How many inmates do we suppose are sitting in prison that will like to be pardoned by the President of the United States of America? How many of us will like to be pardon by our loved ones for things we have done or said? How many of us realize that the LORD GOD gave the world a pardon through HIS beloved SON JESUS by having HIM to be the One to be the sacrifice for our sins, to take our punishment and to die in our place?

Though King David was a wonderful worshiper, he was also an emotional wreck if you truly understand the psalms. His emotions go up and down, but what I admire about that is that he acknowledges those emotions to the LORD GOD. He does not pretend that everything is alright with himself when he knows that it’s not. King David had some sin issues and he was aware of some of them and when he faced them he went to the LORD GOD with them, he did not run from the LORD GOD because of them. King David exposed himself, this is an example that we all should take from him, we are not perfect though we belong to JESUS and we do make mistakes. We don’t live our lives in sin as we once did but there are times when we, unfortunately, find ourselves allowing our old flesh version win. Don’t lie down in defeat tell DAD about it, HE already knew it was going to happen HE was not surprised. We are the ones who are surprised by our actions, we were pardoned back on the cross but telling DADDY gives us a chance to pardon ourselves of the guilt that we have no business with in the first place.

We are not wicked children of darkness any longer. We have given that up when we died in JESUS CHRIST and rose up in CHRIST JESUS. In the beginning, we belonged to the LORD GOD when the LORD GOD created Adam. After Adam gave his authority over to satan which is called the fall of mankind we no longer belonged to the LORD GOD. So now we have returned to our rightful FATHER the LORD GOD with our righteous thoughts. So though prisoners may sit behind bars or locked doors, they can be pardoned and still have to serve their legal time, but not alone. Some family members may or may not pardon us but for every family member whose carnal blood flows through your arteries that dismiss you. You have a loving family member with the blood of JESUS flowing through your arteries that loves you as you are. Just remember to pardon ourselves from everything as JESUS has! 

Psalms 25:11; Isaiah 55:7



We all desire to be part of something, an association, clique, club, family, gang, group, and ministry and so on. There are some that we must choose wisely and there are some that we have no choice in the matter. Here is something that I will like for us to consider, what if we chose to look at people that we come in contact with daily. In our home, family, place of employment, school, church, neighborhood, and community and make them part of our life? What would we have to say to this?

In the Old Testament (pre-crucifixion) JESUS showed us that HE loved everyone in the world and there were some in the world that showed that they did not love HIM. One of the symbolic gestures used which was a demonstration of HIS blood that will wash us. Is that JESUS knelt down and washed Peter’s feet and then Peter requested that he be entirely washed clean. Since then, we have been exhibiting this ritual ever since. However, the point I will like to get across is this, we say we want to be just like JESUS and yet we are still exhibiting our old flesh like hang-ups with people. We don’t like them for this or that reason, JESUS caused people to be part of HIM whether they remained with HIM or not was on them. We are the ones who must show the ministry of CHRIST JESUS and allow them to be part of HIM through us. What acts of kindness are we doing and saying?


We are the washed one in the name of CHRIST JESUS. We are so quick to forget that once we had no part with HIM and now that we do we treat HIM as if being part of HIM is an exclusive membership only club. To HIM everyone is invited but know that everyone will not accept the invitation. We are the sanctified ones and we should desire those who are not sanctified to become so by getting washed by JESUS as we were and are being washed by HIM. We want others to experience justification as we are justified in the name of our LORD JESUS by the Spirit of our GOD. JESUS did not need any of us, but because of HIS love for us, JESUS wants all of us and HE wants more of us and it’s up to us to love and to go out and invite them in. Tell others what JESUS has done for you and what HE is doing for you by using HIS name, don’t be afraid.

We can be creative and send invitations requesting them to be part of JESUS family by believing in their heart that JESUS is the LORD and confessing from the mouth that JESUS is the beloved SON of GOD and is the LORD.

By this, we will know the Spirit of the living GOD because every spirit that will confess that JESUS CHRIST has come in the flesh is of the living GOD.

John 13:8; 1 Cor. 6:11




Unfortunately, we all have a carnal and sinful nature that causes us to show partiality towards people. It begins as young as when we are infants. When someone desires to hold us or come near us and we don’t like them, we begin to cry. As we get older, if we don’t get our way with playing the way we want to play, we don’t like them. That evolves into how a person is groomed, or what they do or do not have and we begin to set them apart or accept them. Partiality is all about being biased and judgmental and nothing to do with love, tender affection, and truth.

