Your wilderness experience


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All flesh

thCA9XEVYTLuke 3:6

When John baptized in the river he made it very clear that all flesh will see the salvation of the LORD GOD. All means just that all; nothing lacking or missing; entirety; Is. 40:3-5. 

Do you know that when JESUS returns all flesh will witness this? Yes, those who are breathing breath on the earth when JESUS returns in every single country and nation of planet earth will see HIS return. However, what will be most fascinating; will be this. If anyone is artificially, medically or scientifically dead meaning they are a corps. They too will get to witness the return of JESUS. In the book of Revelation 1:17, it is clear that every eye even those who pierced HIM will see HIM. 

So you see Isaiah and John both have instructed us that regardless of what we chose to believe; we will see the salvation of the LORD GOD. Thing is; will the witness of HIS return be seen with saved eyes bound to go with JESUS or doomed eyes for hell and the lake of fire; to spend eternity with satan? 

You know; the choice is really all up to you. If I were you however; I would take a good look in the mirror and notice that humans are made from flesh not bricks and mortar; paper mache or from wood and plastics. Then I would consider JESUS.

  • How do I find out about HIM

The Bible; reading the New Testament. Suggested reading Luke and John.

  • What do I do next?

Accept, believe and trust in JESUS.

  • Ask the FATHER to baptize you in HIS Holy Spirit.
  • Read and study the books of Luke and John
  • Find a local church to attend where you will be taught the Word of the LORD GOD. 

Remember that the scriptures and life in JESUS are not difficult; we make it difficult with rules and regulations. Be free in JESUS; you will learn this as you read, apply the Word to your life; grow and trust in JESUS daily.

Are you waiting



Luke 2:38

What is it that you are waiting on?

Have you been asking the LORD GOD for something; anything and nothing seems to be happening?

Are you asking, listening and being watchful for your answer but have not heard it or seen it? All because you are not hearing what you want to hear or see what you want to see?

It’s so common; because we are not aware of our sin nature if we are unbelievers of CHRIST JESUS or heart nature if we are believers but have not surrendered our complete heart over to CHRIST JESUS.

Unbelievers either have never heard the Good News of JESUS CHRIST or refuse to believe in what they have heard.

Believers are either babes meaning they are 1-4 years in their faith. And they are still excited about being born and telling anyone they can about JESUS and how to get saved. Youths are 5-9 years in their faith and they should have begun to have applied some basic principles to their walk of faith. This would have increased their faith walk with JESUS. Pre-teens are 10-12 years in their faith and they are delving deeper in how the Word affects the challenges they are experiencing with their life. Teens 13-19 in the faith; the Word of GOD by now should have become your dear friend. You have overcome some very difficult challenges that you may not have been able to overcome had you not had the Word of GOD to turn to. Young adults 20-30 in your faith walk; you are on the road to maturity; you by now should have found out how to speak to your FATHER through JESUS; been baptized in the Holy Spirit; you are walking in victory even when you are facing difficult challenges of life. You have learned to wait longer for the LORD to manifest the answers that you are waiting on from HIM because you know they will come. And those of us who are 30+ years we should be mature older adults in faith who are eating exquisitely from the FATHERS’s table. Still learning and ever-growing in our trust of JESUS.

JESUS is being spoken of 24/7 all around the world be it negative or positive. What makes me chuckle however, is that those that claim that they do not believe in the LORD GOD or JESUS are always speaking of HIM. Yes, it’s negative conversation; but why would anyone want to spend so much time and energy speaking about anyone that does not exist; yet, HE has such an effect on the world and the lives of people? JESUS causes devout people of whatever cult to leave and follow HIM to this very day! And just as there is negative conversation there is positive conversation about JESUS and those are the conversations we need to set our ears too.

Instead of watching your favorite television program; turn on a CHRISTian television channel and watch a teaching ministry; not a preaching or fundraising telethon. Pull up a teaching ministry from your desk top; laptop or hand-held device. My one and only suggestion; only because I’m bias is to watch the classic Billy Graham Crusade’s if you are an unbeliever.

