JESUS CHRIST, the Redeemer, who has opened the way to everlasting salvation by HIS obedience and death, and who is therefore called the Savior by way of distinction, the Savior of men, the Savior of the world. JESUS is that promised Child that was born and given to us as a Son. You see even as HE entered into this world as a newborn infant, JESUS came as a gift to mankind to be given.

When Moses asked who am I to say who is sending me, JESUS said I AM. As Savior JESUS lets us know that I AM is the LORD and that the LORD is our GOD. JESUS is the Holy One not only of Israel but of the world. JESUS is the Savior.

We should not have a season when we reflect that a Child was born in Bethlehem or that HE was crucified for the sins of the world but we should reflect this often. Considering that JESUS is our Savior who is CHRIST the LORD.

JESUS has been exalted to the right hand of HIS FATHER. It is HIS FATHER who has made JESUS LORD and CHRIST. This very same one that people deny and  reject, blaspheme, curse, and every wicked imaginable thing they can think of. The FATHER has exalted JESUS and HE is a Prince and Savior to this dark, evil, perverse, sick and wicked world. JESUS is the One and only One who gives repentance and forgiveness of sins to those who desire from HIM with a sincere heart.

Just as JESUS is under the authority of HIS FATHER, those who abide in CHRIST JESUS are under HIS authority.

JESUS is an Overcomer and so are we, in other words, you can’t overcome anything if it’s not under your feet. Everything is under the feet of JESUS so being in JESUS means that every wicked thing is under our feet as well. We are the body of HIS glorious church and JESUS is the head of this church. JESUS is our Savior.

Those who truly believe will suffer, here are some examples that will help you relate. You may lose your employment, you may receive a diagnosis from the doctor, your car may break down, and the kids begin to act like straight up fools at any age and so. Will you join the naysayers and complain or will you remain faithful and stand on the Word of GOD and remind yourself what HE has and is telling you? When we remain faithful we will be rewarded for our faithfulness in HIS Word. Our GOD is alive, our GOD is our Savior, and our GOD is JESUS. Just believe and trust. JESUS did not come out of the tomb and quickly ascend up into heaven to sit at the right hand of HIS FATHER. JESUS took a stroll down through the neighborhood to HIS homeboys hang-out to show HIMself to them, some of the faithful ladies had seen HIM and let us not forget the breakfast meeting that was held where HE left instructions for them and then HE ascended while HE was chatting with them. So JESUS appeared as Savior JESUS the Anointed One who has annulled death and has given to us immortality to light instead of immortality of darkness as we once faced. And we can trace this throughout the gospels.

So, set your heart on that blessed hope when we can finally see JESUS face to face and touch HIM. JESUS is our glorious GOD who came down off of HIS throne and clothed HIMself in flesh to walk among HIS creation and to save us from hell, the lake of fire and sin.

Isaiah 9:6, 43:3; Luke 2:11, Acts 2:33, 36, 5:31; 1 Corinthians 11:3; Ephesians 1:22, 5:23; Col. 1:18;  1 Timothy 4:10, 2 Timothy 1:10, Titus 2:13

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When Adam fell, it was not just he himself that fell it was all humans. And because of man’s fall all was and is under sin. The ground became cursed, animals now fear mankind, and mankind will now experience death from the inside out. One of the first acts of disobedience and rebellion we see after man’s fall is in the child of Adam and Eve. Have you ever asked yourself who spoke to him about murdering his very own brother? Where did that passion for killing his brother come from? Sin does not have to teach, cultivated yes, but never taught. We all have that within us. It’s our very nature. Thank you Adam (I say sarcastically). Sure there are many acts of sin many of us will not do, but it does not mean that it’s not there. We know it’s there because at least once in our life we have had a thought to do something that maybe we have not acted on. Our thoughts are a mirror of our heart. This is why it has been so very important then as far back as Adam and Eve until the arrival of JESUS to have faith in HIM. And today nothing has changed, now that HE had once come and now that we look for HIS return we must operate in faith, maybe more so now because they did not have a written scripture to go by. And it was only the Jews that had encounters with GOD. But we have HIS Word in social media, church edifices, libraries, hotel and your cell phone. Literally, we have no excuse.

Though we know that the entire world is in a fallen state, JESUS came as Savior of the world and mankind is the most precious part of the world. More precious than the gems found in the ground, mankind is made in the very image of GOD. And though we are disobedient, our loving FATHER, HE has mercy on us. HE does not want to see us destroyed and this is why JESUS was destroyed for us. Yet, because of the blindness and deafness of sin we don’t realize that JESUS was destroyed for us. When we understand that JESUS has won the battle for us and that we no longer have to struggle in the chains of whatever, then sin will no longer have a grip on us.

