Because the Spirit of the LORD rest within JESUS. We can be assured that when we have the Spirit of the LORD within us that we too are at rest.

We can rest because it is through JESUS Holy Spirit that we have wisdom because our FATHER said that HE would give this to us liberally if we would only ask HIM for it. And with our getting we are to get understanding. We are also counselled by the Holy Spirit, we are not left ignorant to the enemy’s devices. We can gain daily knowledge from being guided by the teaching of the Holy Spirit and to understand just what it means to have a healthy fear which means respect for the FATHER.

JESUS is a justifier and HE justifies through HIS Holy Spirit. This is how JESUS recognizes HIS own and believe it or not we too can recognize one another by the response the Holy Spirit within us prompts us to know that we are in the presence of a relative.

Coming to JESUS we give to HIM our old deceitful, evil heart made of stone and JESUS will give to us a heart made of flesh. As well our spirit is born anew with an eternal hope of life.

In order to obtain this wonderful Spirit that JESUS has we must first be born again. Once we believe in our heart and confess with our mouth that JESUS is LORD. Then if we have time (earthly living time because some people will believe just moments before death) we should receive water baptism in the name of JESUS and either before, during or after ask for the baptism of the Holy Spirit. We must follow the example JESUS left for us, though HE was not in need of either baptisms, JESUS demonstrated for us how we are to give an outward showing of our being buried with HIM and to rise again as HE did. As well to have the Holy Spirit residing within us.

The baptism of the Holy Spirit by far is the better baptism because this is the baptism that gives us power to overcome. Unlike water baptism, no one will be able to witness this baptism years down the line of our lives. But the power that comes from the baptism of the Holy Spirit is evident throughout the remainder of our earthly life. Because of this baptism we will most definitely know and so will others recognize that the FATHER, SON and Holy Spirit live with us and we live with HIM.

Because the Holy Spirit resides within us there is nothing good that we will lack. We will have the capability to do far more than JESUS was able to do in HIS earthly life. The Holy Spirit is also known for imparting gifts on those that He desires to give them to.

Because of the Holy Spirit we are able to live free in the fullness of grace given to us through the mercy of CHRIST JESUS. He shows us how to live according to the spirit of the law versus the letter of the law which caused us to sin because none of us were able to keep the law.

Our coming to the Savior was done through one body and one Spirit which gives us an eternal hope through CHRIST JESUS.

It is ever so important that we read and study our Word that comes straight from the heart of our FATHER. HE instructs us through the Holy Spirit how to sow/live in the spirit so that we can reap a harvest according to the Spirit. The Holy Spirit sanctifies us which means we are to be separated from corruption to righteousness because we are made righteous through JESUS.

The Holy Spirit is a discerner of every intent within our heart, HE is the only one who can get down into the very marrow of our bones where the life force of our being is. The Holy Spirit is deeply in love with JESUS and He loves us as well. So when He lives on the inside of us He will not allow shared occupancy between Himself and evil. The Holy Spirit is jealous, He only has a desire for everything JESUS and nothing less.

So how will we know that the Holy Spirit truly is living within us? We will want to do those wrong things that we have been so accustomed to doing and find it impossible to accomplish them or if we carry them out it will tear us up to the point we will no longer want to do those things again. We will begin to recognize the voice of the Holy Spirit and begin to obey Him more frequently as we mature. However, if we can live our lives as we did before confessing JESUS as our Savior and not be bothered with what we are doing and saying, chances are the Holy Spirit is not inside of you.

Isaiah 11:2, 42:1, Ezekiel 18:31, Mk. 1:10, Jhn. 1:32, 14:20, Acts 10:38, 1 Corinthians 12:3-4,7-9, 11, 13, 2 Corinthians 3:6, Eph. 4:4, 6:17, Galatians 6:8, 1Thessalonians 5:23, Hebrews 4:12, James 4:5, 1 John 4:13

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We’ve all been there, having the Word of GOD at our disposal, yet, not utilizing the Word of for our lives.

