Test or Tempt, who gave it to me?


All our lives we either test ourselves or are being tested or tempted. As babes we test out our hands by holding our very own bottle, then we test our legs with standing, walking and then we run. In school we are given test, for driving we are given written and road test. For employment again we are tested. Also in our life we are tempted, it usually begins around the time we find our independence when we begin to walk on our very own legs without the help of others.

Human nature never seems to be satisfied with all the wonderful pleasures of all it has, it always seems to want what it has been forbidden to have. In the Garden of Eden our FATHER commanded Adam and Adam told Eve that they could eat freely of every tree of the garden with the exception of the tree of knowledge that has good and evil. So tell me what has changed today? Watch your precious baby once he/she begins to find his/her independence of mobility. Not only that, just take a look around us today. Most if not all is attributed to failing the test of being tempted.

If you desire anything make sure you have prayed and sought godly council. Those that have truly done this have not failed but those who said they have done this and have failed or come back later and say that god changed his mind is a liar. (Well maybe not that’s why I used lower case god to represent their false god) Our GOD does not tempt anyone to do anything, HE does not hang things out there for us and say this could be yours if only. No, our GOD is our FATHER who desires to be our DADDY and HE has made promises to us and we have an inheritance and all we have to do is ask for what belongs to us and go get it. We have the keys to the kingdom, all we have to do is use them.

Understand this our GOD, our FATHER gives us test not tempt.

James 1:13



Who of us don’t experience temptation from day by day? Something or someone beckons us be it sinful or not. We can be on a diet and certain foods will call out to us. We can purpose a budget than all of a sudden sales that we just think we can’t pass up come about. Then here are the sinful temptations, we look at and think about people we desire to be with. We may already be married, in a relationship, lusting after another instead of asking that person out on a date to see if the opposite sex individual is interested, that is if you are unattached and he/she is unattached.

Do you realize that none of us can be tempted by anything or by anyone that we are not familiar with? What am I writing? If you are familiar with gluttony and you are trying yourself to curb or stop this habit, that’s good. And you maybe successful however, gluttony is not relevant to just over eating. Glutton – over indulgence of anything. For example, there was a time when I was employed in the secular world that I was a work-a-holic. This was my drug of choice.

When I retired it was difficult and though I know I heard clearly that I was no longer to work in secular employment again, the temptation to get out there and work was just too great. Needless to say JESUS won, HE got my attention and I have never been happier than doing what I’m doing for HIM. Some of us can have success working on ourselves and not looking back and be tempted by the temptation of a thing that we once involved ourselves in and I give you a standing ovation. Then there is us folk, we need the help of the Holy Spirit to deliver us from the gripping temptations that come after us.

We must pray that we are not led into temptations for that day but even if we are, we have an assurance that JESUS will deliver us because our flesh is weak. I’m writing to remind all of us that if we don’t cover ourselves from temptation that we will find ourselves in circumstances and then looking back feeling miserable asking ourselves; how did this happen? It’s easy to be overtaken by temptation, maybe not the first time and maybe not the second time. But the more temptation comes by to visit the pressure becomes greater and as we begin to converse with whom we think is ourselves, when in essence it’s the enemy. We will be overtaken, but remember that only those temptations that over take us are the ones that we are familiar with. It’s not the one that we don’t know anything about. When I was a virgin, sex was never an issue for me, I never used drugs so drugs is not an issue for me, and alcohol is not an issue for me nor is parties. But sin is an issue for me, I’m tempted daily to sin.

So I trust JESUS to deliver me daily out of temptation because I belong to HIM and I’ve been promised this just as you have. We are blessed when we are able to endure temptations. We can do this my beloved family in CHRIST JESUS. We can’t do this in and of ourselves but we can do this in CHRIST JESUS.

Matthew 6:13, 26:41; 1 Corinthians 10:13; 2 Peter 2:9 & James 2:9



If any of us were asked to willingly come to court and testify would we? Let’s clarify what it is to testify, acknowledge, declare, evidence and witness. Some of us maybe acknowledging that we would not willingly come to court and provide negative testimony against another but positive testimony for someone we would. That’s why in a court of law we have summons which compels us to come forward and tell the court what they need to know.

Well, the church need to be encouraged this is why it’s important that we provide testimony that is truthful and not weak with sin. The world needs to hear us testify so that they will know that because JESUS saved and delivered us that HE too will do the same for them. As a matter of fact HE has, the world just has to believe.

