Repent, just what is it? What does it mean to the hearer and or the reader? We have heard repent thrown around or you will hear it, but it’s not enough to hear this being thrown out into the air and no one seems to understand what it means or what we are to do with this thing call repentance. Simply put to repent is to change our minds. From the biblical standards or point of view, we are to feel pain, sorrow, and regret for what we have done and said. In our hearts, we are to feel the pain of sin that we are in and want to turn from our wicked ways. To turn away from satan, lucifer, that old dragon/serpent. To run from that eternal life in hell, that lake of fire for not receiving JESUS the CHRIST by faith and belief in HIM. And to run towards eternal life in CHRIST JESUS.

We catch a glimpse of the kingdom when we hear the Word of GOD being preached or taught. And when we answer HIS call we become citizens of the kingdom of heaven. We may not have understood that GOD’s kingdom is just that near to our hearts before we come to the LORD.

Once we come to JESUS it is great if possible to be baptized in the name of JESUS CHRIST. The reason why I write [if possible] is because some may come to JESUS while in a coma, some while they are grasping at their last breath, and some while incarcerated. So in these cases, it’s impossible to be baptized but for anyone else, we must be baptized in the name of JESUS CHRIST even if at any point in our life we had already been baptized. More than likely as most of us before coming to JESUS if we were baptized we did not know why we were doing this, we did it out of pressure, religious doctrine, tradition or fear. But the true reason for being baptized in the name of JESUS CHRIST is to show outwardly that we die to sin and we rise anew in CHRIST JESUS that we are forgiven, we have received a pardon from our sins, and we no longer have to enter into the punishment that we should receive.

Once we come to JESUS we become the sons and daughters of the FATHER because HE does not have grandchildren but direct children. And because we are HIS children and as we are growing up in HIS Word, we will make many, and many more mistakes along the way. Just as we have and do in the natural and in our learning it is sometimes required that our natural father chastises us. So will our FATHER in heaven, HE will not continually leave us to our own devices. In often cases when we know that we know rightly according to the Word of GOD and go against that we will hear the Holy Spirit speaking to us to get it right. And in getting it right in most cases we have to go to someone and ask to be forgiven for what we have done or said against them. Once we have done this we no longer hear the Holy Spirit urging us to get it right but we experience His forgiveness and His placing the ointment from the balm of Gilead on our self-inflicted wounds. This brings us to repent [change our minds] from doing that thing again. We begin to know just how blessed we are to be instructed Spirit to the spirit by our LORD knowing that HIS teachings cause us to strive even further for HIS perfection. Unlike being chastised by our earthly parents we know that being chastised by our heavenly FATHER is from pure unadulterated love and when HE has to spank us it’s not to cause everlasting pain on our emotions or wounds to our flesh. But it’s to get us to release that life of the world which we by nature of sin have come to love. So don’t be discouraged when our heavenly FATHER shows us that we are wrong or in error and chastise us because HIS chastisement elevates us toward HIM.

You know the longer we walk with our Savior and receive instruction by the Holy Ghost we begin to recognize those who are true in the faith, those who straddle the fence and those who are pretenders. When we are in error or let’s get it out there; living our life in straight up rebellion and our heavenly sibling speaks to us about it and we become offended. It’s time to do a heart check. Becoming offended more often than not is the spirit of pride operating inside of us and it must be surrendered to JESUS. We must get our attitude adjusted by the Holy Ghost because if we are approached in pure love and not legalistic judgment than; why are we so touchy about being spoken to or called out on what we are doing or saying? Our siblings are only trying to get us to repent from that thing. We all must know and come to the full truth of the Word of GOD. We all must work together. We must all come to our senses and flee from that trap the devil has set up for us. It’s not difficult for any of us to be taken captive and used by satan. Especially when we operate from a spirit of pride which entails rebellion and witchcraft. Thinking that we are so removed from sin that it’s impossible to be overtaken by the enemy’s devices. Just remember my sibs, when we do take that chance in speaking with another sib who’s missing the mark of righteousness, please don’t become self-righteous; meaning you are trying to get someone to bend to your ways and not the ways of the Word of GOD. Always be gentle, humble, and free from the spirit of pride yourself. I have always found it better to speak with someone that I know is operating in a manner that I once operated in before being set free by GOD’s graciousness and mercy. I understand that thing and I am more likely to encourage another than to cause friction when I speak. It’s then that we are more times than not going to be seen as one who is showing love towards another and not the rigors of the law and judgment. But the flip side is this, we may not be received and if this is the case when you know by the Holy Spirit that you did and spoke as GOD wanted, then we are to leave that person in their wickedness, praying to the FATHER that soon that person will come to repentance in that area of their life and be forgiven.

