We all face times when it appears that our strength is all but gone. We become frustrated and we are wrapped up in our emotions because we are drained. It is during this time that most of us make major mistakes in our lives, we make decisions that we will later regret, we may say words to people that we will have wished we had not ever spoken. The song in our heart either no longer exist or it’s based on our feelings and not the truth. It is when we are here that we rely on our own self-salvation when in reality nothing about us are salvation worthy. We need salvation grace continually, we need salvation from our own self. This goes for those who believe, have faith in and have received JESUS as their Savior as well.

Yes, at all times in our life the LORD GOD will always be our salvation. During those times when we have allowed anxiety and fear to creep into our life, it’s because we have begun to trust in the unknown or more often than not we listen to the enemy as he speaks his negative conversation. And just like Eve we actually entertain what he has to say. We have forgotten that our strength is in CHRIST JESUS or we don’t know that the LORD GOD is our strength. JESUS HIMself is our salvation from day to day. HIS song should remain in our hearts and as directed by the Holy Spirit that song will always point us to focus on JESUS for those lyrics are positive and give HIM glory, honor and praise. Every day we should rejoice in the LORD, our joy should never wain because the FATHER, SON, and Holy Spirit live within us and us in HIM. Yet the reality is we are not placing our trust in the Word of GOD, the promises that HE has given to us and this is why we have allowed the problems of this world to keep us enslaved. We are the bride of CHRIST and HE has provided us with a garment of salvation and a robe of righteousness. Unfortunately many don’t see who they are and who they are married to, we are looking at what we have or don’t have in this world instead of focusing on what we do have in CHRIST JESUS. If we know the promises that HE has made to us, we are not paupers but wealthy in HIM. We should not have a care in the world because this world is not our home. We are just passing through.

Now is the time to rejoice in the LORD, now is the time to grab ahold of our joy which is found in the LORD GOD because HE alone is our salvation.

We have repented once which means that we decided to change our minds about JESUS and the life we had. JESUS brought the kingdom of heaven to earth within HIMself. And we have that kingdom on the inside of us. Because we don’t know this we have repented again and returned back to our fleshy way of thinking, speaking and living. Return to JESUS, HE is our first love and discontinue with being double minded. Flipping to be hot for JESUS one moment and cool the next.

Try as we may, we will never receive salvation in anything else or anyone else. It has been said that those things that we try so desperately to escape will continue to follow us no matter where we go. This is because the common denominator in all our problems is us. Right where we are we can become free completely in CHRIST JESUS because HE is our salvation. Salvation is not found in anything else or anyone else, there is no other name that we can use to substitute the salvation that we receive from JESUS. For my brothers and sisters in the faith, you may be saved but you are still living as if you are in hell. Deliverance has come to you and yet the belief that you are still struggling with this or that is very real to you. Everything that has a name known or unknown is not greater than the name of JESUS.

Most of my family in JESUS live a life of shame because they have not transformed their minds. Here is an example, still dealing with depression, evil motives, manipulation, lies, carnality, and oppression, anger, unloving, just mean, disrespectful and such. You are not living your life as if you have the power that JESUS has given to you. The mouth says I believe but the life is in about face. The just will always live by faith no matter what a thing look like. Dear ones we have been purchased with a costly cost, the precious blood of JESUS that washed us clean from past, present, and future sins. But some are still living a life of bondage. Through faith we must demonstrate the righteousness of JESUS CHRIST.

May be we need to study the life of an Ambassador, here is the definition of an Ambassador that will hopefully help us know the charge over all of our lives if we are truly redeemed and blood washed in CHRIST JESUS. A minister of the highest rank employed by one prince or state, at the court of another, to manage the public concerns of his own prince or state, and representing the power and dignity of his sovereign. Ambassadors are ordinary, when they reside permanently at a foreign court; or extraordinary, when they are sent on a special occasion. 

  • We are all ministers but we are not all clergy
  • We are employed by the Prince of Peace
  • The court is in heaven
  • We are to represent HIS power and dignity because HE placed them within us
  • We may seem ordinary but in reality we are extraordinary because JESUS is within us and we are within HIM

We must remain reconciled to our Living GOD.

We can’t stop listening to the greatness of our salvation, we heard the Holy Spirit and we received JESUS by faith. This is not a onetime salvation experience but a daily salvation lively hood. A few years ago it was popular to display WWJD. But I want you to know that it’s still popular, we should always think before we speak about what or how would JESUS speak about a matter without quoting scripture. We should always consider the person we are with, will what we do or say hurt that person. Are we showing the love that JESUS is showing us? Those who are in CHRIST JESUS and HIM within them have an inheritance that we don’t have to wait to enjoy or receive. It belongs to us here on planet earth. Stop waiting for that great by and by and live in the greater here and now in JESUS.

