Ask any inmate anywhere and he or she will tell you that the government will supply them with the basic requirements.

  1. Clothing
  2. Food
  3. Room, bed, bathroom and shower room
  4. Human contact
  5. Introduction to JESUS

I believe that the government is actually following the steps presented by our FATHER GOD. By being pseudo as we all are in some way when we too supply the needs to our children and others. We fulfill the needs and wants of human desire as best we can with our limitations.

It’s a fact that humans must be clothed, sheltered, fed, have a place to rest, have a place to expel waste and a place to bath. It’s also a fact that all humans whether they like to be alone or not must have human contact, we need to be around people. Being left in solitude for any continued period of time could drive a human to madness. And the greatest need every human has is to have a connection with their Creator. We all are always in search of someone and we never know who we are searching for. Along the way some of us get connected with cults and some of us believe in God and not JESUS, which means that we really don’t believe in the Living GOD.

However, the supply that we all receive from the LORD GOD are from HIS riches in glory through HIS SON, CHRIST JESUS. Believers and non-believers are in receipt of these blessings. But it is the believer who has a Shepherd in CHRIST JESUS and it is through HIM that we want for nothing.


Philippians 4:19; Ps. 23:1


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When the children of the Living GOD are in a relationship with their FATHER and their Big brother JESUS and being taught by their teacher the Holy Spirit, life is wonderful for us. We know that our FATHER has replaced that foul and corrupt language that we once practice with such ease. And now we speak in the manner in which our mouth was formed for. Out of it comes a sharp sword which is the living Word of GOD. Because we study and live in the Word of GOD. We know that we are hidden in HIS hand and polished like a ready shaft; (handle of an arrow). And in HIS quiver; (the case for holding the arrows) we are hidden.

To our FATHER first we praise and offer thanksgiving to our FATHER, JESUS and the Holy Spirit. Throughout the day we pray for others and speak words of encouragement to ourselves and others. Why? Because the sword of the Spirit which is the Word of GOD is not only in our hearts but it’s in our mouth.

When we study the Word of GOD we find that it’s not judgmental against the children of GOD. The Word of GOD is loving and teaches us to be loving towards ourselves and others especially our enemies. We are to always speak lovingly towards them even when they don’t deserve to be spoken to in this way. Yes, it will be difficult and yes, our flesh will rise up and want to give them some words that will make them wish they had left us alone. And then we will later feel horrible and will have to say to our FATHER that we are sorry for speaking that way to that person. GOD’s Word is living and most powerful than we are and those empty evil dark words that we could say. GOD’s words are sharper than any two edged sword, HIS words pierce and divide the soul and the spirit, the joints and the marrow. The marrow is the richest source of the blood supply. GOD’s word truly knows the true intents of our thoughts which comes from our heart.

We must always keep in the forefront of our mind that JESUS has the final word. And the battle really has already been won and that we are the victors. Out of the mouth of JESUS is a sharp sword that strikes all nations. So any nation that has non-believers they will be dealt with. Not as the entire nation per say just those who did not believe. Those who did believe will be gathered with HIM as promised.

Is. 49.2; Ephesians 6:17; Hebrews 4:12; Revelation 19:15


Dramatized scene of slave in yoke.

If any of us have been on a farm we’ve seen some animals working as a team with a yoke on. If you are acquainted with fashion you understand the yoke of a collar. If you are into fitness the yoke muscle. And the list goes on.

There was a time and still is when slavery was very common and the yoke of bondage was placed around the neck of people as if they were cattle. Now people wear the invisible yoke of bondage without knowing it.

In the prison system yokes are referred to as shackles. Another common unfamiliar yet very familiar name for yoke is sin.

Now this particular yoke is the one I will like to describe. I don’t know if in some countries they still have milk maidens but I’m sure that there are still people who wear yokes to carry things from one place to another. On each side are buckets and the person would try to balance the load for the travel either to or from. He or she would be travelling by foot up, down and around rough harsh road conditions and probably heavily populated places. Some maybe travelling in isolated areas as well. All the while the burden of their load has become heavier and heavier. Their neck, shoulders, arms, back, hips, legs and feet are tired and hurting not to mention their head.

Just imagine having to do this every single day of your life from the time you are old enough to walk or until you are either too old to walk or you drop dead. If you think it would not be a problem why not place a few bricks or books in a couple of bags and tie the bags or hold the bags by the handle and walk up and down steep and rocky hills or grounds in the hot sun or very cold for about six or eight hours just for one day in your neighborhood or out in the country.