It is because of this that many in the faith are still being defeated, not knowing how and what to do with our lives.

Let me make this abundantly clear, accepting and believing in CHRIST JESUS will never remove us from the stressors of life. However, coming to CHRIST JESUS as we have will equip us to stand up and not give into our trials which are all around us.

We are still going to have to pay our monthly debts known as mortgage and rent, utilities, food, home and personal hygiene supplies and food. We will still have to interact with people, some that we like and some not so much. We will still have to tolerate sin in this world. But that does not mean that we have to go along with sin by any stretch of the imagination. We are to love those who sin but we are to hate the sin itself.

Some of us have read the scriptures about putting on the whole armor of GOD. The problem I’ve found with this because I was once guilty of doing this myself. Is that we take the armor off just as we do our clothing. Who told us to take the armor off? When we are not dressed for battle or are improperly dressed the enemy can see our weakness or weak spots. When this happens the attack is on and we are knocked down and wounded.

The children of faith, the church, us folk are to always be watching for coming attacks. In doing so we are to stand firm in our faith in CHRIST JESUS, never once doubting that HE alone will and can handle every situation that comes our way. We are to be brave in and through JESUS, we are not cowards. And all of our strength comes from JESUS.

So today, at this very moment, stop what you are doing and put on your entire armor of the Living GOD and never take it off again. In this, now we are dressed for battle to stand against each and every trick that the devil brings to us. Know that the devil never takes a day off from accusing the church which is you of all our wrong thoughts and deeds. Know that the devil is our enemy and that he will attack everyone we love, come after our employment, homes, transportation and health. Nothing is off limits to get us back to doing what he desires us to do at all cost.

Now let’s get dressed. Put on,

  • The belt of truth
  • The breastplate of righteousness
  • Shoes of peace
  • The shield of faith
  • The helmet of salvation
  • The sword of the spirit.

Now that you are dressed know what purpose our attire has.

Belt of truth, a belt encircles us on our waist. This should remind us that JESUS is surrounding us. Breastplate of righteousness, look on it as the bullet proof vest. These vest when properly sized to fit the wearer covers all the vital organs within the core of our body. Shoes of peace, we are to always be people of peace, never argumentative or one who causes confusion. We are to be examples of forgiveness, grace, love and mercy. Shield of faith, regardless what we see or hear that is not of the Living GOD, we are to speak the Word in complete faith that JESUS was and most of all is and that the Word of the Living GOD is not empty but full of life and promise. Helmet of faith, protects our mind from outside influence. The enemy loves to attack our mind and we can’t fight the enemy with our thoughts. The words people speak at us that have no bearing on the Word of GOD for whom HE said we are, can cause great havoc as well. So when we hear everything negative that comes at us we are to speak what JESUS said in regards to the situation or about ourselves. Speak not think. Sword of the spirit is the very Word of the Living GOD which we have in our bibles. Today’s technology has made it very possible to always have the Word of GOD at our disposal. We can listen to audio bibles anywhere and everywhere. And when possible we should use our idle time to read our Word. Search out matters that affect your right now situation.

Look, to everyone JESUS is standing at our door knocking wanting to come in and eat with us. To the believer, never think that we have it all together. There are still parts of our heart that JESUS has not taken up residency and HE wants in, but only we can open that door. JESUS will never break in, HE wants to be invited. To the non-believer, some of you have heard the voice of JESUS and for pride sake you are still rejecting JESUS. You are more concerned with what others will think. You don’t understand and you believe that you must do something other than accepting and believing in JESUS. Well, the continuation of rejecting JESUS will reserve you a first class seat to hell in the lake of fire which was reserved for satan and his demons.

1 Corinthians 6:13, Ephesians 6:13 & Revelation 3:20

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Once we come to JESUS the CHRIST, we must purpose within our heart to travel in one direction. Towards HIM. We are to have a clear and fixed purpose of faith in JESUS alone.

In our lifetime of reading the Word of GOD, we may not understand all of what we read. However, with unwavering faith we must be firmly established in knowing that JESUS does not change. HE was the same yesterday, is the same today and will be the same forevermore.

