This is a wee bit difficult for me to write because of the magnification I myself am getting from this. I concentrate so much on the fact that I am healed by the stripe of JESUS CHRIST that the text that I will be sharing with you has revealed something profound in my spirit.

I enjoy watching TV but I hate commercials, especially those that speak about illnesses and immorality. So most of my programs are recorded on the DVR or I mute the commercials if I choose to watch live TV when the commercials are on. Commercial ads are subliminal, they cause us to become hungry when we are not, sexually aroused, and subconsciously take on the symptoms that were planted in our psyches until we begin to confess with our mouth that now we have that thing, whatever it maybe.

But in the text of Matthew 25:34-40; JESUS is speaking and calling for HIS sheep. HIS sheep are HIS brothers, who are us, who believe in HIS name. I really would like to write about the entire text, but that is not my assignment, so I urge you, the reader to really open your eyes and see what JESUS is showing you in this text.

CHRISTians do get sick! But though the attack is real in the flesh the Word does not fail and is a conqueror. JESUS said that we are healed and by golly we must continue to say this if we can speak. If we can’t speak allow it to float around in our minds.

I don’t know why CHRISTians get sick, but we can’t accept and own the sickness. We must own our healing. We must speak healing over ourselves constantly. If we must, post healing scriptures around our environment so we can see them daily. And don’t allow people to visit you who are not encouragers, they must speak life to you.

When a CHRISTian has been diagnosed with an illness in the flesh, this is not the time to accept that as a final say. We hear what the doctor has told us and we go into battle with prayer. We call up those who know how to speak to that thing that the enemy has left at your address and we send it back to the pit of hell where it belongs.

Every CHRISTian that we know who is ill in their flesh, we should visit.  But be armed with the Word of GOD so that we will encourage our brothers and sister in the faith. We are to bring them comfort.

Some CHRISTians may lose a body part here on earth. We must know with wisdom from the Holy Spirit how to speak to our brother and sister.

This flesh is simply made from clay, clay is dirt from the ground. Dirt crumbles, it’s not everlasting but our inner man is eternal. We are to do all we possibly can to maintain a healthy outer temporal body of flesh. But always understand that your inner man, the spirit is eternal and that is the one that we must concentrate the more on. That is the one we must feed with the Word of GOD that is the one that we must allow to lead our soul and flesh.

Brothers and sisters of the faith, when we go and visit the sick armed with the Word of GOD, speaking only encouraging words and bringing joy and laughter. We are fulfilling what JESUS said, by HIS saying; “when you did it to one of the least of these MY brothers, you did it to ME”.


Matthew 25:36




Do you recall when you were a child how you would pretend that you owned something great? Or how you would say that when you grow up that you will get this or that or be this or that?

More than likely, it was something out of your reach because of your age, maturity, financial situation and the knowledge or wisdom to receive what you had in your sight.

Unfortunately, as we age our environment, the people, what they say kill what we have in our sight. And what we are surrounded by, we tend to believe what we see and touch rather than what we see in the vision of our mind which is the heart.

And, before you know it, only a small percent of the people who visualized and said as a child will walk into their destiny as an adult.

Do you know as children of the living GOD we not only get a perfectly clean slate, but we get to dream and visualize again? Imagine setting your sights on getting your house in order, saying so and watching it come to pass.

And of course as its human nature not to just stop there because we are so elated with those results we just have to step it up a notch and dream and visualize on something greater. Maybe, now it will be better employment or education or a raise from your current employment.

Never give up on hoping for what is not seen in your life today in the natural. Dream and visualize largely. Beloved brothers of the faith in CHRIST JESUS, we serve an awesome GOD. A FATHER who is a provider to HIS children, everything that we stand in need of is located in the heavens and all we need to do is ask in faith, thank HIM for them and wait.

Believe me, in the appointed time you will see what you asked for, nothing ever arrives late from GOD, it’s always on time according to your faith, and according to your maturity. Meaning, whatever you are asking for, are you able to handle that at this very moment or are your motives pure as to why you are asking for that?

I will like to provide you with two examples that most consumers will be able to relate too if they have ever made the following purchases, these will give us a better understanding of what it is to hope for.

