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We have a tendency to show a great warmth for so many things we care about in our life and the range of those things are pretty vast. However, when it comes to prayer I’ve noticed that most people seem to freeze, they seem to feel as though they are inadequate and unqualified for a simple conversation with the FATHER. People look to others to get a prayer through for them, now there is nothing wrong with collective prayer. But each person must have their own personal prayer time their own personal relationship. In other words, do husbands rely on other men to speak with their wives and vice versa? Marriage and family unity work because of the intensity of spirit that we share with one another. When we just pass each other or only speak when we are in need of something but acknowledge that we are kin but have no fellowship, what type of relationship have we developed? The feeling is not everything but it’s something if feeling were not something GOD would not have given it to us. What do we feel for GOD, what do we feel for JESUS? If what we answer is positive then we must be enthusiastic for HIS will. And just as passionate as we are for doing whatever it is that we enjoy doing for ourselves fervor must be elevated to living for CHRIST JESUS.

I am a watcher of people, always have been. And what I’ve noticed is that one of the reasons why it appears that the church is defeated is because we have so many chronologically old saints who are spiritually immature. This is due to several reasons but one of the reasons I will disclose is the fact that we pull into our Christian walk which stunts our growth wanting to grow up faster than designated. In the natural, there is an appointed time for us to mature as it is in the spirit, now how we mature in the spirit is by reading and studying the Word of GOD and speaking to the FATHER and listening to what HE speaks back to us. As well as being baptized in the Holy Ghost to obtain His wisdom and to get understanding. But this is not what is done in most cases, we feel that if we are not on the same level as brother broad shoulders or sister gorgeous that we are not getting it done. ECC. 9:11, I again saw under the sun that the race is not to the swift and the battle is not to the strong, and neither is bread to the wise nor riches to those of intelligence and understanding nor favor to men of ability but time and chance overtake them all. If what we have which should be our personal testimony and the application of scripture we should be sharing this with others. Every single born again believer has the first initial testimony and that is their encounter with JESUS. After that, we must begin to build our relationship with HIM. I’m certain we recall how passionate we felt when we first received the gift of salvation and knew that we were forgiven of all our sins, past, present and future. So, where did our fervidness go? Who or what caused us to lag behind in our aglow for all things JESUS? Have we actually realize that we lost our ability to be fervent for HIM? Or is it because we sometimes attend church on Sunday we believe our fire for JESUS is ever-growing? It’s a pity that some of us believe that going to worship service on Sunday or the occasional bible study or ticking a like on the social media is being enthusiastic about serving JESUS.

When we know JESUS intimately we have no problem speaking with HIM about all things. Bringing to HIM everything that is in our heart and I do mean everything which includes those natural desires that we still struggle in the flesh with. We are the righteousness of GOD through CHRIST JESUS and as HE is so are we [Rom. 3:22, 1 John 4:17]. Do you not know that a heartfelt prayer of a believer in the truth and justification of CHRIST will accomplish many things? When our FATHER GOD put our request into action it will have tremendous power behind it. Here is an example, when Moses prayed after listening to the many complaints of the Israelites GOD grew angry with them and began burning things up which caused some to lose their life. Moses began to pray and this calmed GOD down and the fire ceased. It was not that the Israelites were not getting on Moses nerves as well because I’m sure they were, but his passion for them outweighed his detest for their ignorance and complaining.

Today, we live in a technological time that we most likely will not miss most things that we will like to be a part of. But we need to consider who and what is more important than attending sports events, going shopping or partying each and every weekend instead of going to worship GOD with our entire heart passionately. Is satisfying our own desires more important than being with our family at least three or four weekends of the month and we take the one weekend for ourselves, depending on the number of weekends there are in a month. And when we see our brothers and sisters in CHRIST step out from the obedience of GOD’s will is it for us to gossip about it or is for us to pray them back into step? We need to stop being so unkind and selfish towards one another and fervently love one another and in doing so we will be able to easily love JESUS who we don’t see in the flesh. Yet.

Acts 18:25, Ro. 12:11, James 5:16, Nu. 11:2, 1 Peter 4:8



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If you are from the city as I am a harvest may have no relevance to you. However, if you are from the country you may know something about farming. And whether you live in the city, country or suburbia you may know something about gardening, you know exactly what a harvest is. For many years though I knew the definition of the word harvest it was continually lost to me. All because I have no love for gardening or care about the why something grows. Knowing the concept is enough for me, I know that something is planted and something grows, you either pull it up out of the ground or pluck it off from a tree. As long as it’s grocery store fresh and a reasonable price I can really care less.