The scriptures are for us to study daily, it’s our drink and food. It’s how we grow into the knowledge of who we are in CHRIST JESUS and the victory we have in and through JESUS.  We build our relationship with our FATHER in the Word by studying the scriptures. Let’s take a look at some important points.

  • Inspiration of GOD – The infusion of ideas into the mind of the Holy Spirit; conveying into the minds of men, ideas, by extraordinary or supernatural influence; the communication of the divine will to the understanding by suggestions or impressions on the mind, which leave no room to doubt the reality of their supernatural origin.
  • Profitable for doctrine / teaching – Useful.
  • Reproof – Blame, fault, guilt.
  • Correction – Bringing back, from error and deviation to a just standard, as to truth, morality, justice and propriety.
  • Instruction in righteousness -Teaching or informing the understanding in that of which it was before ignorant information. Applied to GOD, the perfection or holiness of HIS nature; exact morality and faithfulness.

Galatians 3:22; Ro. 11:32; 2 Timothy 3:16






A seed has one purpose. Reproduction. When I see a man, not a male but a man, I see a nation. When I eat any fruit that grows on a tree, I see an orchard. When I eat any fruit that grows from the ground, I see a vineyard. When I see an acorn I see oak trees. When I see white dandelions, I see beautiful yellow dandelions.

It’s all about vision, prospective and most of all it’s all about what GOD has placed in motion that will never be changed.

The LORD GOD set in motion a Seed that all humans desperately needed. The Seed HE gave to humans gave HIM pleasure. The FATHER’s Seed was crushed for us, every type of disease, illness, and sickness was placed on the flesh of this Seed. This Seed was an offering for our sinful, guilty souls. The FATHER is well pleased with the Seed that HE sows in HIS hand because HE knows that it will prosper.

GOD’s Word is Seed and HIS Seed is the Word that was with HIM in the beginning.


So just who is this Seed? JESUS.

We are born again in the FATHER through JESUS who did not have any corruptible seed within HIM because HIS mother did not conceive HIM with the seed of man which is corruptible. JESUS is the Word of GOD HE has always lived and HE will always live and because HE lives within us and us in HIM we too live forever.

Once we have been born again, and it was real not done out of emotionalism but it was done out of faith and the heart. Then it is with  an assurance that we are Abraham’s seed, we are his seed, we share in all of his promises because we are his heirs.

And last but far from least, we are children and heirs of the all mighty GOD. Yes, joint heirs with our LORD JESUS CHRIST! Together we will suffer and be glorified with CHRIST JESUS.

Isaiah 53:10; Luke 8:11; 1 Peter 1:23; Galatians 3:29; Romans 8:17





There was a time I was often heard saying, “You can fool me, yourself, and people in general. But the One no one will ever fool, the One no one will ever succeed in being false with is the LORD GOD. And though I don’t say this as often as I once did, does not mean that I no longer stand by this.

There is going to come a time in every human life when we all must stand before our CREATOR. The LORD GOD will judge the secrets of us all by JESUS CHRIST. That measuring rod will be HIS Word.

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In the Word of GOD, we are commanded to LOVE our brothers in the faith who are in JESUS CHRIST. But there is more backbiting, murmuring and complaining among us than out there in the world. We are judging each other based solely on our own personal perceptions or generational gap disconnect. Had we trained our children according to the Word of GOD in the first place and not tried to be a friend to our children or allow the government to tell us how to discipline our kids at home as long as we did not go overboard and abuse them. Then some of the moral declines that we see with our young people would not be. Instead of us lifting our brothers and sisters in JESUS CHRIST up, we smile in their face, but all the while we are thinking that we can do a better job than they, or why were they chosen to do that task and not you. We’re sneaking and creeping within the church and the world is watching and laughing at the church. Sin looks as though it’s winning. It’s not. Church these are some of the actions and thoughts of the heart that we are going to be judged on.

When we all stand infront of the judgement seat of CHRIST JESUS, most of us will be thinking that we have made it over. That we have made it to our final destination. But the truth is, you are only fooling yourself. How long you stay in heaven is totally up to you. Everything we did with our body, be it good or bad will be judged.


The Good News is this if you have received JESUS into your heart and you confess HIM by faith. You have already been judged and you are in the book of Life. You are no longer dead and there is no guilt found in your works.

But those who deny, refuse, curse, ignore or anything against JESUS those are the ones who are dead. Those are the ones who do not have their name written in the Lamb’s book of Life. You are guilty of all your works. And mercy is now lost to you.

Ro. 2:16, 14:10; 2 Corinthians 5:10; Rev. 20:12, 21:27






In the tapestry of the Old Covenant/ Testament, the old promises, it is asked that we seek the LORD. And when we sought HIM and found HIM, there would be whatever wonderful blessings and conditions that were attached. This is only a backdrop of information.