  1. The purchase of a house. You are given a deed, this is a legal transference of property from the previous owner to you. However, it comes with conditions, you must pay off the balance before you can own it in full. Not once does anyone ever say I just purchased a house and I share the expense with the previous owner or realtor, everything about that house is yours because it’s what you hoped for.
  2. The purchase of an automobile. You are given a title, a legal transference of property from the previous owner to you. However, it comes with conditions, you must pay off the balance before you can own it in full. You are responsible for all maintenance and tickets on the vehicle, it’s not shared with the bank or previous owner. This is the car you hoped for.

Walking by faith and not by sight is conditioned by faith and maturity. So hope in what is eternal and not what is temporal.


2 Corinthians 5:7; Heb. 11:1, Rom. 8:24




This blog is especially written to those who enjoy reading them but has not yet made up in their mind to surrender their life to JESUS.

And lastly to the ones who willingly sin just because they want to and believe that their sin will not be found out.

Sinners never prosper, I don’t care what they look like, don’t believe the hype. What you see is only an outside glamour because inwardly they are rotten and stinking.

True prosperity comes from within and comes forward. When sinners acknowledge that they are sinners and that they need JESUS because they can’t do what needs to be done on their own and they need to be forgiven. We begin to turn in the right direction, sinners must turn their backs on sin and ask the FATHER to forgive them from their heart. The FATHER is merciful HE will forgive us.

However, when the sinner has their back turned away from JESUS and pray anything before believing and confessing that JESUS the LORD was raised from the dead by GOD with their mouth from their heart for their righteousness to salvation. They receive nothing from the FATHER, you can cry and yell all you want. The FATHER will turn away HIS eyes from you because you do not belong to HIM. Your prayer will always go unanswered because HE will not hear you.

Sinner, you may think this is harsh but think of it this way. Do you give or answer the request of the children that you have not fathered / mothered living in your community? Do you provide for them? Do you right the wrongs you see or hear them involved in?

You see, sin keeps us from the FATHER your GOD. Sin will cause GOD to turn HIS face from us because HE cannot look on sin, Mt. 27:45. It was not that JESUS was a sinner but because HE took on the sins of the world, HIS FATHER turned HIS eyes and ears from HIM. So this is a great demonstration for us all that because HE did that to HIS only begotten SON, why do we think that we deserve less?

Sinner, we all have a great and marvelous hope and promise from and in JESUS. And that is we can be redeemed. What is redemption? We all participate in redemption every day when we purchase and pay off something. This is what JESUS has done for us, but we must receive what HE has done in full and not in partiality.

When we do this we will know that in the complete fullness that we are washed clean from all sin. We are freely justified by HIS grace. Because of our faith in JESUS and the grace of GOD, we are completely saved.

We are saved not because this was our plan because we plan often to do better and so often we fail. However, being reconciled in CHRIST JESUS, we don’t have to try in works all we need to do is rest in JESUS and operate in faith. Because our salvation is a pleasure to the FATHER, meaning this is what HE willingly wants. So our peace must be full through the blood that was shed for us on that cross for us.  The precious blood of JESUS!

So sinner, confess that you are a sinner. Don’t try to count all the sins you’ve committed because they are too numerous to name. To my beloved brothers of the faith who willingly commit sit, more than likely you are fooling yourself by asking for forgiveness before, during or after you commit your sins. You know that you are lying, you need to admit that you are weak in that area of your life and that you need deliverance. Find scripture and stay there until you believe and trust JESUS on HIS Word for that thing. By the grace of GOD, you will be set free.

The FATHER is a faithful GOD and through the blood of CHRIST JESUS, we belong to HIM and we are forever forgiven. And though we trip and fall at times, we don’t make a practice of living a life of sin, because of our love towards the FATHER and JESUS we will find ourselves telling HIM what we’ve done. But we will not be doing so out of condemnation. For example, when we make a mistake and we tell someone, we don’t feel condemned we are just telling the person. It’s no different with GOD. HE’s not a condemning GOD, we condemn ourselves when we are turned from JESUS.  

Here are some promises you need to remember. Is. 43:25 I, even I AM HE, who blots out your transgressions for MY own sake, and I will not remember your sins. Stop let us look at some important points here in this scripture.

