Redeemed by the REDEEMER

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No one has been missed. Everyone if they want grace can have it. Because grace made an appearance here on earth and brought salvation with HIM from GOD. Grace will teach us all that when we deny the sins of this world with its lusts and ungodliness. That we can live godly, righteously, and soberly. We have a blessed hope that we can look to, we know that we have a glorious hope from our great GOD and Savior JESUS CHRIST, HE is the One who gave HIMself up for us all. HE is the One and only One who was able to redeem us. Through CHRIST JESUS we become pure and free from the lawless nature of sin. We become HIS and HE becomes ours, we are known by HIM and it will be because we know that through this unimaginable love that CHRIST JESUS has for us that we will want to be righteous.

You know sometimes when I write to you I have to stop and give my GOD a praise, thanking HIM for who I am in HIM.  JESUS has an inheritance which is far more excellent than anything a man can comprehend and because HE has an inheritance so do I. Do you realize that just in HIS most powerful name is our inheritance? Whew, glory to GOD!

By using the only blood which is more potent than that of HIS creations such as animals or humans. JESUS is the One who entered the Most Holy Place once, one time, repetition is not required for each and every human or every time we make a mistake that is sinful. We have an eternal redemption, glory to GOD!

What is better than the blood of JESUS CHRIST? Who else can offer his blood which is not holy but sinful, who believed though HE had not made an appearance as yet on the earth? Who else can offer his blood which is sinful, for the people that are alive on this earth with you at this moment? Who else can offer his blood which is sinful, for the people who will be born in future that happen every second of the day? No one can do this!! The blood of JESUS which is sin free, which is pure, which has the power to clean us from every past, present, and future sin and through HIS eternal Spirit was able to offer HIMself up to GOD. The conscience of man becomes clean from every dead work so that we will serve with gladness and love our living GOD. When satan that evil accuser throws those fiery darts our way, reminding us of our past or about the present mistakes we have made that are sinful. CHRIST JESUS is the One who speaks up on our behalf to the FATHER and all that is seen on us is the Blood. Sin no longer exist within us because of our awaken spirit who is free from sin. We have a New Covenant, a New Contract, and a New Will that we possess now, not having to wait to receive from our GOD when we get to heaven but we can take possession right now. This is the promise we have in our eternal inheritance.

Our GOD is the Creator of mankind but our GOD is not the FATHER of mankind without HIS Beloved Son JESUS. To gain the FATHER as your FATHER you must receive by faith JESUS, it’s imperative that we believe in JESUS. There is no other way we can be delivered from ourselves or this evil that dwells on the inside of us. We must want to live in the will of GOD our FATHER.

CHRIST is a Redeemer! Maybe you don’t know what that is, allow me to explain. Each and every one of us operates in the place of a redeemer, I know some of you are asking when or how do I operate as a redeemer. Each time we make a purchase we are given a receipt, this is proof that we made a purchase from that significant place of business. So if for any reason we need to return to that business we have our proof of redemption. Or we use coupons to obtain an item for less than the selling price. Well, JESUS did the same for us with HIS blood, JESUS purchased back from sin and the creator of sin, and we have also been freed from the law which is or was a curse towards us. How many of you like living or being cursed? I’m certain that no one knowingly wants to live in or under a curse and if you know that you are cursed I’m certain you are looking for a way out of it. We need to know that when we are under attack we can show that we are redeemed by praising and worshipping GOD as well as reminding our attacker that we belong to JESUS.

Most wonderful reader, I hope that if you are saved by the grace of our living GOD that you are sharing these blogs with others, especially those who don’t know (have JESUS) living on the inside of their heart. They need to know that our Redeemer lives! They need to know that our Redeemer is mighty and that HE will plead for us when the enemy comes against us. Each soul needs an attorney, maybe not in the natural but spiritually we do because when we belong to JESUS that devil has placed a target on our heart to get us back at all cost. That devil will accuse us of every mistake we will make, he will use our spouses, our children, our parent’s anyone who is close and dear to us in our heart. We will even be attacked in our schools and place of employment and by our neighbors. No one is off limits that he will use to attack us. So when JESUS lives within our heart and we allow our flesh to rise up we make a mistake and sin, JESUS will speak to the FATHER and instead of being judged because of sin the Righteous Judge will only see the precious blood of HIS Beloved Son and we will stand acquitted.

