None of us really consider just how powerful our words are. Oh yes, when we come to JESUS and learn how our words hurt another we curtail how we speak to another person. But we never think about what we say throughout the remainder of our consciousness. According to a study used at A. U. B. R. P. was used to capture actual words being used as people speak. An electronically activated recorder (EAR for short), the EAR is a digital voice recorder that records 30 seconds every 12.5 minutes. This allows the researchers to capture 5% of every day. They had a sample set size of 396 (210 women and 186 men). On average people speak approximately 31,884 in a day (6/19/14 A.U.B.R.P). By the way, the most talkative were the men.

Now, with all that being written and it may or may not have peeked your interest. Let me share with you that it does tie into with what I would like to share.

We are a part of a global family, a kingdom not found here on earth and our FATHER is GOD, our big brother is JESUS and our teacher is the Holy Spirit. We are royalty and we are heirs, joint heirs with CHRIST JESUS. Every promise HE promised us belongs to us but we must not believe HIM because we don’t take what belongs to us. Or maybe you are like me, you believe HIM and you ask or pray for what you need and because you have peace about it, you thank HIM for it and move on. Only to never see what you need manifest when you need it or it comes many years down the road when you have forgotten all about it until it shows up and then you recall asking for it. I used to say this and I know that many others say this, that faithful unbiblical saying, “he may not come when you want him, but he’s right on time”. Here is another quote I hear people say that I don’t like, “he does not give you what you want, he gives you what you need”. [I wrote he in lower case to prove that we have lowered the all-powerful GOD to our level].

Number 1 – keep this in mind that we all have everything that we say out of our mouth.

Number 2 – whatever we say that reveals the type of person we are.

Number 3 – whatever we think about, that is what is truly within our heart.

The operation of how we operate is in this manner whatever is within our heart wells up into our mind and we begin to think about it so that we can hear it. After we have heard it we decide to say it after we say it, it comes into being at some point in time. It may not manifest for us to see today, but it will manifest in one of our tomorrows.

Now that we are in the family of CHRIST JESUS we have a possession, an important possession that many people never consider but take for granted. Ask a homeless person would they like to have a key to their very own home and I’m certain they would say yes. Keys are never considered important until we misplace them or no longer have them to a place we can call home. Keys are something that has been given to each and every one of us who are the children of GOD the blood washed, born again believers in CHRIST JESUS. Yet, many of us never use them.

Our home is the kingdom of heaven, how many of us go there, take our key open up the front door and enter in? How many of us unlock the many individual doors to what awaits us behind them? We have many keys that we have to use for our various needs which differentiate according to our maturity in our relationship with JESUS. The more mature we are and when HE graduates us to a higher level there are demons and situations that we will need a different key to unlock a door for an answer to resolve that situation to get that blessing.

We are natural people on a natural earth but we have not gotten the concept that we are spiritual beings first that should be ruling our natural flesh and emotions. Our spirits should be binding / tying up tightly every evil thing that we encounter or for you personally. Not someone else you. The reason I’m writing it this way is because some of us take things too far, for example, just because we don’t like a certain style of music we want to bind it up from another when all we should do is remove ourselves from the area where it’s being played. When we have a habit or desire that we no longer want to be involved with and we want deliverance to say that the particular thing is being bound up then we should not go back and untie the thing. Because everything we say we are tying up here on earth, heaven has heard us and it will be tied up there too and locked away behind closed doors and no one can get it out but you.

Do you recall that old saying “loose lips sink ships”? That’s a worldly way of saying “whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven. Say it today, and at some point in time it will manifest, may not be today, but it will come in your tomorrows. So make sure that everything that comes from your mouth is really what you want to say because oral words cannot be erased. Once a person has said those words it’s a done deal. Especially if the person has a humble heart and understand. The first day you spoke a prayer, made a request or just spoke heaven heard the words. Persevere because there are demons in the air holding up the angels who have been dispatched with our answers, our persistence in praying for our answer to come will cause Michael to help the angels out as he did before when Daniels prayers were held up for 21 days. We must keep knocking, we must get on heaven’s nerves not that we can but take instruction from the woman in Luke 18:1-5. Better yet, children.   

Matthew 16:19




Many of us are familiar with JESUS being led into the wilderness and being tempted by satan. But how many of us every really paid attention to the fact that JESUS told satan that GOD is still his LORD? When you go back to read that scripture again notice how he told him that he is to worship only his LORD GOD and that he is to serve the LORD GOD only. JESUS made that personal just as we are to make that personal to us, we are to worship and serve the LORD GOD as well instead of ourselves, possessions, people, employment or addictions.