Dear one’s there has been a foundation laid out for us all that we are to follow. We are to go further in our perfection in CHRIST JESUS, we shouldn’t have to come to JESUS, again and again asking for the forgiveness of sins as we did when we first came. We should no longer be working those dead works that kept us enslaved and entangled in chains by satan. Our faith should never be challenging towards GOD and HIS holy Word, about being baptized, the laying on of hands, the assurance of the resurrection and eternal judgment. Because those things have been made perfectly clear to us in HIS Word. Children of the living GOD know that it is impossible truly for any of us to return to satan willingly. Mistakes of the operation of sin yes are possible but to live an open or hidden life of sin, impossible. Why? Well, let’s just say that once we have learned that 1+2=3 no one can convince us that it’s not. We know that 1+2=3, 4-1=3, 3+0=3 or 3×1=3 no one can convince us that it’s not. Just as knowing from our own experience with the FATHER, JESUS, and the Holy Spirit the deliciousness of being HIS child affords us. We have no interest in bringing shame to JESUS over and over again by crucifying HIM again for giving ourselves over to satan, we know that satan laughs at JESUS hanging up on that cross and says that HIS being crucified the once was worthless and that HE is a God without power and authority to conquer sin once and for all in our lives. We will not allow JESUS to be persecuted, whipped and put to shame again for us. We know that JESUS has no lack of power, grace, mercy, love, healing, provision and whatever else we need from HIM. The promises of JESUS are true and everlasting towards us and we don’t have to die and go to heaven to receive them. No, we can have them right here and right now. Yes, I agree that they seem to be taking longer than we want but don’t you worry it’s coming for you and at you because your name is written on that promise.

Now, know that we have and we serve and we live for a gracious GOD who has waited earnestly and continues to be patient with us. Now knowing this, why can’t we be the same with others? We need to exalt HIM often for HIS mercy towards our being so hard headed. Bless HIS holy name for being the One who is a true justifier and not one who makes excuses for what we say and do. And for those of you who wait on the LORD, know that you are truly blessed. Continue in HIS goodness, no matter how long the wait, wait on the LORD for direction. Yes, it is difficult to operate in patience when you truly are in need or want of something, I get it, I completely understand. Every indication says to us move now, do it now. Just know by rushing into something that you are being pressured by satan who has disguised himself to say or be whatever you desire. Don’t despise having to wait on the Word from GOD for you to do or say a thing or having to decline or rescind, the goodness of GOD is rich.

Matthew 3:2; Acts 2:38; Revelation 3:19; [Ps. 5:17, 94:12; Heb. 12:5-6; Prov. 3:11-12]; 2 Timothy 2:25-26; [Gal.6:1; Eph. 4:2; Acts 8:22] Hebrew 6:1-6; 2 Peter 3:9; [Hab. 2:3; Is. 30:18; Rom. 2:4]






What is your reputation like? When your name come up in a conversation, is your character or honor favorable of public opinion? Is your credit anywhere between good and excellent?

These are questions that most people never ask themselves. Yet, the bible has something to say about reputation. In fact, our greatest demonstrator is and always will be JESUS.

JESUS who is 100% GOD who became 100% man. Do you realize the love HE has for us? JESUS stepped off of HIS throne, lowered HIMself to become like HIS creation who is made in HIS image. Left all and more than we can ever imagine heaven to be. HE Left HIS FATHER to accomplish the goal that HIS FATHER desired of HIM. HE never once said that HE is KING and that we were to treat HIM as such. HE never once called on HIS authority or power to prove to the world as to who HE is within HIMself. No, JESUS walked humbly with mankind, having all the wants and needs as we do. Yet, HE when he was tempted to do wrong when HE was tempted to deny HIMself of the pleasures of life. JESUS refused HIMself as a man in HIS will and stood on the will of the FATHER. Even when HIS heart was breaking HE never thought to retaliate to those who hurt HIM. And to those who caused HIM to become angry, again HE did not seek out vengeance but healed those who needed healing. HE never once thought of HIMself above the needs of others but placed the needs of others above HIMself. Do you know what it’s like to empty yourself of self?

