Here is JESUS a man who never thought evil or had one negative motive anywhere in HIS heart for people. JESUS wants to bring and point us back to the FATHER. JESUS wants to love us and HE does though HE knows HE’s not loved by some but hated.

It’s been spoken and written before by my ancient brothers in CHRIST as well as my present brothers and sisters and myself; that JESUS is the only One who did and could bear our griefs, in other words our diseases and sicknesses. However, we are guilty of hitting and wounding HIM with weapons, hands and words. I guess most of the readers are wondering, how could we who were not alive be guilty of wounding JESUS in the flesh with weapons?  Read Matthew 27:24-25, we are those descendants and every child born until the return of JESUS will be a descendant.

Because of the fall of man done so by Adam which caused all of the human race to become sinners. Without the knowledge and or faith in CHRIST JESUS in our hearts we continue to strike HIM with our unbelief of heart. The faithless are supposed to be afflicted with everything negative but not the faithful in CHRIST JESUS. No longer should those who have faith in CHRIST JESUS walk around with their heads hung low, no we walk looking straight ahead because we are not filled with sorrow and we are not troubled by the cares of this world.

JESUS removed those burdens from our lives so that we can walk in freedom and newness of life.  

Isaiah 53:4

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The picture associated with this blog is the closest that I was able to locate for any person who has been self-inflicted or inflicted by another for whatever reason by whip. I need you the reader to understand that the flesh of JESUS was not just striped or artsy as we are led to believe but literally wounded, crushed, split open for you and me individually. HIS back after being hit with the whip forty (40) times that had hooks, metal balls and teeth attached to leather straps tore HIS flesh from HIS body. This person above in the picture may have only been abused by a leather whip.


There is not one human born of mankind who has not violated the will of the Living GOD. This is the reason why JESUS subjected HIMSELF on our behalf to suffer in HIS flesh injury, involving division of tissue, rupture of the skin and of the mucous membrane, due to external violence. HIS flesh was literally crushed for our sin. JESUS endured severe criticism and corporal punishment just so that we may obtain HIS peace. And it is by this very same wound that is described that we are healed.

JESUS had to do this for the world in order to fulfill the prophecy said by the prophet Isaiah, “HE, HIMSELF (JESUS) took our physical weakness and sickness. But we all too often take them back. In other words JESUS put on sickness, so why are we trying to wear them?

JESUS shed HIS blood for the world and with HIS blood a brand new agreement, contract and law was written that has been sealed by HIS blood. It’s only the blood of JESUS that will clean sin from our blood and sin from our heart. This agreement certifies all believers in JESUS that all of our sins have been forgiven.

As sinners, non-believers of CHRIST JESUS and dull of faith deserve to be delivered up for their offenses. JESUS stepped in for the entire world and all HE ask is that we accept, believe and trust in HIM all this requires faith. We have faith to do anything else, why not faith for this? JESUS has been delivered and punished because of the offenses of the entire world. However, JESUS has also been raised because of our justification. This is an example of the saving grace that we have in HIM. The moment that we trust and confess JESUS with our mouth from our heart we will be raised in justification.

Now the death that JESUS died, HE died the once for the entire world. Don’t look for HIM to repeat HIMSELF because it will never again happen. It’s a done deal, it’s over. Now is the acceptable time of the LORD and today is the best day anyone will ever have to get it right. JESUS lives to the FATHER and so do those who believe on CHRIST JESUS.

This I agree with Apostle Paul, if CHRIST JESUS is not alive and did not rise from the dead then our faith is incapable of producing any results and everyone who is anyone is still within their sins!

Dear reader, please get this; JESUS, HIMSELF no other person can do or could do what JESUS has done and that was to literally wear the sins of the world on HIS own body, HIS flesh while HE was nailed to that cross. In this we die to sins! In the resurrection of JESUS we live to righteousness. And in HIM by HIS wound we were healed.

JESUS was made a show of to carry the load of sins for the entire world. As for me and many other of my brothers and sisters in the faith of CHRIST JESUS we are eagerly waiting for JESUS to return for HIS church/glorious bride.

Isaiah 53:5, Mt. 8:17, 26:28, Ro. 4:25, 6:10, 1 Cor. 15:17, 1Peter 2:24, Heb. 9:28

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In deed there are times when we all are weak from various trials that we must all go through in our lives. The loss of employment, love ones, homes and so on.