When we testify it’s not just in a court of law or in church but in our everyday conversation. Whatever we speak is testimony of what we acknowledge, declare, can or will provide evidence and a witness to. This is why it is so important that the body of CHRIST are not gossipers of lies, if we are going to gossip lets gossip about the goodness of JESUS. In this we are bragging on HIS goodness which in essence is praise.

Each time we testify about JESUS to our self or to another we quench fiery darts that have been aimed and shot at us un-aware so that they will not hit their mark. Not only that but we become stronger in our love walk with and in CHRIST JESUS. We begin to take hold by believing what we are hearing, you can only believe what you consistently hear.

So Testify often about how JESUS came and found you, how JESUS delivered you, how JESUS healed you. Testify about everything and anything that JESUS has done for you because others need to know that because HE did that for you, HE most definitely will do the same for another. JESUS is no respecter of person, HE has no favorites and plays no favorites.

Reminder, the blog is called Testify not testi-lie.

John 3:11 & 1 John 4:14




Have we children of the Living GOD forgotten that HE alone is still LORD of earth and heaven? I mean among all the dark and wicked things that goes on around us, do we forget that we still have a mediator who sits at the right hand of our FATHER who is praying for us? When we pray asking the FATHER in JESUS name; JESUS prays to the FATHER on our behalf.

I’m ashamed to say that I forget sometimes. I get so frustrated with seeing so many people lost to alcohol, drugs, hellish conversation, and disrespect for self and others, open crime and such. Nothing is hidden any longer everything is splat out in the open. Christians are spending more time reading the newspaper or watching the news report rather than reading their bibles. How do I know? I listen to the conversation of those who profess to be Christians and who I know attend weekly worship service. Their conversation is laced in failure, they have forgotten that they are winners. They have forgotten that they are the very ones with the answers this dying sinful world needs to hear from. Not the morning, afternoon or nightly news because all they are going to tell us is who murdered whom, who stole what and who cheated. What is helpful is the traffic and weather report however. Not the gossip rags that come on television who tells us what entertainer is sleeping with whom, married to whom, divorcing whom, wearing what.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not knocking those things by informing any of us to discontinue to cease watching them, that’s up to you and your growth in CHRIST JESUS. What I am suggesting however, is that the children of the Most Highest GOD should always have on their full armor totally equipped with a ready answer for yourself and others.

We must remember daily to thank our FATHER and praise HIM for the wisdom and understanding we ask of HIM just to get through another day. Our FATHER’s wisdom has no bounds ours does, with our FATHER’s wisdom we find our-self stress less instead of being stressful or anxious. HIS wisdom and understanding will provide us with such inner peace.

So before you begin your day maybe while you are in the shower thank DADDY and praise HIM, HE is worthy. Then while you are drying off and moisturizing ask HIM for today’s wisdom and with HIS wisdom to give you understanding. Make this a practice, you’ll find it’s worth giving HIM thanks.

Daniel 2:23 & Matthew 11:25

Thankful with Thanksgiving


Many of us like music; many of us would even go as far as to say we love music from classical, jazz, rhythm and blues and everything in between. Some of us study music, are musicians and entertainers of music. Then theirs us folk; the sureda, woulda, coulda’s of music; I sure wish I could sing, I would have done this if only I could have done that.

But is it not wonderful to know that with GOD we don’t have an excuse when it comes to being thankful. Why? Because all we have to think about is everything JESUS has blessed us with. Just this morning we opened our eyes in the land of the living; being given yet another chance to hear the voice of JESUS and to answer HIS knock on the heart of those who have not answered the door as yet. Another day to walk in forgiveness towards people; another day to walk in love; another day to witness to the lost. Another day to walk in our healing and deliverance; we just have so very much to be thankful for. And for this we can sit and make up songs to show JESUS just how much we love HIM.

Look, to the natural eyes and ears we may not have the gifts to sing, dance or play instruments but guess what? To our DADDY we sound and look wonderful to HIM. Why is this? Because when we are truly thankful from our heart; it is from our heart that will pour forth how much we admire, are grateful and willing to commend JESUS in our show of gratitude with thanksgiving. Can you imagine your earthly daddy saying to his buddies look that’s my kid? I know I can and I remember all too well; as a matter of fact he still does it. Well, imagine our heavenly FATHER doing the same towards us when we are showing HIM our thanksgiving. Never be afraid to praise JESUS were ever and whenever because if there is anyone that is ever deserving of our thanks; JESUS is the One.