We need to take a good look at ourselves and thank the LORD GOD that HE does not show any partiality towards us. Because if when we were lost sinners, nonbelievers, doing our own thing out there. And HE had not come looking for us, there is no telling where some of us would be or what we would be doing. Some of us were so far down the rabbit hole all we could see was darkness and no exit sign. We wanted out but saw no hope or chance of escape. And then there are others of us who from the view of others could have done no wrong but we knew that we were still a sinner going to hell just as those who were into everything. Because though sin causes the actions it’s nonbelieving in JESUS in our heart and the not confessing from our mouth that JESUS is the LORD that is the true sin. Once we believe in our heart that JESUS is and confess with our mouth that JESUS is the LORD because we trust in HIM sin will no longer have authority over and in our lives.

There are many gods and they mean absolutely nothing, they come in the form of orbits, stars, people, places, things, and animals. They are idols and people worship these insignificant gods under the directive of satan himself. But the LORD GOD HE is GOD the One and only true GOD. HE is the GOD of gods and HE is the LORD of lords, HE is even the GOD of satan and his demons. My GOD is awesome and mighty, great in splendor, HE shows no partiality to anyone.

In the LORD GOD and with the LORD GOD there simply is no partiality. There is, favor, grace, healing, love, and mercy and the list can go on but it’s too numerous because HE’s just that awesome and wonderful to us.

As I was sitting here writing and thinking, it dawned on me that even those who don’t believe benefit from the LORD GOD as long as they are breathing. But when you die and you die in your sins and you are a nonbeliever, there will be partiality but it won’t be from the LORD GOD. It will be from you, you showed partiality in your life by rejecting JESUS and your outcome, your reward is to spend eternity in hell and the lake of fire with satan and his demons. Nonbelievers make it possible for hell and the lake of fire to never be full and that fire, that bottomless pit says never enough.   

Acts 10:34; Deut. 10:17; Romans 2:11




Aah Passover what a miraculous moment-in-time for us, then and now. I will like to share some remembrances of Passover and what it’s meant so that we don’t think of this time frame as insignificant.

Passover was instituted for us back when the LORD GOD spoke to Moses and Aaron, I’m sure you recall this from watching the Ten Commandment starring Charlton Heston. But did you know that when it was told to Moses and Aaron that the beginning of months of a new year would be October, according to orthodox Jewish Hebrew studies? And it was on the 10th day of October that the Israeli men who were making their escape from Egypt with their households were told to get a lamb. Each lamb was to represent his household. That lamb had to be a perfect lamb no older than one year  old and they were to take this lamb into their home to care for and bond with it. Now we have to imagine a dear innocent little lamb, so cute and cuddly that we get to keep for fourteen days. We know how we are with puppies, dogs, kittens and cats. Now during the night the entire village had to kill their lambs on the fourteenth night of October. And of its blood, they were to smear it above the door and along the sides and then eat that lamb. Now we have to imagine the emotional distraught everyone had to be in especially the children, after all, this had become their pet. After this emotional trauma, you are now informed that we are about to leave the place that you’ve known all your life to an unknown place. And it’s going to happen at a moment’s notice. So be ready, be fully dressed and make sure that blood is over your door and on its sides as instructed. This, my friends, is the LORD’s Passover. So the LORD GOD HIMself moved throughout all of Egypt killing all the first-born humans that were not protected by the blood of the lamb and the first born animals. This is why we should never take the Passover as trivial we should always keep it holy for it is a day of honor that is to be memorialized. We should teach the Passover from generation to generation, do we have to continue with the rituals and ordinances of the Passover any longer? No, because JESUS freed us from the curse of the law and rituals and ordinances are a part of that curse. And just because according to the orthodox Jewish calendar it should be celebrated in October and we celebrate it in April does not delegitimize the fact that we must respect the LORD’s Passover. We can find the entire Passover story in Exodus 12.

Again, why is the Passover so important to us today? Some may think that what transpired then was for then but what happened was then was also relevant for now. What transpired then was only a foreshadow of what JESUS did for us now.

CHRIST means the Anointed One and what you do with anointing is a smear, paint, and pour over. Passover literally means to pass over or to spare. For the Israelites, the LORD GOD passed over their houses because HE saw the blood of the lamb. For us, we have been spared from the punishment that we so rightfully deserved because of sin. But because the blood of JESUS has been poured on us and we are being washed in HIS blood all the LORD GOD sees when HE looks on us is the blood of the LAMB. Because JESUS the perfect LAMB of GOD was sacrificed for the sins of this world.

