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Who is your FATHER 4


Pt. 4

Mt. 15:13; 16:17; 18:10, 14, 19, 34-35

Do you know that true Christians or as I prefer to call myself; the Sect of the Nazarene [followers of JESUS the CHRIST] are not favored by anyone who does not want to hear the truth? When we speak the Word in complete truth; it’s against the popularity of how everyone else thinks and speaks. Whatever we continually hear; that is what we believe and that is what we will speak to another. So if a non-believer or a believer for that matter is unknowledgeable to the truth; this is what we will hear another say.  For instance; the body {flesh} has the symptoms of the flu and you continually say out of your mouth that you are sick. Not knowing and or believing what the Word of GOD has told us about our being healed. Sick is what you believe over healed. Yes, you feel horrible; yes, your body is feeling negative in every sense. However, what are we to believe; what we feel or what said the FATHER in HIS Word? You see life and death is in the power of the tongue. It’s not what we put in our mouths to say that is sinful; it’s what we say out of our mouths that shows the heart. How is your heart; is it clean or unclean? Do you speak what your heavenly FATHER or hellish father tell you to say? Have any of you ever wondered why is it that you can spend hours reading the bible and never get the revelation that others will get when they read the bible? The answer is a simple one. One may read the bible to increase the relationship that is already established between themselves and the FATHER; while another will read the bible as if it’s a novel. One knows that the bible is a living; breathing; life changing; instructional that is a must to have. So when that person goes to the FATHER; that person knows how to speak; how to ask questions for better understanding; will become so comfortable speaking with the FATHER that speaking to HIM is no different than speaking to our earthly father or those that we spend time speaking with. The exception is that we will get different results. The other will read; see and still not get the life changing experience because they will not speak to the FATHER about just ordinary life. What is going on with self; how self desires to be changed; asking to be changed so that JESUS is seen within. Depending on the very essence of the Word; this reader may come across a scripture and instead of applying it to the life of self; they are seeing how that particular scripture is beneficial to another. When we read, speak and apply the Word of GOD to our lives; the FATHER will speak back into our lives; we will actually hear HIS very voice speaking into our heart and spirit. When we know who our FATHER is our FATHER will tell us who we are in HIM. Let’s get real; when it comes to our children, some of us realize that all children are precious. Some of us see that some children are a nuisance. However; in the eyes of the FATHER be they saved or not, all children are a delight to HIM. Do you know that children have their own angels assigned to them? Yes, the Word has informed us that the angels of children are continually seeing the face of the FATHER. This is why when we see babies sleeping and laughing or smiling; we will say that the baby is speaking to GOD and it’s true. When a child is born they must learn their earthly language and how is this done? The constantly hear the language being spoke within their hearing. And as they continue to adapt to their earthly language they come further and further away from hearing the language of heaven.  Not realizing this, we miss the opportunity to teach our children about the love of the FATHER because maybe; we don’t know HIS love for ourselves. One way I found that was a great foundation in which I built a foundation for my children’s faith was to read to them the Children’s Bible that is formulated to look like comic strips. Then I would play for them children geared Christian programs such as Veggie Tales then there were the Christian songs that were sung by children only.  In constantly hearing the Word of GOD; they remember. As they grew I exposed them to various ministries that fed into their maturity and attraction such as Acquire the Fire. In all my attempts to expose them to the FATHER they learned. However, it was up to them to accept JESUS into their hearts for themselves. We must know that just because a person is born in America and is black does not mean that if that same child is adopted; taken to Korea and exposed to all things Korean that the child will know automatically that he/she is American; should speak American English and immediately know what it is to be apart of the black culture. So is the same for a sinner when born; just because the baby is a newborn and have done nothing sinful does not mean that he/she is sinless. Think back to the very first lie or the very first thing your cut little baby took without permission. Was this taught or was it already hard-wired into him/her? Sin is apart of our nature and whether taught or not we will sin automatically. But when taught to think heavenly, speak heavenly and live as heavenly citizens due to our culture; then and only then will we live as true citizens of the Kingdom of GOD who has been redeemed by JESUS. We already know how to live in the kingdom of hell because we think, view, hear, speak and live as hellish citizens. Our entire mind must be renewed and transformed into all that is heavenly. Take stock of yourself; who do you most resemble; your father or your FATHER?



