The words of scriptures we know in memory, that’s knowledge. But we don’t know the words in our heart, that’s life. It’s not in our blood pumping and motivating us to live according to trust as we should. Just where am I going with this?

What are we struggling with in our life? Why are we stressing out? What makes us impatient? Why are we out of control? Why must we be in control of everything and everyone? Why do we worry? Why are we anxious, depressed, and angry? Why are we co-dependent on people or things?

You see, we have already made the most critical decision for our life that we will ever make. That was to believe JESUS is the CHRIST and to receive HIS forgiveness and salvation. But most of us stopped with just that and we are no better off than we were before we received our gift of salvation. We never discovered that our life has nothing to do with our human efforts but has everything to do with the might and power of JESUS. In every circumstance, we are to stand still in Esperance because of the might of JESUS and not of the might of ourselves.

Most often than not when we go forward of our own might and power things do not go smoothly. But when we wait and allow JESUS to show off for us, we will get a better return than we could have ever hoped for.

Zechariah 4:6; Hag. 1:1-2; Hos. 1:7




Miracles are fascinating, and we want to be surrounded by miracles so much so that we tell ourselves that the birth of babies are miracles. And that is not true. However, that does not negate the fact that miracles do happen and that we do want to experience the witnessing of them or to be the recipient of a miracle. Well, in my short life I have only witnessed one miracle myself up close and personal and it sealed my entire belief in healing and miracles and no person or thing can change my mind. Because I was the first recipient JESUS used to demonstrate HIS healing on but I was not the one HE used to show me HIS miracle on. And it also taught me the difference between being healed and a miracle.  When I jumped into the study of healings and miracles by JESUS and then just in general, I found that there are Seventeen recorded miracles listed in the Bible. So, now the Word of GOD tells me that HE is the same yesterday, today and forever. HE did miracles then, HE will and does miracles today and will continue to do miracles. To recognize a miracle is to first know what a miracle is and that it is a wonder. It defies the laws of nature and can be only done by the presence of the Almighty GOD, HIMself.

The LORD GOD took a simple stick that was used by Aaron as his rod and made it miraculous. This miraculous rod was used at Pharaoh’s court when it became a serpent and swallowed up the rods of the magicians. The LORD told Moses to tell Aaron to take his rod and stretch out his hand over the waters that they may become blood. The LORD said to Moses tell Aaron to stretch out his hand with his rod over the waters to cause the frogs to come up on the land. The LORD told Moses to tell Aaron to stretch out his rod, strike the ground so that it will become lice. Moses had a rod as well and though his rod is not spoken of with much fame as his brothers, GOD used the rod of Moses to divide the Red Sea, he was told to lift up his rod and stretch out his hand over that sea so that they would be able to walk through on dry land.

To help soothe the rebellion that was going on in the camp the LORD GOD gave Moses instructions regarding twelve rods and to place the names on them which were the head of those tribes and these twelve rods were placed in the tabernacle overnight. Moses went into the tabernacle of witness, and behold, the rod of Aaron, of the house of Levi, had sprouted and put forth buds, had produced blossoms and yielded ripe almonds. Another miracle that shut the mouths of the eleven tribes. Even in disobedience of anger, a miracle was done, Moses did not follow through on the instructions given to him and he did it his way by hitting the rock with his rod and water came from the rock which is a miracle.

Then we have Elijah who took his mantle/cloke hit the water, it split into and he and Elisha crossed over on dry ground. Elijah was suddenly taken in a chariot of fire with horses of fire which separated the two of them and by a whirlwind, Elijah was up in heaven. Elisha was given a double portion of the spirit that was on Elijah and it was given to him by the LORD GOD and just as his mentor had done he too took the mantle/cloke hit the water and it divided and he crossed over on dry ground. Elisha performed other miracles also by the hand of the LORD GOD, the source of bad water and the cause of barren land was healed by throwing salt into the water.

Now we have JESUS the very presence of the LORD GOD here with us on earth wrapped in the flesh for us to see, smell, taste, hear and touch all with our natural senses. That’s a miracle. He demonstrated miracles while here on earth.

