The SON pt.7

addicted to JESUS


Since the LORD, GOD cursed the serpent of old. There has been a great hatred between women and the devil. There will never ever be another woman who will ever bring forth a virgin birth. But we can bring forth greatness. Unfortunately, too many women have listened and will listen to the voice of that cursed serpent and follow through with having an abortion. I have heard too often that when a female has an abortion she thinks about that child, what it could have been (girl or boy), how old it would be by now and so on. It’s a bruise to the head because you are not able to forget and you are filled with regret or sorrow.

But the LORD GOD has always been and will always be with us all. He has never and will never leave nor forsake us. JESUS is also known as IMMANUEL which literally means GOD with us.

You know so many people want to remain in the law, they want to mix and mingle the law with grace. The law mixes with grace just like oil mixes with water, it doesn’t. The law was given to Moses and there were conditions. The law told us what to do but provided no help to do them. Grace and Truth came through CHRIST JESUS and there are no conditions. JESUS not only tells us what to do, HE shows us how to do them. JESUS already fulfilled the law, so when we obey JESUS we too are fulfilling the law.

The children of the Living GOD are so sinning conscience that they don’t recall that JESUS paid the full price to set them free from sin and bondage. We are to serve one another with a full heart of love and kindness.

JESUS CHRIST + the Word = the Living GOD. HE became flesh and lived here on earth with mortal man. HE ate, slept, and went to the bathroom, and bathed just like we do. Mankind actually beheld HIS glory and did not recognize HIM as the MESSIAH. As the One true GOD. While HE was here on earth people devised lies against HIM and they are still devising lies against HIM. Our GOD strikes fear in the unjust so the unjust will try to shake the faith of the weak. But don’t you allow them to. JESUS has never and is not able to sin or lie. There is no deception found in HIM. You know the truth regarding the Savior and your salvation through HIM for HIS Truth is the truth that will set you free from the penalty of sin.

Our KING was born into this world to testify of the truth. A friend of truth will hear and listen, will know and follow HIS voice only.

Now JESUS was born under the law pre-crucifixion but after the crucifixion this is when the New Testament really begins. This is what we really should take great notice of, the post-crucifixion. JESUS gave us such great demonstrations, but we really see them unfold from Acts through the Epistles. I’m getting excited just thinking about them.

Has any of you ever wondered what JESUS is wearing? HE has a designer original made especially for HIM. It’s a one of a kind. HE has on a beautiful robe dipped in Blood and on the tag, HIS name is called the Word of GOD.

Galatians 4:4, Gen. 3:15, Is. 7:14, Mt. 5:17, 20:28, Jn. 1:1, 14, 8:32, 18:37, Rev. 19:13




Pt. 6

What is it that we expect to hear when we attend worship service on Sunday?

For me, I want to hear about the CHRIST JESUS, who HE is to me and who I am to HIM. For me, I can never get enough of hearing about JESUS. Being an evangelist JESUS is all I speak about. It is always my hope to introduce JESUS as the One and only Savior, to encourage every listener and reader that we are exactly who CHRIST JESUS say we are and that every promise given is ours for the now and not the later.

Any preacher worth salt will preach about the CHRIST and that HE is the SON of the Living GOD.

Every child of the Living GOD will never have a problem proclaiming that JESUS the CHRIST is their LORD. In other words, JESUS is their GOD and HE is the One that we are enslaved to. HE is the One whom we obey according to HIS Word by the power of the Holy Spirit. By HIS flesh, HE is the seed of King David on both HIS mother and step father’s side. We are to take our example setting from JESUS and do as well as say what HE did and said. When we no longer wrestle with the fact that we are heirs with JESUS we will with the same boldness as HE had proclaim to be the son or daughter of the Living GOD. We will know and operate in the power given to us through HIS Holy Spirit. And we will walk as one who has been resurrected from the dead. Because we will no longer have anything in common with darkness, we are children of light and this world is no longer our home.

We will recognize when people are trying to keep us entangled with the law and legalism. Through familiar traditions and religiosity. These things could not help us in the flesh before JESUS fulfilled the law and they can’t help us today. Grace and Truth through CHRIST JESUS is how we are helped. Our FATHER GOD did this by sending HIS very own SON in the likeness of carnal and sinful flesh, yet HE Himself was not carnal and sinful. The only way to deal with sin in the flesh is through CHRIST JESUS in HIS flesh.

Romans 1:4, 8:3, 32; Acts 9:20, Heb. 9:14


The SON pt. 5


One of my favorite characteristic traits that is found in JESUS that I cherish so much, and desire for everyone of my CHRISTian siblings to have. Is to know and be an overcomer.

When we get it into our spirit that JESUS already overcame the world. We have no need to hold on to those cares that so easily entangle us. Whatever we spend too much time stressed out about, care about, addicted to. We can just let them go because we are overcomers because JESUS lives within us.

