM. We belong to HIM. So we don’t have to and we don’t dare to enter into the kingdom with our heads hung down but we enter singing and dancing joyfully giving praise to JESUS and giving HIM thanks. JESUS is good and good is GOD so praise HIS Holy name, bless HIM with thankfulness and be joyful. JESUS is full of mercy towards us and has nothing but loving kindness for each and every one of us which is everlasting and HIS faithfulness endures from generation to generation. So be joyful. Shout with excitement to the Rock of our Salvation, be joyful to the Passover Lamb for passing over you and dying in your place.  

Psalms 100, 95:1


Just, Justice, Justification, Justified


From the instant we are conceived in our mother’s womb we are growing. This process of growth is not limitless it’s continual. Many of us reach a point when we just stop springing forth in growth and we should always be arising to something new and exciting that we have learned and experienced that has challenged us to become better people.

As a child of the Most High GOD, we are the righteousness of GOD through CHRIST JESUS. And because of this, it is in HIM that we are shown the very essence of our FATHER. We have a clear sight of who HE is because HE is revealed to us. Not only that this revelation of our FATHER is shooting up within us from faith and leads to more faith which discloses and awakens even more faith. We are a just people of faith and because of this, we live by faith. Dear beloved siblings stop listening to those very negative thoughts in your head. As a man, woman, boy or girl thinks so are you. Once you came to JESUS you no longer can be identified as what you once were, you are a new creation in CHRIST JESUS, old things you have passed away / died, they are gone and only you can revive them by performing CPR. Don’t do that. Stop that stinking thinking, each time that stinking thinking comes up speak who you are to yourself until you believe it. You need to renew your mind. Throw rocks at those negative thoughts by going to the ROCK who is JESUS. HIS works are perfect in you and JESUS is Just which makes us just. JESUS is a faithful GOD there is no injustice found in HIM. We can depend on JESUS because JESUS is just and upright in all HIS ways towards us.

We need to discontinue those thoughts of what we did and know who we are. We have been set free from a life sentence in hell waiting for our date to be executed. We have been pardon by the highest court, we don’t have a record and yet some of us keep reflecting on what we did. Stop it and go on and live the freedom of life in CHRIST JESUS by sinning no more. How do we do this? Simple, rely on the fact that JESUS is the One who is responsible for bringing forward by making our righteousness our pursuit of right standing with GOD, not us. JESUS is the huge light and we are the little lights and we are continually following that light of JESUS. So relax we have already been judged and our justice is like the sun of the afternoon.

We have a reason to shout glory and praise HIS name forever more. Get this today, adjust your eyes to see this. JESUS was betrayed by everyone who did not believe in HIM from the past, present, and future. JESUS was crucified by everyone who betrayed HIM who did not believe in HIM from the past, present, and future. However, JESUS got up from the dead, JESUS got up from the grave because of our justification in HIM, for those who believe in HIM. Those from the past that were born pre-crucifixion, during the crucifixion and post-crucifixion that believed by faith, there it is again, faith believes by faith in JESUS we are the ones that were, are and will be acquitted and absolved from all sins before GOD.  We are being given a gift it’s free to us because we are not the ones who had to pay the cost but it was not free to the FATHER. This gift is costly, no gift on earth will ever compare to the price which JESUS CHRIST paid for you alone. We were offenders, yet HIS gift is the justification which resulted in us.

So in conclusion after explaining to you that you are indeed a just one in JESUS. That JESUS has a perfect justice system that is not overbearing and is fair. And that our justification came at a high cost. I thought it would be nice to remind some and to inform others that we are actually justified by our faith in CHRIST JESUS. We actually have peace living within us so we should be living in peace, in our homes, at our workplace, in our schools or wherever. Peace is with us because we walk in the knowledge of knowing that we are justified and that by faith in CHRIST JESUS we are in GOD and HE brings HIS peace.  

Romans 1:17, Deuteronomy 32:4, Psalms 37:6, Romans 4:25, 5:16, 5:1




I used to watch this program on television called Justified it was a great show to watch and I never missed an episode. The premise of the show is that a young Kentucky US Marshall is sent back to his hometown actually as a punishment to enforce the law. He knows everyone and everyone knows him. The only problem is, he enforces the law with his own brand of justice. Made for good drama but this does not make for good real lifestyle living and yet this is how most of us live. We all want equal justice but we are never willing to give it. We take matters into our own hands, we listen to the whispers of others and we assume and you know what they say about those that assume, that you make an ass-u&me.