We must desire that JESUS enlarge the territory of our heart with HIS presence and Word. We do this through being in a relationship with HIM. It does not make sense to say that we know JESUS and yet spend no time with HIM. Whenever we are interested in getting to know anyone, we make time to speak with them and spend time with them face to face.

When we don’t take the time to build a relationship with others, we speculate about who and what they are. We may have an idea based on what others have said or for the short moment of time we were near them audible or visually. But this does not build, form or make a meaningful relationship.

When we read and study the Word during our quiet time, we are finding out through the experience of others who JESUS is and what HE did and said. But when we apply what we read then and only then will we get to know firsthand for ourselves. Also, we should speak to JESUS, HE is interested in our daily lives. From what may seem small and insignificant to us, thinking HE’s not interested to those things that stress us out. Share with HIM what caused you to smile and laugh, cry, feel sad, caused you to be angry and so forth.

We will share these with those in our lives that for the most part don’t really care, however JESUS does. JESUS is never busy with someone else or something else that HE is not available for us.

As our relationship is developed and we begin to trust JESUS more and more with everything in our lives. We will find ourselves living in an existence of plenty, knowing that our supplies come from JESUS through others.

A fulfilled relationship in CHRIST JESUS requires us to maintain a want to grow in the faith. We anchor ourselves to JESUS because of the blessed hope that we are learning as we read the Word, apply the Word and speak with JESUS. Also in all these we will find it incredibly easy to forgive and love those who are not easy to forgive or love.

Today, are you willing to anchor yourself so that nothing and no one will cause you to move from trusting JESUS completely?

Psalms 57:7, 1 Corinthians 15:58, Colossians 1:23, 1 Peter 5:9

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What makes a person good? Can we cause ourselves to be good? The answer is found in the heart. What’s in our heart and who lives in our heart?

We can find examples of good men, such as the Cushite who was told to deliver a message to King David about the death of his son Absalom. The Cushite told the truth about the LORD avenging versus Joab’s victory in which he wanted the king to know. Joab wanted a lie told but the Cushite told the truth.

Another example we can find is that only JESUS can cause a person to be good. Only in the righteousness of JESUS will we become gracious and know how and when to lend but most of all we will consider our brothers and sisters in the faith first so that we will lack no good thing. A good person who is righteous in their heart because of JESUS will always know how to guide their affairs with discretion. A good person is merciful from his soul. Good people will always leave an inheritance for their children. Good people are satisfied from JESUS and in JESUS. Good people in and from their heart have good treasures to give out to all, especially their brothers and sisters of the faith who are to come first. Good people are filled with the Holy Spirit and walk in faith for all things. And most important, we must realize that GOD alone is good, (Mt.19:17). Unaware the rich young ruler called JESUS, GOD. Though he was correct, JESUS was aware that he did not know what he was saying. Because the ruler only saw JESUS as a “Good Teacher”.

We must not minimize who JESUS is, JESUS is GOD without question. The scriptures makes this perfectly clear and those who have eyes to see will see and those who have ears to hear will hear.

People are quick to say GOD knows my heart. Yes, this is true but we don’t. We need JESUS desperately in our heart so that we may become good people. Daily I ask the FATHER to remove every dark, evil, sinful wickedness from my heart. I don’t want anything that is dark, I want JESUS to illuminate my heart. I don’t want a hint of mold in my heart, I want JESUS to wash and disinfect my heart. Anything and all things that is not like JESUS, I want in my heart because I want HIS character and integrity to be revealed within me. Me, myself and I, are not good but in CHRIST JESUS, I am good because of HIS righteousness.   

Psalms 37:23, Proverbs 20:24

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Stir up your gift


Do you know what you are gifted for? How do you know what your gift is?

