A desire of some good, accompanied with at least a slight expectation of obtaining it, or a belief that it is obtainable. Hope differs from a wish and desire in this, that it implies some expectation of obtaining the good that is desired or the possibility of possessing it. Hope therefore always gives pleasure whereas a wish and desire may produce or be accompanied with pain and anxiety. This is why most people lack in hope because it seems out of reach and unattainable. We confuse our hopes with our wishes and when our desires don’t come to pass we are yet again disappointed and often it’s laid at the feet of people that we blame. I know because I’ve been there. Spent many years placing my hope in others and my expectations in them only to be disappointed and hurt in silence.

But finally, it dawned on me to trust JESUS and place my hope in HIM.

And when I did finally disappointment began to leave me. My love for GOD began to grow more and more because my trust in HIM deepened. Most of all the Holy Spirit finally had my ears and my full heart and I noticed just how much GOD’s love is poured out on me which causes me to be in a state of gratitude. If we would only step back and truly take a look at our character without JESUS we will wonder why GOD loves us so very much and why would HE send HIS SON to die for us. We will never know if we are honest with ourselves but whatever we expect and hope in the LORD we will no longer be ashamed. Some of us were bold in our sins now take that same boldness and be that for CHRIST JESUS others may not have that bold nature but in JESUS you can be in HIM. We all are called to magnify JESUS in our bodies by our daily living which is exemplified even in our death.

Inside of every single blood washed born again CHRISTian lives faith, hope, and love. You have them and you can operate in them because JESUS lives within us. But if JESUS does not live within us then, of course, these three cannot be found within you and you will find it difficult for you to live this way.

Each human is being called to JESUS and those that have JESUS living within has already answered the call. Those that have not answered the call it is up to us to live a holy life before them in open and in secret, meaning that even when no one is watching your life is holy. Holiness is not just about our boasting and not our living, we are the hope to the lost but how can we be when we ourselves appear hopeless.

We have a hope which is laid up in heaven the problem with many is that so many believe that heaven is in some far distant place. Heaven is in our heart if JESUS is there. GOD our FATHER already provided us with HIS glory and made us rich in CHRIST JESUS who is our hope of glory. So, my question to you is, is JESUS in you and are you in JESUS? If the answer is yes, then know that our body is already dead because our spirit has been made alive and it is no longer our flesh who rule but our spirit who rule. In other words, before we allowed JESUS into our heart the operation went in this manner for us. Flesh and emotion which is our mind and will. Now that we have allowed JESUS into our heart the operation goes in this manner. Spirit, emotion, and flesh. Our spirit is alive because of righteousness in CHRIST JESUS without righteousness we were dead because righteousness was not found anywhere in us I don’t care how much we want to throw around the word (good). We were not good, we were nice. Only GOD is good. Not only that, because JESUS lives in us because the Spirit that raised JESUS up from dead in that tomb. You better know that the very same will happen to us as well.

So who is and where is our hope? The LORD GOD/CHRIST JESUS our Savior.

Precious understand this, there are 2 things GOD is not capable of doing. Lying and that we have a strong consolation [Comfort, alleviation of misery and distress of mind, refreshment of mind or spirit, a comparative degree of happiness in distress or misfortune springing from any circumstance that abates evil, or supports and strengthens the mind, as hope, joy, courage]. Even in tough time, we can still have our hope.

Darling siblings, we have a living hope, not a dead one! Our hope is wrapped up in abundant, not a little dab will do ya, but abundant more than we can ask or think mercy. Because JESUS the CHRIST has been resurrected from the dead!! And unless you too are born again you cannot and you will not see the kingdom of GOD. You must be washed by the water and you must have the Spirit of GOD to be known and to gain access into the kingdom of GOD. It’s not by your works and it’s not about how many times you have said lord, lord and faked the people and even yourself out. You better have your house (soul) saved.

The name of hope is JESUS.


Psalms 71:5, Romans 5:5, Phil. 1:20, 1 Corinthians 13:13, Ephesians 4:4, Colossians 1:5, 27, Rom. 8:10-11, 1 Timothy 1:1, Hebrews 6:18, 1 Peter 1:3, Jhn. 3:3, 5



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As a young mother bringing up my young children in the LORD before they made the decision to believe for themselves in JESUS. I had to believe for my household regarding my husband and children. Little did I know that when I purposed in my heart and said with conviction that my entire house will be saved, that this meant my kin-line.

Decades down the line I have come to find out that cousins that I had no interactions with on a regular basis have decided to believe and trust in CHRIST JESUS for themselves. This really excited me because my father’s bloodline all have a strong Catholic base and there is absolutely nothing wrong with this.