We don’t have a weak redeemer, our Redeemer is strong! Our Redeemer’s name is the LORD of hosts and HE gives us rest. JESUS is the Holy One.

Are you in CHRIST JESUS, do you want to be in CHRIST JESUS? I hope so, I know I want you to be in CHRIST JESUS, I want you to know the wisdom of GOD because you are in HIM. I want you to know that in CHRIST JESUS you are righteous, you are sanctified and you are redeemed. You should want to glorify the LORD by now.

Ah, the grace of GOD is rich the grace of GOD forgives us daily. I’m offering you through these blogs to believe and receive the free gift that was very costly of GOD to offer up HIS Beloved Son JESUS for each of us in this world. Will you please receive the redemptive blood of CHRIST JESUS today? We can never get right enough through our own efforts before coming to GOD, this is why we need JESUS. Come to the Redeemer and be washed clean, be purified, be sanctified, become righteous in the blood of JESUS.


Titus 2:11-14;  Heb. 1:4; 9:12, 14-15; Galatians 1:4, 3:13; Job 19:25; Proverbs 23:11, 22:23; Jeremiah 50:34; is. 47:4; 1 Corinthians 1:30-31; Ephesians 1:7



The LORD GOD commanded mankind to be fruitful and multiply. This did not only pertained to bringing forth descendent through the reproduction of self-effort. It also means that we are to learn and teach everyone we come in connection with about the saving grace of CHRIST JESUS. JESUS came and saved the world from sin through HIS blood on the cross by dying so we do not have to die and rose from the dead to prove HIS authority and existence as the one and only GOD.

When we share our testimony of our experience from or with JESUS to others and invite those who don’t know HIM and HIS love toward us. We present the free gift of salvation that was so costly in hopes that they will receive the gift from JESUS. Once people by faith receive the blessed gift of salvation, the reproduction process from sin and satan to righteousness in JESUS takes over. This is called the new birth which is not of humankind self-effort but by the Holy Spirit and the grace of GOD. This change will renew the heart and spirit by a change of affections. This change within our heart and our affections will go from a natural hatred for GOD and HIS Word to the love of GOD and HIS Word.

JESUS came forward as our Savior with the kindness and love that only GOD can have towards humankind when HE appeared. When we tell people that we have to get ourselves right before coming to church or getting close to JESUS, we are only lying and fooling ourselves because we will never ever be able to get ourselves right enough before coming to JESUS. JESUS is aware of who we all are and HE wants us to come to HIM just the way we are. JESUS is the One who does the cleaning, and the getting us right. JESUS is merciful and HE is the only One who can, could and did save us if we only believe in HIM. By His Holy Spirit, JESUS comes in and cleans us by washing away every evidence and scent of sin from us. We become renewed and justified in HIM.

The grace of GOD which came, did not come just for one person, meaning if we have CHRIST JESUS living on the inside of us, how can we not share with others how JESUS came to save everyone? JESUS through His Holy Spirit will teach us how to live righteously, soberly and godly. We are purified and freed from every lawless deed we had within us because of the purification we now have.

What a blessing to know that JESUS gave HIMself for our sins so that we can be delivered from the pit of hell with an everlasting torment and lake of fire that is never quenched. From the snare, and grasp of satan. We have so much to rejoice about because this was and is the will of the FATHER.

JESUS expressed the brightness of HIS glory being the expressed image of HIS person who is GOD. JESUS upholds all things with HIS Word and HIS power and HE is the One who purged sin from us, then HE sat down at the right hand of the Majesty on high because HIS work is finished.   

Some believe that you have to be saved again and again because we return back to our old nature. I don’t believe this because if we have to be saved again and again from sin, we are basically saying that we don’t believe that the one time crucified JESUS whose blood flowed from HIS body to wash and purify us from sin was not enough. We return back to our old nature because we do not study and apply the Word of GOD to our life, we do not believe and trust in what the Word of GOD has to tell us in that situation. Or we just don’t know what the Word of GOD has to say about who we are in CHRIST JESUS. But the Word of GOD is true and when we have come to JESUS and receive HIS free gift of salvation we are regenerated from that deadly and sinful nature we once had to a clean conscience to serve a living GOD.

JESUS purchased us, yes this was the redemption process. When we make a purchase it cost us something and we get a receipt to prove what was sold to us. This too is a redemption process.

It’s good and acceptable in the sight of GOD to have us desire to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the  pure truth.