Who is your FATHER 3


Pt. 3

Mt. 7:11, 21; 10:32; 11:25-27; 12:50; 13:43

Children of the most High GOD; we have a heavenly FATHER who when asked will give us good things when we ask for them. After all; is that not what our earthly father does? So why is it that we expect much less of our heavenly FATHER? We don’t have to bargain with our DADDY all we need do is be direct with HIM. Let’s get something cleared up; this is a lesson that even I have had to learn because I have always given people the benefit of the doubt. However, just because a person says Lord or will say it multiple times does not mean that they know the LORD and the LORD knows that person. Church’s are filled with religious people that know how to play church; they know what to say but they don’t know how or refuse to live in the manner in which our FATHER desires us to live. So let’s not get excited when we hear a person say all the right things but get excited in their obedience to the will of the FATHER. This is my personal opinion and no one need get on board with me; however, I sincerely believe that the reason most proclaimed Christians don’t understand who their FATHER is because they have not established a loving relationship with HIM and that they are to ascared to openly acknowledge HIM against the popular public opinion. However, let me remind you that when you deny JESUS; JESUS will deny you to HIS DAD. How can a child of GOD say one moment that they know JESUS and the next go along with the ignorance of what the world is doing and saying? JESUS either lives in you or HE does not and you live in JESUS or you do not; it’s just that simple. Our DAD does not speak to HIS creation as HE does to HIS kids. No, not at all; as a matter of fact HIS most prized creation being human is the most ignorant. Our way of thinking is childish and we must be led just like actual sheep must be led all the time. We are also taught and skilled individuals; however, we place way too much in our education and our ability to work at something. Education and having a skill is great but it cannot hold a candle to what the Holy Spirit teaches us and the Spirit of Wisdom. Time and time again GOD has taken the uneducated to do HIS will just has HE has taken the unskilled to perform the impossible. I love education as long as it’s something that I’m interested in and I believe that we all should be skilled for a task. But I will not exchange what I’ve learned from the Holy Spirit and the Spirit of Wisdom for one minute of schooling. My education has not prepared me for the things that my FATHER has had me speak, think or do. My skill did not prepare me for the things my DAD has had me to do and will have me to do. I, just like others who have been; is being or will be used by the FATHER are everyday ordinary people doing extraordinary things in JESUS. Our DAD will conceal what we HIS kids consider to be natural from the know it all of life and reveal HIS plans to HIS kids. I love my natural family as I’m certain you do as well; they can be a clan of large members which they are for me or they can be small as they are for others. However, my heavenly family is larger than I will ever be able to imagine. And I will be honest with you; when I meet my brothers and sister in CHRIST JESUS; I get excited when my spirit is in agreement that we are kin. Now let me share this with you; just as JESUS said; you are not my brother and sister and mother because you say so. We are the brothers, sisters and mother of JESUS because of our obedience to the FATHER. JESUS considers obedience to be thicker than blood; so if this is how HE views things so do I. To conclude this portion of the series that the Holy Spirit is having me to write; if you don’t get anything-please get this. There are many weeds in the garden that look like beautiful flowers but they don’t have a heavenly aroma; yes, they can be attractive but they mean no good. JESUS who knows all will one day send HIS heavenly angels to till the garden; they will de-weed by pulling them up from their roots and cast them into the fire. Now you who are pretending to be Christian and those who call themselves Christian but are no more Christian than you sitting in your home 24/7 makes you house. You are only fooling yourselves and you maybe fooling others but you ain’t fooling JESUS. You will go down complaining and asking why; but JESUS will not listen. Those who are the genuine disciple of JESUS will be the ones who will shine forth just like the sun in the Kingdom of our DADDY.

Who is your FATHER 2


pt. 2

Mt.  5:16, 45, 48 6:1, 4, 6, 8-9, 14-15, 18, 26, 32

In the natural children reflect character traits of their earthly father; they are just hard wired into their own personal character. It is that way in the spiritual also; we will reflect who our father is be HE good or be he evil. Today I’m continuing to address; who is our FATHER?


·   When our spiritual FATHER is the LORD GOD; we have an inner light that must be seen by others; this light will either draw people to praise the LORD GOD or the light will be too much for other to deal with and will cause them to repeal like roaches when a light is turned on and we see them scatter. In other words; our DAD is not to be kept a secret from others; too many of us tend to keep behind closed doors hiding JESUS as if we are ashamed of HIM. No, we are to allow our inner light to shine; to pierce through the darkness of this world. The light that our DADDY has placed within us shows our moral excellence and will cause praise to HIS name. You and I both face darkness through others; the thing is they are not aware of this fact.  However, it’s not our business how they treat us but it is our business how we treat them who are in the dark. As difficult as it maybe at times; we must love those who live in the dark. We must be focused to let our enemies bring out the very best in us and not the worse. You see they will not be satisfied until they can get our dandruff up and we must never give them what they want but do the will of our FATHER in heaven. Those that are filled with darkness will cause us to be stressed out; this is the time that we must concentrate on the scriptures that will remind us of the peace that reside within us. We have to remember that when the sun shines and the rain refreshes that it’s done for the righteous and the unrighteous. So regardless of how bad and nasty others will be; we must remain good and nice in the name of JESUS. Be as JESUS is and was toward us; HE is and was loving toward us when we were nothing to love. Remember that loving someone that is easy to love is no big deal. Grow up and be mature in your walk of faith in JESUS; be a reflection of HIM who is perfect and learn to be perfect in HIM. We are kingdom citizens and it’s time that we live as such. Live out our GOD created identity in HIM. Be generous and gracious as our FATHER is toward us daily.