JESUS understands more than we realize the oppression of mankind. As a matter of fact, HE endured more oppression than we will ever endure. JESUS was loaded down with unreasonable burdens, HE was treated unjustly, harshly, rigorously, HE was compelled to stay up and endure torture through unfair trials, lies, persecutions, being made fun of, being spat on, being hit on, having had HIS beard plucked out, hair pulled, crown of thorns placed on HIS head, beaten until HIS flesh was ripped from HIS back, clothes taken off HIS body, walked through town naked, carried HIS own cross and nail to that cross while still being made fun of and given urine and dung to drink. And yet HE never said an evil word against anyone. Instead, HE asked the FATHER to forgive. Passover is a great part of our salvation history and is worth studying.

1 Corinthians 5:7; Is. 53:7; Jhn. 19:14




Close your eyes for a moment and breath. Think of the greenest place you’ve ever visited or desire to visit. Are you smiling, do you feel a sense of calm coming over you? Good, this is you allowing your mind and body to come to a place of rest. Now, imagine being in such a place as this at all times. Did you know that this is actually possible? Well, it is and I have been experiencing this life of calm and rest for a few years and I tell you, it’s better than going on vacation to get away from it all.

Most Christians claim to have a favorite psalm which is the 23rd yet when I held a seminar a couple of summers ago. I found out that the entire room had no clue as to what the psalm actually meant for us. So instead of going through the entire psalm I thought that I would just cover the second verse because most of everyone is burnt out, stressed, at the end of their rope, and tired. We put far too many responsibilities on ourselves, we have needs and then we have desires. The thing is we are putting our desires above our needs. We need to prioritize our life, get things in the proper order and live life the way the LORD GOD intended for us to live.

  1. Get Saved. Ask JESUS into your heart if you never have. Believe from your heart that HE was born from a virgin birth. Believe from your heart that HE walked this earth. Believe in your heart that HE died, forgives, and loves you. Believe in your heart that HE rose from the grave for you and that HE is now seated at the right hand of our FATHER praying for those that believe in HIM.
  2. Trust JESUS daily. Give to JESUS our daily plans and problems. Speak to HIM instead of speaking to people about them that cannot or will not be of help.
  3. Notice the rest.

JESUS is the good shepherd and what makes HIM good is the fact that HE is GOD. Now shepherds take care of their flock, we all may not have been to pastures where we have seen shepherds with lambs or sheep. But we do watch movies and television so we have seen shepherds via that way. Shepherds look for their lost flock should one stray away, or get hurt. A shepherd will carry the hurt one around its neck/shoulders and mend his lamb or sheep tenderly and lovingly. And always desire that the lambs and sheep’s are out in the lush green pasture to lay down, rest, walk around, and be close to calm waters.

JESUS wants to do the very same with us but we will have to cooperate. We can’t keep doing our own thing, trying to take care of things our own way and expect to have a life that is restful and calm like being in a green lush pasture. When we read and study the Word of GOD we are eating a rich healthy meal every time. But when we deny ourselves of reading and studying GOD’s Word we deny our spirit of the nutrients required. And we have strayed away from the good lush green pasture to some brown, dry patchy land with muddy or no water. We may even be caught in briars or wire fences and have to be rescued.

JESUS is a door. We can enter into HIM and be saved and rescued from sin and ourselves. But some people have salvation wrong, some people believe that it’s all about giving up so much when in fact it’s really all about true freedom in CHRIST JESUS. When in JESUS we have the freedom to go in and out knowing that we are not in danger of what may be out there that could possibly harm us. We are not plagued with worries or cares of this world because we have accepted that we are in this world but we are not of this world. We are citizens of the highest GOD, our home is heaven, not earth.

JESUS is continually leading HIS people, HIS flock to living fountains of waters. We are always at rest on our lush green pastures.

Are you?

Psalms 23:2; Ezek. 34:14; john 10:9; Rev. 7:17



Most of my life, I have heard people speaking about which path to take. When playing as a child we followed a certain path in following the leader. During the hippy era which is now better known as the new age era, they follow a path of consciousness (self-awareness). And because of the many twist and turns we chose to take on the paths that took us further down the rabbit hole than we wanted to go. We are now a wee bit shy of following paths when we hear anyone speaking about following a path. The word path is not a dirty word and like anything else, it was created for good and distorted for bad. Let us discover how we were meant to be on a particular path.