JESUS is still doing everything that HE did in the bible when HE walked on the earth; HE has not stopped. This is even more proof that HE is alive. I’ve never known anyone who is dead to manifest anything to happen for anyone. And if you say you have; you are a liar. Everything that is written in the bible about JESUS is true. And when we accept JESUS into our hearts; our personal relationship with HIM increases into a more personal level that has not been recorded onto the pages of our bibles.

Thousands upon thousands of people are waiting to be set free from something or someone. They may or may not have heard of JESUS. If they have and they have refused to believe that HE is The CHRIST; The Savior; The LORD; a Forgiver; a Redeemer; I AM; The Healer; The Deliver; The Counselor; The Rewarder; The Overcomer; The Victor; The One who snatches us out from the hand of the enemy and whatever else we need HIM to be that’s just to many to name here on this blog.

JESUS is a strong and mighty LORD GOD; HE’s not weak. JESUS is full of wisdom; there is nothing that HE lacks in HIS head, heart, mind or Spirit. After all; only a wise GOD can create the entire world and all that is in it with the surrounding orbits; read Gen. 1 and John 1.

So whatever you are waiting to be set free from; be it a person, a place or a thing. JESUS is here! JESUS has been knocking on the door of your heart and maybe with this blog you will finally answer the door and allow HIM access into your heart. For those of you who already gave entry to JESUS your problem is that you are only allowing HIM to certain parts of your home/heart. You have to give HIM access to every dank; dark; musty; webbed out; creepy; embarrassing and maybe unknown place of your heart for HIM to enter and clean out; deodorize and sanitize.

Jeremiah 33:2-3 The LORD GOD said “call to HIM and HE will show you and answer you great and mighty things that you do not know.”

Who leads you

wpid-holy-spirit1Lk. 2:25-26

Whose voice do you follow day in day out? That voice can be the voice of your parents, guardians, pals, unknown enemies or self. That voice can also be the voice of the LORD GOD or the voice of satan. So again; the question is who are you following; whose voice are you following; who leads you?

From the very beginning we are being led by someone; our very first teachers are our parents or guardians. They are to lead us with a foundation of good moral qualities that will establish lawful character and abiding integrity that will follow us throughout the remainder of our lives.

As our parents and or guardians they are hopefully leading us in the way in which we are to go to be abiding and lawful citizens of our country, community and neighborhood. We are mingled with pals and frienemies. They will try to convince us to go along with whatever program is going on at that time. This is called peer-pressure and we must be taught that this really is a trap.

Another person we mingle with is that invisible voice in our head that tells us to do things that we have been told not to do. That voice is the voice of satan. Every time we are being introduced to something that we have doubts about or that we know that we have no business doing and yet we are having a conversation in our minds about it or with another person regarding that thing. That’s satan either using the person or satan speaking directly to us.

If you don’t believe me ask yourself this question; each time I do something that I either know is wrong or believe I know what I’m doing; do I fall? If your answer is yes; read Gen. 3

Now this paragraph is directed to believers. If you are being defeated in life it’s for one reason only. You see you did not make a mistake accepting and believing in JESUS to be your Savior. But you have not made HIM your LORD. You may say you have; you may even sincerely think that you have because you proclaim that HE is your Lord and Savior. Notice the difference? You see when you make JESUS your LORD it’s because you have been filled with HIS Holy Spirit and His indwelling gives you the ability to walk in complete victory over all; every circumstance, situation and trial that comes your way.

Notice here in Luke 2:25-26 how the scripture reads that the Holy Spirit was with him; assured him and was led by the Holy Spirit. There are many references you need to read up on regarding the indwelling of the Holy Spirit of whom we need.