It baffles me as to why I hear so many people using the name of JESUS as if they are saying gee whiz. Most people when they say Jesus it is this way and then there are others who say it this way JESUS. It denotes authority, knowing who JESUS is and who we are, the authority the very name of JESUS entails. Those of us who evoke the name of JESUS are the ones who give honor to the FATHER and we are a servant to our MASTER. Yet, we understand first and foremost that we are HIS son and friend. We give our FATHER and LORD the respect HE deserves.

When Saul spoke to JESUS on the Damascus road he knew who he was speaking to. You know how I know that he knew? Because I actually had JESUS speak to me once and I’m here to tell you, If HE only speaks to you once while you are in your flesh body, you will know HIS voice. Some have said that they have looked around and questioned if someone else was speaking to them if others were around. Or walked around looking for who was speaking when they thought they were alone. As for me, I knew I was alone with the exception of my mother being upstairs asleep. When HE spoke I looked around but it was not my ears that tingled as though I thought I heard something, it was in my spirit. I heard HIS voice again and I crawled out into the hallway because I was already sitting on the floor and looked out there and saw no one though I called out to my mother and received no answer. And the third time HE spoke to me, I sat there and listened to what HE had to say to me and I said yes, but I explained that I knew nothing about what HE was speaking about then HE told me that I was watching what HE told me. I laid out on the floor and began to cry because it was then and there that JESUS had told me that I was HIS evangelist. And it was then and there that the Holy Spirit anointed me and began to take me to each and every scripture in HIS Word and begin my teaching and training. So why did I share my backdrop with you? Because Saul called JESUS Lord and that is okay, because when you don’t understand who truly JESUS is you will see HIM less than GOD.

It was important when JESUS asked HIS disciples who do you say that I am? And it still is an important question today. If this question is not answered exactly correctly it will reveal who is marked by JESUS and who is still marked by satan. While we are still breathing on this earth and have a free will we should confess with our very own tongue that JESUS CHRIST is the LORD. This glory is given to HIM by the FATHER.

By nature, I love quiet with the exception and this has always been the case before I was even saved praise and worship music. Now I know why that type of music has never been too loud in my hearing it’s because it spoke to my spirit and because it glorifies JESUS. Now when I get home in heaven the noisiest place according to scripture I will be a part of the celebration. And I will not notice how loud anything is. All I will know is that JESUS is in front of me and HE is all mighty, possessing unlimited power, all powerful and HE reigns forever. I will be among everyone who will be laying prostrate giving worship to my KING.  

Matthew 4:10; Luke 6:46; Mal. 1:6; Acts 26:15; Philippians 2:11; Revelation 19:6, 11:16; Ezek. 1:24


LORD 1 of 2


Before we begin on today’s blog I need you to know that this is the beginning of two parts.  And that there is a difference when we read in the bible LORD and Lord. Please allow me to clarify.

LORD – Elohim Gen. 1:1; 1 John 5:20 Creator; Elyon Gen. 14:18-20 The Most High GOD.

Lord/ Adonai – [JESUS] 1 Kings 2:26 (did you notice that HE is GOD)?

There is only one GOD known by many names that are written in the bible that denotes HIS character, integrity, and what HE has done. We will not find many of HIS names spelled out for us in the English bible, however, if we read the Complete Jewish or Orthodox (Hebrew) bible we will find many of HIS names. Or we can learn many of HIS wonderful names as I did in my learning of HIM from purchasing a book and studying the many names of GOD. Be sure that if you take the latter route as I did in the beginning of my early learning that the book will direct you to scripture/s. Mankind has many gods which are idols they are nothing and there are many scriptures that have proved too many that worshipping those dead false gods will bring mankind down to destruction. There is also scripture that showed us how GOD proved to us that HE is the true GOD by embarrassing the worshippers as well as their false god by slamming him down to prostrate to HIM. Then beheading him. All things for us are found in the One and True GOD alone. And we should be found in HIM also. JESUS CHRIST is our Lord and HE is the one who made everything.

So many people believe GOD to be so very distant from them when in actuality HE is nearer to us than we think. To the sinner, the unrepentant HE is waiting for them to come to HIM realizing that they are in desperate need of HIM. And to the children the constant call for their DADDY from their spirit. Just think of it, America my natural homeland is great but it can only become greater if every single American realizes GOD is so very near. To be able to truly know that the LORD is our GOD and that we can call on HIM for whatever need we have of HIM according to HIS perfect will for us. Those of us who truly belong to the LORD GOD belong to HIM not in mind, through the knowledge of others or through religion. No, we belong to HIM personally through our connection of spirit because GOD is a Spirit and we worship HIM by the spirit, not the flesh for out of the spirit is truth.