And this is the attitude most Christians unknowingly have regarding the harvest of the world. The harvest is actually the people and they are looking to be picked or plucked because they are ripe but we don’t recognize them. And the sad thing is, they don’t recognize us as farmers or gardeners. We believe that the harvest acts the way they do because this is what they want to do. And this is an error for the majority of them, most of them are looking for authenticity within the church body. The harvest can recognize a phony farmer and gardener quicker than we can because they are better watchers and listeners. They are doing what we have been commissioned to do.

When an authentic farmer and or gardener go out into the harvest to gather it’s never many of them but a few amount. We say we love JESUS, we say we love the Word but do we go and reap in the harvest where we work, shop, dine, play, entertain and such?

Well, let’s forget about reaping a harvest and concentrate on working for JESUS. Hopefully, you are gainfully employed and you understand the concept of what it is to work. So I should not have to explain what it is to labor. We all understand that depending on our education the result of our labor will be a reflection. People who labor with their intellect and those that labor using their muscles. All in all, they both cause exertion knowing that we’ve accomplished a job that is well done.

Every laborer will wear the apparel that speaks. Those that use their intellect will dress very business professional and those that use their muscle will dress in a uniform of some type. As clergy we dress as chameleons, we maybe in our cleric attire or dress in our everyday casual street wear or dressed in the business professional you can never tell with us.

As a laborer for JESUS, work does not cause exertion or sore muscles or emotional weariness as secular employment does. As a disciple who labors to reap the harvest, do get tired but we are so high from speaking and hopefully making a connection with people in the hopes of creating a relationship that they will see our good works in CHRIST that they will want JESUS for themselves. We rest very well with a sweet peace. As a disciple who labors to reap a harvest if our muscles are sore, it’s because we don’t see a need and just say to the one in need “I’ll be praying for you” we get in there and help to make a situation better. This too moves a harvest to ripen so that when ripe we will be able to reap it in due season. And as a disciple when a laborer is weary it’s not due to anxiety caused by stress or worry it’s due to the heartache that someone they have invested so much time in turned and walked away or maybe they thought they reaped that harvest when ripped when actually it was not.

A laborer must be a discerner of the Holy Spirit because the Holy Spirit is the One who calls in the harvest, not us. We are the reapers, when we reap a harvest before time what we get is either hard or hard and green. We are to always be in a posture of prayer that the Holy Spirit will increase the laborers because people who are the harvest truly do not want to remain in the state they are in. They know they are in need of GOD but they just don’t know how to reach HIM, we have HIM, we know that the only way to the FATHER is through CHRIST JESUS because HE is the only way, truth, and life.

JESUS said it when HE was here on the earth then and it remains true now, laborers are fewer than the many people in need of being harvested. (My paraphrase)

So if you are blood washed and you profess and possess CHRIST JESUS, ask yourself these questions

  1. Am I a disciple?
  2. Am I a laborer?
  3. Have I reaped a harvest?
  4. Do I care?  

Matthew 9:37, Lk. 10:2, Matthew 20:16, 19:30, 22:14



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Live long enough and I promise you that you will feel the heat of life experience. For some, it comes through survival, growing pains which is natural in all of us or the pressure we get when we have to deal with issues we don’t want to deal with.

Trials will occur in the lives of every single human they may be good or bad. We will never escape them. But what on earth is a fiery trial? And how do we know if we’ve ever experience or when we are experiencing a fiery trial?

Well, a fiery trial is an intense trial inflamed by heat. It often ignites our passion to become irritable and we become unrestrained. Not only this but for some depending on the hue of the skin-tone we may see the fiery appearance.

When this takes place most often than not we begin to suffer in our strength and our patience, we become afflicted and the temptation for sin is able to overtake us greatly more so than at any other time.

Being a born again CHRISTian does not make us exempt at all, so, if someone told you that we will be tipping through a garden of roses. They sold you a lie. Once we confessed JESUS as our Savior and as we grow to have HIM become our LORD the fight is on. That serpent satan has issued a contract out on us to get us back at every cost and nothing is off limits. Our parents, spouses, children whomever and whatever we hold near and dear will be used against us. This trying of our faith will be put to the test. We will feel the fiery trials of our faith and we will need to trust in JESUS and know the Word of GOD for ourselves as well as be filled with the Holy Ghost to have the power to exercise and prove the grace and virtue given to us by GOD through JESUS.

I dare not try to name what type of trial we all go through but this I can assure you no trial is unique. And we suffer because we don’t disclose to those we can trust what it is that we are going through, those who will hold us accountable, and those who will pray with us not prey on us, those who will encourage us and those who will fight with us. We must learn to shine the light on fiery trials but not just those but all things that try to raise itself up against the knowledge of GOD.