·  In doing well; it is better to do it anonymously rather than to make a production out of it. GOD your FATHER sees all that we do and HE will reward us accordingly. When we make a show of what we do to help others; what we are actually asking people to do is to look at us and we want their praise. Everything that we do must be for our FATHER‘s glory and not our own. Remember also that when we pray we don’t need to be eloquent in speech to be seen by others; it’s so much better to talk to our DAD in secret in a place where we can be alone with DAD; just you and HIM. This is where relationship is formed. Those who make long, drawn out prayers show that they do not have a true relationship with the FAHTER in heaven. Being repetitive and too wordy when asked to pray in public is not our time to shine on center stage. DAD is so aware of the needs of others as well as ourselves; just say what you mean and mean what you say from a sincere heart; then be quiet. If you are a prayer warrior; you would know this. You will also realize that there is no special formular, program or technique for speaking and asking our DAD for what we want or need. Prayer to our DAD is so simple; it’s only conversation-plain talk. You know our DADDY is a forgiving DAD and this is what HE deals with on a daily basis from us. We are reckless and willful and yet HE forgives us everyday. So why can’t we forgive others who are reckless and willful towards us? We must forgive those who are this way towards us just as our FATHER in heaven forgives us for our sins. If we don’t learn to forgive others don’t be fooled in believing that DAD will forgive us. When we fast from anything for a certain length of time; whose business is that but yours and your DAD’s? Why must we broadcast that we have set time aside to concentrate on the FATHER; after all, this is what fasting is truly about. If you truly desire to get your DAD’s best then we better learn to keep our mouths closed and testify at the appropriate times when we are supposed to. Our FATHER is a provider to HIS children; HE will never allow any of us to go without food and clothing. Yet, we fret over missing a meal or not having the latest in fashion. Especially women; there is far too much concern about how many shoes and purses we have or don’t have. Or which outfit is in season or how many times we have been seen in an outfit. We have our priorities all messed up; don’t concentrate on the food that we eat then get rid of through waste but concentrate on the food; the manner which is the Word of GOD that HE provides us and that will sustain us. Our DAD realizes that we must have earthly food and HE will provide away for us to eat. And when it comes to our clothes; be happy that you have what you have; stop concentrating on the style and if it’s in fashion or not. The importance is that you have something to wear. If you are growing width wise do something about it so that you can continue to wear what you have. If you have gotten smaller than what you used to be; pin the clothes up on you; style it in a fashion that no one will notice. Be creative; be a trend setter; lead and stop following. When a bird looses a feather another one is grown; feathers are the clothes of a bird and yet we don’t see them losing their minds when they lose a feather. We don’t see them wondering where their next meal comes from. Believe it or not though GOD has provided nature to feed the birds; we in our arrogance and over indulgence feed the birds rather well with all that we waste when we throw away what we don’t want to eat. Look if GOD does not ignore the fields yet will dress the fields with beautiful flowers; what make us believe that HE would do any less for us?

Who is your FATHER

Part 1 from the Old Testament

1.  HE is; the One who styled us from the manner in which we are made. HE is; the One that branded us by creating us with a spirit as HE is; Spirit. HE had given us HIS character and nature. We were to reflect HIS very nature. We have HIS image and likeness. Gen. 1:26

2.               HE is; with us, HE blesses us and we are Abraham’s promise of being his descendant. Gen. 26:24

3. HE is; our Amazing Counselor, Strong GOD, Eternal FATHER, Prince of Wholeness. Is.9:6

4. ADONAI; the Redeemer , the one possessed of absolute control, our Living FATHER, Is.63:16

5. HE is; the potter, the sculptor, the worker. Is. 64:7

6. HE is; the Savior. Jer. 31:7,9

7. HE is; the questioning FATHER. Mal. 1:6; 2:10

8. When we confess JESUS  with our mouth that JESUS is the LORD and believe in our heart that GOD raised JESUS from the dead; we are saved and ADONAI say that we are HIS son’s and that on that day HE becomes our FATHER. HE is; a provider, HE will never walk away from us. HE is; the Rock of Salvation. HE is; Compassionate, sheer Grace and Mercy, calm and cool, Loving, forgiving, a separator from our sins, HE knows us intimately, Ps. 2:7, 27:10, 68:6

9. HE is; a disciplinarian, HE tells us that we must listen with respect to our earthly father. Prvbs. 3:12, 23:22

Our FATHER is too much for us to understand; yet we want to deny HIS existence. Well go to Job 38 and read that chapter in full; read various translations such as the Complete Jewish, the Message, the Amplified and New King James Bibles.

·    HE is; a promise keeper. HE  is; blessed, great, mighty, victorious, majestic, ruler, the eternal FATHER, worthy of thanksgiving and praise just because of HIS name. 1 Chrn. 17:10-14, 29:10