The LORD GOD is so very patient towards mankind but we are not that way towards one another. Take a thought at how we think, speak, feel and act towards one another. And yet, HE thinks favorably towards us, HE is kind and friendly. If HE was not most of us would be dead where we stand just for blaspheming HIS name through profanity, swearing or un-kept promises through the use of HIS name. The LORD GOD is to be exalted and we are blessed when we wait on HIM.

What is your name? How do people recognize you? We are to be known as righteous, this is the name we are to be known by. Those who are in CHRIST JESUS and CHRIST JESUS in you just as JESUS would often say I am in the FATHER and the FATHER is in ME. We have dwelling on the inside of us redemption, righteousness, sanctification and wisdom, so why do we not live this way? It’s because as Mufasa from the Lion King told Simba “you don’t know who you are”.

We keep trying to do everything in our own strength when our FATHER our LORD is our strength. HE does not need our help. HE is Creator, HE created everything, where were you in the equation of HIS creation ideas? Maybe you need to read those same questions HE asked Job.

Look at the deer, they are beautiful creatures with skinny legs and strange and small feet. But we misunderstand what these deer can do with these feet.  It absorbs the shock of every stride and provides traction on soft and wet surfaces. It’s also a formidable weapon. The inner portion of the hoof is softer, but still quite tough. It provides a cushion and traction on harder surfaces. On a worn trail, the sharp outer hooves dig into the bare soil on the trail for traction. When the hooves land on the roadway, the tough inner part cushions the landing. In deep mud or snow, dew claws broaden the foot’s platform and show up in a deer track.

Deuteronomy 6:4; 1 Cor. 8:4, 6; Psalms 145:18; Deut. 4:7; Jn. 4:24; Isaiah 30:18, 33:2; Jeremiah 23:6; 1 Cor. 1:30; Habakkuk 3:19; 2 Sam. 22:34


Love 3 of 3



I will never forget when the Holy Spirit told me that I failed a certain test or passed a certain test. When I failed, it crushed me because in my humanity I imagined myself disappointing JESUS. I never thought that JESUS had already known beforehand that I was going to fail. None of us do. And it’s wonderful that HE refuses for us to go any further until we pass that test. For however long it will take us HE will set us up to either pass or fail HIS test to love. And when that moment came that the Holy Spirit told me that I had passed from death to life because I had actually shown love to my brother in CHRIST caused me to shout. Sometimes we can think that we are loving our siblings when in reality according to JESUS we are not. When we are unable to continually love our siblings we don’t know our FATHER and we don’t belong to HIM. Because our FATHER is the epitome of love. Within our DNA should be found, love.

Let us not be like those who say that they are Christians but are not CHRIST like at all, meaning that they have left their first love. Thinking nothing of HIM, living not for HIM, and not loving like HE does.

1 John 3:14, 4:8; Revelation 2:4


Love 2 of 3


When we are able to love and cover the faults of those who sin against us we will be able to meet their needs. What if your enemy was very sick would you help them? What if your enemy had a need that you could supply them with, would you help? This was how I would provoke myself to begin the love walk in my early years. Those that I knew where my enemies when I saw or heard that they were in need of help in any way, I stepped up cheerfully and remained until no longer needed. This broke down that barrier of hatred my enemy had for me. Was it difficult for me in the beginning? Yes. And I was a wee bit nervous but I kept JESUS will in front of me and my will and fears behind me. Each time I executed this it became easier and easier until it became my nature.

I have been baptized twice naturally. My first baptism was my christening as an infant into the Catholic faith. My second was after my belief in JESUS. But neither baptism is as awesome as the baptism of the Holy Spirit which I received six years after my belief and walk with my Savior began. It was then I received power and a desire to want to obey the commandment of my CHRIST. It was totally impossible for me not to love everyone. I honestly tried not to love people, I saw drug addicts and dealers and felt nothing but love towards them. I saw loud loose women and felt nothing but love for them. Everyone I had contempt for I truly loved. Still, do! Even those who say sly remarks towards me that are not kind.

When we have the Holy Spirit living on the inside of us, He proves to us just how easy it is to live a free life in CHRIST JESUS. That following JESUS is not boring or a drag. The only commandment we need to remember is that we are to love one another. Not in words only but in our actions as well. How difficult is that? Well, very when the Holy Spirit is not the One controlling us and we are the one controlling ourselves.