It’s simple, your gift is that thing that you can do without any effort, it’s not a challenge, and it just rolls from you naturally. Here are some examples:

  • You can sing, everyone who hears you know you can sing. You’ve not taken one singing lesson.
  • You can install or repair anything electrical. You’ve never been trained.
  • You can look at a mathematical problem and see the solution in a manner of seconds. And I don’t mean just addition, subtraction, multiplication or division. I’m writing about those who have the ability to look at this. ( or or  )

All of us have at least one gift within us. Most often than not our gift reveals itself when we are very young. Prior to school age or within a couple of years of our attending school.

Unfortunately people who have never been encouraged to indulge in their dreams learn from others how to assassinate the desires, dreams, goals and visions of others. And those gifts become dormant or just hobbies.

When we see our little ones exploring their dreams we should encourage them. If it’s the blue print for their lives they will stick with it, if not they will not but at least they had fun with the exploration of it and they will recall that you had part in that.

As parents, grandparents and guardians, we are the first teachers our children will learn from. So we should teach them how to stir up the one gift or those gifts that are within them. Never tell someone what he or she can’t do or that no one is interested in what they have to offer.

Never allow a gift to be neglected. Now ask yourself, what gift do I have dormant within me? Stir up your own self and allow your gift to shine. 


1 Tim. 4:14, 2 Timothy 1:6

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The Chosen STONE and HIS chosen people


Here is a call to all mankind who are willing to hear.

Come to JESUS, this very same JESUS the CHRIST that from the beginning mankind have rejected and still do reject. Yet, HE is so very precious in the eyes of the LORD GOD, HIS FATHER.

Come and be built up in HIM. JESUS desires us to become a living spiritual house. We are to be dedicated and consecrated for HIS good works on a daily basis. Also we are to always be in a posture of offering spiritual sacrifices which are completely pleasing to the FATHER and to JESUS.

So just what would spiritual sacrifices be? Obedience to be and do as JESUS has desired for us in the perfection of the New Covenant that HE left for us.

1 Peter 2:4-5

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It has taken me quit a wee while to write since the last blog. I’ve been listening to the voice of the people and waiting for the Holy Spirit to tell me it’s time.

As a former victim of depression I have compassion to anyone non-believer in JESUS and most of all a believer in CHRIST JESUS who suffer from depression.

There is so much I could share with you but it would take more of my time than this blog. And your participation would be that you just believe and trust in the right and not the wrong. This is a major hurdle that all victims of depression must overcome.

With JESUS is wisdom, not earthly wisdom that is obtained through education because that’s knowledge. Wisdom is of the Living GOD and if we want it that is where we go to get it. Also let’s face it, we must be true to ourselves. We are limited in strength of heart and mind. We are this way because we have no connection with the FATHER. Non-believers in and of CHRIST JESUS stand in rejection of HIM. So as long as they remain in a stance of rejection toward JESUS they will never know that they are overcomers of depression and can have their heart and mind strengthen in JESUS. Some believers in JESUS don’t know they are overcomers in JESUS because they will not read their bibles and apply the Word to their life.

JESUS is a counselor, HE understands the stress each of us endures. FATHER is wise in heart and strength. All that emotion, mental and physical abuse we’ve endured for many years JESUS can take it away in an instant if we trust HIM. When you think about it what would you rather have, the hurt and pain or the trust and victory of a new life in JESUS?

JESUS is mighty in strength of understanding. No matter how much we curse our pain, nurse our pain or rehears our pain, we never understand why we were singled out to be the victims of depression.

Carefully look at the breakdown of the word depression, this is what those of you who live with this demonic spirit is going through.

De = a prefix that is used to remove or separate from; Press = steady applied weight; weigh heavily on; hold close; grip; flatten; extract; harass; afflict; insistence; Pression = pressure.

Now let’s look at a few words that will accompany depression. Abandonment; anger; anxiety; bitterness; doubt; envy; fear; grief; guilt; hate; hopelessness; jealousy; loneliness; lust; oppression; pain; remorse; sadness; stress; struggles; weak; worry. 

*If you will like to read a blog I wrote on depression a few years ago you will find it in one of the other social media sites where all the blogs are posted. Blogger.com, WordPress.com

Job 12:13

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