So what must those of us who are strong in the faith do once it comes to our knowledge that someone we know is going through this tough time in their life? We must be strong for them. Doing what we believe is morally correct for that person because of their situation not considering for the moment the pleasure of our comfort. Because their circumstance will not last forever.

Because of the strength we provided to those in the faith who were temporarily weak they were refreshed and out of their weakness they regained their strength and became strong again. We must believe that just like in the days of the three Hebrew boys when thrown into fiery furnace at the command of king Nebuchadnezzar. When the Hebrew boys were delivered by their faith believing that they would be delivered from the trials and tribulation that they had to go through. We too must believe the same, we must stand still and stand firm in our weakness, help is on the way. JESUS is always with us though we believe it or not, HE said that HE would never leave us or forsake us. Take HIM at HIS Word.

Joel 3:10, Romans 15:1, Hebrews 11:34

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Regardless of where we are born, meaning class. What position we have obtained in life. Or how long we have been saved in CHRIST JESUS. As long as we are housed in flesh we are going to stumble from time to time.

Most people don’t understand that our salvation is not done in or on the flesh but in and on the spirit. The true us. We are not flesh people, we have a flesh only to be seen. The book of Genesis explains in the beginning of creation of mankind; we are made in the image of GOD, Gen. 1:26. What is the true image of GOD? Spirit, John 4:24. So that lets us know that we too are truly spiritual beings dressed in a flesh suit.

The only part of the flesh that JESUS wants total control of for residency is our heart. This is the place that we must allow HIM to come in and clean daily. When we get into HIS Word on a regular basis through quality time and speak with our FATHER building a relationship we grow closer HIM. We recognize HIS scent, voice, coming and desires. All of this will place us in self-control of our own flesh.

Now as I stated we all stumble, because our flesh man is not made perfect but our spiritual man is. The spiritual us will only become perfect once we accept and believe in JESUS as the MESSIAH whom the FATHER GOD has raised from the dead on the third day and that HE is the SAVIOR of the world.

Because our flesh is not made perfect meaning it’s not saved in JESUS it still wants to live by its sinful desires. Knowing this does not give license to return to the desire of the flesh. The habits of what we know, the desires of the heart, meaning the attitude of a negative moment in life. We all have them, at the check-out counter, in traffic, at work and so on.

Apostle James informs us about bits/bridles in the mouth of a horse, Jms.3:3. However, I’ve grown to understand over these many years that sometimes metaphors such as this does help. People are wild in sin and we need to be harnessed. Oh, not like animals but when we are Born Again in the Word of GOD and JESUS takes up residency within us. As we study HIS Word we should be applying HIS Word to our lives not just reading the bible as if it’s just another novel. So when we do stumble the Word will come to us swiftly and likewise when we stumble and fall.

Now if and when we stumble and fall don’t lay there, get up! And get up quickly because the longer we lay down the easier it is for the devil and his demons to torment us. They torment us through condemnation and we are free from condemnation, Rom.8:1. So how do we escape condemnation? By getting up and going to the person we stumbled in front of and asking for their forgiveness for our actions.

James 3:2

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Submit to GOD


What is it about the word submit that cause an attitude adjustment in the hearts of people? Is it because the definition of the word is not very clear or is it that no one really desires to adhere to the definition of the word? Let’s find out.

Submit – to give over or yield to the power or authority of another, to subject to some kind of treatment or influence, to present for the approval of others.

Well I can see how this may be offensive when taken out of context and abused. And this is exactly what sin has done and why we find the word distasteful. Yet, we adhere to the definition often without realizing it when it comes to doing what we want to do. For example, we submit to addictions, (all types) this is idol worship, when JESUS is not first place over the addiction. When we submit to controlling those that we claim we love, but how can we love those that we want to control as if they are animals or machinery?

We may submit too many people and things in our lives and yet will say, I love the lord. Yes, I used lower case because I’m trying to make a point. However, how much quality time do we spend speaking with our FATHER? This builds relationship. How much time do we spend listening to HIM for guidance and HIS soothing voice? How much time do we spend reading what happened after the crucifixion in the gospels through the book of Jude? Once we find out who we are, what we have, how we are to live and begin to apply this to our lives then we will read the book of Revelation without caution. Because I’m amazed at how many Christians are afraid of this wonderful book. Too many of us are mixing law with grace and mercy; and it’s impossible to live by both.