We must behave like CHRISTians that is citizens of CHRIST kingdom. Those who are citizens of CHRIST kingdom are not hypocrites but those of the world are. We are to hate everything that is evil but love everyone. We are to hold tight to every good thing and run clear and free from all evil. We must show the world that we are real CHRISTians by our love in action first then by our words. The problem is we are all talk and no action. The world is watching us and they don’t like what they see and to be honest neither do I. We must show the world that we do have pure hearts toward one another not just a favorite few. That our conscience is clean and that our faith in JESUS is sincere never wavering. We have chosen to leave evil behind us and seek to do well everywhere we go. We look for peace that is our pursuit in this life.

True love will never fail for anyone. If you have been in a relationship and you have truly loved someone but that person did not truly love you. The relationship is over but you still love that individual. Well, at least that’s how it is for me. I’ve been in a relationship that had lasted for years and I truly love the person but it was not reciprocated. Though we are no longer together I still love that person, I don’t dwell on him, I’ve totally moved on and able to love another. But I’ve never been able to say I did love or I used to love. True love never fails, and love forgives. JESUS gave humans, not animals, plants or any other created thing but humans/mankind the very best gift HE had. HE showed us just how much HE loves us when HE took our place on that cross. Because the greatest gift anyone can ever receive is love.

It took me many years to understand this but now that I do. My love for mankind is so great that if my life was in danger with another, I truly believe that I would lay down my life in the hopes that the other would be spared. Now my doing this does not save anyone from death, hell, and the lake of fire eternally. But the death of JESUS did. HIS death on that cross saved mankind from destruction if they will receive the gift of salvation and believe that JESUS rose on the third day and that we too will rise again.

I mentioned before that without the Holy Spirit it was impossible for me to truly love as CHRIST JESUS requires us to love. Reason being that the fruit which comes from the Holy Spirit is love.

Matthew 5:44; Rom. 12:20; John 14:15, 15:12; 1 John 5:3; 3:11; Romans 12:9; 1 Tim. 1:5; Ps. 34:14; 1 Corinthians 13:8, 13; 2 Corinthians 5:14; Galatians 5:22-23


Love 1 of 3


This is one of my favorite subjects to speak or write about because the one thing this world lacks is love. And yet the epitome of Love HIMself came to earth to teach us and gave us the demonstration of how to love one another. This will be a three-part series blog and I will still not have written all that I could about love.

One of the first principles of love was given to us regarding loving the LORD our GOD. We are to do this with all of our heart, we know how to do this. It’s with that exact same passion we have for something or someone that is in the place of the LORD GOD. For example (food, clothes, shoes, sports, addictions, self, and so on). Then we are instructed to love the LORD our GOD with all our soul. Our soul is our mind, will and emotions which means that the LORD is who we should be thinking much about and we should be wanting to do HIS will instead of wanting do our own thing and our emotions should be in check and not all over the place. And lastly, we are instructed to love the LORD our GOD with all our strength. Not the strength of anyone else but our very own, it should be personal.

You know pre-crucifixion the Old Testament saints bless their believing hearts had their sins covered and they relied on the blood of animals to purchase their righteousness. This was an act of covering. We still do this today, for those that we love we will cover their faults when deep down we know that they are wrong. But we will argue to the death that they are innocent. The day of JESUS crucifixion and post-crucifixion our sins are no longer covered they are washed away by HIS blood. So the only person holding us back from our freedom is ourselves and the voices of those demons that we are listening to. They are telling us that we are just too bad and that we need to get ourselves together, get our mind right, get our life right and all of the other crazy talks that are keeping us away from being washed free from guilt and condemnation. The thing about a cover is that someone can come along and remove or lift the cover up and expose what is beneath. But when JESUS washes us clean from sin there is nothing to expose. Most Christians find it difficult to walk in the freedom of love because they don’t realize that they are free. Free from the law of condemnation, sin, guilt, shame, rituals, and traditions. We are forgiven and we must be eager to forgive others. Our love for humankind must be hot, it must have a glow like a woman when she is expecting, and people can see that she has a glow about her. That glow is called life the baby that is living on the inside of the mother to be. JESUS is living on the inside of every believer and that glow should be making itself seen. All of this will make it easy for us to cover the sins of people who sins against us.