King David asked the LORD JESUS to lead him in the path of righteousness. JESUS did so and because of this, we know that the King’s soul was restored with refreshment all because the LORD JESUS is the one who is leading him in the path of righteousness. JESUS did not and does not honor our request just because we ask anything of HIM. JESUS does so for HIS name alone.

So now we have discovered that righteousness is a path that we must travel on. We have heard it said throughout the generations whether you have attended church or not that narrow is the road and wide is the way of destruction. And for many years people may never get the understanding of this parable loosely said based on the scriptures if ever, but what the actual scripture that JESUS said is. “Go in through the narrow gate; for the gate that leads to destruction is wide and the road broad, and many travel it; but it is a narrow gate and a hard road that leads to life, and only a few find it.” Everyone will not choose that narrow gate because it’s not as appealing as that wide gate. Outside of each gate is the path (highway, road or street) in which we will decide to journey on. Some will get lost forever and some will make it out. But in the end, the choice will always have been ours. And then there will be those who have decided to visit both gates, they want to enjoy the pleasures of what is behind the wide gate and run to the safety of what is behind the narrow gate. And they will be able to get away with this only for a moment in time. And then, when they decide to return, they will find the narrow gate will have been locked and they will have been locked out and will never be allowed in again.

golden_gate   (gate)

1635237 (highway,  path, road , street)

JESUS is the way, HE told us so. JESUS is the way, the path of righteousness. We don’t lead JESUS, JESUS is the one who leads us and righteousness is within HIM not in us. But righteousness is within us only when JESUS has moved in and overtaken our heart and our spirit is alive in HIM. The course of life that we will want to live will be marked by the paths of following the prescribed rules that JESUS has given to us.

Then King David let us know that when following the paths of righteousness we find nothing but peace.

Psalms 23:3, 5:8; Proverbs 3:17




Not long ago for those of you that follow the blogs I’ve written, you will remember a blog titled “Perseverance”. I believe in many ways this can be a continuation because after all what is patience but a synonym for perseverance. However, I know that the Holy Spirit has taught me some things along my life journey that I will like to share that has caused me to grow tremendously throughout the years.

For years after I had become a born-again CHRISTian, I witnessed some character traits in myself and other people that were not fruitful at all to the LORD. And I began to wonder why, so, I began to self-examine myself and found that though I was attending church regularly and that the church was in me (JESUS) I was not growing because I was still in my own way. I still had the “I” complex. “I” was full of pride, “I” was independent, “I” was full of unknown anger, “I” was full of hurt, “I” was suicidal, “I” was depressed, “I” was oppressed, “I” was abused, “I was a people pleaser, and “I” was a perfectionist. This is just to name a few. I wore a mask and I wore it well and no one ever knew or maybe no one ever cared that I was not this carefree, upbeat person that I pretended to be because no one took the time to get to know me. This is the problem with most of the congregants that attend their local assemble weekly. We hear about something but how many people are holding classes, or intimate what is said in here stays in here group sessions. So that people can heal groups within their local assemblies. Now I’m not writing that all worship edifices don’t have this in place but most don’t and because of this, we have too many hurting brothers and sisters in the body of CHRIST. We can’t expect the body of CHRIST to win souls into the kingdom if we are still critically broken and wounded ourselves. Then once we have been delivered and begun to heal we need to be taught how to live with patience because we will still face difficult times in our lives.

The most important lesson any individual must learn and understand is that no person receive the seeds sown unless their heart is ready for the truth. Then once heard that heart will keep what was heard and produce a fruitful harvest from that. But it comes with patience. As we learn and mature we will begin to take control of our soul by infiltrating our emotions, mind and will with the Word of GOD. We don’t have to know every scripture by heart but what we do know when we get a negative thought or desire to think and do wrong we can speak encouragement to ourselves and remind ourselves of whom we are in CHRIST JESUS.

This is why it is so important that we spend time reading and studying our bibles, because we live in a sinful world, and we socialize with loved ones in our family who are non-believers and our associates and our friends. We face stressful situations that sometimes catch us off guard and if we do not have the ability to recall to mind the joy, peace, and strength of the LORD we will succumb to that stress. Reminding ourselves of who we are in CHRIST JESUS and what JESUS has done for us ignites that patience and comforts us and be begin to have hope where before maybe for a brief moment we saw no hope. And we are always hearing and I’m certain that it has been said amongst ourselves that we need patience or more patience. How about praying a simple prayer like this. FATHER GOD of patience and comfort, I want to be like-minded toward my brothers and sisters in CHRIST JESUS, according to CHRIST JESUS. In JESUS name.

