JESUS deserves to be praised by everything HE has created because JESUS is holy. JESUS is perfect, JESUS has a pure heart, and JESUS is sinless. But these are just a drop in the bucket to the character and integrity of JESUS. Do you know that JESUS is enthroned in praise? JESUS is sitting on HIS throne because JESUS is royalty, yes, JESUS is the KING of kings and the LORD of lords and the PRINCE of peace. Wow, a KING, a LORD and a PRINCE all at once. How many of us ever gave that any thought?

Some people want to just keep JESUS as the SON of GOD but we need to read, study and speak to the Holy Spirit and allow the Holy Ghost to teach / reveal to us just who JESUS is. Open up the box and let JESUS out, see HIM for who HE totally is. JESUS is the reason why we praise. Our praise is JESUS! JESUS is GOD!! JESUS is the Creator (read John chapter 1).

So when it is said “Praise the LORD” what we are really saying is “Praise JESUS”! So now that hopefully, I’ve cleared this up maybe it can be cleared up about the praise and worship time in our ministry service before the Word of GOD is spoken. Some people will not come to the music part of the service for various reasons, the music is dry and or dead (lyrics and or music). Or maybe some believe that this is not the most important time of the ministry, so as long as they are there on time for the Word they are there on time. It’s not realized that this part of the service set’s the atmosphere, it will either build or stall the faith of the congregation. When we sing praises that are inspirational, encouraging and a reminder as to who our GOD is it builds our faith to receive the Word of GOD and to be healed, get a breakthrough in whatever area of life we need and to share with those outside of the walls of the church. Not only that but GOD our FATHER enjoys the praise of HIS people, HE considers it beautiful and pleasant.

Just as we are attracted to certain types of secular music or poetry it is that way with Christian / gospel music or poetry. We give our attention to what we are attracted to, so when we are out there making our purchase for secular artist why not purchase Christian artist in the same genre, memorize their music and notice how inwardly we become more encouraged and inspired by more godly principles. Singing songs of thanks, another way to praise the name of the LORD is good.

So, the next time we hear animals making their animal sounds and we interpret them to be saying whatever we consider them to be saying. Consider this, “Let everything that has breath praise the LORD”! And if they are praising the LORD, why not me?

JESUS will heal the sick before we believe we are saved. But it is impossible for the unsaved to praise JESUS when they do not believe in HIM. It was true then and it is true today in some cases, some people will not accept the gift of salvation until they reach the bottom of the bottom of whatever that will be for them. If it’s certain illnesses once healed they will receive the gift of salvation, and they will have a praise. Each of us has a praise for the LORD based on where we were when HE found us.

You know most humans whether they attend church or not have some type of understanding that newborn babies have a communication with heaven. We have said that their cooing was a type of communication with the angels or they are talking with GOD. And the thing is, most humans may just be repeating what they have heard passed down from generation to generation, not really understanding what and why they are repeating the statement. Much like why today why some believe it is required to circumcise a male? (circumcision was a covenant, between Abraham, and GOD). But what it is, is that babies and nursing infants do have a perfect praise until sin rises up within them and takes over.

We are the children of GOD and we trust in CHRIST JESUS so it should be our honor to praise HIS glory. And not only that we are bound to give thanks to GOD always because we are children who are beloved by JESUS our LORD because the FATHER chose us for salvation and sanctification by the Holy Spirit and by our believing in HIS truth.

It is by the grace of JESUS that we get to praise HIM over and over again. Just as we enjoy a sweet summer fruit on a hot summers day, giving thanks to the name of JESUS is far better. If we thought about the things we’ve escaped, the things we’ve achieved, the this and the that’s it’s all worth thanking GOD for because it is because of HIM that all things were made possible. We may have had to struggle to get through something but the fact is we got through it, we did not die in it, that thing did not swallow us up and kill us. In the name of JESUS, the FATHER rescued us and provided for us. As living testimonies, we must build up our faith with praise to GOD through JESUS who finds this acceptable.

Just to remind all of my brothers and sisters, JESUS is enthroned meaning HE is sitting on HIS throne and HE is surrounded by praise. From the throne is said “Praise our GOD” all HIS servants,(slave to righteousness) those who fear (highly respect, obey) HIM, small and great!

Psalms 22:3; Deut.10:21; Psalms 147:1, 92:1, 150:6; Jeremiah 17: 14; Matthew 21:15-16; Ephesians 1:12; 2 Thess. 2:13; Hebrews 13:15; Eph. 5:20; 1 Ptr. 2:5; Revelation 19:5




It’s amazing to me how we can read the scriptures day after day, year after year and when taught by the Holy Spirit we are taught in our spirit what we’ve never seen before. Though we’ve read these same scriptures day after day and year after year countless of times.