I hear many people say that negative things happen to us because GOD is trying to tell us that HE is not pleased with us. This may have been true before JESUS came and died on the cross for us but this definitely is not true today. Even before JESUS came and lived on this earth, our loving GOD did not find it pleasurable that we would die and go to hell, a place that was not meant for us to go but was made for satan and his demons only.        GOD our FATHER has always had a desire for us to live eternally with HIM. And to live with JESUS in us and us in JESUS is truly living. I hate to hear when especially at funerals people say that GOD needed someone or GOD took someone or GOD needed a flower or GOD has made someone into an angel. These stupid quips may make a person feel good for the moment but these stupid quips also push people away from a loving, kind and merciful GOD. Our GOD does not find pleasure at any time when people die. But when people who know JESUS by faith and intimately leave us, they are only asleep and will rise again. This is one of the reasons why our FATHER wants us to turn from death in satan and live in CHRIST JESUS.

Ah, eternal life. To have a spiritual and heart knowing relationship with JESUS the only true GOD who was sent to us.

Don’t you want to know JESUS? Don’t you want to understand who JESUS is and who we are in HIM? JESUS has a delight in exercising towards us HIS lovingkindness and righteousness in the earth. And because we belong to HIM we no longer have to be judged by HIM because that has already occurred. However, those who do not believe and receive HIM will be judged and JESUS has no delight in that. HE has done all that will be done for us to come to HIM through faith. So HE will find no pleasure in pronouncing judgement on those who have rejected HIM.

There is no other GOD but One and He who glories, glory in the LORD. The LORD is a light to mankind if you want to come out of darkness.

Sin is magnified by the law and the law shows us that we are unrighteous and sinful in the sight of a holy GOD. And trying to obey the law by self-effort, by our own will never justify us before the sight of our holy GOD. This is why we need JESUS so desperately so we can stop trying to be righteous and just be righteous in JESUS.

So come all of you who don’t have JESUS living in your heart and you are not living in JESUS, come. Allow JESUS to give you a new heart and a new spirit within you. Allow JESUS to tear down your hard heart that heart that you barricade in the hopes that it will not be hurt again. And JESUS will give you a soft, fleshy and loving heart from HIM. Every human needs to be regenerated in CHRIST JESUS.

Titus 3:4-7, 2:11-14; Gal.1:4; Heb.1:3, 9:14; Ex.15:16; 1 Tim. 2:3-4; Ezek. 18:23, 32; Jhn. 17:3; Jer.9:24; 1 Cor.1:31, 8:4; Mic. 7:8; Rom. 3:20; Ezek. 36:26




Every single person on the planet needs to have a heart and spirit regeneration. All of us need to have our heart renewed in the likeness of JESUS. Is there any who are guilty of this saying? “JESUS knows my heart or and I love the lord or JESUS.” What’s wrong with this saying are the following;

  1. JESUS does know your heart, the thing is this, you don’t. You have not come to the knowledge that the heart is sinfully wicked and in need of a Savior.
  2. If you truly loved JESUS, you would have received HIM into your heart so that your spirit could be born again into the image of CHRIST JESUS. You would want JESUS to truly be your LORD and not your lord.

If JESUS is not our greatest affection, if our heart has not been changed from our natural hatred towards receiving JESUS and obeying HIS Word, from being enemies to becoming friends and from malice to love, then we are not regenerated. JESUS will reproduce within us HIS character and integrity by becoming born anew, renovated in our heart and changed from a natural being to a spiritual creation within HIM.

The love of GOD was shown to the world through the kindness of the Savior CHRIST JESUS when HE came to earth in human form. There was or is nothing we can ever do by works that will get us into heaven to see our Holy GOD and Creator. We have no righteousness to perform such a task. It’s only through the grace, mercy, and righteousness, of the Savior CHRIST JESUS that we will be washed clean and renewed from our sin and saved of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is poured out on everyone abundantly who will choose to receive JESUS in faith as the Savior. This is our only hope of becoming justified by the grace of JESUS so that we can become complete heirs according to the hope of the eternal life promise given to us.