Bless the name of JESUS who prays for and has spoken our case to the FATHER.

Psalms 118:14, Is. 12:2, 61:10, Habakkuk 3:18, Mt. 4:17, Acts 4:12, Romans 1:16, 3:25, 2 Co. 5:20, Hebrews 2:3, 3:1 & 1 Tim. 2:5.






You can see the faults of many but never consider how your attitude, motives, thoughts, or words affect another.


It’s so very easy for you to see the treasure that another have but don’t recognize that you yourself is surrounded by wonderful treasures.






Love you, they can smell your confusion, desperation, and fear. They will steal from you and make you believe that you are the winner.



The day will come when you may recognize the  TreasureChest-shebusiness

set all around you. Your family that you take for granted. Your possessions that you give away for the blindness you have towards what you have because you have your eyes set on the treasures of another.

Yes, one day will come. Unfortunately, that day will not be today.











There is none other who is more glorious in HIS appearance. There is none other who has greatness in strength that even today, the traveling of HIS Word in the use of HIS name, JESUS, is trying to be stopped but cannot. The Word of GOD in and through JESUS was in the beginning and was then and is now spoken in righteousness, it’s HIS truth that is mighty to save.

The very name of JESUS holds such great power that demons tremble and run away from the ones who use HIS name in and with authority and faith. No other name and no one else can save the people of this world from their sins other than JESUS.

CHRIST JESUS came into this world to save all and every sinner. No person need to be left out because no sin is so great that JESUS cannot deliver and save us from. The challenge is within humankind, are you willing to believe, have the faith and receive CHRIST JESUS as your Savior? And are you willing to make CHRIST JESUS the LORD over your entire life? Are you willing to stop allowing sin to be your lord? Are you willing to stop allowing guilt to be your lord?

Understand this, in every confusing thing, is the root of sin. In every lie there are many sins, in every deception there are many sins, and in everything negative is the root of sin.

JESUS was born into this world to become approachable, touchable and to save sinners because HE understands the cravings and desires of the flesh. Yet, JESUS is the only one who conquered sin by not giving into sin. JESUS is our Victor so that we can be victorious. JESUS is our Overcomer because HE is alive so that we can be overcomers in this life through HIM.

Isaiah 63:1; Matthew 1:21; and 1 Timothy 1:5


Confused about your gender!?

WARNING: This blog will only irritate the already confused.

There is a lot of discussion being done with the lawmakers that pertain to which toilet a person may use in public.

  • Bathroom
  • Crapper
  • Lavatory
  • Loo
  • The jacks
  • Powder room
  • Restroom
  • Sauna
  • Shower
  • Shower room
  • Spa
  • Steam room
  • Toilet
  • Toto
  • Washroom
  • Water closet

I find this discussion to be absolutely ridiculous. Is this why citizens pay taxes? Very wealthy people sit and revise or make new laws that have nothing to do with the betterment of humankind.

Sin is what causes people to be confused about the truth that is before our eyes. Sin causes people to see just what they want to see. And sin causes people to hear just what they want to hear.

When we are born, what is seen is either a penis or a vulva and the reproduction system to support the obvious. If you are missing a penis, you are female and if you have a penis you are a male. There is nothing confusing about this.





Male, you are created in the image of the highest, most holy and One who never makes mistakes GOD. You have a spirit and that is the real you because the Creator GOD is a Spirit.

You are blessed. Male babies were the ones hidden and kept alive when a decree had gone out to kill males. The enemy does not want a male to know who he is and his possibilities, this is why he wants you dead or to kill your identity.

When a male is born, he is automatically set apart and is holy to the LORD GOD most high.

When I see a male, I see a nation because of the seed he has and the enemy does not want his seed to be planted in fertile soil to bring about more males. So what does the enemy, satan do? You hear that you are female and you begin to identify as such and you expect and force others to think, see, hear and speak as you do because you obeyed the commands of satan.

Genesis 1:27, 5:2, Exodus 1:17, Matthew 2:16 & Luke 2:23 

Female, you are created in the image of the highest, most holy and One who never makes mistakes GOD. You have a spirit and that is the real you because the Creator GOD is a Spirit.

You are blessed. Both males and females were designed by the highest LORD GOD in the beginning. The LORD GOD is perfect and HE does not make mistakes.

When I see a female, I see a nurturer and a mathematician. One who nurture and teach our wee ones how to love and respect. I see how she will take a seed and present a harvest (child or children), how she takes a dwelling place and present a home and how she takes groceries and present a meal.