As I was reading Romans 8:29 for the first time I saw with my spiritual eyes what I had never seen before. And I was immediately taken in my spirit by the Holy Spirit to Jeremiah 1:5 confirming that which we have known, and it reminded me. I had known this in my head and I often reminded myself sometimes in my early years of this fact but not often enough.

As a CHRISTian family, we don’t spend much time speaking on this. We need to remind ourselves that JESUS had already known who we were, meaning the following.

  • What year, time and generation we were to be born in.
  • Who our parents, home life, family, environment, and community would be like.
  • HE created to perfection how we are to look.
  • HE knew how far sin would take us.

JESUS had already appointed us to resemble HIMself. This is why JESUS is the first born of so many of us. And because we are the very image of JESUS, we are blessed not with a little dab will do us. Not with some, but with every spiritual blessing, meaning nothing lacking and nothing missing. But we don’t speak this, we don’t think this, and we don’t live this. We are in CHRIST!

JESUS chose us, we are in HIM! JESUS did this before the foundation of the world. In other words before Genesis 1:1. So be holy. We are without blame because of the blood on us in JESUS in HIS love for us. We were predetermined before the beginning of time to be reconciled back to the FATHER.

We are not throw aways, we are not castaways, every single human has the choice to receive the gift of salvation. And those that will receive are the one’s who were chosen from the beginning by the FATHER.


Romans 8:29 & Ephesians 1:3-6, 11




For us to entertain the notion of the presence of someone or something being where one or it is, we must first be where one or it is. Do you agree?

If we are told by someone that life will be shown to us, does that mean that we would have to follow a directional path in our GPS to be in the presence of the presenter?

If we were told that we could obtain joy now that we have arrived at our destination, would we believe that we are at the correct location?

Then we are told that we could have pleasures forever, what would we begin to think?

Most people take it for nonsense, what I just shared with you are actually what we have when we place ourselves in the continual presence of our FATHER through CHRIST JESUS. In HIM we have.

  • Life
  • Joy
  • Pleasures

But most of us will not experience these because we don’t take the time to be in HIS presence. The FATHER is everywhere, HE is Omnipresent so if we are rushing to get ready for work or school in the morning, take the time to chill out with HIM in the car or public transportation. When I was employed my favorite place was the shower and my car. We have to want to spend time with HIM just like we want to spend time with other people or things. Think about the deposit HE is giving to us and the deposit we are getting from mere mortals and things. HIS is eternal and the other stuff not so much.

Psalms 16:11





Imagine starting your day as you normally do and you receive an urgent and legal notice informing you that your entire world as you knew it was about to change. Let’s exercise our imaginations for a moment, you get a phone call, or a certified letter in the mail requesting that you keep an appointment with an attorney to discuss some very important news. You either go to the attorney’s office or meet the attorney somewhere public and you are told that you are a part of a priestly kingdom, in fact, it’s an entire nation. And you’re being a part of this kingdom and nation is forever. Would you believe the news? Sad to say, so many of us who are born again CHRISTians do not believe this news about ourselves because we either do not know this or as I wrote don’t believe the information given to us.

But JESUS built HIS temple, JESUS bears HIS glory, JESUS sits on HIS throne, JESUS is the Priest on HIS throne and not just Priest but a High Priest forever after the order of  Melchizedek who was King and High Priest.

As High Priest, JESUS showed mercy to the people they were not accustomed to that from of compassion from the legalistic high priest. Those high priests just kept making up laws or pushing the people further down under the letter of the written laws. Funny how these same law writers never obeyed any of the Mosaic laws themselves unless it benefited them nor did they obey the laws that they came up with.

JESUS our great High Priest showed us HIS faithfulness, grace, love, mercy, and forgiveness. JESUS was pointing us towards the kingdom towards the nation to which we truly belong. To be the priest that we were created to be. This is one of the important reason we must continually remind ourselves who we are by confessing in our own hearing who we are in CHRIST JESUS, who JESUS CHRIST is to us and what we have in HIM. Between, depending on how much secular radio, and television we listen to and our daily conversations of home life, school, and work and let us not forget if we take public transportation because we all know what those conversations are like. It will cause the conversation of the mind to not be very favorable and we will never win a negative thought with a thought, we must win a negative thought with our positive verbal words. Especially the Word of GOD.