I’m just trying to shine some light into some dark places for us. I want you the reader to know that if you are a Believer in JESUS CHRIST you should never ever be bothered by the accusations of others. And you should never accuse anyone falsely either. Never entertain lies, when people come to you with gossip excuse yourself politely, do this enough they will get the message. When the calls come, you are busy. If you don’t listen to the gossip, lies and false accusations of others there will be none or very less of you. You must keep in mind that you are a chosen one, GOD’s elect child and that evil accusation against you are not for you to waste your time arguing your defense about. JESUS did not do this so why are we? Now I do understand that there may be far and in between, very rare times when we must give an answer to a false accusation. Doing these times, keep your mouth shut, hear what the person is saying but listen to the Holy Spirit speaking to you because He will tell you what to say, how to say it and when to say it. Did you pick up on what I wrote, if not I wrote (hear, listen) there is a difference? Most people are not aware of this and believe them to be one in the same but they are not.

Hear – to perceive by the ear, feel an impression of sound by the proper organs.

Listen – to attend closely with a view to hear, obey, yield to advice, and follow admonition.

You see most people just hear if they have the ability to do so but many do not listen, those that listen to what they hear follow the advice, or obey what they heard. It’s as simple as that.

Dear ones our FATHER justifies us continually, that means while we are awake we are being justified and while we are asleep we are being justified. Why some of us need to be reminded that all the FATHER sees is the Blood of JESUS on us which justifies us and makes us righteous in HIM through CHRIST JESUS causes me to cry sometimes. Why? Because it’s not being taught in many of our churches and many may read it in their bibles but are not getting it. And then there are those who don’t get it because they just don’t read their bibles and those minute rice devotions just don’t get the job done. We need to stop putting the Word of GOD in the easy bake oven/microwave and sit down and speak with HIM, read HIS Word for about 15 minutes as a start until we just get lost in HIM. We make time for everything else and yet HE still justifies by keeping us in a right relationship with HIMself.

 Romans 8:33




Where are my keys? Has anyone seen my keys? I just had my keys, I don’t know what or where I put those keys! Sound familiar? Laugh Out Loud. Growing up I used to see friends of my grandmother go through this all the time. Then when I became an adult I found people all about me with this problem and for the life of me, I could never understand why they just did not place their keys in a place they knew would be in a safe, secure, and familiar place for them. So when we are asking where my keys are, are we asking about our house, car and office keys or are we asking for the keys to life?


Do you know that when we came to JESUS that we actually walked away from the realm of the world? You may as well say no because most of us don’t get this. We are still totally depending on what we see and can feel, the things that we are so very accustomed to. You are not alone, I’m guilty as well, and it’s a daily learning process. But we are no longer citizens of this realm we are heavenly citizens, we are royalty and our DADDY is KING we are Priestly. Now we may need to study how the Royal families of the earth are to get an idea of how we are to live and move about. Our Royal blood is so much better than any Royal blood family on the earth. The Royal family of the earth know how to use their keys. When are we going to use our keys? We must use our keys family, we must unite and pull on what rightfully belong to us and stop getting hit upside the head. We must show the world that our GOD Reigns and HE is KING and we are HIS Royal family and that we are to be recognized. People no longer recognize others by word of mouth, people are looking for evidence. Our evidence is those keys that JESUS gave to us for us to use to bind/tie up whatever we need to. When we do so in faith it will be done in heaven as well but know that we can’t return and untie that thing that gave us trouble and this is what so many of us have been guilty of doing and then we think that binding did not work for us. No, tie your troubles up and keep them tied up and throw them far away from you and they will be tied up in heaven and heaven will make sure that you will never be bothered by those troubles again. But if you come back looking for that trouble or if the cousin or friend of those trouble come looking for you and you entertain them you may find yourself losing turmoil. Yes, nothing ever comes back at the same level as it left, problems will always come back hotter than when you last experienced. Now losing can be a wonderful thing as well, such as blessing the lives of others, we should daily look for people to bless. It does not have to be something huge that you must provide in monetary. We think this is something that we must do to be a blessing, how about just smiling and saying a cheerful hello, giving a calming small chat while in a line, telling someone how wonderful they look even if they don’t. Use the keys JESUS gave us, go through the bible and find what you want to activate in your life and say, I want to use this key. Because we have a key for whatever we need in the bible, JESUS gave us the key(S) not a key.