How do we quench a fiery trial? By dousing it out with an open light, smoldering the oxygen it requires to increase and of course the most important remedies for them all. Worshipping the FATHER and laughing at those fiery trials.

When we worship the FATHER through our fiery trials though we are wet with perspiration think of ourselves as the three Hebrew boys in the fiery furnace. If that was not a fiery trial I don’t know what is. They were in there worshipping and who showed up JESUS. And when they were released they did not have a hint of smoke coming from their garments. This can be us. Laugh at that fool the devil because nothing he does is brand new. Our GOD is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Never forget this.

So, the next time you feel the heat of a trial remember to at least laugh heartily and while you are laughing remember to worship the FATHER. HE is a deliverer.

1 Peter 4:12



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Today it seems as though people are constantly living in a state of flight or fight rather than peace. Victory through combat seems to be our only outlet. Some of us view the wrong individuals as our enemy to attempt to defeat or subdue with destruction. When all the while the real enemy is the prince of darkness.

If we will only realize that all people are mere pawns being used by the devil and his cohorts we will be able to recognize his tactics. And when I wrote all people I meant just that all people, sometimes mature CHRISTians will fall into traps as well that have been set up by the enemy. Sometimes our demeanor is not very loving and there are times when we have been known to hold on to grudges. We are trying to fight our own battles when what we should be doing is seeking the face of the LORD through prayer and delving into HIS Word regarding our attitude, emotion or situation for that time. We must remain calm and silent and allow the LORD GOD to fight our battles.

Our FATHER who is our GOD fights for HIS children. HE will cause our enemy to run in every direction away from us because they will recognize that our FATHER is fighting instead of us and that we are protected by GOD Almighty HIMself.

Life is full of trials, tests, and temptations. The trials are bad occurrences that happen in our life from time to time that may or may not be avoided it all depends on the circumstances, how well prepared we are and the wisdom we follow. The test comes from our FATHER no matter how many times we may fail the test HE will give us the test again until we pass the test. Passing the test proves to ourselves that we have grown in that particular area in CHRIST JESUS and that we trust in HIM there so we are obedient to HIM in that walk of our life. And the temptation is from the devil, we will never be tempted by anything that we are unfamiliar with for example if you’ve never driven a car before buying the next new car that you can’t afford is no problem. But everything that we are familiar with we can be tempted by it is in these areas where we will have to fight the good fight of our faith. Evil is always in conflict with godliness and we must not forget this. Those of us who heard the calling and have answered have an eternal life in the presence of many witnesses too numerous to number.

We all should want to take a note out of Timothy’s playbook and be able to say as he did “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race.” We all should desire that what we did for the kingdom was noble and worthy against the errors that so many people are willing to accept because they don’t read and or know the Word for themselves. So, if reading and knowing the Word is exempt it stands to reason that being in a relationship with the FATHER through CHRIST JESUS is null and void.

Exodus 14:14, Nehemiah 4:20, Ex. 14:25, 1 Timothy 6:12, 2 Timothy 4:7


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All of us at some time in our lives have accomplished tasks set before us, they were performed, executed and completed. This is what is meant to when we have fulfilled goals in our life. In order to fulfill any daily task, we must bring them to a realization and carry them out. Prophecy and or promises are just that. It is our duty to do as follow in obedience the commands to satisfy the required obligation to bring to an end what it is that we need to complete. Never believe the lie that there is a period of time for us to develop so we may fulfill our potential.

People who are not the only child will be able to relate to this a wee better. But if you were born an only child and you are now a child of the KING know that you have millions of siblings all over the world. We mature at various levels so if the more spiritual mature brother or sister in CHRIST JESUS see or hear his or her sibling in error of sin we should not come down on them with condemnation and judgment like in Levitical law. No, we must be loving showing grace and mercy to restore them gently not being superior and self-righteous. Watch yourself because we can be tempted as well in the same thing. But help them, carry the burden with them. Don’t just think that all of our siblings want to sin just because, some of us have a stronghold and want to stop but may not know how or may be ashamed to speak with someone in the church because of the way we look and speak with one another. We wear so many pious masks you know what I mean. Fulfill the law of love with our siblings this is what CHRIST JESUS wants us to do towards one another. We need to self-deny and be patient with our siblings of faith. Stop believing that we have it all together because we don’t. We may be stronger than some but believe you me someone is stronger than us in the faith and we may need to lean on them. So be careful.