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Because just as with any denomination you have some that will teach about JESUS and HIM crucified and others that will wash over JESUS and the importance of needing HIM only in our lives.

As for me, I don’t know how or where my cousins learned the truth about JESUS and I truly don’t care, I’m just excited to know that they did as I know that they are elated for me as well. Another thing that illuminated in my heart is that when I prayed with the conviction that “As for me and my house we will serve the LORD JESUS CHRIST and that everyone in my household will believe and be saved.” I had no idea that I was praying for my entire clan. And I believe that this prayer is still active and in operation.


The importance here is to trust JESUS for our household be it near or far. Believe JESUS for our kinfolk be they near or far. They are members of our household and I’ve come to believe that though with some whose family are so very removed far GOD that they don’t have a testimony about saying anyone prayed for them. I want you to know that your ancestors did pray for you. I’m inclined to believe that their prayers may have been something like mine and this is why some of us have made it into the kingdom of GOD.

Beloved, we may not see with our eyes our loved ones come to JESUS but we must believe until our last breath. Believe, because GOD is faithful and even if some are lost know that your entire household has not been destroyed because of the prayers of the righteous. Those of the past, yours and those to come.

Acts 16:31



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When I grew up as a little girl it was taught that girls were to always be modest. That was meant in one way that really helped in our character as to how we were publicly in our speaking with others and how we sat. We were clothed up until our adult life a certain way that followed us because modesty was an important part of us as being a gentleman was important to the little boys who were being groomed. This is such a lost art now, as well as etiquette. People know and look for manners from people but don’t exhibit them on a consistent basis throughout the course of a day.

When we hear the word humility most people equate that with being weak when in reality it means strength. It takes strength to submit to someone that is arrogant, prideful, always assuming, or have a high opinion of oneself. This is what it means to be modest and this is how we all as gentlemen and ladies must be. I like to think that Moses is a great example-setter of a man who walked in humility. Of course, no one will or can outdo JESUS but if we want to look at another bible example I’ve given you one.

You know, when we come to JESUS and put all our trust in HIM and come to the realization that we truly need HIM every moment of the day. It’s humbling but we need to go a bit further because knowing this is wonderful but some of us may still have the struggle of turmoil going on within us from day to day. That need to be self-reliant, independent, self-willed, quick-tempered, disruptive, negative aggression, anxiety, panic attics, unforgiveness, feelings of defeat, fearful, depression, discouraged, and feelings of unworthy. From the look of this, most people would never think to label this as having a prideful spirit but it is because we are consumed with self. Most consider a person who is prideful as one who thinks highly of oneself and although that is true. Pride’s center point is the fact that it concentrates on an individual’s self-esteem which is molded by others. So if someone encourages us to the point that we are placed on a pinnacle that has placed us in a dangerous place. And if someone has discouraged us to the point that we are placed in the dungeon of despair that’s just as dangerous. Either way, we are constantly thinking about how others perceive us, that we are better or less than, the never ending thoughts that go on in our mind. When what we should be concentrating on is how great our GOD is, how awesome HE is, how lost we would be without HIM and how we dare not think of where we are without HIM in our life. We need to remind ourselves of the personal victories JESUS has done for us be it 1 or 101. We need to make ourselves glad day by day on our drive to work or while taking public transportation.

Over the years I’ve been asked why I think there are so many denominations. Remember, (why I think). As I’ve read the bible these nearly forty years I’ve come to see that the Pharisee’s did not agree with Sadducee’s. When the Apostles went to various regions to spread the Good News, Paul found Peter being a hypocrite and he chastised him. So what does all of this mean, though leaders will have the same agenda and that is to get souls to JESUS, they don’t all agree as to how, why and where? As I listen now among the denominations the prime objective is JESUS but all the other fluff is nonsense. And it’s the fluff that has caused such a great rift between us, we have lost our focus. I believe denominations have ruined us, I know religions have confused us because we are not of one mind and one heart regarding each other. We look at and look for all the wrong things in life and consider that to be good and never recall everything that glitters is not gold. It’s so often the people who are lost in the shuffle of the crowd that no one wants to consider, who believes they have nothing to offer, that nothing good can come from them, they have a quiet spirit, they are humble, they prefer to be in the background, in the shadows, the spotlight is not appealing to them. These more times than not are geniuses but they never consider that their opinions are better than another’s and may offer their answer to a problem anonymously or lastly in public. We need to learn how to fulfill each other’s joy and we do that by exhibiting the same love that our LORD and Savior did and does for us. This is how we and others will know that we are authentic CHRISTians and not just word of mouth Christians. Our mindset must be that of the LORD not that of the flesh. And this is why we are so in error because we believe that we are humble yet we think from our flesh.