Because I know that I’m an overcomer, I have the –

  • Peace of JESUS.
  • Victory of JESUS.
  • Faith of JESUS.

Now it’s up to all of my CHRISTian siblings to get this and stop fretting over things that are in the world. Those things are temporary and we must set our eyes on those things that come down from our kingdom home.

If you are dealing with emotional hurts of any type. I get it because I was a prisoner of depression for forty years and I was set free in JESUS. But I had to be willing to let all that hurt go. I first trusted JESUS and HIS Word, then I began to forgive everyone including myself. Lastly, I decided to love regardless how I’m treated and how I’m spoken to.

Our peace and sanity are not based on people and the circumstances around us, but in CHRIST JESUS our deliverer.

FATHER, for each and every single soul that belong to YOU, I’m asking on their behalf that they trust in YOUR Word, YOUR SON (JESUS The CHRIST), and YOUR Holy Spirit. Then I ask on their behalf that they begin to worship YOU out of their belly where ever they maybe at this moment. Because as they praise YOU they will begin to feel everything that they have been dealing with on their own, taken away. YOU will do nothing without a request from the heart, as well YOU are an activator to those things that are according to YOUR will. Then I ask that these dear souls begin to forgive those, including themselves that have hurt them deeply and superficially, heal their emotions FATHER. And as YOU remove all the hurt, replace that space with YOUR love, joy and peace. Then they will know that they are overcomers in YOU and that they have YOUR victory which belongs to us. Thank YOU, in JESUS name. Amen.

Acts 8:37, Jhn. 16:33, 1 Cor. 15:57, Eph. 2:14, 1 Jhn. 5:4




Part 4

Are you the reader in the intimate presence of the FATHER? This is what is meant to be in the bosom of the Living GOD.

Now, Jacob before he was given a new name Israel. Wrestled with a Man as the Word is written. The scriptures read that the Man was not able to overwhelm Jacob. I personally don’t believe this to be so. Why is this? First, the scriptures capitalize Man this lets me know that this was not just any mere man. JESUS was known to show up before, as an Angel of the LORD GOD, He spoke with Abraham face to face in telling him that He was going to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah. There are translations of the bible that will refer the Man as the Angel of the LORD GOD. If an angel is written in this manner, lower case we know that this angel is a creation and not the Lord Himself.

Secondly, the scriptures teach us that JESUS is the LORD GOD and that HE is the one who created everything by speaking the Word.

And finally, we know that JESUS came in the likeness of a man so that He could relate to His creation.

Now, as GOD the FATHER; no man has ever seen HIM. It’s impossible for us to see the FATHER as HE truly is and live. Our mortal bodies can’t handle HIS full glory. This is why JESUS took off His glory and came down from heaven to live among mankind. JESUS brought, declared and revealed the FATHER to mankind by showing us Himself. JESUS made the FATHER known to us. Do you recall or know that when the disciples asked Him about His FATHER, JESUS said that when you see Him you see the FATHER?

Back to Jacob, what a revelation it must have been to him. He realized that though he thought he was wrestling with a mere man, he was actually wrestling with GOD. By his own declaration, Jacob said that he had seen GOD and did not die. So this tells me that this was JESUS testing him.

Ok, now that all of that has been written, let’s move on as to how we are to take our lives and mimic all that JESUS did.

  1. We can’t do anything of our own accord.
  2. At all times, we are or must do what we see our father / FATHER do.
  3. We hear our father / FATHER speak and that is what we speak.
  4. Our will is based on carnal knowledge or the righteousness from JESUS.
  5. We should always seek to know the FATHER what HIS will is and obediently do that.
  6. We must have a reverential respect and love for the FATHER so that our prayers are answered.
  7. As sons of the Living GOD, daily we are to learn obedience by the things we suffer through.
  8. Know that we are being perfected in the Word and obedience of and to the LORD GOD.

The lower case father is directed in two instances, satan and our earthly father. Because of our sin nature, we are unaware that we are doing his works. And those of us who look up to our earthly father, we have a loving desire to not only please him but we want to mimic him. This is especially true for the males. The upper case FATHER is for the Living GOD.

John 1:8, 5:19




Part 3

In the book of Psalms, we are introduced to JESUS by His FATHER. The FATHER voiced a decree, which is a formal and authoritative order. However, for the decree to come from the FATHER HIMSELF, this is telling us the eternal purpose and that JESUS is ordained by, in and of the FATHER. Whenever we see the title LORD written in all caps, this is the FATHER. Lord or Me is referring to the SON, JESUS. The FATHER is decreeing that JESUS is HIS begotten SON. This revelation came to King David. The word begot is the past tense of beget and this only pertains to a male parent. So we see that JESUS had already been begotten from the very beginning and revealed to man that He is the SON of the Living GOD.