Then again, some of us don’t have to go to that extreme because we are living that without CHRIST JESUS. For some of us escaping the reality of life through everything false, only to find ourselves having to medicate again. We are in anger and pain and we want out, we just don’t know how to get out. We tell our so called friends who provide us with all the wrong answers and they just pass us another whatever or pour more gasoline on the fire. Sin is fun temporarily and admittedly most things in life we have no idea is sinful unless we are set free from the yoke of bondage. Sin is not just cussing and illicit sex or smoking and such. Sin is not believing and trusting in JESUS and living in and for HIM and JESUS not being found to be living inside of us.

JESUS wants to take that yoke from around our necks, HE wants to remove that weight from off our heads, shoulders, arms, hips and legs. JESUS does not desire that we be burdened with the cares of this world but that we find pleasure in HIM and the life of HIS Word. JESUS desires to heal us from our soul so that it reflects outwardly because HIS Word is working inwardly.

Matthew 11:29-30, 23:4; Lk. 11:46; Phil. 2:5, Zech. 9:9, 1Jhn. 5:3



We are approaching the end of spring and things are heating up. The signs of summer are coming and many have and are heading to the beach and having cook outs and eating that succulent sweet summer fruit. You know the kind when it’s reached the peak of perfection because its natural sweetness has reached the very top and if you eat the fruit with your hands how those sweet juices drip and run down your chin. Especially those melons!

Well, now that I have your attention of the sweetness of the warm season. Let’s focus on a sweetness that’s far greater than any sweetness we could ever intake with our natural senses. The goodness of the FATHER. When we trust in HIM we are blessed and how good it taste. Each time we place our trust in JESUS we are kissing the SON of the FATHER who will bless us because we are trusting.

When we trust in JESUS what does that sweetness bring to us? We are able to rejoice, we able to shout for joy because we know HE is our defender. Just the love of HIS very name is sweet to us and causes us to have great joy.

Our FATHER has redeemed our very soul. Do you realize that the soul is our emotions and the enemy loves to cause great havoc right there. I don’t know about you but me, in the natural, I’m a person who is led by her emotions. I’m easily hurt because I’m led by my heart. I hold all my hurt and anger within because I don’t want to offend anyone and what this did to me nearly destroyed me. Not only is this the place where the enemy constantly spoke to me but it caused me great health problems in the long run. That was my reward from the enemy. And I’m certain many of you can relate. However, when we get into the Word and realize that the Blood cleanses us it’s that power that JESUS operates in that redeemed our soul from the enemy that heals us. This is what we need to pray for, we need to release those people who we are angry with, who hurt us, we need to see ourselves as our FATHER, and JESUS sees us and ask the FATHER to heal our soul with HIS power, to deliver us and most of all forgive those people we are angry with and who hurt us so that we can be healed in our soul. Then we must take up our mat and walk. Those of us that belong to the FATHER are no longer under condemnation of anything and should no longer suffer condemnation from anyone. Yesterday I went to the grocery store and utilize the self-check register. Unbeknown to me I did not ring up one of my items, when I got outside the Holy Spirit told me to stop and check my receipt, I did. I noticed an item missing, when I checked my bags I saw the item sitting in the cart un-bagged. Now the temptation to continue to my car was there and the enemy said this is a blessing. I told him, no it’s not this is stealing and turned around and saw a cashier who had no customers and said that I used the self-check out but missed this item and would like to pay for this. She said to me, you began to feel guilty huh? I said to her, no, I’m washed in the blood of JESUS, HE called this to my attention and this is why I returned. I have no reason to be guilty of anything that was paid by HIS blood. Just so happened she could relate.

The Word of GOD is just delicious it’s a scrumptious delicacy to the pallet. And when you have partaken of this delicacy you will find the graciousness of JESUS. Not only that but because it so good you desire others to take a bite as well, then you will want them to get their own. You know how we do with our stuff.


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Teach Me


If you are a reader of this blog and you are not in a relationship with JESUS, you are lost, a sinner without a teacher. A sheep without a shepherd. You are living in grace and mercy and you don’t even know it. You are in a place that Moses was, he believed in GOD and he followed GOD but he had to pray for things that we already have. Moses had to pray to the FATHER for HIS grace by saying “if” so that he could know HIS ways, so that he could come to know GOD better, to become closer in relationship with HIM. And I’m certain that because of the relationship between the LORD GOD and Moses and especially since it is recorded that Moses is called a friend of the LORD GOD. JESUS was revealed to Moses. 

Now today the blood purchased, washed clean from sin children of the LORD GOD does not have to pray “if” because we know that we have it. What is it? Everything promised and provided in the will of GOD that we inherited. However, everyday is a brand new day a day that none of have ever experience before so we need the Holy Spirit to show us His ways by teaching us how to listen and move about through wisdom and understanding that we can only get from the Holy Spirit. 