When there is no relationship with JESUS HE is at best our Savior but HE’s not our LORD, HE’s our lord. JESUS will only be our LORD when we allow HIM into every area of our lives.

So if we truly want everything that has been offered to us according to the Word of GOD. Then we must submit to GOD fully according to scripture and the definition that you have read above. When we realize fully the unmeasurable LOVE that we have our Love will want to submit to our True Living GOD.

James 4:7

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The most common avenue success is obtained is through education. And all too often mankind will promote their success as being obtained through self-effort. When this happens somewhere along the line the success obtained will vanish. Why? Because it was not obtained with wisdom.

Wisdom belongs to the LORD GOD and can only be given to us by HIS Holy Spirit. We must ask daily for wisdom and not only that we must ask for understanding as well.

This type of success will never vanish as long as the one who obtains this success remembers to give the LORD GOD glory and to pass this on to their successors. True success has and always will be given to us by JESUS CHRIST. Wisdom will always bring success they go hand in hand, just like water brings wet.

So if you desire true success in anything at all be it what you think, say or do. Ask the FATHER in JESUS name to provide you with HIS wisdom from HIS Holy Spirit and with that wisdom add to that understanding. Get a fresh dose daily.

Ecclesiastes 10:10

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Many of us don’t require an explanation on what it means to suffer because we know what it means all too well. Many of us have endured emotionally, mentally and physically, some of the readers may still be suffering now.

However, I want to paint a picture of our MESSIAH who had to suffer for us. Here is a man who never once had one bad or evil thought of any kind. Here is a man who never once lusted for anyone. Here is a man who never once wanted what belonged to another. Here is a man who never murdered or killed anyone. Here is a man who never took anything from anyone. Here is a man who never once lied. Here is a man who was not a drunk, did not use profanity and did not break any of the laws.

This man thought the thoughts that HIS FATHER gave HIM to think. This man had a desire to do the will of HIS FATHER. This man had a need for nothing on earth because HE is the creator of everything in the earth. This man never lusted for HIS creation (mankind) because HE wanted to reconcile them back to HIS FATHER. This man gave life, (dead raised and sins forgiven); especially the world that was done at Calvary. This man supplies grace and mercy. This man only speaks blessings and truth.

And yet, for all the good the MESSIAH JESUS has done for us HE suffered for us so that we would not have to suffer in sin. Unfortunately because of the blindness of our eyes and the deafness of our ears we are missing the Good News of JESUS CHRIST.

The devil wants to keep mankind blind and deaf, it’s his mission to destroy, kill and steal. Thing is we must understand that this does not pertain to things, this pertains to our soul and spirit. The desire to have company in hell with him is his goal because he knows that hell is his final destination. Hell was not a created place for mankind but for satan (never capitalize his name, he ain’t worth being capitalized) and his company of stupid angels that followed him when JESUS kicked him out of heaven.

But all that suffering that JESUS endured for us was worth it and I praise HIM for HIS endurance. Because think about if you read in the Bible the full account and get a revelation from the Holy Spirit of the punishment that JESUS went thru for us, then an understanding maybe comprehended. To know that in actuality HIS back was one large hole. Because it’s impossible to be beaten with a whip made of leather and iron balls and hit unmercifully as your flesh is flung from your bones. Yes, you can count how many times the soldier lash but it’s impossible to count the lashes. Even when African slaves were whipped their lashes could not be counted because their flesh would be broken open.

But my JESUS is now exalted. My JESUS endured HIS suffering for this sinful world so that we would not have to suffer. My JESUS is now seated on the right hand of my FATHER. JESUS is Prince, Ruler and Savior anyone who is willing to believe that HE suffered for them so that he or she does not have to suffer as the devil desires them to suffer.

It is so very easy and can be done right where you are. All you need to do is believe in your heart first and foremost that JESUS is the SON of the Living GOD. Then confess out of your mouth that you need JESUS as your Savior because you are a sinner and want to be forgiven. Lastly, believe and never look back. You are forgiven of each and every single sin, past, present and future. Now live in JESUS CHRIST and sin no more.

Luke 24:46; Jer. 31:34, Acts 5:31, 10:43

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