  • Wind and waves obey
  • Blind receive sight
  • Cast out demons
  • Deaf hear
  • Dead are raised
  • Feed 5,000
  • Walked on the sea
  • Feed 4,000
  • Transfigured
  • Lives through torture
  • Forgives
  • Saves
  • Rose from the dead

And then you have the disciples especial Peter and John who have recordings.


  • Dead raised
  • Cast out demons


  • Cast out demons


  • Declared many miracles
  • Cast out demons
  • Dead raised
  • Paul did not die from the bite of a viper

Miracles are for the purpose to glorify the living CHRIST. And the living GOD will give HIS gift to whomever HE desires to have it. And though it is true that miracles can be counterfeited by satan to fool the people. The essence that will be missing is forgiveness, compassion, and love. This is what is produced in the brethren of the body of CHRIST only, the true believer, not the part-time Christian but the all in CHRISTian. Just because you were used in an activity or are used in that activity does not mean you have a gift for it. And there are various ministries however it does not mean that you are gifted from the living GOD to be in that ministry. The living GOD has a variety of gifts and they come from the Holy Spirit. So regardless of the activity or ministry if you are working it, do so entirely to the LORD but know if you are gifted or not. For example, just because you had a vision once or twice about something and it came to pass does not make you a prophet. Study the prophet in the bible if you don’t line up with the bible sit down. Same goes for a pastor just because you are outgoing, a good orator does not make you a shepherd. If you don’t line up with what the bible relates a shepherd to be sit down. The Holy Spirit profits everyone who desires to have Him. And there are many other miracles that I have not included just from the Old Testament. This bible is a fascinating read people just need to get their spirit right through JESUS CHRIST and get into the Word of GOD so they will be able to enjoy what the living GOD has to show and tell us.

Again, as I stated in the beginning miracles are fascinating and miracles do happen today and we need to look for them. And the best place to find them must be within the church not once a week or during events but daily.

Acts 19:11; 1Corinthians 12:10




Are you a Christian or are you a CHRISTian?

One is a disappointment and deceiver. The other lives to obey JESUS no matter the cost. One plays the fool and does not know it. The other walks in wisdom. Have your attention? Good.

What is the difference between the Christian and the CHRISTian? The Blood, citizenship, and nationality. Take a look at this example, I’m an American by birth, I was born in America, I’m a native of America, I’m a citizen of America and my DNA tells everyone who my father, mother, and heritage is. As an American, I can be denied nothing that Americans have a right to. My allegiance is to America, the flag and the freedom that America stands for. I am a CHRISTian first and foremost by birth in CHRIST JESUS, I was born in heaven, I’m a native of heaven, I’m a citizen of heaven and my DNA tells GOD, my heavenly FATHER that the Blood of JESUS flows on and in me and that my heritage is in JESUS. As a child the daughter of my heavenly FATHER I can be denied nothing that is afforded HIS children. My allegiance is to my KING of kings and my LORD of lords, and the blood-stained banner. A Christian is a Pharisee or a Sadducee they are legalistic knowing the law but not the entire Word of GOD. They know that GOD is merciful and that HE forgives but they themselves are not merciful nor are they very forgiving. Christians are very religious people they can be very capable of attending weekly worship service but will stay home listening to gospel music or TV evangelism and to them, that is their fix. Or they will only attend service when one of the following occur, weddings, funerals, baptisms, Easter, Mother’s day, maybe Father’s day, and possibly CHRISTmas.

There are seeds that we all Christians or CHRISTians have the ability to plant and reap a harvest. A harvest is a harvest be it a bountiful bumper crop of luscious goodness from the LORD or a bumper crop of weeds. Whatever your harvest is, it’s what you have sown yourself. Here are some great examples of how Christians think they are mocking GOD but what they are really doing is being a fool.