When JESUS hung up on that cross, HE was viewed by many as being insignificant and powerless. We know that not to be true because HIS power kept HIM from coming down off that cross. HIS power kept HIM there to take every drop of sin known and unknown to man. In HIS authority and power, HE released HIS Spirit, there was nothing man could do to kill JESUS. But this is what is thought that JESUS was killed on the cross at the hand of mankind. Nada, no, nope, uh-uh. It was not until the darkness covered the earth and the ground shook that the Roman soldier realized that JESUS truly is GOD. But before that, the criminal that hung on the cross beside JESUS saw JESUS true self and because of this, he was accepted into the Kingdom and the other who saw JESUS as insignificant went to hell. Today there are still people who reject JESUS and see HIM as being insignificant, hopefully through the various types of media’s such as blogs, outdoor ministry, ministry tracts, radios, television and the use of various technology. People will hear the truth and be set free from sin and themselves.

JESUS is the One and only One that the FATHER has said “this is MY beloved SON, in whom I AM well pleased. Hear HIM.” JESUS is the perfect servant of the most highest GOD. JESUS is the FATHER’s chosen One and JESUS is the One in which the FATHER finds delight. We too can find delight in our souls for JESUS as well as JESUS will like to be delighted in HIS soul for us. JESUS has the Spirit of the FATHER and when we receive JESUS we too have the Spirit of the FATHER through CHRIST JESUS. Which means that everything JESUS did we are able to do and remember, we do all that JESUS did from a pure heart, and mind. Our motives are based on JESUS and not our own. JESUS is a justifier and we are completely justified in HIM.

Because CHRIST JESUS stepped out of HIS deity to become JESUS the man and actually lived on this very same earth as we do. This very same earth that revealed itself after that great and mighty terrible flood. This is the earth that our FATHER has said HE would not destroy by flood ever again and provided a rainbow in the clouds to remind us of HIS covenant between Noah, HE, and mankind. Those of us who have wide open spiritual eyes can behold the glory of the FATHER through CHRIST JESUS. And we can also see the glory which belongs to CHRIST JESUS. We realize that JESUS is unique and there is no other nor will there ever be another like HIM. The Holy Spirit placed JESUS within the womb of Mary HIS mother, no human man was ever involved so HE does not have the tainted sinful blood that we do. And no human has ever resurrected himself without the say so of JESUS. JESUS is grace and grace is JESUS. JESUS is truth and truth is JESUS. JESUS is 100% grace and truth and it is impossible for anyone who say that they speak the truth, yet there is exaggeration or just one word or phrase that is a motive to appeal to you or others when speaking. Truth is 100% not 99.9%, truth has no room for deception at all. A 1% lie makes everything we say a total lie. Our reputation, our character, our integrity and our image must be transformed into the reputation, character, integrity and image of JESUS. This is a daily transformation and when we determine ourselves to be as JESUS who left us a wonderful example to follow. Then we will have a reputation without flaws in the eyes of others.

Philippians 2:7; Ps. 22:6; Is. 42:1; Jn. 1:14





This is the season for vacation, the point is to get away from it all, to have a wonderful time, and to restore you to a place of comfort and peace. But, when the vacation is over most of us will say; “I need a vacation from my vacation”.

This is because though our intent is to download, forget about everything that causes stress to us, have fun, and to unwind. What we are really trying to achieve is restoration.

However, true restoration is not found in getting away from one location to another.

To truly be restored we must come to a realization that JESUS is the One who restores our soul. JESUS is the One who provides the great restoration that we all long for. JESUS name is and always will be at stake to prove that HE alone is the One who leads us into HIS righteousness.

Look, we all have enemies whether we know it or not. If you are a CHRISTian (believer in CHRIST JESUS) our enemy is everything that is not like JESUS. If you are a non-CHRISTian (have not received JESUS into your heart) your enemy is everything that is not like JESUS, and people who you socialize with, family or friends who are your best friend today and tomorrow will turn on you.

JESUS will lead those who belong to HIM in HIS righteousness just to make our enemies look bad. JESUS is the One who will always direct us where we are to go and what we are to say.