Now if JESUS did not make HIMself High Priest but the FATHER did, likewise we did not make ourselves priest either. But because JESUS is our great High Priest forever, we are priests forever and we are citizens of the kingdom forever and we are royalty forever.

Do you recall JESUS being called the cornerstone? JESUS is the principle foundation and we are HIS living stones, we are being built on HIM. Each soul that receives HIM as their savior becomes a stone, a living stone built onto the foundation to build the house. And not only that but as a holy priesthood, we get to offer up as a sweet smelling aroma the sacrifice of praise which is acceptable through JESUS CHRIST. You see, you can’t even get a praise through without going through JESUS first. We must remember, we did not choose JESUS, we were chosen by the FATHER, to become through HIS beloved SON, a chosen generation of HIS royal priesthood, a holy nation of people, we are HIS very own special brand of people. Whew, I kinda felt my chest puff out there. We are the only ones who can shout the praises of being brought out of the despair of darkness and brought into the marvelous light of CHRIST JESUS. You know, when we watch television shows and people are about to expire and they say walk into the light, this light that they are trying to convey is JESUS but they just don’t understand. If you die an earthly death without believing and receiving JESUS as your personal gift of salvation. You are condemned and you will spend eternity in utter darkness, in hell and destruction and the lake of fire. So there is no light for you to walk into. But if you have believed and received the gift of salvation from JESUS you are already walking in the light.

So to remind ourselves, in CHRIST JESUS we are a priesthood, a royal nation, and a kingdom to our FATHER the Most High GOD. We are priests of our GOD and CHRIST JESUS.

Exodus 19:6; Ps. 110:4; Zechariah 6:13; Hebrews 2:17, 4:14-15, 5:5-6, 10, 7:24; 1 Peter 2:5, 9; Revelation 1:6, 20:6




The only promise we can rely on is the promise of our GOD. HE will never break HIS promise to us. Every promise ever made to humans HE has kept. If we search the scriptures we will find that to be true. The most loving promise that GOD gave to us is HIS beloved SON JESUS who also promised us and gave to us HIS Holy Spirit also known as the Spirit of Promise or the Comforter.

One of the major problems we all have is the problem of “waiting”. We want everything now, instantly or tomorrow or no longer than next week, and heaven forbids if we have to wait next month but we endure.

JESUS told HIS disciples to “look” and “wait” for HIS promise which will come from our FATHER. Now the promise which HE was speaking of was the Holy Spirit and maybe some of us still need to look and wait for the Holy Spirit but there are also promises that JESUS have given to us that we must also look for and wait on. The problem is this, are we looking for them and are we waiting on them? The Holy Spirit gives us His power to endure everything from on high without discomfort, we have great inside knowledge and insurance.

There was a time and that time was before JESUS was crucified that the Holy Spirit only visited mankind. Scriptures prove that He was on them and not in them. Once His work was done He left. Now we have to receive Him just as we received JESUS. JESUS is the gift of salvation and the Holy Spirit is the gift of promise who is a Helper from the FATHER that He lives inside of us forever.

Glory be to the Most High GOD who gives us the gift of HIS Holy Spirit as our Helper in the name of JESUS. His job is to comfort us with teachings and remembrance of all things JESUS said to us. But guess what? He will not help us to remember if we do not spend time with the FATHER, how can we build a relationship if we don’t know the language of CHRIST JESUS?

When we know how to speak the language of CHRIST JESUS because we have a true relationship with the FATHER, then when we come to HIM and ask HIM for the promises that HE has given to us, HIS answer is yes and amen.

So don’t become tired of waiting on what you are asking for just because you don’t see it when you expect it. If it’s a promise from GOD it’s a sure thing it’s coming. HE has never broken a promise. So continue to speak in faith, never doubt, and never give up. No matter what things may look like and no matter how we feel, we are going to speak into existence just what the Word of GOD say it is and not what the enemy say it is or people say it is. Just be patient, have faith because we are the inheritors of the promises.   

Acts 1:4; Lk. 24:49; Jn. 14:16, 26; 2 Corinthians 1:20; Hebrews 6:12




For generations, heck let’s be more accurate for millenniums there has been people doing a lot of prophe-lying as well as prophesying. True Prophets do exist and there are not many of them, bless GOD I do know two or three so beware because this world is filled with prophet-liars.  The self-proclaimers, the novices or the man exalted ones. We need prophecy in ministry just as much as we need godly mothers and fathers to raise godly children in the home. So how do we know if we are actually hearing from our FATHER or if we are listening to a person?