The Christian

Will work a full week, maybe play on Saturday but will not attend worship service on Sunday. May provide an excuse that hypocrites are in church but never consider that hypocrite are in their place of employment. And it never stops them from going five or six days out of the week. May provide the excuse that service is too early but never consider that they wake up early to get to work.  If the schedule is that you must work on a Sunday, it’s never considered to attend the weekly bible study.

Gossip/hold grudges / mean spirited/ unforgiving/ unloving/selfish / want people to know what good deeds they have done. That’s enough for now.


Will work a full week, will attend church if possible during the weeknight and most definitely on Sunday if this is not the day they are scheduled to work. Attends bible study if schedule permits but most definitely will read and study their Word in their own personal free time, maybe listening to the Word in some type of hearing device. Has a continual prayer life.

Loving/ helpful/ merciful/ gentle/ kindly/ peaceful/ patient/ faithful/ full of joy/ willing to do good towards others/ always working on their own self-control. This is enough for now.

It’s somewhat difficult for non-believers to see a true believer in CHRIST JESUS because of the bogus Christians out there. The world is watching and the many people that say they are Christians and yet they act and speak just like the world does gives the children of darkness any hope. Make believe Christians sow seeds of destruction without knowing it believing that nothing is wrong all because they don’t know the Word of GOD. Phony Christians need to stop telling people that they are Christians but we know that this will not happen so it’s up to people like me the true CHRISTian to help in the recognition of them. Just as there is counterfeit this and that we have been counterfeited as well. But Love cannot be faked either you have true Love living within you or you don’t. I’m letting you know that whatever is sown from the heart in action is sown and nothing can keep it from being harvested. GOD will not be mocked, HE knows the true intent of all of our hearts and our motives will never be hid from HIM. So if our harvest is a harvest of weeds that is what was sown. But if our harvest is a harvest of goodness that is what was sown. GOD will only pay back each person according to the deeds of their motives.

So, which Christian, CHRISTian are you?  

Galatians 6:7; Rom. 2:6




I bet when we hear the word mountain, we immediately think of the majestic hill made from stone with an elevation up into the thousands. Or maybe the mountains that have been tunneled out for the highways that we travel through. Well, dear hearts these are not the mountains that I’m going to write about. Actually in scripture when JESUS spoke about the mountain HE was letting us know that no matter how high, or hard something may seem in our life, it can be moved out of the way if we will only believe.

It is my suggestion for every believer to go to the local nursery to purchase a packet of mustard seeds, you may even be able to make this purchase from your Christian Bible Book Store. We all need to have something to look at that will remind us of what we are capable of doing through JESUS CHRIST. After your purchase prints out an image of a mustard tree, we need to see what one seed can produce because it is known that from the smallest seed grows the largest tree. And JESUS tells us that we are all given the same measure of faith but it’s up to each of us to cultivate our own faith. So, do we allow our faith to remain where it was when we first believed and received JESUS as our personal Savior? Or do we attend worship service, Bible study, study the Word of GOD, pray, and build our relationship with the FATHER and JESUS? So that our faith can grow and allow CHRIST JESUS to become our LORD. Many say that they trust JESUS but actions prove differently. I have met Christians who will say one moment something great about JESUS or will be reading their Bible and the next will complain about their finances. Finances are mountains.

I believe because most of us use the version you can say to this mountain versus saying you can say to this mulberry tree is because it’s not understood the meaning behind the mulberry tree. Well, I didn’t either for many decades this is why we must continue to study. In Hebrew, mulberry is bakah which means to weep. And the mulberry tree when written plural in the Old Testament is bekaim which is weeping and is closely tied to the aspen or the trembling poplar. So, how does this help us? Simple, the pressure that we feel is the mountain/life that is on us which is why I will use another example, health. This causes weeping because we are not using our faith, we are not giving our health to JESUS. We are not living and reminding ourselves what JESUS has already informed us about our healing. Yes, it’s a fact that the test has detected something but it’s a greater fact that JESUS who knew us before we were placed into our mother’s womb, who designed us and have given us promises to take by faith will not fail us. Most health issues are generational curses this is why we have to fill out those questionnaires and are asked so many questions about our family history in the medical office. So pull that mountain up by the roots. Our ancestors more than likely had what we have been diagnosed with and if we don’t pull it up by the roots and cast it into the see where it will take root there, our descendants will have what we now have. So stop crying.