JESUS came to this world to serve, He is acknowledged by the FATHER to be HIS Servant. To do the works of the FATHER and to say everything HE hears His FATHER say. JESUS is the One who was being upheld by His FATHER and so we are upheld by JESUS. JESUS is acknowledged as being the FATHER’s Elect One, meaning JESUS is the One who was chosen. Not the angels, apostles, Mary His blessed mother, priests or prophets. The FATHER never once nor will HE decree, proclaim that anyone other than JESUS is HIS begotten SON. JESUS literally came out of the FATHER. And though we are sons of the Living GOD we are not HIS begotten because we are adopted into the family of CHRIST JESUS. Just as the FATHER is and was a FATHER to JESUS so is and will HE be a FATHER to us. JESUS brought pure delight to His FATHER and when we do as JESUS did and speak what we hear JESUS speak, we too are a delight to the FATHER in and through CHRIST JESUS. JESUS was given the Spirit of His FATHER who is the Holy Spirit. And because He had the Holy Spirit working on the inside bringing forth outward results, He is the only One who can bring about justice in this world. Justice does not come about through demonstration rallies, petitions or marching by the millions. Justice is found in JESUS, the SON of the Living GOD.

When JESUS came to be baptized by water, everyone at this baptism witnessed JESUS also being baptized by the Holy Spirit. And His FATHER giving public recognition of who JESUS is. The FATHER made HIS decree perfectly clear and plain. This is MY Beloved SON; meaning JESUS is chosen and marked by the FATHER’s Love, JESUS is the apple of His FATHER’s eye. In whom I AM well pleased; the FATHER is totally delighted by and in JESUS.

In obedience to the FATHER, we are doing so to bring glory to the FATHER through HIS SON JESUS. JESUS never glorified Himself and neither should we. We are not to boast about what we have done or said, our actions and speech should always reflect the power within from the Holy Spirit who directs, leads and teaches us all pertaining to the SON.

So as we bring glory to the FATHER by our obedience in and through JESUS who is the SON of the Most High GOD. We also honor JESUS in our obedience to His Word.

Matthew 3:17, Ps. 2:7, Is. 42:1, Heb. 1:5 & 5:5


The SON pt. 2


Glory Hallelujah! It’s so wonderful to know that we have an assurance that we are never alone. Even win the tough times come, we are not alone.

What do you do when your back is up against the wall and you just don’t see any way of escape? You praise the LORD. Yes, I understand that you may not feel like doing this because you are literally feeling the fire licking you. But when the temperature is turned up on the FATHER’s children this is when we and all the nay sayers will see with the eye’s the working of our Savior, who delivers HIS own, JESUS the CHRIST.

JESUS does not get beside, in-front, or behind us when the flood gates open up on us. No! JESUS likes to be in the middle because this is where HE prevails. When you think you are going to drown, remember the Israelites and how they walked through the water. And when you begin to feel the heat all around you. Remember Abed-Nego, Meshach, and Shadrach.

Understand this my beloved family; when we praise and worship our LORD GOD during the good times and the bad. We are showing JESUS just how appreciative we are for things HE has, is and will do in our lives. We are showing HIM just how much we respect and honor HIM. This causes JESUS to lodge right where we are. JESUS is a deliverer to those who will give HIM honor. And not just remember HIM when your life becomes too much. So don’t remember JESUS in just the bad times, remember JESUS in the good times as well.

Give thanks, praise and worship HIM. You will notice a peace and joy from day to day that you may never have thought possible for yourself.

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Daniel 3:25



Part 1

To my estimation and it does not mean that I am correct. However this I know is true because of the Word, two thousand and fifteen years ago JESUS was crucified, buried and rose from the grave. Knowing that HIS ministry was for three years and that HE was thirty-three when HE was crucified. I would estimate that two thousand and forty-eight years ago JESUS the SON of the Most High GOD was born to us.

JESUS is a gift given to the world. And those who have received HIM are governed by HIM. We are inhabitants, citizens within the community of heaven. Though in this earthly body we must obey the laws of the government here on earth. We must understand that we are ruled also by a more excellent government that have been placed on the shoulders of JESUS.

We are to be comfortable in knowing and going to the ONE JESUS who is also named,

  • Wonderful = amazing, astonishing, excellent and marvelous.
  • Counselor = adviser, ambassador, attorney.
  • Mighty GOD = shows superior power and strength, huge, supreme, creator and ruler, of the universe.
  • Everlasting FATHER = eternal parent, the beginner of the family line, originator, the First of the trinity who is one.
  • Prince of Peace = sovereignty, monarch, possessor of an admirable characteristic which is harmonious, non-violent, gives freedom of the mind from the annoyances of anxiety, distraction, obsessions and any other negativity. Giving us tranquility, silence, serenity, rest, and stillness.

Isaiah 9:6

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