We are all called to minister but we are not all called to be an apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor or teacher as stated in Eph. 4:11. However, with this fact, we all in the body of CHRIST need patience because we all will face distressing times. The moment we received JESUS as our Savior and told our family members who are not saved that became distressing. We tried to influence our neighbors and it became more distressing, so much so some returned to their sinful ways because of the pressure of being ridiculed and outcast. Then there are those who lost so much and have endured because of their patience and it has been a hurtful experience but they keep going because they understand that JESUS is worth it all.

Maybe this will be a good time to say this prayer.

FATHER, I want, I need to be filled with the knowledge of YOUR will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding; that I may walk worthy, fully pleasing YOU, being fruitful in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of JESUS; be strengthened with all might, according to HIS glorious power, in all patience and longsuffering with joy. In JESUS name. Amen.

If ever there was a time for today’s CHRISTians in America who have never ventured outside of their native state, community or country to see how spoiled we are. Now is the time to learn how to grow in patience, now is the time to learn how to bear injuries and offenses without anger and revenge. Now is the time to stop speaking about your hope in the LORD and live in the hope of the LORD CHRIST JESUS. Not so much because of the outcome of the election but because we have been living in the last days for 2,016 years as of this writing and if JESUS continues to tarry it will be 2,017 years but darkness is continuing to grow. The church has been persecuted from the time JESUS walked this earth teaching the Kingdom of GOD and more so since HIS crucifixion and the fact that HE arose and ascended on high. And today no one has never been able to stop witnessing about the Good News of CHRIST JESUS and it will not be stopped orally or literally. In all perseverance generation after generation, the Good News is being spread from nation to nation to every corner of this world. The faith in CHRIST JESUS is growing and it will not be stopped not even in death because death does not stop a true believer, we have no one to witness to but we continue to praise HIM forever more. In our lifetime we will be persecuted but so what we were most likely persecuted before we came to CHRIST JESUS so what did we lose? We had tribulations then and we have tribulations now the difference is, we faced them alone now JESUS face them with us and more than likely those tribulations we had before are no longer with us. The tribulations we have now pertain to those who hate us because of JESUS within us.

Every day we should ask that our hearts be directed in the way that HE desires which is the love and patience of CHRIST JESUS. We would be surprised when we realize that everyday occurrences like traffic, office politics or whatever normally trigger you into a negative space will no longer concern us because we will have our heart fixed toward the FATHER.

Another lesson I learned is that if I want patience like anything else I wanted, I must be the one to go after it. So how does one go after patience? The exact same way King Solomon did when he spoke to the FATHER asking for wisdom. You see in order to get patience we must be baptized in the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the one who gives us the power to live and operate in His patience aka longsuffering, Gal. 5:20.

Older adults 30 and up should be example setters to the younger. A sober mind is a mind that is not intoxicated or overpowered, not insane, or wild. No born-again CHRISTian should be under any influence other than the Holy Spirit. If you are drinking and getting drunk you are opening yourself up to demonic spirits/influences if you use drugs recreational or (a prescription that you are abusing) you are opening yourself up to demonic spirits/influences. Every liquor store or where ever one goes for drinks has the word spirits. That word does not stand for Holy Spirit. And it’s the same for drugs, drugs remove inhibitions and will cause people to do what they would not do or say if they were sober.

Every born again CHRISTian must find another born again CHRISTian who is more mature than they are and glean from them. Iron sharpens iron, and in our faith and endurance, we inherit as we go along to receive that which has been promised to us.

Our faith is continually tested but the passing grade is patience if this is what is produced. We must allow patience to have its perfect work in our lives making us complete so that we will have nothing withheld from us.

And the final lesson I’ve learned so far and that I’m continually learning in my trials regarding patience. Is to wait on the LORD. My waiting has and is grooming my character to be more CHRIST like. Oh, I’m not all together, don’t get me wrong but I’m a far cry from what I used to be thank YOU JESUS. And so are many of you or so you can be. We all have a great need to endure and no man is an island, we all need one another so that we can receive the promise. Stop being competitive with each other, begin to love not only in talk but in the doing. And allow patience to have her perfect way in all our lives.

Luke 8:15, 21:19; Romans 15:4-5; 2 Corinthians 6:4; Colossians 1:9-11; 1 Thessalonians 1:3; 2 Thessalonians 1:4, 3:5; 1 Chron. 29:18; 1 Timothy 6:11; Titus 2:2; Hebrews 6:12; James 1:3-4; Rom. 5:3-5; Heb. 10:36