JESUS is the owner, HE has in HIS possession the keys of hell/hades this is the realm of the dead. And JESUS also has in HIS possession the keys of death. JESUS has absolute control and victory over death. But this does not mean that HE is the one who causes our loved ones to die as so many people blame HIM for with saying HE needed another angel or a flower in HIS garden. This is silly talk and it causes people to be pushed further away from GOD rather than to come closer to GOD. Fact, death is a sinful curse and it is appointed once that all men are to die. But those that die the second death are those that died not believing in JESUS. And will face hell and the lake of fire forever/eternally. Those that died believing in JESUS are not dead but asleep in JESUS and they will be awakened and will rise again to be raptured to meet HIM in the air. Just as when JESUS the man died and was buried us too will die and be buried. And just like CHRIST JESUS rose from the dead we too will rise from the dead and will never die again. Death will no longer have dominion over us as it once did. Come to think of it, for the believer in CHRIST JESUS, death only had temporary dominion over us meaning death may have thought that it was final for us but in actuality, we only went to sleep. But for the non-believer it is final.  

Matthew 16:19, Revelation 1:18, Ro. 6:9




Are we teaching our young one’s the manner to be kind? Disposing to create an atmosphere which is happy by assisting in the needs of others rather than causing distress in others? It’s not very difficult, we all want others to be kind towards us, yet, we are more demanding of this rather than showing kindness and that’s because we are not familiar with what tenderness or good nature or benevolence towards others is every waking moment of the day. One way to find out how my generation used to actually be is to watch some of those old black and white movies or television shows such as Father Knows Best, Andy Griffith, or Lassie nix the comedy and focus on the mannerism of how they cared for the needs of others. How everyone showed kindness to their neighbor, not just the person who lived just next door but in their community this was just the norm. Kindness flowed from the family within the home and it overflowed outwardly outside the home.

When we come to JESUS and we are baptized in the Holy Spirit it is impossible not to be kind, it is impossible not to show kindness. I’m here to share with you that if you have encountered anyone who has told you that they are a Christian and is not kind more than likely the Holy Spirit does not reside on the inside of them in full. In full means that we must be baptized in the Holy Spirit because He is the One who has the fruit of kindness. JESUS is GOD and when GOD is inside of us and we are inside of HIM we are able to do just as HE does and what HE does is pardon and HE is merciful. If we used to have a quick tempter that no longer exist, it’s not that we no longer get angry but when we get angry now it’s righteous anger against sin. We will grow daily towards looking for who we can show kindness towards today including yourself.

Look, the kindness of our FATHER will never leave us at any given time. So, if the FATHER is showering you daily with continual kindness, how dare us not to show kindness toward our brothers in CHRIST JESUS first, then self and then towards the unbeliever in JESUS. Our FATHER’s kindness is our fail safe but many don’t realize this, we may also take this for granted.

It is imperative that we live and operate in the spirit of goodwill and benevolence. Again, we are to have a temper or disposition which delights in contributing to the happiness which is temporarily based at the moment of others, which is exercised cheerfully in gratifying their temporary desires which do not go against ethical morals. We should supply their wants and always alleviating they’re distresses. Kindness ever accompanies love.

Nehemiah 9:17, Isaiah 54:10, Ps. 89:33, Galatians 5:22




I’m certain when you think of kingdom, you think of palaces, kings, queens, princes, princesses, guard’s, the pomp and such. And though there are a lot of royal kingdoms in the world as American we tend to focus on the British Empire. We are fascinated with them and we really took notice of them when Prince Charles took for his bride Lady Diana Spencer and she became HRH Princes Diana. We simply loved this woman and quite frankly she is missed among the Americans as well. But there are two kingdoms that are spiritual one is hellish ruled by satan and his court is the fallen angels known as demons. Their job is to keep every soul born each and every day ignorant from the truth of JESUS. And to bring the CHRISTian back by any means necessary. The other kingdom is heavenly and is ruled by JESUS. HIS job is finished, it’s up to us individually to believe in HIM or not.