JESUS is not weak and HE will not roll out on us when we are in need of HIM. JESUS is steadier than a rock, yet, we can call HIM our rock. JESUS will hide us right in the middle of our enemies, you maybe familiar with the saying “you can’t see the forest for the trees.” This is how we are hidden. This is the place where we can be restored in HIM.

So many of us believe that we were once saved by the grace and mercy through CHRIST JESUS. That is true but not so much, you see from that initial receiving of JESUS, we are being saved each and everyday. The reason we may feel this way is because when we first received JESUS as our Savior it was exciting, we were on fire for the LORD, we wanted to tell everybody we came across that JESUS is real and HE is alive. Then somewhere along the line, we began to lose our zest. The reason is because we were relying on feeling JESUS with our senses and forgetting to believe by faith. Everyday we must remember that JESUS restores joy to us because of salvation. And that JESUS is a sustainer within our spirit, the true us.

Know that because JESUS is within our spirit because the LORD is Spirit that we have been freed from the bondage of everything that is not like JESUS. That means that everything negative is a bondage and we are no longer its inmate, we have true liberty in HIM.

Do you know that if you are doing or saying anything that you no longer want to do or say that you have freedom living on the inside of you? You must believe this, you are the righteousness of CHRIST JESUS. JESUS has set us free from everything that is not like HIM, I’m not going to take the time to try and name them because I’m sure I’ll miss some. But we know what has us bound, we know what is going on with us that we no longer what to have that particular thing to be apart of our life. We are completely liberated from the hands and traps of the devil. And because we are free we need to stand firm in our Savior who has set us free. No longer do any of us need to be the subject of what the devil wants us to do or say. We are restored in the righteousness of CHRIST JESUS. We are no longer in bondage to darkness which is satan.

Now it is understood why so many of GOD’s people live a defeated life. It’s because so many of GOD’s people are legalistic meaning judgmental and unloving. Why am I making this claim? Because when we see and or know that a true believer is doing something that we ourselves may have been delivered from or we may have never indulged. We come down on that CHRISTian, we try to input our desires on that person instead of the desire of JESUS. JESUS is caring and loving, HE is full of grace and mercy. Why aren’t we? When we approach a brother or sister of faith we should never make them feel condemned as we so often do. We first must know that we know the Holy Spirit is the one who will like for us to encourage and speak to an individual. The Holy Spirit never speaks in our minds, He always speak in our spirit and His voice is unmistakable and HIS words are always filled with compassion, encouragement and love. We are to be the instrument that will bring restoration to those in CHRIST JESUS who is still plagued by the enemy. Do not speak with another CHRISTian as if you have it all together because none of us do, it is by HIS grace and mercy that we have to depend on that gets us from day to day. We need to dispel that spirit of pride that causes us to be so judgmental of others because whatever you are wagging your head at and whatever you are being harsh with another about. You just might find yourself in that same position in which you will want another to be loving towards you.

Instead, be completely humble, gentle, and patient with everyone. We were all once very unloving and enemies of the FATHER because we all have walked in darkness and deafness to righteousness. It was by HIS grace that we heard the Holy Spirit speak in our spirit about JESUS and we came to HIM. Likewise, it is by grace that we encourage believers and non-believers in CHRIST JESUS with encouragement and love, showing them the error of their ways. Remember JESUS restores and through us, we are to restore as well.

We don’t always see the sickness and wounds another person lives with. All sicknesses are not something that can be diagnosed medically and neither are the wounds that can be so very deep within them. It’s because either a CHRISTian does not understand their true liberty in CHRIST JESUS or they do not know. After all, it is by faith that we must believe that we are free from everything according to the flesh which is never saved. We are free from the soul, the desires that we have in our soul based on our emotions. CHRISTians are still sick and wounded by their past and may still rely on forgetting just for the moment by using alcohol, drugs and sex with frequent partners. But my JESUS still restores health to the sick and my JESUS still heals every wound.

Psalms 23:3, 5:8, 31:3, 51:12; 2 Cor. 3:17; Galatians 5:1; 6:1, Eph. 4:2; Jeremiah 30:17




This may seem harsh when reading John 5:21 especially to the one who operates in faith and you, don’t see the manifestation of what you asked for. Your loved one has died a natural death, you asked, you cried, you yelled and you discharged mucus from your nose. All in an effort to have your loved one returned to you. The question that remains is why do you want your loved one back?