Everything that we desire is not big enough, I’m here to let you know that our thoughts are tiny compared to what JESUS desire for us. For example, we may desire a job, JESUS desires that we have a position in employment. You may desire a particular position JESUS desires that we own our own business or be the CEO of that corporation. JESUS always want us to have exceedingly abundantly above whatever we can ask or think from HIM. This is why it’s better to humble ourselves under HIM because HIS hands are mightier than ours. What HE does is effortless and what we do is a struggle. We want to be seen, we want to be noticed and we want to be glorified that takes constant work to make that happen and to maintain it. But in CHRIST JESUS, HE will exalt us in HIS own timing and because we are humble will remain there.  

Numbers 12:3, Psalms 34:2, Romans 12:16, Phil. 2:2, 4:2, 1 Peter 5:6




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It’s strange how as a young child we hate being imitated. I agree, sometimes when we are being imitated it’s not done to make us feel better but to tear us down. But then there are times when we are being imitated that it’s really just all in jest. The thing is when to know the difference. As we grow older we find ourselves emulating those that we look up to but we never use the word imitate. It could begin or should begin with our parents or close responsible and respectable member of our family. Then still as we mature and our horizons broaden we find ourselves with what we call mentors and yet again, we never use the word imitate. These people maybe our teachers, neighbors, pastors, friends, co-workers or someone you may have never met but admire from afar. Maybe in books, across the room or from television.

However, to be imitated really is a spectacular acknowledgment that you are doing something well and that someone wants to emulate you. We all should want to be imitated in what we do. People never realize that those that they want to imitate or those that are willing to mentor have put in the hard work so that we the imitators can reap from the imitated.

Sometimes our mentors are known or unknown by others but that should not matter. What should matter is that when we choose to give ourselves over to someone to mentor us who is knowledgeable, strong and possibly of no reputation. We get wisdom, strength, and honor. This was the case with Apostle Paul especially he had a horrible reputation as Saul and we all know people never want us to forget our past. But these men and so many true men and women today are perceived to be fools for GOD. Many may say, surely GOD does not…you fill in the blank as to what people may think GOD does not want us to go through to get someone to come to JESUS. The Apostle Paul fathered many souls as well as we all who profess to be CHRISTians but not only that, we must be the example setters. Live the life instead of speaking the life. Most people can memorize scriptures but as soon as trouble come to their way faith, prayer and scripture seem to flee. But if we would live the scriptures, be the examples of the scriptures we could show all the non-believers that our GOD is the True and Living GOD. We could get those who do not know JESUS who will want to know HIM to imitate us through HIS Word. Every woman and man should be a father of the gospel because this world has more than its share of instructors. We need men and women to plant the gospel seed into the hearts of people void of the truth of CHRIST JESUS. It is our job to birth again until CHRIST JESUS is formed in everyone. Imitate me has a ring of being fruitful and multiply.

But it does not end with just depositing the seeds and watching the birthing of baby CHRISTians. No, the righteous must be ministered to as well, we must be reminded often this is why we are told that faith come by h-ear-i-n-g not hear. This is why there are so many defeated Christians, they think they know it because they have memorized some scriptures or those talented ones who have the bible on lock by memory. But yet, let something happen that they don’t like and faith begins to grow weak, prayers don’t seem to be getting answered, and GOD seems not to be near. What do they do then? Had they never gotten tired of worshiping GOD in their spirit or learning to by speaking in tongues, had they never doubted in their heart had they lived the scriptures instead of memorizing them in their heads, victory would not have seemed lost. We have an inherited promise but we must remain patient because our FATHER has not forgotten us, how can we when we are the apple of HIS eye. Who is the one and only one person you are willing to die for without hesitation regardless of who comes into your life? Okay, now that you have that image in your head, remember that our FATHER loves us and HE made a promise to us and HE is not a man that HE will lie to us. We are righteous in HIM through HIS SON CHRIST JESUS and because of that, we are Abraham’s seed which means we have everything Abraham was promised. Abraham had to wait, we don’t, and we have it now! I’m telling you, we have to imitate the New Testament saints especially CHRIST JESUS. We can do this if it were not so, JESUS would have said we could not and HE would have told Paul to make sure you make it clear that you write that. It’s time that we stop imitating what we know or what we have been comfortable and familiar with and imitate that which JESUS said to imitate. 