  • Blots – erased, obliterates
  • MY own sake (the FATHER) not you.
  • Remember – recall; (antonym = forget)

Hebrews 8:12 I will be merciful to their unrighteousness and their sins. Their sins and lawless deed I will remember no more.

  • Mercy
  • Forget


Prov. 28:13; Isaiah 1:15, 59:2; Rom. 3:24-26; Eph. 2:8; Col. 1:19-20, Heb. 9:12; 1 John 1:9




EDGE_accused_of_bullying_MAY13 gif

I think, and this could just be me, but I don’t believe that I’m alone in this. That the hardest thing to do is to keep silent when being falsely accused.

Yep, for me I have to remind myself that when I’m being falsely accused, that I have to keep my mouth shut. It’s better for me to just get up and walk away. To go somewhere out of the sight of others and lick my wounds. And if at all possible stay clear of those who have decided to slaughter me.

It’s been a long time since I’ve known about anyone doing this to me and personally, I don’t want it done at all. But there are mean spirited people out here in this world who will attack others with their words and their accusations may or may not be true. Never the less the effect could cause damage to our emotions if we allow them to.

As children of the Living GOD, we must understand that we will always be eyed for a weak spot to attack. We can never let our guard down. This is why we must always be mindful of the things of GOD, always being watchful and praying.

I no longer work a secular job, however, when I hear my brothers and sisters speak about issues they go through at work I can hear the stress and I’m reminded what it was like when I was employed before retiring many years ago. Being employed is a major blessing but it’s also stressful because we interact with so many souls, some are saved and some are not.

It was at my place of employment that the LORD decided to train my character and integrity. And I’m sure that HE’s using this place for you as well but you may not realize this and you are defending yourself when you are being accused of things that you had nothing to do with.

Today is the day that you need to make up in your mind that you don’t need to fight your own battles. You need to realize that your heavenly FATHER does see and hear every little thing that you are doing, you can’t hide anything at all from HIM. And hears every little word you are thinking in your heart and mind and saying out of your mouth.

So with this knowledge, it’s better that we take all the blows that people hurl at us. When people say that we did this or that, say nothing. When people say that we said this or that, say nothing.

People will begin to recognize the character change of strength in you and the integrity that you now have. It will no longer be you defending you but the GOD in you defending you.

Eventually, there will come a time that you will be so secure in who you are in CHRIST JESUS that what people say about you will not matter.



Isaiah 53:7; Lev. 5:1, Prov. 29:24 (2nd verse), Matt.26:62-63, 27:12-14, Jn. 19:9




Regardless of how we may feel about snow, snow is often a reminder of a cleansing and purification.

To the sinner, the one who comes to JESUS for the first time, this cleansing experience is most wonderful, yet, at the same time, none of us have been able to explain the washing we all have received.

To the children of the FATHER we are washed daily when we read the Word of GOD, praise GOD in recognition of HIS glory and worship GOD by obeying HIS Word.

When JESUS cleaned us HE left not one tiny spot of sin within us, had HE done so it would mean that HE was not the ultimate completion of the sacrifice given to us by the FATHER. It also means that in HIS failure HE cannot be seated at the right hand of the FATHER. This is why we have our assurance in knowing that we are cleaned and purified whiter than a fresh new blanket of snow.

JESUS is such a gentleman because HE never shy’s away from controversial conversation as to why we need HIM. The explanation is that our sins are like scarlet and crimson both of which are red in color, scarlet a bright red with an orange hue and crimson purple in color with a red hue. When we see these colors in fabrics they are brilliant, dark, deep, and rich. We never give thought that these same vibrant colors for fabric are the same sickening colors that present bruises on our bodies. For the word of GOD shows us in Isaiah 53:5, HE was bruised for our transgressions. However, our sins are not measured by the FATHER all HE knows is that mankind needed a Savior and HE gave us JESUS who cleansed and purged us as snow and wool.