  • Daniel 4:8 – the Spirit of the Holy GOD is in him
  • Isaiah 63:10 – the Holy Spirit has feelings
  • Matthew 3:11 – Holy Spirit baptism greater than water baptism
  • Mark 12:36 – the Holy Spirit reveals
  • Mark 13:11 – the Holy Spirits instructs us in what to say
  • Luke 1:15, 35 – the Holy Spirit fills us up and is on us
  • Luke 4:14 – the Holy Spirit gives us power
  • Luke 10:21 – the Holy Spirit gives us joy
  • Luke 11:13 – the Holy Spirit will come to all who will ask
  • Luke 12:12 – the Holy Spirit will teach us
  • John 14:26 – the Holy Spirit is our helper
  • Acts 2:38 – the Holy Spirit is the LORD GOD’s gift to us
  • Acts 6:3, 5 – the Holy Spirits gives us wisdom and increases faith
  • Acts 8:29 – the Holy Spirit talks
  • Acts 16:6 – the Holy Spirit prevents
  • Acts 20:22 – we must obey the Holy Spirit
  • Acts 20:23 – the Holy Spirit warns of danger or anything negative
  • Romans 9:1 –the Holy Spirit rules the conscience
  • Romans 14:17 – the Holy Spirit gives righteousness, peace and joy      
  • Romans 15:16 – the Holy Spirit is dedicated
  • 1 Corinthians 6:19 – the Holy Spirit lives in us
  • 1 Corinthians 12:3 – the Holy Spirit judges the heart and mouth
  • 2 Corinthians 1:22 – the Holy Spirit marks our heart
  • 2 Corinthians 6:6 – the Holy Spirit reveals our true selves
  • 2 Corinthians 13:13 – the Holy Spirit gives grace, love and fellowship in JESUS CHRIST with others
  • Ephesians 1:13 – the Holy Spirit stamp of ownership
  • Ephesians 4:30 – the Holy Spirit sets us free
  • Titus 3:5 – the Holy Spirit new birth and new life
  • Revelation 21:10 – the Holy Spirit takes control

Now this paragraph is for non-believers. Before you can have the Holy Spirit; you must first come to JESUS the CHRIST. HE’s a wonderful person to know. HE’s the Way, the Truth and the Life and by no means will any person ever get to see the LORD GOD until they receive HIS most Beloved and treasured SON; JESUS. But Shawn, you don’t know what I’ve done; I’ve gone too far to be forgiven or accepted by GOD. Why does HE care about me so very much? Look individuals; there is nothing you can do that will cause JESUS not to forgive you. When JESUS was badly beaten; unrecognizable, flesh torn from HIS body; a bloody mess; nails in both hands and feet; thorns wrapped around HIS head and hanging on display completely naked for every person who was looking on to see HIM from the very highest hill. JESUS said “FATHER forgive them because they don’t know what they are doing.” It’s the same today; we do stupid; ignorant things because we don’t know what it is that we are doing. We think we know but we don’t; if we did; we would not get caught in addictions; carted off to jail or prison; killed and the list goes on from minor to even greater. Sin is sin there is no major or minor sin in the eyes of the LORD GOD.

It’s a known fact that once a sweet little baby begins to formulate some words together and their will begins to take over. We all are surprised when we hear that very first lie. And we all have done at least one of these things if not all.

  •       Worship no god but ME / sport players; entertainers [actors, music]; family, friends; possessions; employment; addictions.
  •       Images
  •       Bowing and or worshipping idols / [see points above]
  •       Blaspheme the name of the LORD GOD / use the name of GOD; JESUS; CHRIST; JESUS CHRIST in profanity or in a negative way
  •       One day of the week is a day of complete and full rest that is dedicated to the LORD GOD alone
  •       Respect mother and father or if parents are dead or you have never met them the positive mother and positive father figure in your life
  •       Do not murder; meaning you thought about killing that person
  •       Do not commit adultery, sex with another’s spouse; physically or mentally
  •       Do not steal, take what does legally belong to you
  •       Do not lie, it’s not the full truth or you don’t speak when you know the truth
  •       Do not covet , don’t want what belongs to someone else

This is proof that we are in need of a Savior and no matter how good we think we are we are not. The best book in the bible to read is the book of John from beginning to end. I mean I can write until my fingers fall off but I want you to put eyeballs to those precious words on those pages and allow the voice of the Holy Spirit to speak to you. I want you to see yourself and see just how much you are loved and how much JESUS has forgiven and desires to forgive you. HE wants to wash you clean of your past then you can get busy with what I wrote to the believers above. The way out is through CHRIST JESUS today and forever.

Good News

Spread-the-good-newsLuke 2:10-14

It was good news then and it’s good news today. Great joy for all people; a Savior was born for you; who is CHRIST the LORD.  