Genesis 1:27, 5:2, & Matthew 19:4

If you the reader, or if you know of anyone who claims to be a male and she was born with a vulva, clitoris, vagina, and womb. The enemy, satan has placed that person in a state of confusion. And if female claims to be male but was not born with a penis, the enemy, satan has placed her in a state of confusion.

Sin will make a sinner blind and deaf to the truth. Everyone else can see that you are male or female but you. Unless you have had your gender altered and you have the ability to fool the world because of your looks, no one is confused about your biological sex but you. Regardless of how much money you are willing to spend to have your biological penis removed or to have one put on. When you die, medically your secret will be revealed that you are actually a biological male or female. Medical science is not based on how you feel, while you are living you may be able to fool the public but once you are dead your secret will be revealed.

The LORD GOD is perfect and when HE made male and female HE was well pleased and said “Good”. Our holy creator does not make mistakes neither is HE a liar. The LORD GOD is not the author of confusion either but the enemy, satan is. The enemy, satan will either kill you physically because of your lifestyle or he will kill your destiny and your purpose. The enemy, satan will steal from you, your identity. And the enemy, satan will destroy who you are. JESUS however, desires that you have life and have it abundantly.

John 10:10

People who are confused about their biological sex are idol worshippers. They worship themselves, they have made themselves their version of a god. Everything about you is false, worthless and nothing. As a person, you are worth more than you realize the way the LORD GOD has made you and HE loves you, HE does not want you to be destroyed. However, your decisions will take you and keep you in a place longer than you had intended. To be ashamed and disgraced because you listened to satan is not living, and confusion has no place with those who live for, obey, praise and worship JESUS.

The LORD GOD is not the author of confusion but of peace in your spirit and soul (emotions, heart, and mind). Wherever there is confusion there exist envy, self-seeking pleasures and every evil thing imaginable and unimaginable.

Isaiah 41:29, 45:16, 1 Corinthians 14:33 & James 3:16

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JESUS CHRIST, the Redeemer, who has opened the way to everlasting salvation by HIS obedience and death, and who is therefore called the Savior by way of distinction, the Savior of men, the Savior of the world. JESUS is that promised Child that was born and given to us as a Son. You see even as HE entered into this world as a newborn infant, JESUS came as a gift to mankind to be given.

When Moses asked who am I to say who is sending me, JESUS said I AM. As Savior JESUS lets us know that I AM is the LORD and that the LORD is our GOD. JESUS is the Holy One not only of Israel but of the world. JESUS is the Savior.

We should not have a season when we reflect that a Child was born in Bethlehem or that HE was crucified for the sins of the world but we should reflect this often. Considering that JESUS is our Savior who is CHRIST the LORD.

JESUS has been exalted to the right hand of HIS FATHER. It is HIS FATHER who has made JESUS LORD and CHRIST. This very same one that people deny and  reject, blaspheme, curse, and every wicked imaginable thing they can think of. The FATHER has exalted JESUS and HE is a Prince and Savior to this dark, evil, perverse, sick and wicked world. JESUS is the One and only One who gives repentance and forgiveness of sins to those who desire from HIM with a sincere heart.

Just as JESUS is under the authority of HIS FATHER, those who abide in CHRIST JESUS are under HIS authority.

JESUS is an Overcomer and so are we, in other words, you can’t overcome anything if it’s not under your feet. Everything is under the feet of JESUS so being in JESUS means that every wicked thing is under our feet as well. We are the body of HIS glorious church and JESUS is the head of this church. JESUS is our Savior.

Those who truly believe will suffer, here are some examples that will help you relate. You may lose your employment, you may receive a diagnosis from the doctor, your car may break down, and the kids begin to act like straight up fools at any age and so. Will you join the naysayers and complain or will you remain faithful and stand on the Word of GOD and remind yourself what HE has and is telling you? When we remain faithful we will be rewarded for our faithfulness in HIS Word. Our GOD is alive, our GOD is our Savior, and our GOD is JESUS. Just believe and trust. JESUS did not come out of the tomb and quickly ascend up into heaven to sit at the right hand of HIS FATHER. JESUS took a stroll down through the neighborhood to HIS homeboys hang-out to show HIMself to them, some of the faithful ladies had seen HIM and let us not forget the breakfast meeting that was held where HE left instructions for them and then HE ascended while HE was chatting with them. So JESUS appeared as Savior JESUS the Anointed One who has annulled death and has given to us immortality to light instead of immortality of darkness as we once faced. And we can trace this throughout the gospels.

So, set your heart on that blessed hope when we can finally see JESUS face to face and touch HIM. JESUS is our glorious GOD who came down off of HIS throne and clothed HIMself in flesh to walk among HIS creation and to save us from hell, the lake of fire and sin.