There is nothing in the law including the Ten Commandments which is the law as well that we can do with our own self- effort that will justify us in the sight of GOD.  The law including the Ten Commandments shows us just how sinful we are without the help of JESUS. If you don’t believe me use the natural law as an example, if you are a driver and the speed limit is posted as such and such, yet, you go over the speed limit. Are you obeying the law? Pedestrians are required to walk within the pedestrian walk path while crossing the street and with the traffic light. If you are crossing on a red light, do not walk signal or outside of the pedestrian walk path are you jay-walking or obeying the law? If you are to report to work from the start time designated to you and you are to leave at the designated time given to you, do you often arrive late or leave early without notifying your manager before hand? The last example, you are told that you must adhere to something that will truly benefit you but you don’t like what information you were given. Do you obey or disobey? If you can answer that you honestly follow all the guidelines without grace or mercy and you are successfully adhering to everything given, in the example by your own effort. Maybe you don’t need JESUS because the moment the Israelites said that they could do what GOD wanted them to do HE gave them the Ten Commandments to show them that they can do nothing without HIM.  

Titus 3:5; Ro. 3:20





You know it is often said that we had nothing to do with nor did we ask to be born with sin in us. And to a point, that statement is correct. Anyone born from Adam did not ask for this sinful nature, however, because Adam chose to disobey what our Holy and Sinless GOD taught him. This is the curse we bare. True, it was Eve who was tempted and ate first, but notice that sin did not come through the woman but the man who was to be in the position of protector, speaker, and in-charge. Adam stood right there and listened to his wife speak to the serpent/satan and watched as she ate the forbidden fruit. What form was the fruit, no one knows because it’s not told to us and because it was not given to us to know we need to discontinue saying that Eve ate and gave to her husband a bite of an apple. What, is told to us, however, is that they ate from the tree of Knowledge of good and evil and because of Adam eating the seed barer and blood provider from his first born down to every single baby that has been and will be born. We carry that sin within our own blood. The woman does not provide her unborn child with any blood at all, all the blood that courses through our veins came from our father. So sin reigns supreme in our mortal bodies from conception until we choose to come to JESUS.

Once we come to JESUS our blood and spirit is washed clean from all sin but unfortunately the desire to sin is still there because though our spirit has been saved our soul and flesh were not. So, what has to be done is that we must develop a transformed mind which lines up with JESUS and we do this by reading, studying and applying the Word of GOD to our lives. Before coming to JESUS we just did what we wanted to do without thought as to how our actions affect us and others. Now that we have come to JESUS the battle between our spirit who wants to please JESUS and our flesh who wants to please self is on. What we need to know and live out through faith in JESUS is that through faith we have been given grace and much more grace. We have been given a gift from JESUS and that gift is our righteousness through HIM. So, just as sin reigned supreme in our lives, now through faith our righteousness reign supreme in JESUS who lives within us.

Now that we know that we are righteous in CHRIST JESUS and that we no longer have a need to sin, we no longer have to feed our impulses in the flesh. Just ignore what the flesh is hungering for, don’t allow sin to cause you to become guilty again. And it will because our desire is to please the FATHER and when we continue to think, say and do what we know is displeasing to the FATHER, satan will come and infiltrate our minds with accusations about what we are thinking, saying and doing. This is what he does to those that he knows belong to CHRIST JESUS. Is it easy on us to just deny our flesh? Nope. We are not accustomed to not giving into our desires but through faith, as we continue to gain strength from JESUS those desires will become a thing of the past to the point that they will no long bother us.

But beware of becoming presumptuous. Meaning at the moment that we think that there is no way possible for us to return back to or do something that we may have never done before. That’s the time when satan begins to plot and carry out his trap for us. At no time are we to become bold and confident in our ability to withhold or withstand from doing wrong. This is not a reasonable ability for success. When we believe that we can because of our own efforts, we throw to the winds our trust in JESUS and the hazards of safety is removed. We have applied arrogance and pride to our own self- effort. In overbearing and domineering self- effort power we exercise our willfulness to be rash in our self- confidence and will violate our known duty to JESUS. All of our self- effort brings us back to transgressing against JESUS. This is what the Israelites did and this is why the Ten Commandants were given, to prove to us that it is impossible to keep all ten without the grace of righteousness which is only given to us through CHRIST JESUS. I see lawbreakers each and every day when I’m driving so if we can’t keep our natural laws why do we believe that we can keep our spiritual laws? Laws are not for the righteous but for the unrighteous the unlawful due to rebellion and sin. Our trust in our gift of righteousness which will cause us to obey each and every commandment which is all tied up in one commandment. Love.