Today we don’t have to seek the LORD but our heart is seeking HIM and we don’t know it. We are trying to fill our heart with everything but what it needs. The soul is in search of a home, just as we see the homeless out on the streets, every soul is homeless without CHRIST JESUS. And this is the yearning we feel and don’t understand, but we try to fill that yearning with relationships, drugs, alcohol, work, travel, money or whatever gives us that temporary high.

Eventually, people get sick and tired of being sick and tired. They will realize that they have gone as far as they can go to the right, to the left, backward, forward, and now they are as low as they can go in the pit without being dead and ushered into the pit of hell, literally. So what’s left for them to do but to look up where they can begin to seek the FATHER? Ask for help, confess that you are jacked up and that you need JESUS because you can’t do this thing called life on your own.

There are many gods with many names that many people follow and worship but there is only One True Living GOD and HE is the One that people will turn to when they are desperate. HE is the One our soul is thirsty for. HE is the One that our flesh longs for in this dark, dry, lonely, cruel, evil world.

We have to listen earnestly to HIS voice and come to JESUS. HEAR HIM and your soul will be saved. HIS covenant has already been established, HIS promises are sure and everlasting. We don’t have to wait to receive a thing from the FATHER we can get them now in JESUS. Because we have the sure mercies that are better than David’s.

Why are our mercies better than David’s? Because pre-crucifixion of JESUS we had to seek the LORD and live by faith.

Now post-crucifixion of JESUS, JESUS HIMself comes seeking the lost to save them. Glory Hallelujah!! JESUS found me when I was seventeen years of age back in the 1970’s and I’m so ecstatic that HE did. I’m so glad that I heard HIS voice and I answered HIM. I’m so glad that the Holy Spirit has taught me and is continuing to teach me nothing but JESUS. It’s not always been easy, but going through training never is. Being stripped of who you are to become CHRIST like is lifelong. But the more mature you are in JESUS the more of HIS character, integrity and nature you have of HIM. You realize it’s not about you.  


Deuteronomy 4:29; 2 Chr. 15:4; Psalm 63:1; Amos 5:4; Is. 55:3; Lk. 19:10





I tell you when studying the Word of GOD we find that paying attention in school was essential. What caught my attention for the very first time was “most assuredly”. This may not seem like much to you but if you keep this in  the context you may get it. JESUS used a superlative to describe HIS ability or lack thereof. Here this is JESUS the Son of Man (Mary’s son) speaking about HIS need for HIS FATHER. In order for HIM to accomplish anything HE had to do just what HIS FATHER did, and HE did what HIS FATHER did as HIS FATHER did because HIS FATHER showed HIM just as we will be shown.

So many times we credit ourselves for accomplishing things and it maybe true for a temporary moment. But if we want things to last, we would want the LORD to tell and show us how to get things done. Because most times when we do things on our own, we make more mistakes before we get them correct, but in the FATHER, we get them correct the first time. We are hungry for self- recognition when we should be looking to see what we can do to please the FATHER and HIS will.

The world will never see the FATHER in us but the church, as well as ourselves,should know and see the FATHER within us. Just as JESUS said to Phillip, you have been with ME so long and you don’t know ME, you see ME you see the FATHER. This should be us. We have to believe that the FATHER is in us, that JESUS is in us, that we are in the FATHER and that we are in JESUS. We must know because we speak to the FATHER because we are building a relationship with our FATHER that when we speak we will be speaking HIS Words. And we will speak in HIS authority because our FATHER will be doing the work, not us. So if anyone has a reputation on the line it’s HIM, not us.

I cannot stress enough because I need for every believer newborn, toddler, youth, adolescent, and senior citizen in CHRIST JESUS to know that the FATHER is in JESUS, JESUS is in the FATHER. FATHER>JESUS>you; you>JESUS> FATHER>; FATHER>you>JESUS. No matter how we look at it, it’s a marvelous sight.

You see while people are spending thousands and millions on weaves, lashes, false nails and scaring their bodies with tattoos. Those things are only temporary, as much as other things we set our sights on that can be seen by the natural eyes. But those things that do exist that cannot be seen with the natural eyes but can be seen with the spiritual eyes are eternal. Those are the things we need to train our vision on, stop paying attention as to what a person look like outwardly and look to find the FATHER. There is nothing wrong with looking our best, I’m all for great grooming but I’ve never obsessed over it to the point that I neglect the important things in my life to look as the woman does next to me or someone in a magazine or television. I want to see my FATHER and I want others to see HIM also.

In the beginning, when I heard the Word in my spirit, I knew that JESUS is the LORD. I’ve never touched the Man JESUS in the natural but I’ve touched JESUS through touching others that have JESUS on the inside of them. I’ve never seen the Man JESUS but I’ve seen JESUS by looking at people who have JESUS living on the inside of them.