  • Was your loved one so loving towards you and you toward your loved one that you just don’t want to be without the person?
  • Were you disrespectful and you want a chance to make it right?
  • Was the person very ill and you never asked the person if they were ready to leave so in your selfishness, you prefer the person to be here rather than gone?
  • You are really in need to have that person to return. You had shown great love and respect to that person and it’s important for that person to continue, not so much for you but maybe for a young child that has been left behind. You had prayed and believed for this person’s health to be restored but for some reason, death stole your loved one.
  • Lastly, which really should have been the first one, you a born-again CHRISTian and neglected to witness salvation by the words of your testimony and the blood of the Lamb.

Well, allow me to explain that when a person dies a natural death it was not commissioned by JESUS. It was not the original design for any human to die, death came about through Adam in his disobedience and he and all his decedents (us) became sinners. Next, you need to stop saying or listening to anyone that says, GOD needed another flower in HIS garden or HE has made your loved one an angel. This is not true. We are made in the image of GOD, so why would you need to die to become a flower which is beneath humans. And why would you become an angel when we are to judge the angels? All this does is continue to make an unbeliever in JESUS, continue to disbelieve in HIM all the more. Who can wrap their mind around someone who we say is loving and forgiving and yet the demonstration of this twisted love is to kill your loved one. It’s the FATHER’s prerogative to raise the dead just as in like manner when HE breathed life into the first man. It was once thought that when life-expired it could not be rekindled. But JESUS showed HIS authority over death. JESUS has the power to raise the dead, and to give life. JESUS has the wisdom and sovereignty of GOD and JESUS is the One who holds the key to life and death. JESUS hates death and the time is coming when death will be no more. So does this mean that we should not pray for one that we know is dying or has died and laid in the morgue? No, but I would advise you to consider the motive as to why you will want to pray for the return of a loved one. And if for whatever reason your loved one has not been resurrected for you now and you know with assurance that this person died a natural death in JESUS. Meaning, they are only asleep because of their relationship in CHRIST JESUS, and they bore fruit for the kingdom of GOD.

Be at rest knowing that you (if you are a Born-Again Believer in CHRIST JESUS) will see your loved one again in the resurrection. That day when JESUS returns and all the dead in CHRIST will arise and be taken back with HIM. Know in your heart that everyone who is in CHRIST JESUS will never be lost or taken away. You need to understand that the FATHER has a will and a purpose that HIS children because we have seen the SON JESUS, and have accepted, and believed in HIM as our Savior, we have eternal life with HIM. We are all going to rise from the grave, I don’t care if we’ve been cremated or buried, we will rise and join JESUS in the air. HALLELUJAH!

So how can we be assured of this? The FATHER will give you a desire to answer the door because JESUS has been standing at the door of your heart knocking or you will hear the Holy Spirit calling you to JESUS. Either way, that desire will be like your desire for anything you crave now that has nothing to do with JESUS and you answer your desire. How will you know that you actually have that desire from GOD? Easily, the devil will never, ever give you a desire for anything that pertains to JESUS nor will he give you a desire to do, say or think anything that will give GOD glory.

Once we belong to CHRIST JESUS there is nothing that will be able to take you from HIM. You have become the apple of HIS eye, you are in the center palm of HIS hand, you are the beat in HIS heart and you are forever on HIS mind.

JESUS is the complete resurrection because HE is the one with full authority over death. And JESUS is complete life and it is within HIM that our life truly begins and never ends. We must never, ever doubt HIM, we believed in HIM for salvation we must believe in HIM for all. And even if we die before HE returns, know that we are only sleeping in HIM, we are not really dead. It’s only those who have continued to reject JESUS that dies on earth and will be cast into the lake of fire which is the second and final death. But don’t think that those who are in hells fire will be dead from remembrances or senses, they will know people there and they will remember everything. But there is no love there.

I’ve heard it said that JESUS lost Judas Iscariot because he was the one who betrayed JESUS. You must realize that JESUS knew that when he chose Judas that he would betray HIM. JESUS was not caught off guard, just as JESUS knew JUDAS was stealing the money because he was in charge of the finances. Judas was allowed to walk with JESUS and JESUS considered him to be HIS friend to the bitter end. All Judas had to do was ask to be forgiven just as the thief who hung on the cross. No, he didn’t say forgive me but he believed that JESUS is who HE is. Judas reward was to be killed by satan and to this very day where he died is called the field of blood not to be inhabited by anyone.