Some people believe everything but the Word of GOD, what’s up with that? We run tell this and we run tell that. We post this and we post that on social media without verifying anything. We need to get into GOD’s Holy Word and run tell that. Gossip about JESUS, allow HIM to do something that others can see that we ourselves and no one else can do but HIM. We may have, to begin with, something small, choose something to exercise faith with, what is it in our life that we need help with? What I did so many years ago was this, I sat down and made a list and prioritized it. I began with the least concern, found a scripture and by faith, I began to walk that thing out. I saw the hand of GOD move on whatever it was all I know is that I was so excited I moved to the next thing and did the same thing. What began to happen for me is that my faith in GOD and JESUS began to grow and I began to notice the possibilities all because I truly began to believe and not doubt one little bit.

It took me a bit longer to get this but I finally got it. Most of us have heard the stories about having a praying grandmother or some member of the family. Well, I’m certain I did as well, it’s just that my family was a wee bit unconventional about their religion. My second generation grandmother prayed and she was the one who taught me to pray as a wee lass. And my third generational grandmother prayed but she lived in South Carolina and I only got to spend time with her in the summer. What these two women prayed I will not know until I get to heaven I guess because my second generational grandmother did not attend church every Sunday and when I went to South Carolina I did attend church on Sunday. I do believe that someone, somewhere was praying for my family because my mother received the gift of salvation, then us kids, (all while teenagers) then my first generation grandmother. Of course, I will never know on this side of heaven who prayed for me, all I know is that it had to have been my ancestor/s and our heavenly FATHER kept HIS promise. HE saw that as for my ancestors the scripture will come to pass “As for me and my house we will serve the LORD”. I know that I remind myself of this and include this in my prayer when praying for my family. And it does look bleak but I don’t focus on what I can see with my natural eyes, I focus on the Word of GOD and HIS promises to me. If I will only believe, I will see the glory of GOD. And I’m letting you know that the same applies to you as well. Don’t allow the mountain/life to overtake you, you overtake the mountain/life.  

Matthew 17:20; Lk. 17:6; Mk. 9:23; Jn. 11:40




Each of us at some point and time in our life will mourn. It’s a hurtful place to be and I myself don’t like it. For some of us, we can mourn for a few hours or days and snap out of it. But then there are those who get stuck and will mourn for years. And now we have gotten to a place where we have made it acceptable to allow people to mourn for very long periods of time not knowing that this really is emotionally unhealthy. Missing a person is one thing but grieving and crying be they silent tears or outburst is another. I know, I mourned the passing of my grandmother for eleven years silently. And all it did was kept me from enjoying life and I know that this is not what she would have wanted for me. That was not the person she instilled in me to be. She motivated me to be a leader, she molded my character and integrity. She provided me with some good tools that I continue to use and will continue to use throughout my life. We will mourn but we must take our memories of our loved ones and use them to better ourselves and go on living. In this writing take notice of the length of time in which people mourn and why.

 Because of a lie initiated by the sons of Jacob but assumed by Jacob himself. Jacob went into mourning for his son that he believed was dead for many days. Though the number of days is unknown, he was so overtaken by grief he could not be comforted an action that many of us can relate too. But the reason Jacob could not be comforted was not that he couldn’t be comforted, it was that he refused to be comforted and this is what so many of us do as well. Jacob had actually said that he will go down into the grave mourning his son. How many of us have either tried to fall into the coffin, fall into the grave plot, simply stopped living due to mourning or witnessed these actions? Years later after moving to Egypt to be with the son he had believed was dead, Jacob died and was mourned there for seventy days. However, he was carried to and buried in Canaan and there they mourned Jacob another seven days, so all in total he had been mourned for seventy-seven days not counting the travel time from Egypt to Canaan.

When Moses died, he was mourned for thirty days and it ended.