Romans 5:17, 6:12; Psalms 19:13reignlogo4



Why are not those who proclaim to be the children of GOD find it difficult to rejoice their FATHER on a daily basis? Is it because most of us are not filled with unspeakable joy? Is it because we believe that we are joyful when we are not having a troublesome moment at the time?  Why is it we can rejoice when we attend worship service? Well, if we knew what it truly means to rejoice our FATHER we would know that our rejoicing HIM is not based on our emotion and circumstances for the moment. We will understand that when we rejoice in the FATHER we are actually worshipping HIM. But first, we must ask for this spirit of  joy that the Word of GOD speaks about so that we can experience the joy that HE desires for HIS kids and we must live in the spirit of gladness. Our being able to rejoice our FATHER is based on us knowing that we have authority in JESUS.

Once we come to the FATHER through JESUS our hearts are immediately changed and we are holy in heart and spirit. We will become observant of GOD’s grace and mercy for us. And as we grow and become mature in JESUS we will desire to apply the Word of GOD to our lives that JESUS has commanded us to live. It is through the righteousness of JESUS that we are justified.  So, once we live in this authority that I’ve made you aware of or reminded you of, we will rejoice in the FATHER because HE deserves to be rejoiced  for what HIS Word has promised and we experience in our lives. Our rejoicing the FATHER  is appropriate, it get’s HIS attention, it’s attractive to HIM, and becoming. So if you are truly honest and justified within your heart, rejoicing the FATHER is effortless. But don’t be boxed into thinking that we must rejoice GOD in a particular form or fashion. To the quiet individual, you may not exult loudly, it may be quiet or in a dance, just trust the Holy Spirit to conduct you. For the more vocal individual, you are more likely to be very animated in rejoicing the FATHER. Don’t criticize another for rejoicing the FATHER differently than you. When I rejoice, my FATHER, I begin to think about all HE’s done in my life, I will read HIS Word especially those scriptures that informs us about rejoicing. I open my mouth and begin to rejoice, it begins more times than not as a whisper than before I’m done I become loud. For me, I go from 0 to 60 slowly but I get there. GOD does not reject our rejoicing of HIM because we are not very animated people. Look, HE is the One who made us so we must realize that because we are uniquely and wonderfully made in HIS image that HE is aware of our personalities.

Our position is to actively look for right standing with GOD. We all know how to shout with exhilaration when something spectacular happens in our life. We even know how to shout with exhilaration when our favorite sports team does something great or strange. So it has to be effortless to shout  in rejoicing the FATHER because HE has given us an honest and justified  heart.

Another reason to rejoice in the FATHER is because we desire to have the very same character and integrity that JESUS has. Our spirit should have the morality that is taught in the bible as well as our integrity. This is what causes us to be in right standing with GOD. We are not plagued by the cares of this world, our bills, our employment, our family and whatever we have to deal with. Why? Because we have turned all that over to JESUS to handle. So it’s possible for us to rejoice because we are living in a mindset of remembering who our FATHER is and just what JESUS has done and is doing in our lives.

We take shelter in the safety of JESUS because we realize that HE is the One who provides us with protection, HE is the One who delivers us from dangers and stress. So how can we withhold rejoicing which is praise because HE deserves the glory from our lips?

When we remember the history of all that GOD has done, when we remember in our lives what HE has done, we will be filled with an uncontrollable shout in praise that wells up within us and has to come out.

The fact that we are glad in CHRIST JESUS is not based on our circumstances, it’s not based on the turmoil within our lives. The spouse is getting on your nerves, the kids are not where you think they should be, especially if your kids are adults or maybe your kids are still at home and they are stressing you out to the max. You may be having issues with your in-laws or your own parents. No, we are glad in CHRIST JESUS, this is why we can rejoice in the LORD because we are actively seeking out a right standing within HIM. So shout for joy! Sing to HIM!

Take your pleasure from JESUS don’t rely on the pleasure of people, places, and things. When we take pleasure in JESUS it won’t matter what people do to us that is negative, sure we will not like what they are doing but when we focus on rejoicing in JESUS when we are feeling hurt, stressed, overwhelmed by the actions of people. Especially in front of them, it makes them think that something is off, that we are crazy. But in actuality, because we can rejoice in the LORD in our most difficult times this is when we get the attention of JESUS. So rejoice in the LORD and again I say rejoice!