Unfortunately for some they won’t every see it this way. They will die in their sins never knowing that the birth of JESUS the CHRIST is actually good news. They will take the entire miracle of HIS conception and birth and make it dirty and filthy in the ears and eyes of others; they will call this miracle a total lie. But they will see in the end; eternally in hell. 

Praise should rise up in your belly knowing that the miracle conception and birth really did occur. Because this world needed then and still needs a Savior and we have a Savior; who is CHRIST the LORD. Glory to the LORD GOD in Heaven. And peace on people who are recipients or objects of HIS good-will, people with whom HE is pleased.  

Want true never-ending peace in your life?

Then you must become a recipient of all of whom JESUS the CHRIST is.  

  • You must accept HIM.
  • You must believe in HIM.
  • You must confess in HIM.
  • You must be devoted to HIM.
  • You must exalt HIM.
  • You must know that JESUS forgives you of all your sins; past, present and future; have faith in HIM.
  • You must realize that through JESUS is grace.
  • You must realize that your hope is in JESUS.
  • You must realize that JESUS is.
  • You must come to know JESUS.
  • You must believe that JESUS will keep you.
  • You must believe that JESUS is life and loves you.
  • You must believe that JESUS has mercy on you.
  • You must believe that JESUS will never leave you.
  • You must believe that JESUS is Omnipotent and Omnipresent.
  • You must believe that JESUS is praying for you.
  • You must believe that JESUS will never quit on you.
  • You must know that JESUS wants you to rest.
  • You must know that JESUS is the Savior.
  • You must know that JESUS is truth.
  • You must know that JESUS is unfailing.
  • You must know that JESUS is victorious.
  • You must know that JESUS is the way and wise.
  • You must know that JESUS is YESHUA.
  • You must know that HE is the epitome of Zion (heaven).

She was then but not now



Though I will be using Mary as a backdrop; I will also take this much further to reveal who we are as well. 

Many loving people refer to Mary as the virgin Mary; when in reality she was a virgin when she birthed forth her first born son; JESUS. After that; she was no longer a virgin. Oh, I know that I just shook the world of some of my readers; however, you will have to consider this and if you continue to disagree that will be your right.  

Let’s consider these facts; the Word of GOD reads in Luke 7:2,

that she gave birth to her firstborn son; meaning that she had to have given birth to at least, one other son.

  • Matthew 12:46-48 and Mark 3:31-33 confirms that Joseph and Mary together in the bonds of matrimony had children together. Meaning sex was involved.
  • Mark 6:3 confirms that one of Mary’s sons was named James and that he was a disciple of JESUS.  

So you see she was a virgin once but she did not remain a virgin.

We were once before we came to the LORD JESUS evil and wicked because of sin. We were once victims; defeated; overthrown; blind; lost and so on.

Once we come to the LORD JESUS we must;

  • Get into HIS Word every single day; multiple times a day to renew our minds so we can find out who we are;
  • What JESUS has done;
  • Who JESUS is;
  • Who the FATHER is;
  • Who the Holy Spirit is;
  • How we are to speak to situations;
  • How we are to pray;
  • How we are to walk in the Word;
  • And how we are to live out our life of freedom in CHRIST JESUS.

If we don’t do these things we will never know the how, what, who and why between you and JESUS. It’s really that simple. 

We have far too many beloved brothers and sisters who have JESUS living on the inside of them and living defeated lives all because they are not spending quality time in the Word of GOD. Then there are some who will read only a few scriptures and think that it’s enough. 

If anything we are doing in life is taking up more time than our spending time with the FATHER and JESUS then we need to give that thing or person up because that thing or person has become our god. Shocker huh? We all have to attend school, need to be employed, follow through on our family duties and personal responsibilities. But what about that television time, those hobbies, spending time with your pals, shopping, telephone, computer time and the list goes on?  

It’s time that you become a “was” right now. It’s time that you get saved in JESUS name right now. It’s time that you get delivered right now in JESUS name. It’s time that you get healed right now in JESUS name. It’s time for you to rise up and proclaim that you were once an I was but now I am “Free” in JESUS name. And mean it because you know from HIS Word by the application what it truly means to be free.