King David mourned the death of his son Prince Absalom. His death was due to his killing his brother who raped their sister and further deceit that was taking place. King David through his mourning of a son from a father was genuine his mourning was also mixed with guilt because he never dealt with the sin issues that took place within his family. Most often when we see people overcome with great emotion it’s not so much due to the love and the fact that they will miss the individual. But it’s the guilt that is overtaking them.

What is a house of mourning? It’s a home designated usually by the closest living relative or the home of the deceased. Where the relatives and friends will gather for several days to cry and recall the memory of the deceased. But then there is another house of mourning where the resident of the house is just in a continual state of sadness after the loved one has passed, in a constant state of mourning for months or years. There is no joy or laughter. And no one comes to visit.

Daniel mourned for three full weeks. The reason why he was in mourning is that the archangel Gabriel told him about the coming of JESUS the MESSIAH but I don’t know if Daniel really understood. I know I read the Prophecy and studied it well and though I know the outcome in the prophecy unless I missed something, I did not see that Gabriel informed Daniel that JESUS would not remain dead. So I understand why Daniel would be found mourning. If after you have studied that prophecy and you see differently please inbox me on Facebook or call me.

Now I have tried to cover as much as I could about the downside of mourning. Let me shed some light on the upside and that we can come out from under that dark cloud.

Our sorrow can be turned to joy and our mourning can be turned into a holiday. I know people that when they go on vacation be it long or short they call it a holiday. And what is it that we do on vacation? We rest and play, have a good time of feasting and joy. When we are mourning the best way to come out of it is to get away for a short while, make it a gift for yourself or for someone else. We need to get out of our head, out of our emotions.

Give to the FATHER the pain that we are feeling, let HIM know how we feel, don’t hold back anything. HE can handle it all and HE will listen to us. Our FATHER will turn our mourning into dancing and HE will clothe us with gladness.

Dear heart our FATHER knows that we hurt and HE understands our pain and sorrow. But guess what? When we come to HIM, HE will console us, HE will remove all the ash of darkness from us and anoint us with fragrant oil of joy. HE will take that garment of heaviness from us and give us a better garment to praise HIM in and we will give HIM glory.

Know that you can have dancing feet again, joy will be your comfort and you will rejoice rather than be sorrowful.

And how can I blog about mourning and not include mourning for JESUS being pierced?  And I will pour on the house of David and on the inhabitants of Jerusalem the Spirit of grace and supplication; then they will look on ME whom they pierced. Yes, they will mourn for HIM as one mourns for his only son, and grieve for HIM as one grieves for a firstborn. I too grieve whenever I think about the crucifixion of my Savior and all HE went through for me. But then quickly I rejoice and thank HIM for doing and going through all that for me. Now I don’t have to face the punishment of death, hell and the lake of fire. And I will rise.

Gen. 37:35; 50:3, 10; Deut. 34:8; 2 Sam. 18:33; Est. 9:22; Ps.30:11; Ecc. 7:2; Is. 61:3; Jeremiah 31:13; Dan. 10:2; Zech. 12:10




I am a lover of a good mystery. Growing up I watched many of the film noir detective series of the 1930’s and still do on TCM. I’m a fan of such authors as well as the movies as Arthur Conan Doyle’s-Sherlock Holmes; Agatha Christies-Miss Marple (the black and white version a classic). I read Ellery Queen novels, Edgar Allen Poe’s-The Murders in the Rue Morgue; Charles Dickens-Bleak House; I call these novels the Alphabet mystery series by Sue Grafton and so much more. Today I find that American mysteries are not much of a challenge to me so I have devoted my mystery watching to British mysteries, I’m stumped every time and that’s a lot of fun. And what turned me on in my early walk with JESUS is that I found reading the Bible is a mystery as well. Part of it is written specifically to non believers and part of it is written specifically to believers. This is why reading the Bible is so frustrating to most people. To read the Bible you must have the right Spirit in order to unlock the mystery. The Bible is a Spirit breathed book it speaks directly to our spirit, not to our head and if our spirit is not awake we will never get the revelation that the Spirit will like to show us.