Mankind measures sin by activity and the FATHER doesn’t because we are guilty of every sin whether we practiced a certain act or not. This is why children who have been purged and washed in JESUS don’t spend time in judging the sins of a person because we understand that there was a time when we too were guilty of (sexual immorality); adultery, fornication, homosexuality, lewdness, and uncleanness we were guilty of being totally irresponsible and having no self-control.  Again, we were guilty of practicing without shame idolatry and sorcery, we held people up above GOD, we worshipped mankind or things, and let me not forget the zodiacs or visitation to palm readers, playing the ouija board and such. Then there were the emotional sins filled with hatred, contentions, dissensions, jealousies, envy, murders, and outburst of wrath, always angry about something or quick to fly off the handle. Then we have those who think of themselves only and don’t care who they hurt to achieve their goal, don’t care about another for any reason, these people have selfish ambitions. We also stood guilty of being involved in drunkenness, revelries, (loud and obnoxious) and addictions. The smallest grouping of the guilty the heretic, we laughed at those who attended church service, we thought that we were good so surely GOD would have to see that we were not as bad as someone else. We lead others away from the faith in JESUS CHRIST by what is said or done against JESUS. Those who practice heresies, though the smallest they are the loudest and these are the people that make others think that sin is winning when it’s simply not so.

As stated before, we have not all practiced these sins but we were all guilty of them. And when we received JESUS and HE purged and washed us as clean as snow. We now stand with a loving and holy boldness in HIM of our righteousness in CHRIST JESUS because we are no longer guilty but acquitted and free in CHRIST JESUS.



Psalms 51:7, Isaiah 1:8 & 43:26

The SON pt. 12 of 12


In accordance to the Word of GOD, there was a time when mankind was not able to look on the face of GOD and live. This is because the Living GOD is much too holy for mankind to behold. Before the birth of JESUS flesh and blood had never beheld the face of their Creator before. The closest mankind had ever gotten was Moses, Aaron, Nadab and Abihu along with seventy elders of Israel. And they only got to see the feet of JESUS.

The heavens proclaim the authority and glory of JESUS who is GOD, Creator of everything. When HE speaks in the heavens winged creatures drop the movements of their wings. The throne of JESUS is so radiant that it is described as best as humanly possible. HIS throne is adorned with a Sapphire stone and HE is high above that throne. On HIS waist upward and downward which leads me to believe this could be a band of some sort, it had the color of amber, fiery in brilliance all around and within it. As the most brilliant clearly shown and radiant rainbow we may be able to catch a glimpse of in the clouds after the rain is the best description mankind was able to offer up regarding the glory of JESUS. And though these are great descriptions, to even come close to appreciate what Ezekiel was trying to convey to us we would need to go to the best jewelers to see the best gems listed in the bible and then we will need to see a rainbow that is not fading away so we can see its brilliance. Then lastly, witness liquid fire it’s almost hypnotic. Then we will understand how difficult it is to describe the magnificence of JESUS in heaven or heaven itself.

The gold in Arabia must be extremely beautiful. Why else would Daniel describe JESUS as wearing gold around HIS waist from this country? After all, have you ever wondered why we are willing to pay so much for something that angels walk on and we will too one day? The streets in heaven are not paved in gold but made from gold and that gold is so pure it’s like crystal.

Now we have seen a very tiny portion of JESUS in heaven, HIS authority, glory and appearance.

In the gospel of John as it is written that “no one has seen GOD at any time”. John was setting up the backdrop as to what was; before he tells us what is. John began by telling us these very important points.

  • Word/JESUS the beginning
  • Word/JESUS with GOD
  • Word/JESUS is GOD
  • All things made through JESUS
  • In JESUS is life, life the light of men
  • JESUS/GOD was in the world
  • JESUS/GOD came and was not received
  • You receive JESUS, and HE gives the right for us to become children of GOD because we believe in HIS name.
  • We are born of GOD/JESUS, not of man
  • Word/GOD/JESUS became flesh and lived with mankind.
  • Mankind saw JESUS glory, the only begotten of the FATHER, full of grace and truth.
  • JESUS was before because JESUS is the beginning.
  • JESUS fullness is grace for grace
  • Grace and truth come through JESUS the CHRIST.
  • See JESUS, see the FATHER whom we could actually touch and smell. GOD!