  • Prophecy is not self, emotional, or human willed.
  • Prophecy comes as a result of people who are moved by the Holy Spirit only.
  • When scripture is used it’s the breath of the Most High GOD which is profitable and valuable.

Scripture teaches us

  • The Truth
  • Convicts of sin
  • Corrects us of our faults
  • Restores us to obedience
  • Trains us in righteousness
  • Conforms us to live in GOD’s will
  • We will develop honorable, personable, moral courage, character, and integrity.

And the final thing I have to write on the matter is this, the Holy Spirit can and will use anyone but that does not make one a Prophet just because you prophecied. So be careful before you call yourself such. Know that you are truly an anointed Prophet by the Holy Spirit first and your gift will be seen by others without you having to say a word. Just you holding an average conversation will reveal the anointing on your life. Or another will see the true and confirm what the Holy Spirit has already told you. When the Spirit of the LORD takes hold of your tongue and HIS Word is placed on it, there is absolutely nothing you can do about it.

I told you that I know at least two or three true Prophets of the Most High GOD, they are located here with me in the Washington, District of Columbia Metropolitan Area and if they don’t mind I will add their ministries to this blog.

*Apostle Tonya Mitchell

Nothing But The T.R.U.T.H Ministries

7432 Old Alexandria Ferry Rd


*Propet Robert L. Bryan Jr.

Sword of the Spirit Ministries

8601 Central Avenue
Capitol Heights, MD 20743

*Elder Bertrina Lyons

Now Faith Ministries

PO Box 627

Clinton, MD, United States 20735


2 Peter 1:21; 2 Tim. 3:16; 2 Sam. 23:2





  • JESUS is our peacemaker. JESUS is the One who provided the peace that is needed between man and GOD. JESUS is the One who calmed the anger that GOD once had for humans. JESUS is our propitiation.
  • JESUS conciliated to bring us together with moral influence. JESUS leads us with HIS affection and goodwill hospitality. JESUS is the One who brings us together to a state of friendship. JESUS is our propitiation.

No human that has ever been born, is born or that will be born in the future will ever be sinless or have a measure of sin that is less or more. We are the ones who measure sin in the lives of people. Maybe every generation or millennium there maybe someone that we may consider to be so evil that there could not possibly be anyone that has been any darker. There was evidence of men that could have fit that bill written of in the Old Testament such as Nero, or Pharaoh. And then there are men such as Hitler or Manson. But the LORD GOD, my FATHER sees every sin even theirs the same as yours, mine and the baby just born though he or she has not committed the act of sin yet. Without receiving the free gift of salvation from JESUS who through HIS propitiation for us, it’s hopeless. We have to believe that HIS propitiation is enough, that we don’t have to do anything but believe, confess and receive. So many people view GOD as Judge and that’s correct but only if you are without JESUS. Without JESUS you are condemned and judged but with JESUS condemnation is no longer a part of our life and judgment has passed over us. We have received the propitiation that JESUS has provided for us. We have that peace so many are looking for, we have that friendship that so many desire. We can approach the FATHER boldly because we are HIS children. This is what redemption in CHRIST JESUS has gifted us. The FATHER gave HIS only begotten beloved SON, JESUS to the world (me) and HIS blood made us righteous. All we have to do is believe that the blood of JESUS has washed every trace, stain, DNA evidence and gene from us that we previously committed and what we may have thought to commit and what we had not yet thought to commit in sin. It’s gone! JESUS has demonstrated HIS righteousness so we may demonstrate our righteousness in HIM. JESUS is the justifier and we are justified in HIM, it’s the propitiation gift that keeps on giving.

JESUS is 100% Holy GOD and 100% sinless man, HE descended down from HIS thrown and clothed HIMself in human flesh to know firsthand just what man is tempted with, the stress of life man goes through, the needs of man and so forth. In this JESUS learned through wisdom mercy and faithfulness. In all that HE overcame without sin which is everything, HE became the only High Priest acceptable by the LORD GOD for us as our propitiation.

The sins of the people in the entire world the planet earth are great and getting greater. But JESUS came HIMself and became our much- needed propitiator.

If you have not gotten the understanding as yet, I don’t know how clearer I can make it. The FATHER LOVES you! None of us loved GOD and I don’t care how much we say we do we are lying because if we did we would have obeyed HIS Word. The FATHER gave us HIS beloved SON, JESUS as the propitiation for our sins to bring us to HIM. To bring peace between us and friendship.

Propitiation, do we have a better understanding now?

Romans 3:25; Hebrews 2:17; 1John 2:2, 4:10