Deuteronomy 6:5; Proverbs 10:12; 1 Pt. 4:8





That which we don’t know we will never respect. When we come to know that fire is not only a beautiful thing to look at but is also a danger because of its ability to burn and that it has four specific flames that we are to familiarize ourselves with. For instance, in science, I was taught that the Red flame ranges between 525-1000 Celsius and 980-1800 Fahrenheit. Orange 1100-1200 C and 2000-2200 F. White 1300-1500 C and 2400-2700 F. And blue the hottest of all ranges 1426-1648 C and 2600-3000 F.  We will come to respect fire. When we come to know how important life is to GOD, how we are created in HIS image, HE molded man with HIS very own hands from the clay of the earth, that our very blood speaks out when our life has been taken from us un-naturally and that we do ourselves an injustice by not placing our souls in the home of JESUS. Then and only then will we be able to respect the life of humans. And lastly, if we knew what true royalty is, we would not disrespect the highest Majesty and give HIM the respect HE so truly deserves.

Why do we worry? It’s because we meditate on things that we may or may not have any control over. And just where has it gotten those of us who are still held captive to worry? Nowhere but a life of stress which is nowhere. There are things worth dwelling on, things worth our concentration. If we would surrender ourselves over to the study of who JESUS is not was because HE is an Is alive, what HE did and what HE is doing, and who HE said that we are. We would come to realize that we have no need to be stressing out over the things of this world. JESUS is altogether glorious, HIS attributes are divine. The brilliance and eminence that comes from HIM though explained in the book of Revelation from John I’m sure still does no justice because our finite mind is not able to comprehend all of the splendor that comes from CHRIST JESUS. JESUS is great in appearance, HE even when on earth always knew that HE had dignity and carried HIMself in the aspect of this manner. Those who truly know JESUS as fully GOD and fully man nothing watered down are inspired to give HIM the fullest reverence at all times. Not just on Sunday or mid-week or when they feel like it. They are aware that the eyes of GOD who is JESUS see every little thing that they do and their heart is not hidden from HIM. They know that the ears of JESUS hear every word spoken in the heart not just out of the mouth. They understand that where they go so does JESUS. So if they don’t want JESUS to see them committing adultery, fornicating, and homosexuality they don’t participate in those activities. Getting close to JESUS and allowing JESUS to get close to us is the only way we are going to survive. I know for myself that I am only I prayer away from sinning. I need to read my bible, I need to communicate with JESUS because if I don’t when I step out of my home the old me may not be so kind. I have to remind myself daily of the Majesty from which I come from and of HIS works, not mine.

As an Evangelist, my first duty to my readers and to those I speak with is to introduce JESUS to lost souls. The next is to share my testimony, to let others know that if JESUS did something for me HE most certainly will do it for you. Reading what happened in the bible to others is great and it’s very encouraging but to most readers, they are just stories. They don’t believe that JESUS still delivers today as HE did yesterday when those testimonies were written. I have written nearly five thousand blogs and all of them contained my testimony of what I have learned and have been delivered from over my thirty-eight- year life of being saved in CHRIST JESUS. And I am still being taught and trained daily in the Holy Spirit. I don’t share lies to get your hopes up about the power of CHRIST JESUS. I know first-hand the power of HIS healing and deliverance in my life. I know that JESUS is coming back and when HE does, HE is coming back for me and my siblings in HIM. I don’t want anyone to miss out on HIS Majesty. I have a desire that the entire world will have their very own personal witness of HIS Majestic splendor.

I pray that every single reader today and in future will come to JESUS because there is no other way into heaven. There is no way possible for us to see GOD other than JESUS. Allah, Buddha, Confucius, or any other deity that you deem necessary will not save you from sin, death, hell and the lake of fire. As much as I love my President, Mr. Barack Hussein Obama he is not my Savior, CHRIST JESUS is. The very center and core of your being must be flooded by the light of the Holy Spirit. You will receive a divine guarantee with a confident expectation for that which you are being called the riches of HIS glorious inheritance in GOD’s people so that you will begin to know the active spiritual power working in us who believe. In accordance with HIS mighty strength which the FATHER produced in CHRIST JESUS when HE raised HIM up from the dead and seated JESUS at HIS right hand in heaven far above all authority, dominion, power and rule. JESUS is seated far above every name that is named and unnamed this was, is and is to come. And for every realm JESUS is far above those too, they are under HIS feet, CHRIST JESUS is the Supreme Authoritative, the Head over all things in the church which is me. I am HIS body the fullness of HIS body, I am the fullness of HIM because I fill and completely believe in HIM.     

Psalms 145:5; 2 Peter 1:16; Eph. 1:18-22