And by the way, writing about love, why not just love everyone not just our siblings of the faith who are our neighbors but our neighbors include the unbeliever as well. Maybe if we show love towards them we will win them by our faith in CHRIST JESUS. You know come to think of it, it’s a debt that we owe to every single human on the planet even dare I write it, Donald Trump. There I did and my fingers did not detach from my hands (lol). We need to look for the best in everyone and though I don’t agree with so much that he has said and done there has been 1-2 things I have agreed with. And they both pertain to my faith everything else has been thumb down but I’m looking for the best and I keep my mind on those 1-2 that I consider is best for me as a minister of the gospel. So keep your ears and eyes open we all can find the best in everyone. For example, maybe we need to focus on a person’s hair, teeth, clothes, car, or something that we can magnify on so we will not be so full of disgust for the individual. And ask the FATHER to change our heart not so much theirs because we’re given the commandment to love so that the law will be fulfilled in us.  

Galatians 6:2, Ro. 15:1, Romans 13:8


Full / Fullness

Oh to recognize the limits of what we can contain. It’s so evident that we don’t have a clue of what it’s like to be full. The greatest depiction is obesity among people including myself. I don’t attribute obesity to all people to not knowing when to stop eating the not knowing when they are full but the not knowing the complete plenty of satisfaction obtained in reaching the required nutrients and extinguishing the hunger. It’s no different for those who must have the latest gadgets, clothes, shoes, or what-not. However, to be in fullness is to be aware that we are in abundance and we are complete wanting nothing. So how can we get to this place of completeness, satisfaction, and fullness? How do we get and remain full?


  • We are to stay united with JESUS. To bear fruit in JESUS because apart from HIM it is impossible to do so. Apart from JESUS, we will be thrown into the fire. Keeping the commands of JESUS as JESUS kept the command of the FATHER is loving. In this, the joy of JESUS will be made full and complete within us. 
  • Be a person full of faith in CHRIST JESUS as well as filled and led by the Holy Ghost/Spirit. Also known as the Spirit of Wisdom, He will provide us with a good reputation among people, we will have a godly character and moral integrity. 
  • Stop following traditions and philosophy’s, they are empty and deceitful. Those that do have been taken captive and follow pseudo-intellectual babble which is elemental spirits and does not follow the teaching of CHRIST JESUS. In CHRIST JESUS alone is the fullness of deity, the GODhead bodily and HE alone expresses the true essence that GOD is. CHRIST is the Word, JESUS became flesh, JESUS lived with humankind/mankind, humans saw the glory of GOD through JESUS because HE is the begotten of the FATHER and JESUS is full of grace and full of truth. JESUS is unique and free of deception there is none other like HIM nor will there ever be. 

John 15:11, Acts 6:5, 3, Colossians 2:9, Jhn. 1:14



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Ha, maybe the last thing anyone wants to know how to do is to gain especially us Americans who seldom take the time to cook fresh healthy foods. And have a tendency to eat unhealthy snacks or fast food be they take away like McDonald’s or microwave meals. However, the type of gain I will be focusing on is worthwhile. The possession of CHRIST JESUS.

All too often we are consumed by how we can gain more money, clothing or other material possessions. But what would life be for us if we would consume ourselves with being possessed in thought about the FATHER and JESUS? Finding out who we are in HIM, what HE desires for us and what we have through HIM. And as we grow in the knowledge of CHRIST JESUS as we take on by faith what HIS Word instructs us we begin to throw off the old ways and take on the new. As we settle in we discover that in this life we are truly living and that we are actually not missing anything but rather have gained in CHRIST. Daily we die to our self and live in CHRIST JESUS, do we error sometimes? Sure we do, however, we discover that we are not living a daily life of sinful actions and each day we discover more liberation through JESUS. This is what we have gained in HIM. JESUS is becoming our source of joy and our reason for living. The assurance of knowing that we will one day see HIS face and be with HIM eternally.

I’m the type of person that is not satisfied with anyone who states that they believe in god. I need to know the name of their god. Why is this? Because even demons believe in GOD but they do not obey HIM, the god they obey is their own satan and he is a type of god. So to profess to be a Christian and not living and to obey the Word is lying to yourself. A true Christian is godly in character and integrity, they not only believe in the FATHER but the SON/JESUS as well entirely. The lifestyle of a true Christian is not controversial in the kingdom but it is in the world because the world hates us. However, because a true Christian is godly we are content with rest and satisfaction in our mind because of JESUS. Our confidence is based on GOD’s sufficiency and not that of our own.

Is this not worth the gain?

Philippians 1:21, 1 Timothy 6:6