Here is a mystery that apparently is not understood. What better place to offer the invitation to meet JESUS and come to HIM than at a funeral. Instead, the life and mostly likely lies are spoken about the corps in the box or urn. That person has lived and died, speak to the lives of the congregation, and tell them the truth if the person is a believer or a non believer where they are.  This mystery which was written is to the believer so we can see the message. It has been revealed that all mankind will not go to sleep but all mankind will be transformed. This is to the believer not to the nonbeliever. JESUS, HIMself said that those of us who are still awake and remain until HIS coming will not precede into HIS presence. So what is this? You are a believer, you have gone to sleep, we are the one who likes to say that the person is up in heaven but this is not what JESUS said. We will be asleep in our grave until HE comes for us. JESUS will come down from heaven, the archangel will blast the trumpet of the Living GOD and the dead in CHRIST will rise first. And then all of us together will meet JESUS in the air and remain with HIM eternally.

The FATHER made known to us the very purpose of HIS will for HIS pleasure. But I guess HIS will and pleasure is not good enough, maybe this is why we change it to suit our will and our pleasure. However, the FATHER’s will and pleasure are purposed in CHRIST JESUS, not ours. So it really does not matter how many ways it’s said if it does not line up to what GOD has said it means nothing and it goes nowhere. JESUS is the only One who is able to establish and strengthen us in HIS faith which builds our faith because HE is the foundation of faith. JESUS reveals HIS salvation plan to the world but if we don’t adhere to the calling of the Holy Spirit and come to HIM, we will not be able to obey the Word in faith.

1 Corinthians 15:51; 1 Thess. 4:15-17; Ephesians 1:9; Rom. 16:25; Col. 1:26




For the past forty plus years but less than fifty years giving a person a name has never been given much thought. People will throw a name on a person without knowing the true meaning of that name not realizing that each time you call that individual by their name you are calling that person the blessing or the curse you’ve placed on the individual’s life. And please don’t get me started on nicknames. When we read the names of people in the bible we discover their meaning or what was happening or what they wanted to happen.

We are made in the image of GOD, we are all spirit beings. And just like our GOD whose name means something great our name should denote our character and integrity as well. In the very name of JESUS, we can find shelter where we can run into that place to find safety from the attacks from the enemy. There we cannot be overtaken or subdued unless we come out from under the protection. As long as we know that JESUS our GOD is our deliverer and our defense and security of whom or what do we fear? We need to stop believing that we can do anything in our own strength because if we could or if we can then there would never be a need for JESUS to come and die for us on the cross to save us from sin. And to deliver us from ourselves and we are not delivered just the once but on the daily. So many of us are using the shield of empty, loud and boastful words. All types of various addictions, stress and worry as the shield of protection. Well, how is that working out for you? Our stronghold and refuge are the Word of GOD who is JESUS. JESUS the CHRIST is the Savior, not you and not me, stop trying to do what can’t be done by human efforts and come to CHRIST JESUS so that HE can remove us from the violence of sin. Sin will always be around us because we live in a sinful world but we do not have to be sinners and we do not have to have sin living on the inside of us any longer. The LORD GOD can be and wants to be our strength and our power. People want this from HIM but are not willing to surrender to HIM to get it. Talk is cheap, live for HIM. JESUS is the only One who will make our way perfect.

The name of JESUS is to be worshiped not to be used as a part of profanity or as an angry outburst.  Where is the reverence due to HIS name? Don’t we know that it was the MESSIAH/JESUS who rose from on high and visited us? We are the ones who sat in darkness and we were in constant companionship of death. But HE will guide our feet if we allow HIM to do so into the straight path of peace and serenity. Those of us who do worship the name of JESUS speak to one another about HIS goodness and HE listens and hears us. It is us who reverence JESUS who will be remembered it is us who constantly think about and on JESUS that will be remembered. Our FATHER in heaven HIS name is Holy not average.