The FATHER GOD is a Spirit so we would never be able to see HIM. Until we all return back to HIM when JESUS returns for us. However, because HE has such an enormous love for us, HE clothed HIMself in flesh and came down to us so that we could behold HIM. Even now I believe that JESUS enters in and exits from the bosom of HIS FATHER. Because the angels are charged up also just from the sight of JESUS.

So if you get bumped out of the way when we are in heaven, understand it’s because I want to see the Man the One and only who was able to save me from satan’s grip. I already know where to look for HIM, HIS throne is surrounded by seven lampstands and HE has on a garment that comes down to HIS feet and around HIS chest is a golden band. HIS head and HIS hair are white, eyes like fire, feet like brass and a voice like many waters. In HIS right hand, seven stars HE speaks with the truth as or sharper than a two edged sword and HIS countenance is brighter than the sun shining in full strength.


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Revelation 1:13; Ex. 24:10, 16; Ezek. 1:26; Dan. 10:5; Jn. 1:18, 6:46

The SON pt. 11

Jesus Names

As children, it’s not difficult in the least for us to believe in whatever we are told. This is because our heart, mind, and soul are not all polluted with continual disappointment in people as yet. We come into this world with the full ability to have confidence in the truth. The reliability without its proof as yet. The only people who can destroy this characteristic in every child is an adult.

We first begin by telling our most precious children that there is a baby New Year, cupids that shoot bows into the hearts of people to cause them to love, leprechauns, Easter bunnies hiding eggs, & Santa Claus. And let us not forget the knock on the door, we tell our children to tell the person at the door that they are not home, or the phone rings so the child tells the caller you are not in or sleep or busy. And finally, our child begins to show the beginnings of growing up, they shed their baby teeth and we tell them that there is a tooth fairy placing money beneath their pillows while sleeping. All in all, once the child begins to mature in age we find out that none of those things were true and our hearts begin to grow a wee bit cold. We no longer believe a person the older we get because we’ve been hurt far too many times by all the broken promises half or no heartedly made.

The more people have been hurt by others the deeper into sin people sink. We are already doomed when we are born because we are born sinners. However, it is better to instill within our children while they are under our tutelage the way of righteousness rather than to increase the depravity of sin. We don’t realize, none of us that we are all condemned without JESUS.

Many people are quick to say that they believe in GOD. Well, I say big deal or who is your god, because even the devil and his angels believe in GOD. It’s crucial that we certify that the testimony of JESUS causes GOD to be true and by this we know that GOD cannot lie.

We were created by GOD to honor JESUS and in doing this, we will honor the FATHER GOD as well. Not doing this leaves people in a condemned state because it’s believed that the FATHER did not send JESUS here for you or anyone else. JESUS is the ONE who has full authority to judge our life, what we thought in our heart and mind. What we did and didn’t do and what we said, every little word. It’s not enough just to sit in the pew Sunday after Sunday or weekday after weekday. It’s not even enough for you to get your Word via television or radio. Lastly, reading is not enough either if we do not believe JESUS and HIS Word as well as the FATHER who sent HIM so that we will have everlasting life. This is what keeps us from being judged, this is how we pass from death to life.

Anyone who does not receive JESUS hates JESUS. And when you hate JESUS, you hate GOD the FATHER. You deny JESUS, you deny HIS FATHER. You acknowledge JESUS, you acknowledge HIS FATHER.

After reading the above paragraph, I would stop and begin to believe in my heart. What are you going to believe? That JESUS died and on the third day rose again from the dead so that I can be, will be saved. Now confess with your mouth, JESUS is the LORD!

When we confess that JESUS is the SON of the Living GOD, the FATHER lives within us and us within HIM.

This is the truth, Jehovah’s Witness are not true witnesses when they refuse to acknowledge that JESUS is JEHOVAH. We are the true JEHOVAH’s Witness because we believe in the SON of GOD, JESUS. And because of this, we have HIS witness within us and our witness does not make us out to be liars. Our testimony of our DADDY is true, GOD has given us HIS SON.

Jhn. 3:18, 33, & 5:23-24, 15:23, Ro. 10:9, 1 John 2:23, 4:15, & 5:10