One of the many things that we can have hope in is that in CHRIST JESUS we are all made alive and that JESUS snatched us from the curse of immortal death.

When we come to JESUS as we grow in HIM we willing give up those things that we once held so dear. In our growth in JESUS, we experience the power that is so great which brought HIM back to life. And in our growing, we will also experience what it is like to suffer. Meaning you may have something you love to do or someone you love to be with that you know does not please JESUS. To let that thing or person go will hurt us, but if we only focus on the goodness and righteousness of JESUS the suffering will become a testimony for us to use in the aid of another.

John 5:21, 6:39-40, 44, 10:28, 11:25, 17:12; 1 Cor. 15:22; Philippians 3:10






In this particular chapter and verse of Ephesians, Apostle Paul who wrote from prison desires that all born-again CHRISTians see CHRIST JESUS as HE is to not only himself (Paul) but to all of us.

From the Holy Spirit, we obtain wisdom. We are to be guided by wisdom; this will cause us to be well adapted and to produce good effects. We will have the ability to effectively make known from heaven the things that are not kept secrets from us but is hidden from the world. Those who reject JESUS will never have a clear and certain perception of that which exists, or of truth and fact; the information in the power of knowing from the Holy Spirit. In all this, combined we should pray for a deep and personal and intimate insight of the things of GOD.

If we have been baptized in the Holy Spirit we will possess this power, but we don’t know we have this power if we are not diligent to study the Word of GOD to find out who we are in CHRIST JESUS. The eyes of our understanding will reveal to us that just as JESUS is so are we.

But this is not an optical understanding, this is a heart sight understanding. The center, the core of our heart must be totally filled by the Holy Spirit. How can we deny that which we are in love with? He’s conversation worthy. How can we deny anyone that we know? We can only speak about that which we know of. And how can we have a hope, an eternal confidence in anything if we don’t believe? It’s impossible. My darling brothers and sisters in CHRIST JESUS, we have been chosen to partake in a rich inheritance that is glorious.

The Holy Spirit has an unlimited amount of power, His power can’t be measured and His power can’t be surpassed by anyone or anything. The Holy Spirit was promised to us by CHRIST JESUS and the Holy Spirit is the agent that fulfills the promise that JESUS told the disciples as HE was speaking to them as HE was being ascended, “I AM with you always even to the end of the age”. But some of us believe that the Holy Spirit is a feeling that comes over us, no. The Holy Spirit no longer comes over but indwells; that is unless you have not asked that He come and live inside of you.

Don’t you realize that when JESUS gave up HIS Spirit on the cross, HE released the Holy Spirit from HIS being and the Holy Spirit returned to the FATHER? Then on the third day after HIS crucifixion, the FATHER sent the Holy Spirit back to JESUS so that HE can show the world that HIS Word is true. Had JESUS not rose on the third day, we all would be in trouble from those who lived during that time until the end of the age. The devil would have won but he lost yet again. And we are conquerors and victorious because JESUS CHRIST is a conqueror and a victor. Now CHRIST JESUS is sitting on the throne beside our DADDY in heaven.

CHRIST JESUS is seated higher than any authority, dominion, power or rule that is angelic or human. Whether we know a name or not, CHRIST JESUS is seated higher than any name ever or that will ever be. Let me make this plain, regardless of your position, or title, regardless of what diagnosis you’ve been given, in this present world and in the world to come. CHRIST JESUS is seated above it all.

The children of the Living GOD must never doubt that there is anything that will put a scare into JESUS. Because it’s created not necessarily by the Almighty GOD because HE will never create anything negative. Remember everything HE created is good because HE said so. However, because there are negative creations here in this world we must not doubt that JESUS has not already gotten victory over that thing.

  • Angels (heavenly or demonic)
  • Death (the last enemy to be destroyed)
  • Depth (distance)
  • Future (time to come)
  • Height (increase)
  • Life (JESUS is)
  • Powers (authority)
  • Present (near)
  • Principalities (territory of a prince)
  • Threatening (negative)

Now that the non-believers have been given a sneak as to what we believers should know. Don’t you think that today is a good day to bend your knee willingly to JESUS? After all, if you don’t do it willingly you will eventually do it. Here on earth or in hell. You will come to know that the name of JESUS is above every single name there is or will ever be.


Ephesians 1:17-21; Ro. 8:38-39; Phil. 2:9-10