1 Corinthians 4:16 & Hebrews 6:12



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We all have mountains in our lives. What challenges are we facing from time to time? Are they difficult or less challenging? For some, the challenges we face might as well be Mount Everest for its elevation and width. We don’t see the possibility of our making it to the top or getting around the mountain. Yet, we’ve read or heard that there have been individuals who have climbed to the top of the mountain. And by doing so have planted their national flag there. So it goes to show us that nothing is impossible if we only believe.

When JESUS spoke of the mustard seed which is the tiniest plant seed yet yields trees which are grown about 25 feet tall with leaves up to 3 inches. These trees take advantage of damp conditions and are survivors of less than 8 inches of water per year. Okay, so you may be thinking how does this relate to you? See yourself as small, maybe insignificant but not in the eyes of JESUS. You are planted in HIM and in HIM you flourish green and lush. Though you are in a dry and desert land, you take advantage of the moisture which is grace and mercy. You understand that you have the favor of GOD in your life. You believe and you trust JESUS implicitly with your life and the decisions you need to come up with. You have a mountain, it looks impossible to you, it seems too big, it’s much too heavy a load for you to bear and you just can’t seem to move it on your own. And you are right, you cannot but with JESUS, nothing is impossible if you put your cares and or problems into HIS hands and watch that mountain move. For those of us who may have situations that are just irritants maybe this is why the mulberry tree is used. Most of us are familiar with these annoyances because the fruits splash on our vehicles and make a mess or we step on them in our travels. If we could we would probably pull those trees up by their roots and get rid of them not knowing that they really have a great purpose. It’s the same for the irritants in our lives, we want to get rid of them, not knowing that the annoyance may be for our good but if we know for sure that they are not we must speak to it and send it to the sea by its root so that it will obey.

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Most of us forget to turn to GOD or we give things to GOD and because things are not worked out on our time schedule we believe that GOD has forgotten us. Then we listen to or begin to say the dumbest things that go against scripture for the New Testament post- crucifixion believer in CHRIST JESUS. GOD does not operate in time, HE is the maker of the time. The enemy wants us to believe that everything must be done now or yesterday, chill out. When it appears late to us it’s on time in CHRIST JESUS because nothing is impossible for HIM. We have to believe this. What was more difficult to accomplish, creating the heavens and earth or helping out with our difficulties? Reminder alert: There is nothing impossible for CHRIST JESUS.

So in order to please the FATHER, we must remain in faith with HIM of HIS SON CHRIST JESUS. Remember these 4 things and you won’t go wrong.

  • GOD IS / I AM [Heb. 11:6 / Ex. 3:14]
  • GOD IS a Rewarder
  • Diligently seek GOD
  • Nothing is impossible

Matthew 17:20, Lk. 17:6, Luke 1:37, Jer. 32:17, Hebrews 11:6



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To be incorrupt is the opposite of being corrupt, the opposite of decay, rot, and bad, separated, broken, dissolved and evil. So many of us are actually walking around corruptible while breathing and have no idea about this. However, while lying in the grave this is the natural process of what takes place with the flesh. It decays and rots, it smells bad and falls away from its bones, it begins to dissolve. And yet in our grief, those who are trained to rape the desperate mourners rape the customer out of their finances to spend thousands of unnecessary income to protect a corps that will do what it will do no matter what they tell you the protection you provide for them in the ground. To become incorruptible is to receive JESUS as our Savior and though some of us will show signs in our flesh that corruption is still there, for example, I myself have been diagnosed with arthritis. I know and confess daily that I am healed and made completely whole and that I am incorruptible, however, there is this truth that when I am raised from the dead if I die an earthly death that is. I will be raised incorruptible.

Many of us have captured a sparkle of a gem like a diamond, or the sun or the brightness of light. It’s for a quick moment, so quick that you can’t capture it again and you almost wonder did you see what you saw. That just how fast if not faster when that trumpet sounds its last blast, that those of us who received and believed in CHRIST JESUS who went to sleep or as we call it died and was buried or cremated. Will be raised up imperishable, incorruptible and we will be completely changed, wondrously transformed.