The Holy Spirit is our teacher and we are His students. He never gives up on us and will only teach us what JESUS is. The moment we came to JESUS by faith we were enrolled as students of the Holy Spirit. The thing is just like in life when in class we are asked to participate we don’t and we sit in the back hoping not to be seen. We will spectate but we will not participate. Ask the Holy Spirit to fill your heart, this is call the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Once you are baptized you will find out what you have been missing out on. Your praise to the FATHER will change, your prayer life will change, your worship will change, you will be able to actively be able to operate in the gift of the Holy Spirit and you will begin to understand His lesson plan as never before.

Yes, LORD teach me! Thank YOU for yesterday’s teaching, I need a fresh teaching today with wisdom and understanding to comprehend what YOU are teaching me today. Open my spiritual eyes and ears to see and hear as I move about in the world today for opportunities to spread YOUR loving kindness and YOUR Good News. In JESUS name.

Ex. 33:13; Ps. 25:4

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Some people profess to be christians because they believe in GOD. So does demons, their belief is in the One GOD and they tremble. Some people profess to be Christians because of their religious affiliation. They don’t have religious affiliations in heaven.  And some know that they are CHRISTians because they know with assurance that JESUS is the SON of the living GOD, that HE died on the cross for the world and that three days later HE rose from the grave. Was seen by many and ascended and is seated at the right hand of the FATHER.

Now what is perplexing is that when you understand that the FATHER, JESUS and the Holy Spirit takes up residency within us. How is it that we pollute the house of GOD?

Some of us are so concerned with the edifice of a building made with wood and brick that we don’t take into consideration that whether that building falls or remains, we are the temple, we are the church, it’s within us were the living GOD dwells. So how do we pollute our temple? Our temple is polluted by our heart, our motives, our deceit, our hidden sins, our addictions, and our disobedience to GOD’s Word. What are we speaking with our mouth gate, after all what we speak comes from our heart. What are we paying too much attention to, listening to and watching? What negative emotions do we harbor against another? And though we will never read in the bible that smoking will cause us to enter hell, killing and murder does. The warning label on the side of a pack of anything that is smoked or chewed that is a tobacco product informs us that first we will succumb to major health problems and then death. Yet, we come up with all types of cop out excuses and try to make the Word fit out life style when in essence this is not how it works at all. Never has, never will.

Some of us will profess that we are our own man or woman. When the truth of the matter is at know time do we belong to ourselves, we either belong to the devil or JESUS. When we belong to the devil we are supposed to live in abandoned, condemned, run down graffiti and polluted temples. But when we belong to JESUS we are to give ourselves entirely over to HIM so that HE can enter into each and every dank, dark, mildewed, cob-webbed, dusty, urine soaked, graffiti written and polluted area of our heart. Allowing JESUS and the Holy Spirit to open up all the windows and doors to shine light in there, disinfect the areas thoroughly cleaning them out. Then JESUS replaces all our addictions and one sided desires with HIMSelf, the fruit of the Holy Spirit and we begin to develop a character and integrity of CHRIST JESUS.

1 Corinthians 6:19

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Test or Tempt, who gave it to me?


All our lives we either test ourselves or are being tested or tempted. As babes we test out our hands by holding our very own bottle, then we test our legs with standing, walking and then we run. In school we are given test, for driving we are given written and road test. For employment again we are tested. Also in our life we are tempted, it usually begins around the time we find our independence when we begin to walk on our very own legs without the help of others.

Human nature never seems to be satisfied with all the wonderful pleasures of all it has, it always seems to want what it has been forbidden to have. In the Garden of Eden our FATHER commanded Adam and Adam told Eve that they could eat freely of every tree of the garden with the exception of the tree of knowledge that has good and evil. So tell me what has changed today? Watch your precious baby once he/she begins to find his/her independence of mobility. Not only that, just take a look around us today. Most if not all is attributed to failing the test of being tempted.

If you desire anything make sure you have prayed and sought godly council. Those that have truly done this have not failed but those who said they have done this and have failed or come back later and say that god changed his mind is a liar. (Well maybe not that’s why I used lower case god to represent their false god) Our GOD does not tempt anyone to do anything, HE does not hang things out there for us and say this could be yours if only. No, our GOD is our FATHER who desires to be our DADDY and HE has made promises to us and we have an inheritance and all we have to do is ask for what belongs to us and go get it. We have the keys to the kingdom, all we have to do is use them.

Understand this our GOD, our FATHER gives us test not tempt.

James 1:13