Isaiah 9:6, 43:3; Luke 2:11, Acts 2:33, 36, 5:31; 1 Corinthians 11:3; Ephesians 1:22, 5:23; Col. 1:18;  1 Timothy 4:10, 2 Timothy 1:10, Titus 2:13

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When Adam fell, it was not just he himself that fell it was all humans. And because of man’s fall all was and is under sin. The ground became cursed, animals now fear mankind, and mankind will now experience death from the inside out. One of the first acts of disobedience and rebellion we see after man’s fall is in the child of Adam and Eve. Have you ever asked yourself who spoke to him about murdering his very own brother? Where did that passion for killing his brother come from? Sin does not have to teach, cultivated yes, but never taught. We all have that within us. It’s our very nature. Thank you Adam (I say sarcastically). Sure there are many acts of sin many of us will not do, but it does not mean that it’s not there. We know it’s there because at least once in our life we have had a thought to do something that maybe we have not acted on. Our thoughts are a mirror of our heart. This is why it has been so very important then as far back as Adam and Eve until the arrival of JESUS to have faith in HIM. And today nothing has changed, now that HE had once come and now that we look for HIS return we must operate in faith, maybe more so now because they did not have a written scripture to go by. And it was only the Jews that had encounters with GOD. But we have HIS Word in social media, church edifices, libraries, hotel and your cell phone. Literally, we have no excuse.

Though we know that the entire world is in a fallen state, JESUS came as Savior of the world and mankind is the most precious part of the world. More precious than the gems found in the ground, mankind is made in the very image of GOD. And though we are disobedient, our loving FATHER, HE has mercy on us. HE does not want to see us destroyed and this is why JESUS was destroyed for us. Yet, because of the blindness and deafness of sin we don’t realize that JESUS was destroyed for us. When we understand that JESUS has won the battle for us and that we no longer have to struggle in the chains of whatever, then sin will no longer have a grip on us.

The scriptures are for us to study daily, it’s our drink and food. It’s how we grow into the knowledge of who we are in CHRIST JESUS and the victory we have in and through JESUS.  We build our relationship with our FATHER in the Word by studying the scriptures. Let’s take a look at some important points.

  • Inspiration of GOD – The infusion of ideas into the mind of the Holy Spirit; conveying into the minds of men, ideas, by extraordinary or supernatural influence; the communication of the divine will to the understanding by suggestions or impressions on the mind, which leave no room to doubt the reality of their supernatural origin.
  • Profitable for doctrine / teaching – Useful.
  • Reproof – Blame, fault, guilt.
  • Correction – Bringing back, from error and deviation to a just standard, as to truth, morality, justice and propriety.
  • Instruction in righteousness -Teaching or informing the understanding in that of which it was before ignorant information. Applied to GOD, the perfection or holiness of HIS nature; exact morality and faithfulness.

Galatians 3:22; Ro. 11:32; 2 Timothy 3:16






A seed has one purpose. Reproduction. When I see a man, not a male but a man, I see a nation. When I eat any fruit that grows on a tree, I see an orchard. When I eat any fruit that grows from the ground, I see a vineyard. When I see an acorn I see oak trees. When I see white dandelions, I see beautiful yellow dandelions.

It’s all about vision, prospective and most of all it’s all about what GOD has placed in motion that will never be changed.

The LORD GOD set in motion a Seed that all humans desperately needed. The Seed HE gave to humans gave HIM pleasure. The FATHER’s Seed was crushed for us, every type of disease, illness, and sickness was placed on the flesh of this Seed. This Seed was an offering for our sinful, guilty souls. The FATHER is well pleased with the Seed that HE sows in HIS hand because HE knows that it will prosper.

GOD’s Word is Seed and HIS Seed is the Word that was with HIM in the beginning.


So just who is this Seed? JESUS.

We are born again in the FATHER through JESUS who did not have any corruptible seed within HIM because HIS mother did not conceive HIM with the seed of man which is corruptible. JESUS is the Word of GOD HE has always lived and HE will always live and because HE lives within us and us in HIM we too live forever.

Once we have been born again, and it was real not done out of emotionalism but it was done out of faith and the heart. Then it is with  an assurance that we are Abraham’s seed, we are his seed, we share in all of his promises because we are his heirs.

And last but far from least, we are children and heirs of the all mighty GOD. Yes, joint heirs with our LORD JESUS CHRIST! Together we will suffer and be glorified with CHRIST JESUS.

Isaiah 53:10; Luke 8:11; 1 Peter 1:23; Galatians 3:29; Romans 8:17