We were the ones who believed and were born again in CHRIST JESUS. You see it’s called being born again because there is the born once process when we all are born in the natural through efforts of mankind. But this birthing process is spectacular and far exceeds what man does because it does not involve the flesh nor blood. This birthing process involves the spirit only which is transformed and renewed and then we are set apart for HIM alone to grow us up for HIS purpose. The seed of man is corruptible and mortal it dies but the seed of CHRIST JESUS is incorruptible and causes us to become immortal through GOD’s living Word. Though we are born of natural conception in the flesh that outer self of us. The true self which is our spirit man is not born of blood, the flesh has no rule of the spirit but the spirit rules the flesh. The washing of the living Word of GOD as we mature we are to allow the true us our spirit to control our flesh not have our flesh to control our spirit as before. We are to no longer adhere to the voice of our former father the enemy satan though many never knew that they were in obedience to his voice. Every single negative thought, idea, and action came from him. We are to now listen to the voice of our FATHER GOD who spiritually transformed, renewed and sanctified us to be incorruptible.

1 Corinthians 15:52, 1 Peter 1:23, Jhn. 1:13



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The majority of my readers are not entertainers, born within a family of great wealth or think of themselves as heirs. However, I’m here to inform and to remind you that if you are a child of the Most High GOD you are a joint heir with the LORD CHRIST JESUS. You don’t have to wait for your inheritance, you already have your inheritance, and we just have to learn how to tap into that.

You may think it has something to do with you but honey lamb it has nothing to do with you. And everything to do with JESUS. We need to climb out of our heads, out of our emotions basically out of ourselves and just deal with the facts. It was already hard-wired within our destiny to be heirs. We can’t help but be blessed and a blessing. To have favor and be favored. To be a success and successful. It has nothing to do with us. It’s all according to HIS purpose, JESUS is the One who works these things out according to HIS will, not us. If we are true children of the Most High GOD then we should not be broke, busted and disgusted as the non-believers. We should not be singing the same lyrics to the same songs as they do about poverty and sickness and debauchery or anything negative. Remembering that we are joint heirs with the CHRIST (the Anointed One).

  • Before JESUS formed us in our mother’s womb HE already knew us before we were born and HE had already sanctified us. Jer. 1:5

If our loved ones leave us anything, for some it may be worthless financially but priceless emotionally. For others, it may be worth thousands or millions. Sometimes people will go to an appraiser to get the value on something because they can’t see for themselves the true value. Other times it’s to make sure that they are covered properly for insurance purposes and then there are times when items are appraised to find out if something is genuine. All in all everything earthly no matter its value is corruptible. Though gems are deemed as precious the Word of GOD defines them as corruptible.

Now, while here on earth we can enjoy not waiting for the by and by as so many of you like to believe. And I guess that means when we get to heaven we can finally enjoy the fruit of the promises, but that is not what JESUS promised.

  • JESUS said that HE would send the promise of HIS/now our FATHER to us. Most of us don’t know what this is meant. And we don’t ask. JESUS was referring to the Holy Spirit, Lk. 24:49
  • Most people who proclaim to be Christians are still thirsting for the things of GOD because there is still disbelief within them. When we are filled with the Holy Spirit there is no room for doubt and unbelief because our hearts will be overflowing and alive. Jhn. 7:37-38
  • Christians are found asking the wrong people and settling. I’ve even heard them ask the FATHER and just leave JESUS out of the equation. The Holy Spirit living on the inside of us would never allow this to happen because it’s simply impossible. His mission is to teach us only about JESUS so that we can keep the one commandment that JESUS gave us to keep. Jhn. 14:14-16
  • Christians believe that being water baptized is enough but never consider the most important baptism of the Holy Ghost. Acts 1:5
  • The Holy Spirit is our Wisdom and Understanding. Prov. 4:6-7
  • 13:44 (paraphrased by, e-sdb/AMFBeM ©® TM) the kingdom of heaven is like a buried/hidden treasure, that once found and recognized the value. The finder will sell all he or she already owns to possess what he or she has found.

And then there are the many promises that are actually historical records that are living and breathing for us to activate within our own lives. That we are the rightful heirs to, those are for us now, not later when they are of no use to us in heaven. Read about the heroes of faith and who some may consider the least qualified to be called the greatest apostle, Paul. These people were believers in JESUS, all of them with the exception of Paul who was formally Saul did not live during the time JESUS walked this earth, was crucified and rose from the grave. Saul encountered CHRIST JESUS after CHRIST JESUS had already taken HIS seat beside our FATHER. Yet, they all experienced the promise and inheritance of JESUS CHRIST and CHRIST JESUS. You need to be baptized in the Holy Spirit to catch what I just did there. So tap into your inheritance and enjoy what JESUS promised. See what wonders await for you. You will be surprised what you have allowed yourself to miss out on.  

Ephesians 1:11, Rom. 8:17, 1 Peter 1:4