Psalms 33:1, 32:11, 97:12, 64:10, 68:3, 30:4; Philippians 4:4; Romans 12:2




Wow, how sad is it when there is a home filled with unrighteousness? A child’s very first teacher is the parent but if the parent is filled with unrighteousness, how is the child supposed to be taught about the grace of JESUS CHRIST? The Word instructs us to remember our Creator while we are young. And I know for myself that many people don’t know who their Creator is because of the conversation I hear. They will use profanity with HIS character attached, you know it’s a two part violation of HIM that ends with a damn. Then I hear that nature is ruled by someone called mother-nature. Then there are the acts that we all are associated with. We are sinful so we sin, it’s our nature. No one ever needs to teach us how to sin. But none of us ever give a thought that everything we do, say or think GOD is aware, we can’t duck and hide from HIM. Even in our unrighteousness, so how do young people remember their Creator when no one in the house knows who HE is enough to teach the young people to remember HIM? The young become the old and those things that young people once liked will no longer interest them. They have lived a full evil and rebellious life and now they have become too old to find pleasure in them any longer.

As long as there is breath in our bodies it is never too late to come to JESUS. It is never too late to ask for HIS forgiveness because we are sinners and we lived our lives in total ignorance. There is a church on every block or two. Where I live in Washington, DC you can see a church on every corner or the middle of the block. So there must be someone in your community who attends worship service that your young one play or socialize with. And if your young children know of a neighbor who attends worship service and invites your young people, you too should attend. We commit unspeakable offenses and more times than not we lie to ourselves and to others by saying we need to stop doing this or we must clean up our lifestyle then we can come to church. That is a big fat lie from the pit of hell to keep you from hearing the Word of GOD. None of us are capable of cleaning up our own lives and because of this JESUS came and completed the redemption process for the entire world. JESUS is the One and only One who can erase; to cause the sinful nature to be unseen, forgotten, and destroyed. And get this, JESUS did not do this for our sake but for HIS. Let me explain something to you, satan accuses us all day and night each and every time we make a mistake once we have been cleansed by the blood of JESUS. We can hear him hissing his filthy accusations within our minds and for those who don’t know the power of forgiveness, who they are in JESUS and who JESUS is in us. Those are the ones who will no longer believe the truth or they don’t know the complete truth so they fall back into old habits. But I’m writing to you to let you know, JESUS is our defense attorney and satan is the prosecutor. JESUS is better than Perry Mason, Perry Mason did lose one case but JESUS never lose HIS cases. We will always be acquitted, we will never be found guilty because of the blood of JESUS.

Your guilt for your previous life is often being searched for by others. How do I know? Because people love to bring up your past especially your family and closest friends. Don’t listen to them, the old you is dead and buried or cremated and that is where you must leave your old created self and walk in the newness of your creation. When you listen to accusations, when you allow others to remind you of your old nature you will find yourself in agreement with them. Don’t allow anyone to find what is not there. We have been pardoned and we are well preserved.

Some of you have heard JESUS calling for you to come to HIM and you have ignored HIS voice. You are in a love/hate relationship with sin. Your sinful life is bright neon red but JESUS wants to wash you so that you will become white as fresh fallen undisturbed snow. As sinners our sin is a crimson color that has a tinge of blue, this color is beautiful on everything but human nature. But after we are washed in the blood of JESUS we will look like wool.

Look, it’s true that we all are conceived in sin which means that we are born sinners, we did not ask to be sinners. This is our inheritance from the disobedience of Adam. And because of this we are all guilty of rejecting JESUS. But JESUS will purge/ cleanse and purify by separating and carrying off whatever is impure in our nature. Please allow JESUS to wash and clean you today in HIS Holy never ending Blood. Receive JESUS today. So you may remember your Creator. 

Ecclesiastes 12:1; Isaiah 43:25-26; Jeremiah 50:20; Isaiah 1:18; Psalms 51:7





Just imagine being seen as young in the eyes of the LORD GOD. Not just young but young and energetic as a youth. We can recall when we were a child how unstoppable we were. We had dreams and visions of what our life was to be. Then once we became an adult and took on responsibilities, some of our dreams and visions we left back in our childhood. Maybe our dreams and visions were never fertilized and watered, no one cared for our youthful desires. So instead of soaring like an eagle we began to walk around like a chicken. But I’m here to let you know that GOD is the One who fills our life with HIS goodness. And regardless of our natural age we can stop walking about as a chicken and begin to soar as an eagle. We can be young again!