Okay, many say that they believe in GOD and that is good but I say big deal. And I say this because the Word tells me that even demons believe that, Jms. 2. Most people don’t have a problem with God because God comes in many forms, noticed how I wrote in alpha G and lower case [od] this was to let you know that for me though I know that even in the bible it’s written this way and is respectful I’m making a statement that for some this could be the case and for some not so much. Then your god would look like this. You see for me I need to know the name of God, who do you serve, the demons have a god and his name is satan even the heretics serve him. Agnostics and atheist serve a god it comes in the form of self or objects, we are hard-wired to serve God. But we must, as a matter of fact, it’s critical that we receive JESUS so that we can become children of GOD. So many believe that they are children of GOD and that is a grave error and is not supported in the Word of GOD. We are all made in the image of GOD meaning that we are spirit beings but we are not HIS children, we are the children of satan. Until we receive JESUS we will be separate from HIM. We have to believe in the name of JESUS.

I listen to how people are quick to quote what other people have said or will run to do what another’s have done. But what I can’t figure out is it because JESUS is no longer here in the flesh for our seeing that some are not quick to run and do what HE has said to do? And is it that because we don’t recognize HIS voice or believe that HE speaks today and because it does not make sense to us that we don’t quote what HE has said? Dr.’s, medication, rehab, or anything outside of JESUS does not deliver and heal. It’s only our believing and trusting in the name of JESUS that will make us strong my faith is being built in and on JESUS who is my foundation. People keep running around looking for salvation in everything and from everyone but salvation is found in JESUS, there is no name under heaven that will provide us salvation but HIM. JESUS is how we must be saved. JESUS is our advocate, defense attorney, counselor, mediator and HE is the One who speaks on our behalf to the FATHER.

The LORD GOD has not nor will HE ever exalt us as HE has HIS beloved SON, JESUS. The FATHER gave to JESUS, HIS beloved SON the name which is above every name. Nothing else with a name or un-named has been given this honor. It is in JESUS name that every knee will drop in heaven, on earth, and in hell. In heaven, we bow our knees willingly, on earth we choose to bow our knees if we have them that is and in hell, we will be made to bow them. I willingly made a choice to bow my knees at the name of JESUS. There is nothing angelic, spiritual or natural that is above the name of JESUS. And there never will be. Is. 45:23 I have sworn by MYself; the word has gone out of MY mouth in righteousness, and shall not return, that to ME every knee shall bow, every tongue shall take an oath.

We are accustomed to the saying think before we speak. Well, I think that the translation has been lost over the generations. I believe that it was handed down as it was written in the Word, whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the LORD JESUS. You see if we would only take a moment to think about what we are going to say, will it please JESUS and what we are doing will it please JESUS? We will always remain in the mindset of thinking, speaking and doing in the name of JESUS. This will cause our heart to be bowed down before HIM to give thanks to the FATHER through CHRIST JESUS. Regardless of what we put our minds, and motives to do we must do it all to the glory of the highest GOD through JESUS.

Today people have their backsides up because the truth has been spoken and taken out of context. Well, guess what, any of us who in the name of CHRIST JESUS who would rather stand for all things JESUS versus what people stand for is all right with me. I don’t have time for people who prefer to be well liked and desire to follow the crowd of popularity. For JESUS I live and for JESUS I will die so persecute me also. In HIM I am blessed not to you and the Spirit of glory and my GOD will rest on me. For those of you who want to be popular, who are religious, who are easily turned, and will deny the Word of GOD, and reject JESUS, JESUS is already blasphemed by you but for those of us who are not ashamed regardless of the cost, HE is glorified. So what you say negative things about me, stop speaking to me, drop me from bookings and remove me from your social media. Why should I care? Because if you believe that, you are only fooling yourself.  I am in great company because they did the very same thing to JESUS. So I will continue to shine my light into the darkness of sin and it is my hope that they will see my good works in JESUS name but honey child I will not push it on you because you do have a choice. And my FATHER GOD will be glorified.

So may those of us in CHRIST JESUS hold onto the name of JESUS securely and do not deny HIS faith.

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