Psalms 95:2 & 100:4



Ms. Jackson made a very popular R&B song asking the question “What have you done for me lately?” I like the song as well; it was a very catchy tune and I still find myself dancing to it or snapping my finger to it. However, most of us live our lives in this mindset of “I”. It’s always me and myself first never considering the other.

I’m a young middle aged fifty plus year’s woman who have not seen it all and I know that I’ve got a lot to witness. What I have witnessed however is that becoming selfish is taught more than just a natural instinct that comes out of the heart like lies out of babes. I’ve seen tots playing especially those who don’t have siblings and they are willing to share. But those who do have sibs are not so very willing and then I have seen the opposite as well.

So where am I going with this? Brothers and sisters in the faith; we need to take self-inventory; often not to deceive ourselves because the last person we can see is our self. What are we consistently thinking about? Who does it benefit? If what we are thinking about consistently has anything to do with just us and nothing at all to do with bringing glory to GOD and HIS kingdom that’s selfishness. If all we care about is our flesh; how it looks (dressed in the latest fashion, drive the latest auto, buy/rent the largest home, have the most money, greatest position/title); that’s selfish.

Those that live according to the flesh keeps track/a record of all deeds and expects payment in return. Simply put, all kindness is not kindness without some sort of expectation. People do come calling and when they come and you are not able to assist in their request; they will lay guilt on you with remembrance of what they did to help. However, we who belong to JESUS should never look for repayment from mankind and we should never speak about what we did to help another. 


It’s wonderful to have the greatest because being a child of The KING we are to have the very best. However, we are not to get them by any means necessary; crawling over our brothers and sisters who are hurting and in need. Ignoring problems because we are afraid someone wants something from us; we are too busy to lend our time to others but are never too busy to do what we want to do that amounts to nothing for JESUS. We need to study our ancestors from the book of Acts and get a clue. We need to come together and stop being so divided within the church and become true disciples of CHRIST JESUS as HE so desires us to be.

Proverbs 23:7



What does it mean to trust in the LORD?

Well, the only simple way I know to explain this is with another question. What are all the things we have believed / trusted without valid proof of it being what we were told to be so and we ran with it as accurate? What do I mean by that? We adopted that which we heard into our philosophy and began to share that information with others; we also claimed that we experienced that very same thing for ourselves. Another belief / trust can be that we allow the pressure to impress others, involve us to go down a dangerous path of addictions. When if we would only use our eyes and see that addictions have more victims than overcomers of those who try alcohol and or drugs for the first time never to return. Or for those who play the game of Russian roulette; meaning they call it recreational use until it’s no longer recreational. Our very beginning is in trust. We don’t know that the man and woman that we call daddy and mother are not until we see a legal document that states otherwise and they inform us that they are not our biological parents; yet, our daddy and mother still the same. That same energy we use to believe what we want to believe or believe by blind faith is the very same energy used to believe and trust in our LORD JESUS. It’s that easy. 

What does it mean for us to do well?

We must begin with small steps as we do with anything else in life because the CHRISTian life is a process. First we are born into the kingdom family then we begin to grow up in the very same manner as babes are in the natural. Babes in the natural are taken care of so are spiritual babes. Natural and spiritual babes are provided milk for a time then given cereal, veggies and meat. Natural children in my day played outside; this was exercise, spiritual children spend their lives exercising in the Word of GOD and encouraging each other through words and deeds as well as attending worship service. In this they learn the importance of obeying the Word and command of GOD through HIS grace and mercy. 

How is it possible for us to live victorious lives and feed on HIS faithfulness?

I guess a better question to ask ourselves is what takes priority in our life? Anything that is more important than placing our CREATOR first and foremost is too important and has become our god. When JESUS is first above everything and everyone our victorious life is set in motion. Each time we read the Word of GOD and apply HIS Word to our life and feel, hear, see, smell and taste the change no matter what the days may bring from day to day. Some days may be stressful some a breeze but I’m here to tell you that your life is being lived in HIS faithfulness not because of anything you are doing but because of all that HE has done. And whether others want to admit it or not, they notice the difference in us and they want we have because we are being genuine and not religious. 

This is why it is all so important that we do not intellectualize the Word of GOD because HE will mess up our self-made wisdom each and every time. The Word of GOD is a book for the spirit man especially the New Testament. This is why those who do not have the spirit of JESUS living on the inside of them gravitate so much to the Old Testament and the Ten Commandments. Intellectual people love to debate the bible and what they debate is always legalistic but the spirit man has no reason to debate the Word of GOD.

Ps. 37:3 & Pr. 3:5