The Word spoke into my spirit. This Word was with GOD. And this Word was the voice of GOD speaking to me. HE could not be denied. In HIM my life changed immediately and my life lite up.

It was not difficult for me to understand, I needed no explanation when I went home and read this the night I received JESUS. The Truth is flesh, Truth is named JESUS, and JESUS once lived on planet earth. Mankind looked at the fullness of HIS glory and did not recognize HIM, mankind did not believe that a Most Holy GOD had a SON or that JESUS is GOD in the flesh. JESUS is the epitome of grace, unmerited favor, blessings, and truth.

Beloved children of the living GOD we have a marvelous testimony from GOD and that is eternal life in HIS SON CHRIST JESUS. Dear reader if you forget everything I’ve written today in this encouraging evangelism blog, please remember this.

  1. Know that JESUS, the SON of GOD has come.
  2. Understand, that we must know JESUS as true.
  3. We are in JESUS, JESUS is true.
  4. CHRIST JESUS is the true GOD and eternal life.

The name of JESUS is The Word of GOD.

If you allow HIM, JESUS will cause you to know the truth and the truth will make you free.

JESUS is the Truth, JESUS is the Way, and JESUS is the life. No one comes to the FATHER except through JESUS.

John 14:9-11; 5:19, 30, 10:38, 2 Corinthians 4:18; 1 John 1:1; Jo. 1:1, 4, 14; 1 Jo. 5:11, 20; Rev. 19:13; Jo. 8:32, 14:6




I often wrote about my testimony of being delivered from a spirit that I never knew I had. This spirit would not show up on a daily basis but in times when I felt cornered, pressured, and my stress level has reached its boiling point. The first time he showed up I was in my young twenties and the last time I was in my young forties. Both times the damage that was done was uncharacteristic of me. And not only that, I have no remembrance of them, only what was told to me by a person and lastly by the Holy Spirit.

By now you are wondering what this spirit could have been, it was anger. My character during my first forty years of life was to be too abused in various forms. Sometimes I would lash out from emotion but that was very rare and when I did no one took me seriously.

When you hold pain in you think that you are in control but that pain will give birth to something unhealthy and that thing will manifest itself into some form that you don’t want to have. For example, I had a spirit of depression, suicide tendencies, oppression, and anger. All of which is recognizable but not dealt with properly by family because they are too busy with their own agendas. Or it’s overly dealt with but inappropriately by giving medication, yes, give us medication that’s the answer to everything. But the majority of what we see but the church is asleep are spirits having a hay-day with people.

Anyway, when I found myself in a place of no escape. The LORD GOD was able to get through to me again, thank YOU JESUS! Then I began to read testimonial books of others. Then all of a sudden I heard the Holy Spirit tell me to get up and go into my room and shut the door. Kneel before the LORD your GOD. I did. Then I began to unload, I began to ask for forgiveness for those who hurt me and tell my FATHER that I forgive them too. And literally, all of a sudden I began to feel chains and weights being lifted off my neck and shoulders that draped down my back and hips. I felt the presence of angels taking them away. I began to cry harder than I think I ever did in life or maybe as hard as I did when a newborn.

When I was literally lifted up and sat down on the bed, I remember saying, “Uh-uh, nothing negative is taken without something being put in its place”. I was asked, “What is it that you want”? My response, “the fruit of the Spirit”.

I was led to the Word of GOD and I quickly turned to Galatians 5:20 and I began to devour the characteristics of what one looks like when the Holy Spirit lives within them. Now I was baptized in the Holy Spirit when I was twenty-six years of age, it was evident but because I did not know who I was in CHRIST JESUS, who JESUS is fully I was robbing myself of a wonderful life in JESUS.

The only way for anyone to know who JESUS is and to know who you are in JESUS is that we have to eat and drink HIS Word daily. I don’t mean those little snippets that most of us do and think we are getting it done. I mean some hardcore study of the Word, meditating on the Word, speaking to the FATHER and waiting to hear HIS voice.

For those of you who are watching self-help programs to fix yourself, your relationship or your kids, the Bible will teach you properly about self-control. The Bible will cause you to stop reading those silly self-help books and magazines when the only person who maybe truly helped is the author and publisher financially. If you have an addiction, finding out the truth without being told that you are doomed for the remainder of your life and that you will be forever labeled “recovering” will set you free by the grace and mercy which is truly self-control in CHRIST JESUS. If you still have a desire, think about, want to do, a hunger for or a thirst for anything but don’t do it, good you are showing limited self-control and this is why the world labels us recovering because the world will say it’s possible that you will fall or that you are doomed to fall into that thing again. But the Word of GOD will deliver you, set you free forever and you will not be labeled recovering because the desire, the taste, the want, the thought, the hunger or anything else possible for you to fall into that thing will no longer be there for you. This is self-control in the Holy Spirit of CHRIST JESUS.

Galatians 5:23