A middle aged person (50-64) or a senior citizen (65+), maybe reading this and thinking that they are just too tired and this is impossible to recapture how they were when they were young and carefree. Look, believe it or not, there are youthful people (children, kids) and young adults (18-49) who are tired and weary in their emotions, mentality, and physicality. If you were abused or left alone to your own devices growing up, you never experienced the love you should have received from your parents, grandparents or extended family. Especially in today’s world, when young girls birth their children and after a few months, they begin to disconnect from their babies. Especially when the baby begins to crawl. I’ve heard babies being cussed at for being explorers, this is natural and yet the babies are the ones who begin to suffer emotionally, mentally and physically at such a tender age. Then we have the 5+ youths that are outside playing, getting into all kinds of trouble and they are doing whatever their imagination pushes them to do. This can be a little dangerous because these young people are not being properly harnessed. Or the children will tell an adult that they want to be this or that when they grow up and instead of encouraging the child, adults will either ignore their children’s vision or kill it by not nurturing the vision. If your child says I want to be a fireman, take the child to a neighborhood fire department, let the child speak with an actual fireman and go on an exploration within the firehouse. Buy the kid some toy fire trucks; if it’s what GOD has placed in the child, he will not grow bored with it but he will explore all the more as he grows up about that particular vision for him/herself. If the child grows bored and moves on to something else, there is no harm, cultivate that also. No child says to him/herself that they want to grow up and be an alcoholic, drug addict, prostitute, pimp, unemployed person, welfare recipient,  a prison inmate and so on if it’s negative. It’s in our childhood that we either learn to soar like an eagle because we were properly cultivated to do great things or walk among the chickens aimlessly. But GOD will provide us at any age to be energetic and strong in HIS strength. It’s not too late for those who have dropped out in life and I’m not just referring to school. GOD will restore us to our prime when we began to stumble and no one was there to catch us or pick us up. We will learn to spread your wings and soar like an eagle. We will run and not get tired and walk and not get left behind.

Now you maybe thinking, my body does not perform in the manner Elder Briscoe is writing, she maybe a young person who can still get around without aches and pains. Well, you are wrong. I am a middle-aged woman who daily wake up in pain in my hands, knees and legs. But because I was taught by my grandmother that I can achieve whatever I believe I can do. It was hidden within me. Unfortunately, her voice was not the loudest because I had already become damaged emotionally and mentally by the words that were spoken [at] me and to me by other family members. But when JESUS began to show me that I can be what HE said I can be and that I will be nothing I want to be within my own strength. I took a hold of that and slowly began to rely on HIM to perform what HE said I was going to be. Yes, I agree that our outer bodies are not reliable because of the curse we inherited from Adam. Our bodies are decaying daily in some form through joint pain and whatever. But we are to say over our lives that we are healed and healthy. Saying this daily will cause us to get up and get what we dream and visualize for ourselves to be done. Yes, it may seem impossible now where ever you are but GOD is the GOD of the impossible. Hey, there is nothing more satisfying than being daily eager to accomplish what we know we were meant to do in life. And if for whatever reason we have passed the age or we are no longer physically able to work in a field that we once desired to do. Find out what else you can do somewhere within that place or better yet, what other dream and vision did you have for yourself? Those things that we can do effortlessly are the dreams and visions we need to work on through CHRIST JESUS.

Stop thinking that you are too old, you can’t do it because your body is this way that you don’t have the finances to do. Stop thinking this way. And don’t share your dream and vision with others who will tell you that you can’t or it’s impossible. Everyone will not be excited or understand our dream and if you listen to them, they will have accomplished assassinated, aborting and killed our dream and we will be back where we were before. Tired, sapped of strength, weary, we’ve fallen and we won’t get up. In the spirit of our mind when we listen to what JESUS tells us when we read that we can be all that we can be and more. We will have a mind that is untarnished by the naysayers. Our attitude will change from impossible to possible in CHRIST JESUS. The spirit of our mind will constantly change from thinking as the world thinks, to thinking how GOD thinks of us and what we will be able to do in CHRIST JESUS. We will see how rotten our thinking once was and daily when thinking like garbage begins to creep in, we will know to throw that garbage out. We will know that smelly, rotten garbage thinking is not a way of life for us. We will have made up in our mind that we are going to allow JESUS to fashion us into our destiny. No one changes outside in, we will be changed from the inside out through the Holy Spirit. He will clean out everything that is not like JESUS if we allow Him to and we will begin to take on the mind of CHRIST JESUS. We will desire to be in the complete image of JESUS having HIS character and integrity.

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