Repent! Change your mind, decide that you no longer want to be a sinner. Decide and believe that JESUS is the LORD. Believe that JESUS came to set you free. Believe that JESUS died just for you. Believe that JESUS rose from the dead and is sitting on the right hand of HIS FATHER and praying for you. JESUS will change your inner self-beginning with your heart and wake up your spirit. JESUS will begin to change your old way of thinking, this is done by us reading HIS Word, it’s called the renewing of our mind. We will begin to regret our past life and we will begin to want to live a new and improved life by turning away, turning our backs from what we used to do, doing the opposite of wrong. We will begin to want to do what is right in GOD’s eyes. We will begin to understand that the kingdom of GOD is at hand within us.

Sometimes when we read scriptures of JESUS having conversations with people or the text may say HE was moved with compassion or because of their great faith. We may wash over the context when we actually should stay right there and really ponder this for a while because this is the main course of a meal. For instance, the Assistant, Secretary, Note-taker, Scribe was having a conversation with JESUS. JESUS stated what HE said and the individual heard JESUS with his heart, not his mind and by faith was in full agreement. When he replied to JESUS by parroting what JESUS had said it was spoken from a heart of complete faith. And this is why JESUS knew that this person was closer to the kingdom of GOD than before. If he continued to hear JESUS speak whenever possible this person would no longer be devoted to the belief system of which he was a professional Scribe to but his total heart would belong to the kingdom of GOD.

I knew for sure that I was walking in the halls of the kingdom when I actually began to put action to my words of love. Oh, you know what I’m speaking of. We are so very quick to say the words I love you in Christendom but some of us really don’t mean that. When I stopped focusing on myself and began to focus on the care of others. Making sure that I was not doing or saying anything that would cause my siblings in faith to trip and fall. This is when it dawned on me that I was walking in love and from there it began to bloom and blossom with never a withering petal. I’m always aware that just like we are mature in nature at various levels and we have our likes and dislikes it is the very same spiritually, we are mature at various levels and we have our likes and dislikes. So, I must be aware not to be offensive and cause my siblings to trip and fall because we don’t agree. If I am hosting anything, I am to make my family comfortable or if we are just on an outing I am to know what would be offensive or not. So just what does this include? Food, clothes, outings (places of entertainment), beverages and music just to name a few or maybe I’ve covered them all, I don’t know. Don’t be so easily offended, we all must grow in our faith in CHRIST JESUS and walk through the kingdom at our own pace. It’s important to love each other to life and be an encouragement. In this, we are showing that we are residents of the kingdom.   

Matthew 3:2, Mark 12:32-34, Romans 14:13-17




In my flesh, I was given the diagnosis that I no longer have cartilage, this absence does not make walking easier for me. In fact, it almost makes it impossible for me to run, kneel, get down on the floor and back up again. It’s not that I can’t do any of these things, I just do them all at my own risk. Living without cartilage is extremely painful and some people have given into the pain and quit doing. I refuse. With that, though I no longer kneel any longer to pray, I’m thankful because I chose to kneel when I was able. And there are times when I have found myself in the presence of Holiness that I am compelled to kneel and the thought of pain is not there, so I do so. I ease my way down and I ease my way up as though I’m being helped up by two able body people that I cannot see. My kneeling has always been and will always be a choice. I’m thankful that I choose to kneel rather than being made to kneel the knee.

There will come a time when every human in the universe whether saved by grace or unsaved. Whether in spirit or in mortality, mankind will acknowledge JESUS very name by the bending, the kneeling of the knee. Mankind will bow in submission regardless of where mankind will be, in heaven, on earth or in hell. Most people who operate in the spirit of pride rebel against submission to authority. The very thought of having to yield, resign or surrender to the power, will or authority of another is impossible. So, what makes it possible for people who think this way to submit to a JESUS that they cannot see, hear, touch or smell?

 The FATHER affirmed a solemn declaration, with an appeal regarding HIS SON for the truth of what is affirmed. Every word that comes from the mouth of JESUS is righteous and will never return empty. Mankind will bow, and the tongue of man will affirm the declaration that JESUS is the LORD. And because the FATHER could make this affirmation and solemn declaration to know one greater than HIMself, HE swore by HIMself.

Philippians 2:10, Is. 45:23